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Saturday, March 5, 2022

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Pot Edibles

Move Over Covid!
Dear Producer,

The No Agenda deconstruction of the Russo-Ukraine war news counters the mainstream narrative about this and every other war promoted by the military-industrial complex led by the Republican neo-cons and the Democratic party. This seems to be negatively affecting the donations. Unfortunately, it’s news that needs deconstruction.

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1900 Telephone pole
Hello, Mom?
Tomorrow’s Show
The Russo-Ukraine war is in day number 10 and we’ll bring you analysis from world news sources regarding what to expect next. NATO and the USA are holding firm and refusing to help the Ukrainians with troops or no-fly zones but instead supplying munitions. There may also be some unmarked or re-branded jets flown by NATO airmen, maybe.

The mystery as to the 40-mile sitting duck Russian convoy, examined by No Agenda as a peculiarity is now a focus of commentary on the M5M news shows.

The emergence of stories about Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and connections to the WEF are disconcerting and worth discussing.
Editorial cartoon
Bombing Somalia!
Some stories are starting to emerge about the fact that we are initiating airstrikes in Somalia  targeting terrorists. This country is a perpetual mess. Suicide bombings are happening, and nobody wants to talk about any of it. Your No Agenda Show will get to the bottom of it by examining African news sources.
Somali security
The Somali securty forces have a thematic look.
Kamala Harris, Pothead?!
You were introduced to the notion that Kalama Harris acts and often looks like a pothead, especially with her incessant and uncontrollable pothead laugh. This would probably a self-medication mechanism used by the public-at-large too, but not to the Cheech and Chong level. This possibility would explain why Harris was so reluctant to visit the Texas-Mexican border. Texas is one of the few states where all marijuana usage is illegal. Harris seems on edge in situations where it would be unwise to carry packs of pot gummies or whatever tincture or edible she’d prefer. Nobody has ever claimed that she exudes a pot stench, so common with pot smokers. One of these days a reporter will have to guts to ask her about this and if she breaks out with the giggles, you’ll know why..
Kamala Harris laughing
Kamala Harris holding in laugh
Kamala Harris losing it
Do they even have rehab for pot use?
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Hypocrite of the Week
yprocrite tweets by Lindsey Graham
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