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Wednesday, March 2, 2022

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Show 1430

Is Kamala Actually Dumb?

Biden vs Putin
Dear Producer,
Tomorrow will be a great show with questions about the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Joe Biden speech, the Kamala Harris controversy, the end of Covid and more.

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Tomorrow's Show
The 2008 Russian invasion of Georgia lasted 17 days. The Ukraine “incursion” has been underway for 7 days. This invasion is obviously different as Ukraine is bigger and historically connected to the founding of Russia itself. There are baffling moments and anomalies not discussed in the media. We are told there are already 6000 Russian troops killed. How?
Russian convot
A 40 mile long convoy of Russians is supposedly bogged down. Why doesn't the still flying Ukranian Air Force strafe and bomb these guys? Why hasn't the road been bombed out?
In any parlance these are "sitting ducks."
Kamala Harris
Kamala Harris sounded like a Kindergarten teacher on a recent podcast as she tried to explain the Russia-Ukrain context. Media Matters said that the right-wing media took her comments out of context. S you will hear the full context right from the Media Matters website and you decide. More importantly a new thesis on Kamala will be presented that explains everything.
An analysis of this photo and others tells us what is wrong with Kamala.
Joe Biden SOTU
There were a lot of weird statements and some serious gems in the Biden speech which was seen as fabulous by the left wing and pathetic by the right wing. A moment of heckling even occurred which will be reported as scandalous by the M5M. You’ll hear a great discussion on your No Agenda Show.
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