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Saturday, March 26, 2022

It's the weekend, Time for some Technology News and More

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Right now, more than ever, you need to secure all your online accounts. It’s long past time to embrace two-factor authentication, stop reusing passwords, and make your online presence hacker-resistant. Because sooner or later, the brewing cyberwar will come for you. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Apple iCloud Storage•
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Those of us who signed up for recurring 99 cent payments to Apple for more iCloud space years ago might get some of that money back soon. That’s because Apple apparently breached its own terms of service, resulting in the company agreeing to pay out a $14.8 million class action settlement, per Macworld . The specific violation was that Apple apparently stored some iCloud data on third-party serve

Two U.S. airline pilots were shot during the same week in Colombia this month. One incident occurred in Bogota and the other in Cali - both had been robbed at gunpoint near their layover hotels. Fortunately both are expected to recover fully from their injuries. Carriers are reminding crew to be on alert during their foreign layovers, and not to resist robberies as apparently both pilots had done

If a trip to wine country is on your to-do travel list, but you’ve been to Napa Valley or you think it might be a bit too expensive, consider Mexico. Valle de Guadalupe is renowned for its wine region, which is packed with wonderful vineyards. It’s also incredibly easy to get to, especially with this airfare deal. Aeromexico is having a big sale on economy tickets to Tijuana (TIJ) from a number o

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allcatsconstitutethesamefamily : From Chatterbox , 1912. They’ve had many lives and many ages: cats I’ve met in my time travels . Wondering about this post? Wait for the dissertation (TBA). For now: Weblog ◆ Books ◆ Videos ◆ Music ◆ Etsy

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Company Culture It really sounds like Tesla isn’t treating all its employees equally. A new report published yesterday includes testimony from employees who say they were called racial slurs and later fired simply because they asked for respect in the workplace. One single mother said she was excited to work for Tesla but was fired because she made a complaint about Black workers being call the N

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Enlarge (credit: Ars Technica) It's the weekend, which means it's time for another Dealmaster. Our latest roundup of the best tech deals from around the web includes an early discount on Apple's newest iPad Air, the 64GB version of which is down to $570 at Amazon . That's just a $30 discount, but it's notable given that the tablet only began shipping last week. The one caveat is that Amazon is sh

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Accusations of workplace racism against Tesla aren’t going away anytime soon. Less than two months after California’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing filed a massive lawsuit that accused the company of creating a “hostile work environment” for Black employees, more testimony about the company’s allegedly toxic work culture has emerged. The Los Angeles Times published a lengthy report th

Apple Dutch App Store ACM•
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Back in January, the Netherlands ordered Apple to allow locally available dating apps to use third-party systems to collect payments. The company had until January 15th to comply with the ruling or face fines. According to Reuters , the company has yet to adhere to the order in a way that satisfies the country’s Authority for Consumers and Markets regulator. Last week, Apple reportedly submitted

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The 2022 Oscars are this weekend, and it’s shaping up to be one of the messiest versions of the annual film awards show for a variety of reasons. Before its controversial category omissions and foolish decision to bring back the “most popular film” category (but this time stupidly dictated by Twitter ), one of the most… Read more...

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TikTok is like many other social networks in that everyone essentially has two names—a username and a name. You’re not stuck with the name you entered during the initial sign-up. We’ll show you how to change it. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

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If you’ve ever spent hours digging through all your various LEGO bricks of all different shapes and sizes, or worse, stepped on one, this LEGO-sorting vacuum invention is for you. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

bauhaus-movement : Johannes Itten, Der Bachsänger (Helge Lindberg), 1916.

A roundup of the most important stories of the day. I keep you up to date on the most interesting writings I find on other sites – the latest news and tips. Continue reading ...

heaveninawildflower : Tiger (Japan, 1900 - 1930) by Ohara Koson. Woodblock print. Rijksmuseum. Wikimedia. This file is made available under the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication

redlipstickresurrected : An antique folding fan in the shape of a cat’s face made by the fan maker Duvelleroy and painted by Adolphe Thomasse (French, 1850-1930), FIDM Museum, Los Angeles, CA, USA.

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Like Iron Fist and Shang-Chi before him, the comic book character of Moon Knight is built around several orientalist tropes that have not aged well in the slightest since these characters were first created in 70s. In the same way that Marvel’s been recently trying to untangle those tropes from Shang and Iron Fist in… Read more...

Spatial Audio is one of Apple Music’s key listening features. It simulates audio coming from different directions, just like Dolby Atmos. The feature can even track your head movements so that the sound moves with you. Cool, right? It was first rolled out as a feature for videos on Apple devices, and was brought to Apple Music in 2021. With Spatial Audio enabled, you can listen to your favorite a

With Chase refreshing the IHG co-brand portfolio, the no annual fee card gets updated too - and shockingly, to me at least, they've come out with an unprecedented initial bonus offer for it. That bonus can be a reason to get the card, and keep it because it makes the points that you have more valuable. Continue reading ...

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Welcome to Startups Weekly, a fresh human-first take on this week’s startup news and trends. To get this in your inbox, subscribe here. Critiquing the value of a startup accelerator and demo days has been a decades-long conversation in the world of tech. The programs promise napkin-stage founders help with everything from finding their co-founders to hitting product-market fit to raising that piv

Kik This Week Android App•
Welcome back to This Week in Apps, the weekly TechCrunch series that recaps the latest in mobile OS news, mobile applications and the overall app economy. The app industry continues to grow, with a record number of downloads and consumer spending across both the iOS and Google Play stores combined in 2021, according to the latest year-end reports . Global spending across iOS, Google Play and thir

With a read-only Discord channel, you can ensure only you can post messages in that channel and others can only see them. It’s easy to turn any channel on your server read-only, and we’ll show you how. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

yajifun : A Leopard Drawn from Life / Kunimaro 寫生猛虎之圖 歌川国麿 1860年, Japan ※参照: 見世物興行年表:万延元年(1860)七

anasauruss : cat falling off table 2022 acrylic on canvas 30 x 40 cm

It’s an exciting day for Hawaii tourism. Hawaii has had the strictest entry requirement of any state during the pandemic. At the start of the pandemic, Hawaii was shut down to domestic visitors without quarantine for many months, and up until now the state has required either vaccination or testing before travel. That has finally changed for arrivals as of today. Hawaii Safe Travels program has n

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le-retour-de-ki : Steve McQueen et son chat Kitty photographiés par William Claxton, 1963

Uber London 30-Month•
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Following a years-long dispute with the city’s transit regulator, Uber has earned a 30-month license to continue operating in London, Transport for London (TfL) said on Saturday. “Uber has been granted a London private hire vehicle operator’s license for a period of two and a half years,” a TfL spokesperson told CNBC . We’re delighted to announce @TfL has granted Uber a new 30 month licence in Lo

Oscars 2022 Watch Academy•
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What: The 94th Academy Awards Where to watch: , the ABC app , AT&T TV Now , Hulu , and YouTube TV . Air date: March 27, 2022 at 8:00 p.m. ET The time has come, movie-lovers. With 2021 firmly in the rearview, Hollywood's months-long gauntlet of awards shows is about to culminate in the Super Bowl of movies, the 94th Academy Awards. And while the ongoing pandemic continues to cut into box o

After a great stay at the Four Seasons Hualalai , it was time to return to the mainland. We decided to fly United’s Boeing 787 business class from Kona to Chicago. Even though the flight ended up featuring United’s old business class seats, it was still much better than my last United flight from Hawaii to Chicago . How I booked our United Airlines business class tickets Rather than returning to

Welcome to The TechCrunch Exchange, a weekly startups-and-markets newsletter. It’s inspired by the daily TechCrunch+ column where it gets its name. Want it in your inbox every Saturday? Sign up here . Welcome to the weekend! We have a lot of ground to cover today, so pour some coffee, settle in, and roll with me. The great selloff? Remember when Amplitude direct listed , started to trade, and the

Your iPhone makes it easy to add and remove payment methods, so you’re always in control of how you pay for your purchases. If you no longer use a particular payment method, here’s how to remove it from your iPhone. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Vintage classic cars can get expensive, but this modernized all-electric vintage Mustang by the London-based company Charge Cars is on an entirely different level. Why buy a house when you can buy a Mustang EV? No, really. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Spring has officially started, and if that makes you want to get out and explore, you’re not alone. But with gas prices continuing to soar, a road trip may not be the most cost-effective way of doing that right now. Read more...

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Universal’s Dark Universe died before it could even get off the ground, one of multiple attempts at building a cinematic universe after Marvel’s made it look so cool in the present day. But audiences very much said “yeah, no” to its debut film, the Tom Cruise-led The Mummy , back in 2017. Among the various plans there… Read more...

If you’re tired of removing your laptop from your bag at airport security checkpoints, there’s good news. The TSA recently approved a multi-million dollar contract that will bring hundreds of three-dimensional scanners to airport checkpoints across the country. The $781.2 million contract awarded by the agency earlier this month will bring just shy of 1,000 Computed Tomography (CT) x-ray scanners

Editor’s note: This guide is regularly updated with the latest information. Over the past several years, Barclays has made big changes to its lineup of credit cards on offer. The biggest shift is how the United Kingdom-based company is now focusing on cobranded cards, with partners like American Airlines, JetBlue and Wyndham. For consumers, that means the end of Barclays’ own flexible card produc

ebrpl : Rico loves a good mystery! You can find this sweet guy at @cathavenbr. #caturday #catsandbooks #murdersheedited #kaitlyndunnett #ebrpl #cathavenbr #librarybook #batonrouge #cat #catsofinstagram #librariesofinstagram (at Cat Haven)

jeannepompadour : Katrina by Janet Hill

The way we search online has improved dramatically over the last few years, Google has said. In a Q&A , the company's SEO guru Danny Sullivan claimed that the company's ongoing work into making sure it delivers the right results is paying off. "Over the last seven years, our internal metrics based on quality rater data show we’ve decreased the number of irrelevant results by over 50%," he said. G

felixinclusis : grandfathergreen ​: fussycat by Emma Trithart on Flickr.

WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) allows devices to connect to an internet access point without a password. Instead, you just have to press a button. This feature is not available on Android anymore, but it used to be. Why is that? Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Gratuity is part of the cost of breakfast so for a breakfast to be considered complimentary guests must not be expected to pay cash out of pocket when they eat it. But the Delta Hotel Daytona Beach Oceanfront has figured out a way to charge elite guests a cash co-pay for their 'free' breakfast. Continue reading ...

itsloriel : leg in the air Postcard, image by Edgard Alsteens, 1986.

New options are emerging for tourists hoping to sightsee in our nation’s capital . For the first time in two years, the U.S. Capitol building will reopen Monday, March 28, for a limited number of tours as part of a phased reopening. The initial phase allows small groups to make reservations through the offices of their Congressional members. By late April, tours of the Capitol dome will begin. Re

Qatar Airways Avios•
Editor’s note: This post has been updated with current information. Avios are valuable. And Avios recently became even more appealing with Qatar Airways’ entrance to the program, especially since British Airways subsequently dropped its taxes and fees on Qatar Qsuite to be roughly in line with what Qatar charges. Avios are used by the loyalty programs of British Airways, Iberia, Vueling, Aer Ling

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with new information. Whether you’re somebody who has flown just a few times or you’re a serious AvGeek, there’s a certain magic in watching planes take off and land. Even though flying has become commonplace in the century since the Wright Brothers went to Kitty Hawk, we still marvel at 100 tons of aluminum roaring above us. It still seems so improbable

Editor’s note: This is a recurring post, regularly updated with new information. IHG Rewards Premier Credit Card overview The IHG Rewards Premier Credit Card currently offers a sign-up bonus of 140,000 points after you spend $3,000 on purchases in the first three months of account opening. The card carries an annual fee of $99 (for cardholders who applied prior to March 24, 2022, you’ll pay $89 u

EU iMessage WhatsApp•
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By the end of 2022, you might be able to use iMessage to talk to your pals on WhatsApp. That’s one of the many implications of the new Digital Markets Act , a piece of legislation European Union member states agreed to on Friday in the European Parliament. While a final version of the DMA is still yet to be cemented into law via a vote among the EU countries, the expectation seems to be that it w

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The first question Futurism’s Commerce team asks when considering what new items to cover is: “How are the products we’re choosing impacting the environment?” According to Google Trends, searches for the term “ sustainable brands ” went up nearly tenfold between 2018 and 2020. While we’re happy that many more people are beginning to consciously consider the resources required to make the gear the

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Very A-peeling Our robotic creations just keep getting smarter and smarter. A new robot created at the University of Tokyo is so intelligent, in fact, it can handle the delicate business of peeling a banana successfully — well, at least most of the time. A team of researchers released their initial study about the robot earlier this month in the Cornell University journal Arxiv , and new video fo

Grimes Hipster Runoff•
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Need any more proof that indie sleaze is back in vogue? Look no further than Claire “Grimes” Boucher’s audacious claim that she was the person behind Hipster Runoff ‘s 2012 hack. In a new video interview with Vanity Fair , Boucher revealed, among other salacious tidbits, that after the infamous and anonymous one-man scenester blog ran a mean post about her that she got an unnamed hacker friend to

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Apple’s third-generation AirPods may only be a few months old, but you can purchase them right now for 16 percent off their suggested retail price. Amazon has discounted the company's latest earbuds to $149.98. That’s only $10 more than their all-time low of $140 . Buy AirPods (3rd gen) at Amazon - $150 While you could buy Apple’s second-generation AirPods for less money, we think the new model i

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With nearly one in five Americans reporting "heavy drinking" during the pandemic, it's no surprise sober curiosity is becoming a burgeoning lifestyle. Sober curiosity — the idea of not going completely sober, but minimizing drinking — started growing in popularity even before COVID, and now the interest is surging. This is true of daters, as well. A staggering 94 percent of singles said they'd be

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It’s been a long, delay-heavy road for Morbius , which releases next week. Sony’s been trying their best to build Jared Leto’s tragic-ish vampire as another big part of their Spider-Man adjacent cinematic universe that so far has only led to Venom and whatever the heck that Kraven the Hunter movie is going to be. But… Read more...

Slide numbers in a presentation are helpful for referring to a particular slide, using a table of contents, or simply making the show more professional. We’ll show you how to add and remove slide numbers in Google Slides. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

In a perfect world, we’d all eat seasonally available local produce that we’ve purchased directly from farmers (or farmers’ markets). But that’s not an option for everyone (especially since there are entire neighborhoods that don’t have access to affordable fruits and vegetables). Read more...

enchantedbook : Garden of Rest Artist : Em Niwa

Fitbit Versa Sense Wear•
It seems that Fitbit is busy working on successors to the Fitbit Versa 3 and the Fitbit Sense , based on code that's been spotted inside the Fitbit app for Android – but at the moment there's no sign of these future wearables supporting Wear OS. The code digging has been done by 9to5Google , and it's revealed references to devices codenamed Hera (perhaps in reference to Hera Syndulla from Star Wa

mostlythemarsh : Annie on Pots

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Museum Madness Museums financially strapped by the pandemic have turned to non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to help them recoup money — and are even selling digital reproductions of famous masterpieces. As The New York Times reports , some European galleries and museums have begun selling NFT reproductions of works by like the likes of Leonardo da Vinci, Caravaggio, Raphael, and Gustav Klimt. In partne

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Target: Animals The US Wildlife Services, a department inside the Department of Agriculture, killed an astonishing 200 animals every hour in 2021, according to a new report from the Guardian . “It’s stomach-turning to see this barbaric federal program wiping out hundreds of thousands of native animals,” Collette Adkins, carnivore conservation director at the Center for Biological Diversity, told

To say I was skeptical of the Baldur’s Gate Nintendo Switch port would be to sell my cynicism short. The idea of using an analog stick to play a crunchy, isometric RPG didn’t sit right with me. With so many objects to interact with, enemies to bash, spells to select, and party members to manage, how could a single analog stick match the deft multi-dimensional movement of a good old-fashioned mous

April 2022 promises to be a busy month for Disney Plus. The increasingly popular streamer will deliver movies and TV shows aplenty in the fourth month of the year, and there'll be something for every kind of viewer to enjoy. For superhero fans, four episodes of Marvel Studios' Moon Knight will exclusively air on Disney Plus . Family friendly offerings, including Ice Age: Scrat Tales and Better Na

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Telegram's dangerous game Casey Newton, Platformer Telegram was almost banned in Brazil because it missed some emails from the local authorities. In his newsletter, Newton explains why this is the latest in a series of troubling decisions from a platform with over 500 million users. "When you’re providing critical communications infrastructure to tens of millions of people, though, you have more

Russian Aeroflot Hundreds•
Russian airlines are about to steal hundreds of aircraft. The leases on these planes must be terminated by Monday March 28, but the Russian government won’t permit their return. The registrations of these aircraft are being cancelled, but Russia is registering the planes itself. The airworthiness certificates of most of the planes, registered in Ireland and Bermuda, have been suspended. And yet m

Today Wordle Answer•
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Good morning, Wordlers! It's Saturday morning and today's Wordle is new yet again. If you just want today's answer, scroll to the bottom. But here's a little more on Wordle if you're (somehow) new to the game: It's a daily word game created by Brooklyn-based software engineer Josh Wardle and purchased by the New York Times . Every day, players are greeted with a fresh word puzzle that can only be

petsincollections : Portrait Of A Kitten [G547-209413-GP45625] Maine State Archives Digital Main Repository

Like it or not, tipping culture is alive and well on cruise ships. When you book a cruise, you also agree to tip the crew. Most cruise lines add a daily gratuity or service charge to your fare, either prepaid in advance of your sailing or once you are on board. They add auto-gratuities to many onboard purchases. Independently, you’re also expected to tip tour guides, porters and the room service

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with the latest information. If you’re among the nearly 150 million Amazon Prime members in the U.S., chances are you spend a significant amount with the online retail giant. We’ve previously dug into the best cards for Amazon purchases , including cards that earn up to 5% cash back on your purchases. However, if you’re willing to take an extra step befor

heaveninawildflower : Dionysos riding a leopard. Macedonian mosaic from Pella, Greece (4th century BC). Pebbles, terracotta and lead. Yann Forget Wikimedia.

Digital copies of licenses and state-issued IDs, which can also be stored on Apple Watches, will only work at security checkpoints at a Phoenix airport for now, officials said.

Island Series Browser•
A startup offering an enterprise-focused web browser has surpassed a billion-dollar valuation, despite launching only a matter of weeks ago. Island exited stealth mode in early February, but has already achieved unicorn status courtesy of a $115 million Series B funding round that valued the company at $1.3 billion. Although the product was under development for two years prior to launch, Island

the Steam Deck Verified•
The Steam Deck is an awesome bit of kit, which hopefully everyone will have known after reading my review, and a big part of that is that it's not 'only' a handheld console - it's a handheld computer . So, not only can it play a huge library of Steam games , including many of the best PC games in the world, the Linux-based Steam OS 3.0 operating system it runs on can be used in desktop mode, esse

If you're in the market for a new sports watch, the Garmin Instinct 2 and Garmin Fenix 7 are two devices that are definitely worth your attention. They're two of the best Garmin watches around – but which one is best for you? One of the most obvious differences is price – the Fenix 7 is much more expensive than the Instinct 2 – but that doesn't mean that the Fenix is necessarily better for all we

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Enlarge / Don't you hate it when ice crystals form and make your ice cream all crunchy? Scientists at the University of Tennessee found that plant cellulose could work better than the additives manufacturers currently use to slow the growth of ice crystals. (credit: Sally Anscombe/Getty Images) We've all made the mistake of leaving a container of ice cream on the kitchen counter for a bit too lon

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Plus: The creator of the GIF dies at 74, LG debuts new OLED televisions, and more of this week's stories from the Gear desk.

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Plus: New details emerge about Russian hacks and hackers as the US warns of potential new attacks.

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New research shows the snakes activate different sections of their rib cage, using their lungs as bellows to pull in air.

There’s nothing more frustrating than launching your favorite game only to have a laggy experience. Especially in fast-paced genres, lag can make the game unplayable. To avoid that, let’s look at a few fixes you can try. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Spare tires fall into the category of things you forget about until you desperately need them. But that’s not exactly the safest approach. Read more...

twixnmix : Diana Ross photographed by Harry Langdon, 1974.

A beach trip with your baby makes for the perfect family vacation. And contrary to popular belief, you don’t even have to bring that much with you. Assuming you have the most important things, it’s more about properly planning, packing and prepping for the trip ahead of time to ensure you’re at the right beach at the right time with the right items. From selecting the perfect seaside accommodatio

From our stacks: Illustration “Strange Friends,” from Four Feet, Wings, and Fins . By Mrs. A. E. Anderson-Maskell. Boston: D. Lothrop and Company, 1878.

2023 Nissan Ariya EV•
Here's the brand new Nissan Ariya, the car we've been seeing for a while now, either in tempting mock-up publicity shots or as a static display at car shows. Now it's driveable and the really good news is it's almost ready to hit the road. Reservations are already being taken for the Ariya and deliveries are expected to begin by the summer. TechRadar recently had a chance to drive a pre-productio

Fast-growing Viking has one of the most diverse arrays of itineraries of any cruise line. Not only does the California-based company offer ocean cruises in almost every corner of the world, it also offers river cruises on many of the world’s major rivers. That’s notably different than most cruise lines. Typically, cruise lines operate either ocean cruises or river cruises but not both, giving the

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Barriers are going up rapidly as border projects and livestock farming increase, but they impede wildlife migrations and genetically isolate threatened species.

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The first film, the Roundhay Garden Scene, was filmed just over 130 years ago. During that time, the humans we’ve seen in live-action films have been real people, but since the advent of computer graphics, that’s started to change. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

GeForce Rtx 3090 16•
Nvidia’s RTX 3090 Ti graphics card , which is rumored to arrive imminently , could offer a performance boost of around 10% compared to the vanilla RTX 3090, according to the latest leak. This comes from the developer of the CapframeX utility (used for frame times capture and analysis), who posted some “first impressions” of the RTX 3090 Ti that they’ve apparently got hold of – apply the usual cau

Solar Orbiter Sun Earth•
53Mashable / 8h
Space scientists have released the sharpest and most detailed picture of the sun and its outer atmosphere ever taken, revealing the jacket of gases enveloping the star, called the corona. You've heard it since you were a kid: Don't look at the sun unless you want to go blind. The sun's brightness and radiation can cause retinal burns, heating and cooking the exposed tissue of the eye. Fortunately

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You can hear it in your head: the grunt your character makes when hopping a fence or leaping into battle. Its sonic roots trace all the way back to 1973.

24Wired / 8h
The pull between wanting to protect privacy and still engage with others meaningfully is real. Here's how to choose and stick to your guns.

Wired / 8h
This weekend, save on some of our favorite products to get yourself out of the house in style.

Oscars 2022 Watch Academy•
20Wired / 8h
Whether you want to stream it live on Sunday or catch highlights afterward, here’s how to watch the 94th Academy Awards.

Lapsus$ Microsoft Nvidia•
Gizmodo / 8h
For the past three months, a mysterious hacker gang has been giving Silicon Valley a migraine of epic proportions. LAPSUS$, a band of cybercriminals with unorthodox techniques and a flare for the dramatic, has been on a white hot streak—lining tech companies up and knocking em’ down like bowling pins. Read more...

Sony PlayStation VRR•
Variable refresh rate (or VRR, for short) has been a much-requested feature for PS5 ever since the console launched back in November, 2020. Especially since Sony’s flagship console already checks the boxes for so many premium features, including 120Hz support, raytracing capabilities and the sublime haptic feedback and adaptive triggers courtesy of the DualSense controller. VRR has been curiously

Nobody likes wasting money and the constantly shifting smart home landscape can give you the feeling that you’ll be left holding the bag. The Matter smart home initiative looks to bring order to the Wild West of smart home products. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Google Pixel 6A October•
We continue to wait patiently for the arrival of the Google Pixel Watch , but according to the latest from the rumor mill we might have to hang on for a few months yet – it seems the wearable might not launch until October, alongside the Pixel 7 and the Pixel 7 Pro. That's according to well-known tech tipster Jon Prosser on Twitter , who says that the smartwatch is going to be teased at the Googl

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While bats have been closely associated with vampires for centuries, there are actually only three species of bats that drink blood. Most of them eat fruits, insects, nectar and small animals, like frogs and fish, instead. Blood is low in calories, while being rich in iron, protein and little else, making it a terrible, terrible food source. Now, a team of scientists has figured out how and why t

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Michael Scott loves a good music moment, and his taste isn't cheap. On the latest episode of Stitcher's Office Ladies podcast , former co-stars Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey chatted all about the Season 6 episode "Murder." In case you need an episode refresher, Michael has the Scranton branch play a murder-mystery game to distract them from rumors that Dunder Mifflin is filing for bankruptcy. D

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Can you believe it, Friday is here. What a world. I've got to be honest, I didn't think we would make it. Around Wednesday I simply resigned myself to the fact that I was in some sort of time loop situation. The week would never end and I would stumble through some timeless empty space. But here we are. Friday. How about that? SEE ALSO: The 9 best Wordle clones for fans and gamers Anyway, we coll

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The Martian desert teems with geologic wonder. Aboard NASA's far-off satellite, the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, a powerful camera recently captured a brilliant image of sand dunes inside a Martian crater. NASA took the image from 160 miles above the red desert, in the Tyrrhena Terra region on Mars, located in the planet's southern hemisphere. These are a curious type of dune, dubbed "star dunes.

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In the Bridgerton Season 2 premiere on Netflix , Kate Sharma (Simone Ashley) utters the words that won me over: “I despise English tea.” With the debut of Kate and Edwina Sharma (Charithra Chandran) ahead of Season 2, fans weren’t sure how the characters’ Indian identity would play into the series. Bridgerton doesn’t quite take place in our reality, with people of color prominently positioned in

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America was founded on much more than the idealistic notions of freedom and liberty. Its colonial beginnings included destructive individualism, capitalist exploitation, and white supremacy. Those ideals have influenced how our country operates today, shaping its political, social, and economic systems, including those that seem to do good on the surface. Take, for example, our country's immense

The OnePlus 10 Pro is finally about to get its global launch. For those keeping track, it was first unveiled for China in January, then during MWC 2022 in February the company confirmed that it would land elsewhere in March, and now that time has almost come. The official global unveiling is set for March 31, but of course there’s not much left to know, as the design and specs of the OnePlus 10 P

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Anthony James, who researches disease-spreading insects, never encountered the aggressive mosquito species, Aedes aegypti , when he grew up in Southern California decades ago. "Now, they're here," James, a molecular biologist at the University of California, Irvine, told Mashable. Aedes aegypti almost certainly traveled to California in cargo, like many invasive species do . The species, which fl

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The Bridgerton Season 2 soundtrack took our breath away. Episode 6, "The Choice," opens with a first for Bridgerton : A string cover of the massively popular Bollywood song "Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham" while Edwina (Charithra Chandran) gets ready for her wedding (or so she thinks). The Bollywood song choice is inspired for a number of reasons and a delightful Easter egg for K3G fans (that's what we

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TL;DR: As of March 26, you can get a lifetime subscription to FlashBooks Business Book Summaries worth $1,740 for just $69.99 with the code DOWNLOADNOW . That's savings of 96%. If you think about all the books out there in the world that you haven't read yet, it can quickly stress you out. But, word to the wise: There's a shortcut you can take that allows you to absorb more knowledge, texts, and

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TL;DR: A free trial of Apple management platform Jamf Now for up to three devices is available as of March 26. Apple is a huge tech brand, offering advantages for companies set up with its devices. So whether you're looking for compatibility with a large consumer base or compatibility with a broader range of freelancers and remote collaborators — Apple connects you to a massive network. The compa

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TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to PDF Converter Pro , normally worth $99, is 78% off with the code DOWNLOADNOW as of March 26, so you can get it for just $20.99. Why is converting a document to a PDF so difficult, even in 2022? Probably because you don't have the right software. With PDF Converter Pro you can go back and forth between converting existing PDFs into Word, Excel, JPG, and many more

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Bridgerton Season 2 just hit Netflix, which means it's time to revisit our very serious ranking of crushes from the Netflix series . The Duke of Hastings may be out of the picture, but the ton is still pesky with crush material, from the generally unimpressive Bridgertons right up to our own picks for the diamond of the season. This time around, we divided our crushes into categories, and we stay

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TL;DR: As of March 26, the SpineDeck™ 2.0 Orthopaedic Back Stretcher is just $44.99, which is down 22% from its regular price of $58. The human spine is complex. There are 33 interlocking bones that hold the spinal cord, with disks in between each one to cushion them. When those disks and vertebrae are constantly compressed — like when you’re hunched over your laptop all day — it can lead to back

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TL;DR: As of March 26, you can get the Insta360 GO 2 for $299.99 — that's over $100 less than the price of a GoPro. The last decade might’ve been memorialized by perfectly captured single moments in time via Instagram and Facebook, but the 2020s are all about video . Today, we document every moment in moving pictures and showcase our epic experiences via TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram Reels. But

A quiet Hollywood power broker with a famous name goes on a buying spree that has given him Rolling Stone, South by Southwest and a private island. What more does he want?

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A few years ago, the entertainment industry was arguing over whether movies on streaming services even counted as a film. Now, one is poised to win the Oscars’ top prize.

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It has been a busy week for hacking and extortion collective Lapsus$. It first leaked what it claimed to be employee account information from LG Electronics , as well as source code for a variety of Microsoft products. A few hours later, the group also released screenshots indicating it had breached identity and access management company Okta . News of the potential breach spread quickly online.

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SpaceX has to wait even longer to find out if it can launch Starship flights out of its Boca Chica facility in Texas. The US Federal Aviation Administration has delayed its decision on the environmental review of the launch site yet again , pushing back its target date of completion to April 29th. SpaceX must secure the FAA's approval, along with a vehicle operator license, before it can launch S

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Part of the joy in drinking cold brew coffee is spending the $5 to buy it at your local independent coffee shop, don’t you think? Isn’t it luxurious to drink a beverage so chock full of ice that four sips drains the cup? Just me? While it is truly one of life's purest pleasur