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Thursday, November 25, 2021

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A Special Thanksgiving

Dear Producer,
Tomorrow is our annual Thanksgiving Day Special – another holiday show where the hosts are “not taking off” like the rest of the media typically does. In fact, we are offering to you a special Thanksgiving Day Special Executive Producership for this show. Click here for that.

And, as usual, John will reprise his real story of Thanksgiving for you. And it had nothing to do with an unlikely feast with the local indigenous people.

A lot of people travel for this holiday thus Thanksgiving is always a slow support day for the show so please contribute today if you have not already. Anything you can afford will help us get through this holiday and the donation challenged Sunday that follows. Click here.

Enjoy some of the Thanksgiving images that have been collected for you. Perfect for handmade cards and place settings.
NO AGENDA is Genuine Independent Media.
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Please contribute to support the show today. Click here and be part of the team.
John C. Dvorak
& Adam C. Curry

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