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Sunday, November 21, 2021

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Meme about parenthood
Tomorrow’s Show
A short discussion about the mania of the Kyle Rittenhouse acquittal is at the top of the list for looney hysteria. The only thing that would have made it blow up the country would be if the kid killed two unarmed black men instead of a couple of creepy white rioters. Oh, wait, some news outlets did claim they were black. You first heard about that “error” before the trial. But even after the trial various world news outlets still claimed he killed two black men. What is the point of this misreporting?
Media lies 1
Media lies. 2
And what about the weird social media attacks on Rittenhouse? These are coordinated by some group or organization. Look at these identical tweets. And yes, these are real accounts. Whether it is the same person or bots is impossible to tell. This is just a sample. Its amateurish cut-and-paste nature indicates a cheap low-budget “best price” laziness that might be a clue to who is behind this.
Bot tweet 1
Bot tweet 2
Bot tweet 3
Bot tweet 4
Hate tweet
After being primed by the media and the bots the normal "woke" Twitterverse shows its colors and objectivity.
Best Meme-Fest Ever
In advance of tomorrow’s show and as a thank you for your support. Here is a collection of online memes worth collecting and passing around.
Meme one ridiculing Gavin Newsom
Meme 2 Ridiculing M5M
Forced vaccination meme
Meme 6 ridiculing Biden
Biilboard about Brandon
Trump in North Korea
Climate Change Timeline
Big bird telling kid to call the cops on their parents
BBC cartoon
Meme 7
Communism meme
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