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Saturday, November 6, 2021

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Biden Uses Cheat Sheet

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Old Locomotive
A photograph of Chicago & North Western R-1 class 4-6-0 No. 1400.  She is drawing Train No. 10 out of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, April 5, 1954.  The "funeral wreath" over her pilot coupler is to signify that this was the final run of that particular train (note that there's only one passenger car). H. Nehls photo from the Dave Fuller Archives.
Tomorrow's Show
Nancy Pelosi finally beat back the 100 member progressive caucus to pass the infrastructure bill with only a few die-hard socialist/communists holding out (the “squad”). Now the Build Back Better Biden Bill can be analyzed to death and perhaps languish. Meanwhile, a look at the money supply is frightening. It’s actually hard to believe what happened. And if anyone thinks the government is going to give away more money for Child care and paid family leave, they are nuts. When you see anomalous charts like the one below, it’s time to head for the exists as something bad is going to happen.
M2 Chart
Does this look right to you?
Mandate Backlash

The infrastructure bill has good and bad aspects like anything these politicians try to deliver. One aspect of it (pays for itself!) are increased fines for companies that do not comply with the vax mandate orders from the White House. This exacerbated the already triggered states suing over these mandates. Now the majority of states are going after the feds for overreach. Only a few states captured completely by the Democrats, such as California will obey and relinquish their authority and sovereignty to the central government.

Fox News Headline
10X fines? Is that what "pays for itself" means?
Biden Picture Book

The Aussies have been hounding Joe Biden as a doddering idiot and their latest attack is on his hilarious picture book of White House reporters which has their names and little pictures of each reporter so Joe can get through a press conference without flubbing. This goes along with scripted questions and scripted answers. It follows Biden’s constant complaints about “they tell me to do this…they tell me to do that.” Isn’t he the boss? Very odd.

Biden and cheat sheet
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