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Friday, March 18, 2022

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500+SlashGear / 6h
Google is releasing the Android 13 Developer Preview 2, with plenty of new features users will appreciate.

500+Mashable / 9h
Let’s face it, a solid WiFi connection is essential in order to function these days. It doesn’t matter if you’re working from home, spinning on your exercise bike, schooling the kiddos, or gaming into the wee hours. Our connected devices are an integral part of our everyday lives. According to the Comcast 2021 WiFi Trends Report , the number of WiFi connected devices has skyrocketed by a factor o

James Bond Amazon MGM•
500+Engadget / 7h
The James Bond, Rocky and RoboCop movies are now owned or co-owned by Amazon . The company has closed its $8.45 billion takeover of storied movie and TV studio MGM . European Union antitrust regulators unconditionally approved the deal this week. They determined there wasn't a great deal of overlap between the two companies, and that "MGM's content cannot be considered as must-have" compared with

Lifehacker / 2min
All surgeries, whether medically necessary or cosmetic, have something pretty big in common: You’ll be cut into, even if only a little bit. Incisions leave scars which, if you’re focused on preserving your health or accomplishing a goal, might not be that big of a deal to you in the moment. Still, if you’re worried… Read more...

The federal transportation mask mandate should have been lifted, or allowed to expire March 18. However it was extended – for just one month. And the broad expectation is that it will end in mid-April, as part of the administration declaring victory on Covid-19. There’s a strong political reason to do so before the mid-term elections. And it makes good sense, too. But one thing could still change

SlashGear / 6min
If ever there was a secret weapon in Apple's line-up, the iPhone SE stands a better chance than most hardware to be it. Here's why you should make the upgrade.

Gizmodo / 6min
Star Trek loves all time travel, but perhaps the kind of time travel it loves most is a chance to take a sideways step into our current moment . From The Voyage Home to Voyager and DS9 episodes like “Future’s End” and “Past Tense,” Star Trek cannot help at times but to wrest itself from its future to play with our… Read more...

Engadget / 9min
The podcast deal Prince Harry and Meghan Markle signed with Spotify is finally close to bearing (significant) fruit. As The Verge reports , Markle is releasing a podcast series on Spotify this summer through the couple's Archewell Audio production company. Details weren't available, but the show is premiering after Harry and Meghan were "encouraged" by discussions over Spotify's efforts to fight

The new cruise line under development by Ritz-Carlton on Thursday announced it had ordered two more new ships — even as it continues a multiyear struggle to bring out its first vessel. The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection said in a press release that it had contracted with the giant Chantiers de l’Atlantique shipyard in St. Nazaire, France, for the construction of two 456-passenger “superyachts” to

According to new analysis, energy bills for UK households could double following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Collectively, this means that UK households will face a £38bn hit to their budgets. The research, which was conducted by Aurora Energy Research, has confirmed that such an increase in the cost of heating and lighting homes in 2022-23 will be the equivalent of a 6p rise in the basic rate

SlashGear / 13min
Another iPhone 14 leak has surfaced indicating the cheaper models in the upcoming line may include some disappointing features, including the display notch.

How-To Geek / 14min
Electric bikes are gaining popularity across the globe, and as a result, I’ve received a lot of questions about whether or not an e-bike is practical. Of course, if you’ve never ridden one, that’s a fair question, but you’ll quickly realize how much e-bikes have to offer once you hop on. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

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The British defense secretary has ordered an inquiry into a video call he received on Thursday from an imposter pretending to be Denys Shmyhal, Ukraine’s prime minister. In a series of tweets , the Right Honorable Ben Wallace disclosed that the man asked “several misleading questions” and he eventually ended the call after becoming suspicious. The official described the hoax as a “desperate attem

As global viewers waited with bated breath in early February to see whether Japanese figure skater Hanyu Yuzuru would nail a legendary quadruple axel during the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, it was likely that few would have considered the amount of behind-the-scenes work needed to bring those images to their screens. The Olympic Winter Games were as much of a challenge for the host city and orga

100+Futurism / 32min
Space Fight Dmitry Rogozin, the outspoken head of Russia’s space agency Roscosmos, expressed his excitement today for delivering the next crew of cosmonauts to the International Space Station. But his choice of words was peculiar, to say the least. “The State Commission at Baikonur approved the main and backup crews of the Soyuz MS-21 manned spacecraft,” Rogozin tweeted in Russian. “The boys are

US Russian NASA Ukraine•
55Futurism / 32min
Over two decades of peaceful cooperation on board the International Space Station could soon come to an end, as the result of Russia’s violent invasion of Ukraine, which has driven a deep wedge between the country’s space agency and its international partners. In a Frequently Asked Questions page published by NASA this week, the agency explored what could happen if Russia were to abandon the Inte

Apple may finally be including OLED displays in upcoming MacBook Pro laptops , according to the latest rumors out there. According to long-time Apple insider Ming-Chi Kuo , the switch in display technology would hinge on the iPad’s adoption of OLED. Right now, Apple is one of the only laptop manufacturers that hasn’t introduced OLED displays in any of its products. I think the release date of the

Do you think you’d get into PC gaming if you didn’t have to face the many difficulties it poses, skipping past all the compatibility issues of new builds and the never-ending upgrade cycle to keep up with system requirements? Believe it or not, you actually can get in on PC gaming without facing these less-than-favorable elements thanks to NVIDIA GeForce NOW. GeForce NOW is a cloud gaming service

Uber DoorDash Lyft•
21NYT > Technology / 37min
Some drivers say they find it hard to justify spending hours on the road for Uber or Lyft as fuel costs continue to tick upward.

SlashGear / 42min
The latest list of most fuel-efficient vehicles calculated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) shows some surprisingly affordable trucks.

Gizmodo / 43min
It’s St. Patrick’s Day —the holiday where everyone gathers around to drink beer and watch scary movies! OK, we might have added that second part ourselves, but it’s only because we’ve assembled this list of 10 Irish and Irish-made horror movies to add some spooky flair to the usual boozy festivities. And there’s not a … Read more...

Honor Ultimate DxOMark•
SlashGear / 49min
Honor has taken the wraps off its Magic 4 Ultimate, a smartphone that heavily emphasizes mobile photography with a custom image processor and stunning cameras.

SlashGear / 49min
Apple has made many of the world's top-selling computers. But the brand also created a number of unique products you might not have known existed.

SlashGear / 49min
Science never sleeps and humanity is always making new discoveries. Here are 12 of the coolest scientific discoveries to happen in February 2022.

Supermassive Games Quarry•
Engadget / 51min
The producers of Until Dawn are returning to their roots after years of Dark Pictures Anthology games. Supermassive Games and 2K have unveiled The Quarry , a teen horror title that has you once again deciding the fates of frightened youth. You control nine camp counselors as a night of celebrating the end of summer camp quickly goes sideways — the trailer below hints at a Most Dangerous Game tale

As usual, we're going to be spoiling today's Wordle answer if you read on - so make sure you've solved it first before scrolling on. If you look at Google Trends this week, with people searching for the Wordle answer, you might think that it's been almost impossibly difficult: WATCH, CATER and MOVIE have all seen huge spikes of interest in the Wordle answer. (Image credit: TechRadar / Google) If

Wordle TikTok Queerdle•
Mashable / 1h
TikTok has welcomed Wordle with open arms. The simple word puzzle game that captivated the internet , spawned numerous imitations , and got snatched up by the New York Times for a seven-figure payout, is the subject of a growing trend of people who post videos and livestreams of their games on TikTok. It's a natural pairing. Half the fun of playing Wordle is talking about it. Bragging about your

Spring is near which means it’s time for JetBlue’s Big Spring Sale, where one-way fares start as low as $34 for bookings made today only. The best availability is for flights departing from Boston (BOS) and New York (JFK/EWR), but you can find domestic routes starting at just $34, along with international destinations, including to the Caribbean, for less than $300 round trip. Book ASAP because t

The Military Sleep Method might sound tough but it’s designed to gently – and quickly – ease you into sleep within two to three minutes. An old technique used by soldiers, the military method for sleeping can actually be used by anybody and it’s a handy way to get back to sleep if you frequently wake in the night. However, like anything, it takes regular practice, but once you have the Military S

Tile Scan Feature App•
Mashable / 1h
By now, you're likely familiar with the horror stories featuring bad actors using Apple's AirTags to track, monitor, and outright stalk individuals. But this issue isn't unique to Apple's tracking device. In fact, well before the company even released AirTags, if a person wanted to track a lost item, they'd likely go with Tile. On Thursday, Tile announced the launch of its new anti-stalking featu

Isn’t it wonderful when you make friends at your job? You can go out after work, commiserate about your shared experiences, and remain pals long after you’ve departed your company. But for as lovely as that is, there is a darker opposite situation: Sometimes, you absolutely hate a coworker. Read more...

Ben Tigner Contributor Ben Tigner is the co-founder and CEO of Overair . It’s likely that if you hadn’t previously heard of eVTOLs (electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft), they might have made their way onto your radar last year. Between the billions of dollars in capital, SPACs and test flights, there were countless companies touting their newest developments and technological milestone

Russian Government Ukraine•
Gizmodo / 1h
Ever since launching a horrific assault on Ukraine, things haven’t been going particularly well for Russia. The country and its invading horde have been condemned , blacklisted , thwacked by crippling sanctions , droned , blocked , and told to go fuck themselves. Now, to top it all off, Russia appears to also be getting… Read more...

Snap Bans Anonymous•
Engadget / 1h
Snap is taking more action against bullying and harassment on Snapchat . It will no longer allow anonymous messaging from third-party apps that hook into its platform. The company said that while most people used these features in "fun, engaging, and entirely appropriate ways," it acknowledged others might take advantage of anonymity "to engage in harmful behavior." From now on, third-party apps

The labor agency wants a federal judge to order changes there in the case of a fired worker before a union election starts next week.

Apple Studio Display•
Although Apple's new Studio Display is set to begin shipping out to customers, several news outlets have experienced issues with the giant display's built-in webcam . The iPhone maker's new 27-inch monitor starts at $1,599 (£1,499 / AU$2,499) and is designed to be used by creative professionals alongside the company's new Mac Studio . In addition to its 5K Retina display and high-fidelity six-spe

While enroute to Hawaii , we had a roughly nine our layover at LAX. We arrived at around 11PM from Tampa , and were departing the next morning at around 8AM to Honolulu. For our quick overnight we decided to book the Hyatt Regency LAX . I last stayed at this hotel when it was still the Concourse Hotel LAX , before it got the full Hyatt Regency branding. I’m happy to report that this is mostly a v

Gizmodo / 1h
Where is Matter, the smart home standard of the future? The specification still feels like a theory. It doesn’t help that there’s yet another delay on the horizon. Read more...

Netflix Password Sharing•
200+Futurism / 1h
End of an Era Pour one out, binge-watchers. Netflix has signaled that it’s going to start charging people who share their passwords with others outside their households. The streaming giant announced the move in a blog post on Wednesday. Once implemented, it’ll end 15 years of password sharing goodness between friends, family, and that roommate you had in college who loves “Arrested Development.”

Dinosaur Comics Enlarge / Ryan North, creator of Dinosaur Comics , offers a step-by-step guide to becoming the next Lex Luthor in his new book, How To Take Over the World: Practical Schemes and Scientific Solutions for the Aspiring Supervillain . (credit: Ryan North, tweaked by Aurich Lawson) Are you a fan of superhero comics who identifies more with the Big Bad? Do you dream of riding around on

I’ve always had a weird relationship with flexibility. My ankles bend so easily that I can sit in a deep squat as just a relaxing way to rest. I got into Olympic weightlifting without having to spend a single moment worrying about my shoulder mobility. And yet: I cannot touch my toes. Or at least I couldn’t until… Read more...

Gizmodo / 1h
A historic cabin high up in Canada’s Yoho National Park is now slated for demolition, park officials said, because the rock and soil beneath it is eroding, putting the 100-year-old structure at risk of collapse. Read more...

What better way to celebrate St Patrick’s Day with a classic TPG UK two-cabin comparison YouTube video on board Ireland’s flag carrier? The London to Dublin route is incredibly popular, with as many as 40 daily flights between the two cities. However, the experiences on these different flights vary greatly. For more TPG news delivered each morning to your inbox, sign up for our daily newsletter .

SlashGear / 1h
Matter - the universal smart home connectivity standard - has been delayed until fall, and the reason behind the delay is somewhat surprising.

FromSoftware Elden Ring•
20TechCrunch / 1h
Elden Ring is the latest game in the storied tradition of punishing, mysterious titles by developer From Software, following fiercely loved hits like the Dark Souls series and Bloodborne. I’ve wanted to love these games for a long time. I’ve followed the releases, watched precision speedruns and read treatises on their intricate level design. But something didn’t click. Not for lack of trying, so

Heineken Virtual Beer•
Mashable / 1h
Heineken wants to have its metaverse beer and drink it, too. The brewer is the latest company, and second beer manufacturer , to jump on the metaverse bandwagon with its Thursday release of Heineken Silver — a "virtual beer" that the company insists is, yes, as dumb as it sounds. For starters, Heineken is quick to let everyone know, you definitely can't drink whatever this new thing is. "Our virt

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Save up to $30, plus get $10 for free: We understand that taxes aren't fun, but you still gotta do them. Through the end of March 17, TurboTax is up to 33% off at Amazon and comes with a free $10 Amazon gift card. You may not like it, but you only have about a month to file your 2021 taxes. So you might as well get something in return (besides your return) while you file from the comfort of your

Merlin Sony Jumanji•
Gizmodo / 1h
With its blend of fantasy, adventure, and gaming , Jumanji is a name brand that’s begging for its very own theme park. And now, it just might happen. Sony Pictures has teamed up with Merlin Entertainments to develop Jumanji theme park attractions in Europe, the United Kingdom, and North America. Read more...

One of the easiest ways to see if someone understands food is to ask them to make you a sandwich. A good sandwich is a balance of flavors and textures, and the best ones are made by people who have a good grasp on both. A sandwich is more than layers of meat and cheese between two slices of bread—it’s a holistic… Read more...

Netflix Resident Evil•
42Engadget / 2h
Fans of Resident Evil and the zombie apocalypse genre writ large can look forward to Netflix’s live-action reboot this summer. The streamer announced that the series — which takes place 14 years after a virus causes the apocalypse — will premiere on July 14th. The new show is not to be confused with Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness , an anime adaptation of the survival horror video game that debu

Gizmodo / 2h
Skies above Europe are murky this week, and many surfaces look as if they’ve been stained orange, after a huge plume of dust from the Sahara made its way north on March 15. Some ski slopes and snowy mountain peaks have begun to look like a creamsicle-themed winter wonderland or a landscape on Mars. Read more...

Enlarge (credit: AMD) When the PC industry's two biggest graphics card manufacturers aren't battling over benchmarks or chip shortage woes, they've been fighting over a different sales pitch: boosting performance for older GPUs. And while Nvidia has largely won that war, that has come with an asterisk of a proprietary performance-boosting system, DLSS, that requires relatively recent Nvidia hardw

Chase and United Airlines have had a close relationship for years. As part of that, they have several co-branded credit cards , and you can also transfer points from Ultimate Rewards to MileagePlus. The United SM Business Card is a popular business credit card that’s an excellent value for many small businesses, so in this post I wanted to take a closer look at the card. There has never been a be

Using your iPhone’s “Sound Check” feature, you can prevent your phone from blasting loud music in your ears. Here’s how the feature works and what you have to do to enable it. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Maserati GranTurismo•
Maserati is doubling down on its electric car strategy. The Italian carmaker just announced a new “Folgore” EV range, starring the 2023 Folgore GranTurismo. It’s the first major step in Maserati’s campaign to electricity its entire lineup by 2025, and man, it’s flashy as all hell. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

M1 iPad Air MacBook Pro•
Apple’s new M1-powered iPad Air is a thin, powerful, and truly versatile tablet that will probably let professionals down. I know, it can be confusing. The 10.9-inch slab features the exact same Apple Silicon M1 chip as the 11-inch iPad Pro . They even run at the same 3.20 GHz clock speed and are similarly backed by 8 GB of RAM. What you get on with an iPad Pro (M1) -ProMotion Technology -The Tru

100+Gizmodo / 2h
007 wants to know...What happened to Joe Biden’s All-Star Antitrust Team ? Read more...

Turkish Bayraktar Ukraine•
53Wired / 2h
The maker of the lethal drone claims that it can identify targets using artificial intelligence.

The home fitness craze has, predictably, died down somewhat since the height of pandemic-fueled buying sprees. Category leader Peloton is smarting from gym reopenings (among lots of other things) in a major way. Still, connected fitness predates COVID-19, and it will (knock on wood) be here after the pandemic ends. Plenty of investors are still bullish on the category, which — like the work from

Meta Facebook Zefr•
Meta, formerly known as Facebook, says it will begin testing new content tools designed to give advertisers control over where their ads are shown on Facebook and Instagram feeds, the company announced on Thursday. The tools will allow companies to prevent their ads from being placed next to unsuitable content, such as posts about politics, tragedy or violence. The company will begin testing the

A nice secondary effect of writing this newsletter is getting an influx of responses when I write on a specific topic. Last week it was agtech. I expressed a bit of disappointment in the category. So many robotics firms have either failed or been acquired. That’s just kind of how it goes, here in robotics startupland, but there’s so much room for potential in the category. The seeds have been pla

The 12-3-30 workout has taken over TikTok, which is a testament to the algorithm and a few influencers’ abilities to game it. It’s really just treadmill walking, with specific parameters and overblown promises. So let’s break down the pros, cons, and caveats—and make a plan for how to do a similar workout that makes… Read more...

40Futurism / 2h
Beat the House Looking for a good way to beat the odds at a casino? Developers seem to be working on an augmented reality (AR) filter that can help you win at poker. In the video showcasing the concept, you can see the AR layer displaying your likely win percentage based on your hand in a game of Texas Hold ‘Em. As the game progresses, the percentage increases or decreases based on how likely you

100+Futurism / 2h
When Stars Align The James Webb Telescope is now aligned and ready for action — which, in the case of this social media-famous spacecraft, includes taking selfies. After releasing the telescope’s first fully-aligned photo of a star — which was, naturally, incredible to behold — NASA also dropped a Webb “selfie” in such perfect focus that it looks more like a concept illustration than a photo at a

Any advocate for testing travelers entering the United States needs to articulate what benefit the testing provides now, why it's enough of a benefit to justify the restriction, and what condition needs to exist to remove the rule. No one has even tried to do that, because the testing rule isn't about protecting the country from Covid-19 (it cannot do that) it's about optics. Continue reading ..

Gizmodo / 2h
What do you get a 25-year-old who isn’t a person but a specific programming block of content that’s mostly anime series? Why, more anime, of course. This is why Adult Swim has gifted Toonami two new sequels to FLCL , one of its most popular TV series since it debuted way back in 2003, in celebration of the brand’s 25th… Read more...

SlashGear / 2h
A popular wireless carrier teamed up with a luxury car manufacturer and these 5G-enabled cars are the result.

Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) For years, malicious hackers have been hacking large fleets of MikroTik routers and conscripting them into Trickbot, one of the Internet’s most destructive botnets. Now, Microsoft has finally figured out why and how the devices are being put to use. Trickbot came to light in 2016 as a trojan for stealing account passwords for use in bank fraud. Since then, it has mu

Enlarge / This imprint preserves details of the internal structure of the starfish, as well as its overall shape. It's one of 164 starfish recently unearthed at the Templo Mayor site in Mexico City. (credit: INAH) Aztec priests at Tenochtitlán offered a whole galaxy of starfish to the war god Huitzilopochtli 700 years ago, along with a trove of other objects from the distant edges of the Aztec Em

Samsung Frame 2022 Neo•
100+Engadget / 2h
Samsung has opened up pre-orders for many of its 2022 TVs and revealed when you'll be able to lock in an order for some of its other upcoming displays. The company is refreshing its Neo QLED sets this year with features such as refresh rates of up to 144Hz , 14-bit processing for enhanced brightness accuracy and AI-driven upscaling via the Neural Quantum Processor 8K. Neo QLED QN800B 8K TVs are a

The latest update for Gran Turismo 7 has arrived, but it hasn't been warmly received by the community. The patch drastically reduces the credit payout of races, requiring longer grinds to unlock the game's top cars – pushing players towards microtransactions. Credits are the basic currency in Gran Turismo 7 , used to purchase new cars, cosmetics, and upgraded components which you can kit out your

Amazon 3 US 20-Minute•
70Wired / 3h
Amazonians United has coordinated its first multistate walkout for better pay after racking up wins across the nation for the past three years.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with new information. The Chase Sapphire Reserve and the Chase Sapphire Preferred are two of the most talked-about travel credit cards on the market, thanks to the valuable Ultimate Rewards program , top-notch benefits and great travel protections. But which one is the best match for you? You might assume that the Chase Sapphire Reserve — which comes with

United and CLEAR have teamed up to offer an incredible promotion for MileagePlus Premier members who join CLEAR. United promotion for joining CLEAR CLEAR is a company that helps you get to the front of the ID check lines at dozens of major airports in the United States using your biometric data. While joining CLEAR usually costs $179 per year, savvy travelers shouldn’t be paying that much. First

Gizmodo / 3h
When appraising a piece of fiction, it’s often necessary to consider the context in which it was created. Sometimes a piece of work can stand on its strengths alone to convey meaning and theme—but sometimes context is necessary to allow certain understandings and conveniences. And Star Trek: Discovery ’s latest finale… Read more...

Snap Bans Anonymous•
After a bullied teen died by suicide , a grieving mother last year sued the platform where the abuse had taken place — Snapchat — for not doing enough to protect its younger users. Another lawsuit , related to another suicide , followed last month. In response to the former, Snap banned the anonymous messaging apps that had facilitated online bullying and vowed to revamp its policies to address w

When it comes to updates, especially from Apple, I’m usually one to say install it ASAP. After all, these updates usually go through weeks, if not months, of beta testing—plenty of time to find and weed out the big bugs. However, even with fun new features like Universal Control , you should be warned about macOS 12.3.… Read more...

Tile Scan Feature Apple•
21Engadget / 3h
Apple isn't the only tracking tag company making it harder for stalkers and thieves to track you. Tile is rolling out a "Scan and Secure" feature in its Android and iOS apps to help you detect unwanted tags. Use it and the app will check if any suspicious Tile tags (or Tile-equipped devices) are traveling with you. The process can take up to 10 minutes, but you won't need a Tile account or hardwa

Netflix Password Sharing•
Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | cyano66) Netflix will soon charge an extra fee for sharing accounts with people in other households in the company's latest attempt to reduce the password-sharing that has been common among Netflix users for years. The fee will roll out in Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru "over the next few weeks" and potentially go worldwide at a later date. "Members on our Standard an

SlashGear / 3h
With gas prices on the rise, here are the easiest ways to optimize your fuel consumption and keep more of your hard-earned money while driving.

People use all sorts of methods for organizing their inbox. One way is to move emails to specific folders, which in Gmail, are called Labels. So here, we’ll show you how to automatically label and move emails. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

20How-To Geek / 3h
For most people, Android Auto works without a hitch. But the smallest problems can turn Android Auto into an impossible headache. And more often than not, your USB cable is responsible for this frustration. That’s why the latest Android Auto update includes a tool that tells you if your USB cable is crappy or broken. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Elden Ring 1.03 NPC•
SlashGear / 3h
Bandai Namco and FromSoftware are serving up some thrilling improvements with Elden Ring patch V1.03.

Samsung QD Oled Sony•
Gizmodo / 3h
Samsung announced the pre-order availability of several flagship TV models shown at CES 2022 earlier this year, but buried at the bottom of its press release were three words that immediately caught my attention: Samsung OLED TV. Read more...

Sienna Miller Netflix•
Mashable / 3h
Politics and scandal aren't strangers, but they're increasingly tough bedfellows. In the trailer for Netflix's Anatomy of a Scandal , Chris Clarke (Joshua McGuire) notes that the scandalous behavior of the entitled "is something the public no longer finds cute." How right he is. The titular scandal swirls around James Whitehouse (Rupert Friend), a Minister in the British Parliament accused of sex

Mashable / 3h
FREEBIE ALERT: As of March 17, you'll get a free Turtle Beach Recon 70 headset (worth $39.99) when you buy a copy of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Ragnarök Edition ($99.99) from Best Buy. Between Elden Ring , Horizon Forbidden West , and Pokémon Legends: Arceus , fans of open-world games definitely aren't hurting for something new to sink some hours into at the moment. But hear us out: If you haven't

TV Apple Watch iPhone•
As many Apple Watch users have discovered, there is no way to connect a bricked watch to a Mac to manually restore the software like you can with an iPhone or an iPad. Your only hope was to take it to the nearest Apple Store (or send it in to Apple to be reset) if it conked out during an update or because of a… Read more...

SlashGear / 3h
We take a tour of Mercedes-Benz's new US battery plant, then go for a muddy spin in one of the first EVs it'll supply: the lavish new 2023 EQS SUV

100+Gizmodo / 3h
A new clip from upcoming Marvel Studios and Disney+ show Moon Knight offers a reminder that this series will introduce horror into its world of superheroes. The short but chilling scene plays into everyone’s fear of dark hallways as mild-mannered Steven Grant ( Oscar Isaac ) is pursued by a tall, looming figure. Read more...

Facebook Deepfake Zelensky•
65Wired / 3h
The response to a video impersonating the Ukrainian president gives a blueprint for how to stop more sophisticated attempts.

There’s a lot to love about Argentina , from the world-renowned Malbecs its vineyards produce to the striking natural wonders of Salta and Patagonia and the mouthwatering steaks you can get in practically any restaurant. That’s why the country was high on my list to visit as soon as easing COVID restrictions made it possible. While I’d consider Buenos Aires a must-see stop, for this trip, I opted

23Futurism / 3h
Rich Get Richer The day is finally here: Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) has released its much anticipated ApeCoin and the results are… not looking too good, actually. Yuga Labs, the crypto startup behind BAYC, launched the coin on Thursday morning to a lot of hype and fanfare. However, prices dropped precipitously in the hours following. At the time of reporting, prices for ApeCoin were trading more

26Futurism / 3h
Dust Ski A massive storm has carried Sahara desert dust all the way from Africa to the Sierra Nevada ski resort in Granada, Spain — and the videos look like they were taken on Mars. The videos, widely circulated on social media, show a thick layer of orange dust blanketing the resort’s snow-covered slopes, while an ominous orange glow emanates from the sky above. Skiers can be seen, revealing pri

Google Play Android•
Enlarge / A mockup of Android 12L running on different types and sizes of devices. (credit: Google ) Google wants to make 2022 the year of Android tablets, and after launching a tablet-focused Android 12L update, staffing up an Android tablet division , and shipping one or two tablet apps, the company is now giving the Play Store some tablet love . The goal is to make it easier for tablet users t

What defines a “cult classic” film? Unfortunately, there exists no cohesive, comprehensive, widely recognized definition that can be used to classify a film as either undeniably cult, or undeniably not. It’s all far too slippery. Read more...

For those of us who cover the venture capital industry, two narratives are ubiquitous: There’s the story of how much capital has been invested of late; you’ve seen the data — 2020 and 2021 set nearly every record around the world for private-market investment. The other story that pops up, again and again, is the one noting slim or negative progress in venture capitalists investing in more divers

Google Android 13 Preview•
Android development these days runs on a monthly cadence, so it’s no surprise that about a month after Google announced the first developer preview of Android 13 (code-named “Tiramisu,” as Google occasionally calls it in its developer documentation) it has now launched the second developer preview. These previews typically still have a lot of rough edges and are meant for developers , so like wit

A new update to Microsoft Teams could make replying to awkward messages a lot less painful than before. The video conferencing platform is working on an upgrade that will offer "suggested replies" in chats on Teams. Already a common sight on the likes of Gmail, SMS messages and more, the suggested replies feature will examine the context of the previous messages and provide a couple of possible r

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Google is releasing the Android 13 Developer Preview 2, with plenty of new features users will appreciate.

Google inspired a ton of confidence with its first Android 13 Developer Preview, which introduced a bevy of new features and security improvements. But the second Android 13 Developer Preview is even more exciting, because it finally fixes the biggest problem with notifications. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

AMD FSR 2.0 Nvidia•
AMD has given us the lowdown on FSR 2.0, which is the next-generation of its FidelityFX Super Resolution upscaling designed to boost frame rates, giving us a first look at the new tech running in Deathloop . So, how exactly does FSR 2.0 up the ante compared to the original incarnation? The crucial difference is that it uses temporal upscaling, as opposed to spatial in FSR 1.0. In simple terms, sp

Editor’s note: This is a recurring post, regularly updated with new information. Singapore Airlines’ KrisFlyer mileage program routinely discounts certain routes through its KrisFlyer “Spontaneous Escapes” program. The discount program was on hiatus due to the pandemic but is now back and as good as ever. Now through the end of March, you can score 30% off economy, premium economy and even busine

The Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan frequent flyer program is an absolute powerhouse of value thanks to individual airline partnerships. Alaska Airlines joined Oneworld nearly a year ago, but it still possesses partners that other Oneworld airlines don’t have — and its award pricing is altogether unique. For more news delivered each morning to your inbox, sign up for TPG daily newsletter . In fact,

Canada Canadian April 1•
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It’s more good news for travelers, this time for people hoping to head north, as Canada will drop their pre-arrival testing requirement for vaccinated incoming visitors starting April 1. Canadian government officials announced the rule changes earlier today, hereby releasing fully vaccinated travelers entering Canada by either land or air from having to show results of a negative rapid test taken

Google Android 13 Preview•
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Google has released the second Developer Preview for Android 13 , and it includes a big change in how the platform delivers alerts. Apps built for Android 13 will need to ask for permission before they can send notifications. Apps made for Android 12 or lower won't face this obligation, but this could still be very helpful if you're tired of having to disable notifications for apps that enable th

Maserati GranTurismo•
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Maserati announced on Thursday that it will offer electric versions of its entire vehicle lineup by 2025 and is starting its efforts off with the GranTurismo EV, a 1,200 HP roadster slated for release next year. Stellantis The GranTurismo “Folgore” will be the first entry into Maserati's new line of electric vehicles. Its thousand-plus horses will translate into a limitered top speed of 190 MPH a

Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) Microsoft brought DirectStorage to Windows PCs this week. The API promises faster load times and more detailed graphics by letting game developers make apps that load graphical data from the SSD directly to the GPU. Now, Nvidia and IBM have created a similar SSD/GPU technology, but they are aiming it at the massive data sets in data centers. Instead of targeting con

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The second developer preview of Android 13 is now available for download. It’s not as feature-packed as the first preview that hit last month , but it still offers a glimpse of some of the new abilities coming to Google’s next-gen OS. Read more...

Google Chrome’s Incognito mode can help keep your browsing data private by not saving your history, and wiping cookies automatically. Here’s how to activate Chrome’s private browsing mode. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Great Scott! The DMC DeLorean is making a comeback in a big way. LEGO just announced a new Back to the Future car set, and this DeLorean build is so cool you’ll want to buy it three times. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

It’s been a pretty boring year for smart home enthusiasts. There just haven’t been a ton of developments in this space, as manufacturers are currently focused on the upcoming Matter unification standard. Unfortunately, Matter just got delayed. Again. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

The bubble hasn’t exactly burst, but we’re no longer seeing a fantastical belief in the power of technology.

Despite public assertions that it had gone dormant, a multi-agency task force consisting of federal, state, and local police that was created to monitor protests in Minnesota during the murder trial of former police officer Derek Chauvin continued to operate in secret after the trial’s conclusion, according to emails and documents examined by MIT Technology Review. The program, known as Operation

Tile Scan Feature Apple•
Lost-item tracker and AirTag competitor Tile is today introducing its first anti-stalking safety feature, called “Scan and Secure.” The technology was first announced in October with a promised arrival date of sometime in early 2022. Using Tile’s mobile app, users will now be able to scan for unknown Tiles or Tile-enabled devices that may be traveling with them. The company notes that users don’t

Meet Amie , a startup working on a brand new productivity app for both individuals and teams. The company is unveiling its app this week and users can sign up to the waitlist. Amie is a well-designed calendar app that helps you get things done and keep up with your team. Amie was founded by Dennis Müller, who previously worked as a product manager for challenger bank N26 . Creandum, as well as Ti

Elden Ring 1.03 NPC•
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Elden Ring is a massive game in every sense of the word . To fully complete it can take well over 100 hours , but for those who've somehow already exhausted every dungeon and boss, there are now even more things to do. In the latest patch, FromSoftware has added quests for certain non-player characters (NPCs): Diallos, Nepheli Loux, Kenneth Haight and Gatekeeper Gostoc. Keeping track of NPCs' loc

Wordle TikTok Queerdle•
Looking for another Wordle alternative? Then Queerdle may be for you. This LGBTQ+ focused word game describes itself as a "yassification of Wordle" and sees you guessing six to eight-letter words that are based on LGBTQ+ references. Created by Jordan Bouvier , Queerdle includes words based on LGBTQ+ history, slang and sexual references (with the latter meaning it includes some NSFW words), with s

NASA Artemis Moon Rocket•
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Roll Out NASA is finally ready to roll out the rocket designed to land the first astronauts on the Moon since the 1970s. It’s a momentous occasion for a heavy launch system that has been stuck in development hell and “billions over budget and years behind schedule,” as NASA inspector general Paul Martin put it during a conference call earlier this month. The Space Launch System (SLS), paired with

I believe anyone can get into video games , but aspects of the hobby can be unfriendly to newcomers. One such needless barrier to entry is the confusing way many players talk about video game genres. Read more...

To kick off our journey to Hawaii , we flew American Airlines’ A321neo first class from Tampa to Los Angeles. I’ve never reviewed American’s A321neo before, so this seemed like a good opportunity, especially since American recently reinstated pre-pandemic service in first class. For a non-premium transcon flight on American, this ended up being a pretty great experience. It was also quite enterta

US Bills Mergers $5B•
(credit: Dave Rutt ) Two Democratic lawmakers introduced a new bill on Wednesday that would institute a host of new regulations to scrutinize mergers, including a prohibition of those valued at more than $5 billion. The Prohibiting Anticompetitive Mergers Act , sponsored by Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Rep. Mondaire Jones (D-N.Y.), would also prevent mergers and acquisitions that would inc

Princess 2022 Galveston•
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Make that three of the world’s biggest cruise lines that have pulled the plug on a wide swath of Baltic sailings in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Europe-based MSC Cruises on Wednesday canceled all Baltic cruises for the year on its 4,842-passenger MSC Grandiosa — one of several ships it had scheduled to operate in the region. The 2-year-old vessel instead will sail to the Norwegian Fj

Maserati GranTurismo•
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The official Maserati EV roadmap is revealed with clear plans to remove the gasoline engine from their lineup by 2030, going all electric in the process.

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Apple Studio Display•
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The Mac Studio may be a fine machine for some creative pros, but its companion Studio Display needs some polishing. An Apple spokesperson told TechCrunch and The Wall Street Journal the company will update the Studio Display through software to address an issue where the webcam isn't "behaving as expected." The company didn't provide a timeline for the fix. TechCrunch , The Journal and others hav

Samsung QD Oled Sony•
For the first time in close to a decade, Samsung has announced a new consumer OLED TV , the Samsung S95B OLED TV. The company says the new set will go "well beyond what has been available from OLED TVs to date". The S95B will be available in two screen sizes – 55 and 65 inches – and will use the Neural Quantum Processor 4K that we've seen in the company's flagship QLED TVs like the Samsung QN95A

Horror Game Quarry•
After the success of Until Dawn, Supermassive Games is back with another teen-horror romp releasing this summer. The Quarry is jam-packed with celebrity voices, some of which are synonymous with the horror genre. It's hugely accessible, offering a number of ways to play and interact with the experience. The developer dropped a teaser for The Quarry over on Twitter but the official reveal has just

Meta NFT Instagram•
It's been confirmed that Instagram will be featuring the ability to buy and mine an NFT soon, in Meta's further attempt to stifle innovation and force crypto-currency to unsuspecting users. According to Engadget , the head of Meta, Mark Zuckerburg, confirmed during a talk at SXSW that the company was looking into features that would enable you to mine NFTs on Instagram, completely missing the poi

Google 2022 May 12•
The annual Google IO event has been confirmed for 2022 - this year, it'll take place between May 11 and 12, with a big keynote conference kicking it off on that first date. This was confirmed by the company's CEO Sundar Pichai, who posted on Twitter to confirm that the company's big yearly event would return on those dates - and at a physical location too, showing an interesting recommitment to p

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Today, the European Space Agency leadership took steps toward suspending the ExoMars mission, a joint project with Russian space agency Roscosmos. It’s the latest scientific fallout from the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which has forced institutions collaborating with Russian entities to reevaluate their positions. Read more...

Editor’s note: This is a recurring post, regularly updated with new information. One of the best perks of the Marriott Bonvoy family of credit cards is the complimentary 15 elite night credits you receive each year. Historically, this perk has been limited to one set of credits per Bonvoy account no matter how many credit cards you have. That officially changed in 2020, with Marriott confirming t

Paradigm Ethereum Optimism•
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Throughout the most recent crypto bull run, plenty of new crypto users have interacted with the Ethereum network for the first time and have been surprised to find sluggish, expensive transactions. While the Ethereum blockchain has been very much central to the idea of a web3 crypto internet, the blockchain itself has had trouble keeping up with user demand. This has pushed some founders to build

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Google’s Threat Analysis Group has observed a financially motivated threat actor working as an intermediary for the Russian hackers, including the Conti ransomware gang . The group, which Google refers to as “Exotic Lily,” acts as an initial access broker, finding vulnerable organizations and selling access to their networks to the highest bidder. By contracting out the initial access to a victim

Emotet IRS 2022 Season•
As the 2022 tax season nears, numerous active phishing campaigns have been discovered impersonating the IRS to steal people’s sensitive data, and potentially - money. One such campaign was just recently spotted by cybersecurity researchers from Cofense, which found threat actors pretending to be the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), sending out emails with tax forms and federal returns. In most cas

Many of us adjusted to WFH life over the past two years, maybe even joining the so-called “ great resignation ” to avoid a forced return to an in-person office. Given the opportunity to start a remote gig, there’s no shortage of reasons to opt for the perks of working from home over in-person roles. Read more...

Are your iPhone notifications not working as you expect? Here’s how to check whether you’ve set them up correctly, how to troubleshoot software problems, and understand what else could be wrong. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

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SAVE 47%: If you've been wanting to try upgrading to a smart home, now's the time. The second-generation Echo Show 5 is on sale at Amazon for $44.99 as of March 17, down 47% from its regular price of $84.99. How can you play "Despacito" when something's sad if you don't have an Alexa-enabled device? The meme just doesn't hit if you say it into the empty air. Luckily, the 2021 Echo Show 5 has you

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It happened again. Just weeks after a truly mind-boggling missolve incident, well, another head scratcher took place on a new episode of Wheel of Fortune that aired Wednesday. Long story short, a number of contestants completely brain-farted on the the phrase "renting a pedal boat." I mean really messed it up. One contestant — with the p, d, and a in "pedal" already revealed — tried to solve with

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Famed astronaut Chris Hadfield is spending some time on Earth testing what could be the future of spacefaring rovers. Developed by Astrolab, the FLEX (flexible logistics and exploration) rover is a vehicle designed to assist humans in spending prolonged periods of time on both the moon and Mars. Hadfield can be seen riding the rover through California's own Death Valley, a terrain which can somew

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The Targaryen dynasty may have died out by the end of Game of Thrones , but hopefully those dragon-riding maniacs can take solace in the fact the people of Westeros are completely obsessed with their long rule of the Seven Kingdoms . Hopefully, the people of Earth are as well, since HBO’s upcoming GoT prequel series … Read more...

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While mainstream social networks like Facebook and Instagram have had their services blocked by state authorities in Russia in recent days, as the Kremlin seeks total control of the narrative around the war in Ukraine, Reface , a Ukraine-based face-swapping app, has voluntarily pulled its app out of Russia. After Putin ordered his troops to invade Ukraine late last month, the startup took an earl

Thinking about traveling somewhere via Amtrak this spring? You can be generous and bring a friend, thanks to a limited-time sale through next week that allows users to book a Roomette for themselves and bring a friend for free on specific routes. One-way routes included in this deal start at $193 for two passengers. For more TPG news delivered each morning to your inbox, sign up for our daily new

“Which program is best” can be a bit like “who was the better ballplayer, Ted Williams or Mickey Mantle?” We may not settle it definitively, but we can get pretty close I think and the thinking process can help you figure out which program is the right one for you. Continue reading ...

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra•
It’s no secret that I wasn’t keen on the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE - this ‘affordable take’ on the Galaxy S21 was a lesser phone than its big sibling in most ways, not least that it wasn’t even really cheaper - as my review explores. However there is clearly some mileage in the idea of a cheaper alternative to Samsung’s flagship line, and the company has just launched a way more tempting handset that

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The video described in this article might be one of the most distressing things you see today. I don’t mean graphic—more like disturbing in the way you felt watching Ex Machina or when looking into the eyes of the eponymous hero in Alita: Battle Angel. I’m not going to show you a trailer for a movie tackling the… Read more...

One of Windows 11’s most contentious features is the redesigned taskbar. Many long-standing abilities have been stripped away, including the “Combine Taskbar Labels” preference. Luckily, there’s a way to ungroup the icons on your Windows 11 taskbar. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Derry Girls Season•
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Hit play on some big-time Cranberries and Tori Amos, friends. Finally, at long last, after years of twiddling our thumbs, the first look at Season 3 of Derry Girls has landed. On St. Patrick's Day, of course, Channel 4 dropped the trailer for the third and final round of Lisa McGee's beloved series, which follows a rowdy and awesome group of teens in the '90s in Northern Ireland during The Troubl

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SAVE $220 : The 11-inch iPad Pro from 2020 (1TB, WiFi) is on sale for $979.99 at Walmart as of March 17 — that's 18% off its usual price of $1,199.99. Once you turn to an iPad Pro for your creative tasks, you'll never look back. A powerhouse tablet built with digital artists and other creatives in mind, the "Pro" performance is hard to beat for tasks like editing photos, designing 3D prototypes,

Maserati GranTurismo•
Maserati plans to launch a battery-electric version for each model in its portfolio by 2025 and phase out gas engines by the end of the decade, making it the latest to join the long list of marques from Aston Martin to Volvo that have pledged to go electric . Next year, Maserati will launch a trio of battery-electric models: Granturismo and Grancabrio GTs and the Grecale midsize SUV. By 2025, the

Microsoft Edge is a pretty good default browser. Now that it’s made on the same platform as Chrome, it’s fast, versatile, and efficient; Microsoft has put in a lot of effort to make Edge less resource-intensive when compared to Chrome. But for some computers with older hardware, Edge can still be a struggle to use. If… Read more...

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The best binoculars for kids magnify far away objects, bringing birds, stars, and everything in between into view. However, c hildren need binoculars that fit their smaller faces, can withstand a few spills and drops, and offer decent optics. We’ve put together a list of binoculars designed for toddlers up to teens. These binoculars have rugged designs so that parents can breathe easier when kids

MIT Mini Cheetah AI•
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Chester Burster MIT’s long-jumping , back-flipping mini cheetah is at it again — and this time, it’s taught itself how to run. The engineers behind the robot released a video showcasing its new skills on Thursday. In it, the cheetah is shown bandying about on a variety of terrain including grass, ice, and gravel. The video adds that the cheetah learned how to run on its own, using AI simulations.

As we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this week, we’ve got Ireland on the brain. Dublin is an easy and obvious choice for a visit, with short, nonstop flights from the East Coast. However, don’t limit yourself to the country’s most famous destination. There are so many other incredible spots on the Emerald Isle just waiting to be explored. These alternative spots aren’t necessarily off the beaten pat

The IHG ® Rewards Club Premier Credit Card ( review ) is phenomenal — it’s worth getting for the very good welcome bonus, and it’s worth keeping for the long-term perks . In late January we learned about some changes coming to the card as of later in March 2022, which is all the more reason to pick up the card now. In this post, I wanted to look at eight reasons to apply for this card. In no part

Netflix Password Sharing•
The post appeared first on Popular Mechanics .

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The good, the bad, and the ugly from Apple's newest additions to the Mac lineup - with some unexpectedly disappointing news for early-adopters

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Save 17%: As of March 17, the 2020 iPad Air is on sale for $499 at Amazon and Best Buy , putting it $100 below its $599 MSRP. Though the updated model comes out tomorrow, the 2020 model remains an excellent lightweight and powerful option. Eventually, all things must come to an end. Winter turns to spring, we grow older, and iPad models get replaced. In its last day as Apple's reigning lightweigh

Apple Mac Studio M1•
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The seeds of the Mac Studio were planted 5 years ago next month when, in a rare candid admission of misstep, Apple said it was pushing the reset button on the Mac Pro . Having painted itself into a “thermal corner,” Apple realized that it had to burn down the architecture it created and start anew. One year later, it said that it had created the Pro Workflows Team , a group designed to interact w

Amazon Closes MGM PV•
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Enlarge (credit: Aurich Lawson | Steve Jurvetson ) Amazon announced on Thursday that it has completed its acquisition of MGM, saying the iconic maker of movies and TV shows is joining Prime Video and Amazon Studios. "The storied, nearly century-old studio—with more than 4,000 film titles, 17,000 TV episodes, 180 Academy Awards, and 100 Emmy Awards—will complement Prime Video and Amazon Studios' w

Lego Future DeLorean•
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Enlarge / Lego is bringing back the Time Machine in a new, much larger and more detailed set. (credit: Lego) In 2013, Lego released a Back to the Future Time Machine kit. It was one of the first products to emerge from what is now known as Lego Ideas, a project that lets brick-proficient creators from around the world submit their ideas for public approval and potential production . (And yes, the

Telecoms Firms Ofcom•
Ofcom says broadband providers should offer more assistance to those struggling to pay their bills and ensure customers have as much information as possible about any initiatives that can help them. The regulator says that in light of the growing importance of connectivity to society, education, and work, coupled with the anticipated increase in living costs over the next 12 months, providers sho

Two critical vulnerabilities has been discovered in Veeam backup solutions which may have put users at risk of a ransomware attack. Veeam Backup & Replication was found to be vulnerable to CVE-2022-26500, and CVE-2022-26501 by Positive Technologies researcher Nikita Petrov, and although specific details were not disclosed, the flaws are thought to allow unauthenticated users access to internal AP

Kanye West Instagram•
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Instagram suspended Kanye West from the platform for 24 hours after the rapper and producer attacked Pete Davidson and others. The Saturday Night Live star and soon-to-be Blue Origin passenger has been dating West's ex-wife Kim Kardashian for several months. West (who legally changed his name to Ye) reportedly violated Instagram's policies on hate speech, harassment and bullying. Some posts that

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With more space missions than ever, each sending back data from distant planets and stars, NASA and its partners are bringing a huge new antenna online

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Humble Games' 2022 roster has some surprises, with the company best-known for charitable bundles leaning into its newer play as a gaming publisher too

If you share a Netflix account with friends or family outside of the household, soon you may have to pay an extra fee. After the company tried sending warning messages out last year to stop moochers, Netflix is now testing an opt-in feature letting subscribers pay more for sharing. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

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We’re in for a treat today, as NASA plans to roll out its much-anticipated Space Launch System rocket in anticipation of the wet dress rehearsal and Artemis 1 trip to the Moon and back. You can catch the action live right here. Read more...

Parents, if your Royal Caribbean cruise stops at the line’s private island, Perfect Day at CocoCay, be prepared to add an extra $400 to your total trip cost — if not more. Unlike some cruise line private islands that focus on beach time and water sports, Perfect Day at CocoCay is an amusement park on a tiny, uninhabited island in the Bahamas. It has a large water park with everything from wave po

Using a pivot table, you can analyze large amounts of data easily. But as we all know, data can and often does change. To make sure that your data is current, here’s how to refresh a pivot table in Excel. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

As expected, Samsung just announced the affordable Galaxy A53 5G during its “Awesome Galaxy A” event. This phone costs just $550, but it packs premium features like a 120Hz AMOLED display, a large 64MP main camera, and four years of guaranteed OS updates. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

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Display technology has come a long way in recent years. OLED and LCD screens are brighter, more colorful and responsive than ever before, but at some point, they all still succumb to dust, dirt and grime. What’s worse is that there are a plethora of cleaning products out there that claim they can make your screen sparkle again. But in our testing, we’ve found that the simplest route is actually t

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All early-stage startup founders face countless challenges as they work to build, launch and scale a successful business. But confusing U.S. immigration and visa policies present an additional, dense layer of bureaucracy for foreign-born entrepreneurs interested in tapping the lucrative U.S. market. As a result, many of these founders, like tech startup co-founder Glen Wang , have incorporated st

Batman Revealed HBO Max•
The Batman 's streaming release date was accidentally leaked, and it's coming to HBO Max much sooner than you might expect, as evidenced by HBO itself announcing - and promptly removing - the movie's streaming availability on its own website. Spotted by Deadline , The Batman is due to launch on HBO Max on April 19, closely followed by a release on the HBO cable network a few days later on April 2

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Following up on wonderfully detailed oversized models of vehicular Hollywood royalty like Tim Burton’s Batmobile and Ghostbusters: Afterlife’s Ecto-1 , Lego is taking a second lap on the time-traveling DeLorean from the Back to the Future trilogy with a new set that lets fans build all three versions of Doc and Marty’s… Read more...

Microsoft Defender•
Some recently-released Microsoft Office updates are causing the company's Defender for Endpoint platform to raise the alarm about cyberattacks, it has warned. The security tool was found to be labelling the Office updates as potential ransomware behavior, and given how prevalent supply chain attacks are, it’s no wonder people took it seriously. Microsoft was quick to react, confirming the warning

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Google's track record with AR isn't exactly stellar, but a new deal may have secured it the tech needed to take smart glasses into the mainstream

Meta Quest VR Instagram•
Parents will be able stop over-13s accessing inappropriate content via Meta's VR headset.

Samsung Galaxy A53•
Samsung has just unveiled a trio of new smartphones, namely the Samsung Galaxy A53 , the Samsung Galaxy A33 and the Samsung Galaxy A13, with the last of those standing out by being by far the cheapest. This handset costs just £179 (around $235 / AU$320), so it could be a contender for our list of the best cheap phones . Of course, it needs to do more than just 'not cost much' for that, but the sp

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with current information. It’s a rough feeling to just miss out on an upgrade. But, with some travelers increasingly willing to pay for premium cabin tickets and splurge for paid upgrades, premium cabins are as full as ever. And the competition for a small number of available upgrades can be fierce. American Airlines has official rules regarding upgrades,

Quantum Hawking Black•
100+Engadget / 6h
Black holes have long been problematic for physicists — the general theory of relativity suggests information never comes out of them, but quantum mechanics wouldn't allow that to happen. There might finally be an explanation that satisfies both camps, however. Researchers speaking to BBC News claim to have resolved the paradox with a theorem that black holes have "quantum hair," or imprints in t

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Teslas have nothing on the weird, clunky carriages that initially ushered in electric cars in the U.S. Join us as we explore the history of America's first EV.

TerrAscend Cannabis Apple•
26Mashable / 6h
Buying weed on the Apple App Store is getting way easier — and even more competitive. The Apothecarium, a new app on the Apple App Store , lets users in New Jersey and California place orders for pickup for their dispensaries. And, if you live in California, you can get it delivered from The Apothecarium Capitola store in Santa Cruz county. In a press release, the company said it would expand ava

Mashable / 6h
Kawasaki unveiled Bex, a rideable robotic goat, at Tokyo's International Robot Exhibition.

With iPadOS 15.4 and macOS 12.3, Apple has finally released the major cross-platform feature we first saw in WWDC 2021: Universal Control lets you use the same keyboard, mouse, or trackpad between multiple Macs and iPads. That means when you set your iPad next to your Mac, you can push the cursor off of the edge of… Read more...

Gizmodo / 6h
Samsung has officially pulled the curtain on its Galaxy A53 5G, revealing its latest mid-range smartphone. It’s one of Samsung’s best-selling series due to its bang-for-buck style bundling. And though it isn’t as flashy as the company’s flagships, it does offer some premium-grade specs, like a gorgeous display and a… Read more...

SlashGear / 6h
The new Samsung Galaxy A53 is revealed with a set of features and a price that'll position it perfectly for its upcoming battle with Apple's own iPhone SE 3.

Webflow YC Continuity•
No-code website builder Webflow has announced a $120 million Series C funding round that leaves the company at a $4 billion valuation. In conjunction with the funding announcement that brings its total funding to more than $330 million, the cloud-based web design software company plans to invest $10 million into providing investment and reimbursements through its community grants program. In a bl

Modern smart wearables can be worn around the wrist, ankle, finger or neck, within clothing and even inside your shoes. In the face of so much choice, the answer is to spend time working out which fitness tracker (and bodily location) works best for you. "These days you can get a fitness tracker for pretty much anywhere on your body,” says Issy Towell, wearables expert for London based research

Hundreds GoDaddy WordPress•
A new hacking campaign infecting hundreds of sites hosted by GoDaddy-hosted sites has been uncovered. An investigation by the Wordfence Incident Response team found more than 280 websites hosted with GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress service were infected with a backdoor. Among the compromised services are MediaTemple, tsoHost, 123Reg, Domain Factory, Heart Internet, and Host Europe, with a total of 29

Samsung Galaxy A53•
57Engadget / 7h
Almost a year after Samsung revealed the Galaxy A52 (and the rest of the 2021 Galaxy A family), the company is back with even more phones. While the foldables and the Galaxy S22 line might grab the headlines and raise the bar for specs, the Galaxy A phones have been a commercial success, combining decent specifications with large screens, complicated camera arrays and Samsung’s premium aesthetic.

A reader made a points advance reservation at the Sheraton Kauai 34 days prior to check-in. They were quoted 200,000 points for a 5 night stay. They transferred points into their account, and more points were earned so that there were a total of 234,000 in their account. They were confident everything was in place. However 11 days prior to check-in they receive a notice that their booking would b

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with the latest information. The demand for travel this spring, summer and beyond continues to grow as more international destinations ease restrictions and reopen to tourists. And with so many travelers looking to hit the road, lodging rates remain quite high. This is where free night hotel certificates can come in handy — especially if you’re sitting on

For World of Hyatt loyalists, March 22 is an important date. That’s when a handful of properties around the globe will either shift up or move down in category. And unfortunately, many of our favorite Hyatt properties — including many iconic Park Hyatt and Alila properties, like the Park Hyatt Paris — will go up in price . This also means that many properties will no longer be bookable with free

Most carpenters have memorized a certain number of shortcuts for measuring angles, making cut lists, or estimating distances—but thanks to technology, you don’t have to do that anymore. If you want precise and quick results when figuring out archway sizes or ramp angle, there’s an app for that. Here are some of the… Read more...

When it comes to data-intensive applications, setting up the infrastructure is expensive and time-consuming. You’re often paying for resources you aren’t using, even in the cloud. That’s where serverless plays best — you only pay for the resources when you’re using them, not when they’re sitting idle. Upstash , an early-stage startup, is building a serverless data platform for developers of data-

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Elon Musk believes humans will one day use implantable brain computer interfaces to achieve a “ symbiosis ” between humans and artificial intelligence, preferably his. Six years out from founding his company Neuralink, new polling suggests the public still has little interest in this futuristic possibility.… Read more...

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Get a look at the returning cast and new faces of Sonic 2 in some new character posters. Marc Webb ’s next project brings him into the supernatural world. And speaking of Supernatural... the show’s prequel series The Winchesters has cast some new hunters. Plus, what’s coming on The Flash . Spoilers get! Read more...

Many of us in the miles & points world aren’t just into traveling, but are also aviation geeks . As an avgeek, there aren’t many places that are cooler to see than the cockpit of a big jet. In this post I wanted to address a question I see every so often — can you still visit the cockpit when flying on an airline? Do airlines allow airplane cockpit visits? For most airlines, long gone are the day

With the increasing number of services that need accounts, the pile-up of passwords has become frustrating. Thankfully, password managers can help untangle the modern mess of technology and keep your accounts secure. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Apple’s iPads are expensive devices, so protecting the touchscreen from scratches, dings, and dents makes a lot of sense. But the company designed iPads to be resistant to such damage, and a protector is not strictly necessary for everyone. It ultimately depends on how you use your tablet. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Amazon Closes MGM PV•
100+TechCrunch / 7h
Amazon has closed its $8.5 billion acquisition of MGM, the company announced on Thursday. The completion of the transaction will see more than 4,000 films and 17,000 TV shows become a part of Prime Video, the online retailer’s streaming service. The list includes the “James Bond” and “Rocky” series and classics ranging from “Fargo” to “Robocop” to “Silence of the Lambs.” The new titles will give

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When Lélia Deluiz Wanick Salgado and her husband Sebastião Salgado purchased a cattle farm in Amazonia’s Atlantic Forest, the land was destroyed by deforestation. With over 2 million trees planted in under 30 years, the pair's incredibly successful conservation efforts are a beacon of hope in Brazil, where devastating deforestation rates are pushing the Amazon rainforest to a catastrophic tipping

MIT Mini Cheetah AI•
Mashable / 7h
Researchers at MIT are using a new model-free reinforcement learning system to teach robots how to adapt to complex terrains at high speeds. After hours of simulation training, MIT’s mini-cheetah robot broke a record with its fastest run yet.

Nintendo Switch Controller•
A patent for a video games controller filed by Nintendo last year has been unearthed online, prompting fans to speculate what new device the games giant may have in the pipeline. First discovered on Twitter and reported by Nintendo Life , the patent was submitted in July 2021 and published publicly in January earlier this year. It covers the design of a new controller but particularly concerns th

Apple iPhone 14 CAD•
I wrote last week about how I couldn't see Apple losing the notch on the iPhone 14 Pro - but another leak suggests that I'm already wrong. A render has been leaked by 91Mobile's 'industry sources' , and clearly demonstrates the iPhone 14 Pro will shed the notch in favor of two holes at the top of the screen - one pill-shaped, one round. [Exclusive] iPhone 14 Pro CAD renders reveal hole-punch came

The TV of today is fundamentally different from even its relatively recent past. Sure, cable still exists, but broadcast TV is increasingly an afterthought and those times when everyone seems to be watching the same show are fewer and farther between. You’re streaming something on HBO, I’m binging a season of one of… Read more...

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Want an Apple Watch Series 7 now that spring is making outdoor exercise easier? Now might be a good time to get one. Amazon is once again selling the 41mm Series 7 in Midnight aluminum for $339 , an all-time low price we haven't seen since December. Other shades are also discounted to around $349. Blue, green and red 45mm aluminum models are down to a record-low $369 if a larger case looks better

, which the platform previously confirmed was in testing last summer. Like an Instagram story, TikTok Stories last for 24 hours before they are automatically deleted, and they can be viewed by navigating to a user’s profile and clicking their profile picture. Stories also seem to be appearing on the For You page. As the poster, you can see how many people viewed your story, but unlike Instagram,

Some Steam Deck customers are calling on Valve to alter the packaging that the console is delivered in after reports of consoles seemingly disappearing during shipment. As reported by PC Gamer , Reddit user u/Defenex created a thread detailing their package having been marked as 'delivered' by FedEx, despite it never arriving at their property. They say that "After a couple of days Fedex comes ba

Apple Studio Display•
Enlarge / Apple's Studio Display. (credit: Andrew Cunningham) Ever since Apple released the $5,000-and-up Pro Display XDR in 2019, rumors have persisted that the company was also planning a more affordable screen to fill the same niche as its Thunderbolt Display . You could connect the Pro Display XDR to a MacBook Air that costs one-fifth its price, and Apple always went out of its way to mention

Apple Mac Studio M1•
100+Ars Technica / 7h
Enlarge / Apple's Mac Studio desktop. (credit: Andrew Cunningham) Apple Silicon Macs have gotten more interesting the deeper into the transition we've gotten. The MacBook Air , 13-inch MacBook Pro, and Mac mini all looked and felt exactly like the Macs they replaced, just with better performance and much better battery life. The 24-inch iMac and 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pros were throwbacks to the

Katy Perry Norwegian•
Katy Perry is about to become a mother – a godmother, that is. Of a cruise ship. Norwegian Cruise Line has announced that the pop star and “American Idol” judge will serve as godmother to its newest ship, Norwegian Prima, which debuts in August 2022. The line is known for having popular musicians christen its ships, including Kelly Clarkson (Norwegian Encore), Pitbull (Norwegian Escape) and Reba

SiFive Raises $175M Risc•
SiFive has announced plans to utilize a new cash injection to challenge the dominance of Arm with its RISC-V CPU cores. The company has sealed an additional $175 million in funding in a recent investment round, which will combine with the takings from the sale of its connectivity business, OpenFive, to create a $350 nest egg. According to Patrick Little, SiFive CEO, the firm will use the funds to

Comair British Airways•
Update : After a five day suspension, Comair’s Air Operator Certificate has been reinstated . This comes as Level 1 findings have been resolved, and the airline works to continue improving safety. You can find the original post from March 13 below. Yesterday Comair was forced to suspend operations for a period of 24 hours over safety concerns. That suspension has now been made indefinite, as not

This is today’s edition of The Download , our weekday newsletter that provides a daily dose of what’s going on in the world of technology. Russia is risking the creation of a “splinternet”—and it could be irreversible Cut off: Russia’s disconnection from the online services of the West has been abrupt and severe. Facebook has been blocked entirely by Russian authorities, while Twitter is almost c

Elden Ring 1.03 NPC•
Elden Ring update v1.03 has landed and it's a mixed bag, depending on how far you've progressed. But if you've been putting off tackling the toughest boss in the game, things really aren't going your way today. Though she has many names, Malenia is more commonly known as 'gah!', 'nooooo!' or '[insert profanity here]!'. The hardest boss in Elden Ring , players have been using Mimic Tear to cheese

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It'll happen to all of us someday: We'll be gone, but our data will persist. Photo albums are a thing of the past, but your memories don't have to be.

Apple Mac Studio M1•
65Wired / 8h
Forget the Mac Pro or even the M1 Ultra, the base Mac Studio has enough even for power users.

Horizon Forbidden West•
29Wired / 8h
The “heart and soul” of the game has been under wraps. Let's unwrap it.

The other night, I got quite high and decided it would be a good idea to make some chili. I had thawed too many sirloin steaks and needed a way to use them, stat. I ground them up with my meat grinder and set out to incorporate them into what is perhaps my favorite simple chili recipe . Read more...

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To make their Mini Cheetah better equipped to skillfully scramble across varying terrains, robotics researchers at MIT’s CSAIL used AI-powered simulations to quickly teach the bot to adapt its walking style as needed. That included learning how to run , which resulted in a new gait that allows the robot to move faster… Read more...

44Gizmodo / 8h
Netflix hasn’t shown much of its wild plans for Resident Evil yet, including the first live-action TV series based on the iconic horror video games . But it seems like we won’t have to wait much longer to see more—because the series is now only just a few more months away. Read more...

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Apple’s release strategy in the past few years has been confusing and occasionally infuriating. At one point, the tech giant went on an aggressive campaign to grab hold of the professional market. In doing so, it left its core enthusiasts behind. The company flexed its muscles with ultra-premium but prohibitively… Read more...

47Gizmodo / 8h
The Mac Studio fills a hole not just in Apple’s portfolio, but in the hearts of enthusiasts who have longed for a mid-range Mac desktop. Its arrival is an unlikely one. For years, it felt as if Apple was resigned to relegate the Mac as an afterthought and focus on its lucrative mobile platforms. The problem was that… Read more...

Apple Mac Studio M1•
91Engadget / 8h
If you think you need the sheer power of the Mac Studio , then you probably need the Mac Studio. That's all you really need to know about Apple's squat little desktop. It fits neatly into the company's current offerings: The Studio delivers more performance than the M1 Max-powered MacBook Pros, but it costs significantly less and gives you access to all the ports you'd want from a desktop. It's b

Star Trek Discovery Season•
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The following contains minor spoilers for season four, episode 14 of ' Star Trek: Discovery .' Season four has been an interesting one for Star Trek: Discovery . The show finally embraced a more episodic format, only to slide back into an ongoing storyline in the back half of the season. But today’s finale once again promises a return to the things that make Star Trek, well, Star Trek . And, whil

Dorian Game The Raine•
23TechCrunch / 8h
As an interactive storytelling platform, Dorian is building a new way for writers to make money off of their fiction by turning their tales into choose-your-own-adventure mobile games. As users navigate the free-to-play app, they can spend in-app currency to unlock alternative story routes, directly putting a cut of the payment in the author’s pocket. Today, Dorian announced that it raised a $14

Google LMFS Last-Mile•
29TechCrunch / 8h
Google today announced two new tools for businesses that operate extensive delivery fleets: the Last Mile Fleet Solution and the Cloud Fleet Routing API . The new Last Mile Fleet Solution, which is part of the Google Maps platform, puts an emphasis on optimizing every step of the last-mile delivery process from ordering to delivery. As the name implies, the new Routing API, which is part of Googl

Apple Mac Studio M1•
The rumor mill nailed most of the announcements in the lead up to last week’s event. But in an era when so much of consumer hardware has grown samey, Apple still managed to surprise. In the grand scheme of event unveils, the Mac Studio wasn’t a huge curveball, exactly, so much as the last sign of a company continuing to evolve its personal computer strategy. Nearly a half-century after the arriva

The Linux set and pipefail commands dictate what happens when a failure occurs in a Bash script. There’s more to think about than should it stop or should it carry on. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

If you’re not too keen on working out in a gym and much prefer the privacy and comfort of your own home, there’s now a way to take your workouts even further. Personal trainers are a great investment to make if you want to keep track on your progress, but what if you had a trainer that as always available at the touch of a button? Here's how you choose the best fitness watch for you That’s where

Dyson One New Airwrap•
Having my hair styled into a sleek, glossy look that’s shiny and swooshes like a curtain makes me feel like a million dollars. I might be wearing frumpy clothes, or have a huge pimple on my face, but if my hair is perfect, it really doesn’t matter. However, try as I might, I struggle to get shiny, smooth tresses at home – there are always some pesky flyaway strands that I just can’t tame. And I c

When we talk about the world’s major hotel chains, it’s easy to think of the ones with the biggest presence in the United States: Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott and IHG. But Accor , the largest hotel chain in Europe, is growing fast and gaining ground on the competition — and it’s time for us all to pay attention. For more TPG news delivered each morning to your inbox, sign up for our daily newsletter .

Qatar Airways Diptyque•
Qatar Airways is teaming up with Diptyque for its new amenity kits, and that’s pretty cool. Qatar Airways’ new Diptyque amenity kits It’s common for airlines to collaborate with luxury brands for amenity kits, since it’s often a win-win — airlines can offer something nice to their premium passengers, while luxury brands can get samples of their products out in front of people who spend a lot of m

28TechCrunch / 8h
Arcol is in the early stages of building a design and documentation tool that runs in your browser. Paul O’Carroll started the company in January 2021 after being inspired by his father, who is an architect, and seeing the frustration he had with the lack of digital tools available to design a building. He recalls watching his father at a desk with pencil and paper, sketching out a building that

There’s a new seed fund in town, but with a familiar name. Galion , a collective of tech entrepreneurs who network and learn from each other, is launching an investment arm called Galion.exe . They have already raised €30 million ($33 million at today’s exchange rate) and aim to reach a total fund size of €60 to €80 million ($66 million to $88 million). Originally founded in 2015, The Galion Proj

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March Mindfulness is a Mashable series that explores the intersection of meditation practice and technology. Because even in 2022, March doesn't have to be madness. Compared to the average frenetic 30-second TikTok video, this one is an oasis of calm. Elizabeth Jasmine, who describes herself as a spiritual healer , sits calmly against a bamboo backdrop. Before her, mostly unseen, are several meta

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Loving The Lord of the Rings goes way beyond fandom: it's a way of life. Two people who subscribe heavily to that lifestyle are Rose Matafeo and Stephen Colbert. Starstruck creator and writer Matafeo — who hails from New Zealand, where Peter Jackson's LOTR movies were filmed — told Colbert just how deep her nerdery for the film franchise goes. Matafeo did caveat that Colbert is much more of a ner

When spring sunshine and warmer temperatures begin to tempt us, the roads and trails beckon. After struggling mentally and physically to get our training in during the winter , conditions are now more conducive to longer miles and harder training. But if you rush into training too quickly, you may find yourself… Read more...

Stardock has updated its Start menu for Windows 11 , which brings more options to help manage the Taskbar. Since the release of Windows 11 in November 2021, reception to the new Start menu has been mixed at best. The centered icons and the fewer features of the Start menu have frustrated some, and while feature updates from Microsoft have refined the Taskbar, users are still wanting more customiz

From our stacks: Poem “Shamrock Day,” from The Book of Holidays By J. Walker McSpadden. New York: Thomas Y. Crowell Company, 1917.

Viking Mississippi•
Editor’s note: TPG’s Gene Sloan accepted a free trip from Viking to attend a preview event this week for the line’s new Seine River ships. The opinions expressed below are entirely his and weren’t subject to review by the line. Fast-growing Viking on Wednesday officially unveiled four new cruise vessels specifically designed for the Seine River in France — a major milestone in the company’s comeb

iRobot Siri Roomba•
61Engadget / 8h
iRobot's latest software update gives its Roomba robot vacuums and Braava jet robot mops the ability to respond to Siri voice commands. The Genius 4.0 Home Intelligence update adds Siri Shortcut Integration to the iRobot Home app, allowing iOS users to connect their devices to Apple's voice assistant. Similar to Google Assistant and Alexa users, they can set up their custom phrases or simply say

Google Chromebooks•
If you’ve dreamed of a gaming Chromebook, those devices might just be a step closer with the news that Google has announced Steam support is finally arriving for Chrome OS. The caveat here, though, is that the initial incarnation of Steam on Chrome OS is just in testing – and alpha stage testing at that – plus it will only be available on a small number of Chromebooks . The Verge spotted this, an

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Who better to take you around the set of Bridgerton Season 2 than Nicola Coughlan and Claudia Jessie, who play besties Penelope Featherington and Eloise Bridgerton on the Netflix series . In the video above from Netflix, you'll join the pair to poke around Will's Club, based on a Las Vegas nightclub, where Coughlan and Jessie size up the value of the gold-painted wall trimmings and order 10 pints

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MeliBio Seed Honey•
MeliBio is turning the 9,000-year-old method of honey production on its head, taking out the bee and injecting precision fermentation and plant science. Darko Mandich, a former bee-honey industry executive, and Aaron Schaller, a scientist and amateur chef, started the San Francisco-based company in 2020 with the goal of bringing sustainability to the $10 billion global honey market, which Mandich

There’s little argument that iPads are the market leader, but the Android tablet gap is closing and, in some ways, Android tablets are outdoing the competition. Let’s look at how the best Android tablets have to offer you stacks up. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Singapore Airlines has historically offered its KrisFlyer Spontaneous Escapes promo, whereby you can get significant savings on award tickets in select regions. During the pandemic this promotion has largely been paused, but it’s now back in full force, which is exciting. There are all kinds of opportunities to save miles on tickets in economy, premium economy, and business class, so let’s go ove

NASA Artemis Moon Rocket•
100+Wired / 9h
The agency’s long-awaited, costly Space Launch System is finally ready for a practice countdown before the first Artemis mission this spring.

66Wired / 9h
After a decade of work, the FIDO Alliance says it’s found the missing piece in the bridge to a password-free future.

27Wired / 9h
This smart doorbell uses two cameras to help keep porch pirates at bay.

47Wired / 9h
The then CEO of Zappos took increasingly drastic measures to hit targets set by the ecommerce giant.

Qualcomm Russia Ukraine•
Qualcomm has confirmed it has stopped selling its chips and other products to Russian companies in compliance with US sanctions on the country following the invasion of Ukraine. Many major US businesses have suspended or closed their operations in Russia following the invasion, including technology companies who have stopped selling their wares to Russian firms. Microsoft, for example, has ceased

Disney Marvel J. Jones•
Disney has revealed why the Netflix Marvel shows launched without 4K and Dolby Atmos support on Disney Plus. With Netflix's Marvel TV series migrating to Disney Plus on March 16 , fans had been looking forward to streaming Daredevil, Jessica Jones and company with the best picture and sound quality possible. However, many were left disappointed when they opened Disney's streaming platform to find

Getir $768M Europe•
28TechCrunch / 9h
Instant delivery startup Getir announced that it has closed a new $768 million Series E funding round. Following this deal, the company reached a valuation of $11.8 billion. Mubadala Investment Company is leading the round, with Abu Dhabi Growth Fund (ADG), Alpha Wave Global, Sequoia Capital and Tiger Global also participating. Originally from Turkey, Getir has quickly expanded its service across

B2B marketplaces have been in many ways slower to modernize than their consumer counterparts when it comes to e-commerce. Today, a startup that has been a trailblazer in that space is announcing some funding from a key investor that underscores how this is changing and the opportunities that exist as a result. Profishop built a storefront that sells products for business and industrial environmen

Epson Home Cinema LS11000•
Love everything that Epson’s Pro Cinema LS12000 laser projector had to offer except for its price tag? Well, we have some good news, as most of its gaming-focused tech is now coming to a cheaper laser projector from the same brand. The Home Cinema LS11000 4K PRO-UHD (via Engadget ) is yet another 4K laser projector from Epson that promises an excellent image performance. Epsom claims that you’ll

GPU Nvidia GeForce•
Nvidia graphics cards will soon get cheaper according to some fresh gossip from the grapevine, which comes off the back of other positive indications we’ve seen recently that GPU pricing is finally easing. Apparently, Nvidia is telling third-party graphics card makers that it’s going to pass on a decrease in costs to the tune of around 8% to 12% – so about 10% or so – a reduction that’s expected

Garmin has registered a patent describing how a next-gen solar OLED smartwatch could be made more efficient, resulting in longer battery life. Best of all, this process wouldn't be particularly complicated or expensive. Right now, if you're looking for a Garmin watch, you have to make a choice: you can opt for a device like the Venu 2 or Epix (Gen 2) with a bright, crisp OLED display and moderate

Cancelling your Amazon Prime membership is getting increasingly difficult, a new investigation has shown, and it doesn't seem to be happening by accident. Internal documents shared within Amazon detail the so-called ‘Project Iliad’ – an attempt to drive down the number of people cancelling their Amazon Prime memberships to reduce user churn on the service and retain a buoyant Prime-based revenue

Star Wars Eclipse QD•
Star Wars Eclipse developer Quantic Dream has debunked rumors that its upcoming Star Wars action-adventure has been delayed. In an email to our friends at GamesRadar , a Quantic Dream representative refuted rumors that Star Wars Eclipse had been delayed with a very simple explanation: the developer never announced a release window in the first place. "Star Wars Eclipse has not been delayed becaus

Gaming headsets are an essential bit of kit in any gamer's arsenal, but they can feel a little bulky during long sessions. Luckily, these new crowdfunded wireless earbuds from Genki could be the perfect solution for anyone that prefers the smaller form factor of a pair of in-ear headphones. There are already lots of true wireless earbuds on the market for gamers to choose from, but the Genki Wave

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Bandai Namco expected to sell four million copies of FromSoftware's Elden Ring . Considering Dark Souls 3 sold three million copies in the month it came out, that seemed a relatively ambitious goal. Elden Ring , however, eclipsed the company's expectations : It sold 12 million units worldwide, one million in Japan alone, within 18 days of its release. Elden Ring was made with help from Game of Th

Mashable / 9h
This just in: big potato actually big fraud. The world's largest potato, dug up by New Zealand couple Colin and Donna Craig-Brown, has, in fact, been found to be a gourd tuber , in one of the most shocking u-turns in vegetable related news this week. After scientific testing on the giant "swollen underground stem," Guinness World Records wrote to the pair to say their mashable (hi) veg wasn't a p

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On March 9, Russian forces struck a maternity and children's hospital in Mariupol, Ukraine, leaving three dead at the scene and over a dozen injured. Many were horrified by the photos and videos of the aftermath. One photo, in particular, of an injured pregnant woman being carried out on a stretcher captured the sheer brutality of the bombing for everyone watching around the world. The young woma

Mashable / 9h
The information contained in this article is not a substitute for, or alternative to information from a healthcare practitioner. Please consult a healthcare professional before using any product and check your local laws before making any purchasing decisions. I like to play video games while high — a lot of people do! It’s fun to run around as a little guy in a virtual world while you’re kooky o

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Channeling the likes of Mike Flanagan's Hush with its own twist on the home invasion thriller, Randall Okita's See For Me follows a blind woman who gets trapped inside a secluded house during an attempted burglary. In order to try and evade the thieves she uses an app called See For Me, which allows someone to watch what's happening through her phone camera and give her live updates. Judging by t

Elden Steam Deck Valve•
Sick of Elden Ring and its less-than-stellar performance on PC? If you're able, you may want to give the game a try on Valve's portable Steam Deck console, where the developer has reportedly fixed most of the game's issues itself. As reported by Kotaku , Valve has managed to fix some of Elden Ring's most glaring PC performance issues, such as heavy stuttering as a result of how the game streams b

Sega Genesis Nintendo•
Three more Sega Genesis / Mega Drive games have been added to Nintendo Switch Online’s premium Expansion Pack tier. The games are available to play now for all subscribers, and span a variety of genres. They include: Light Crusader, Super Fantasy Zone, and Alien Soldier. Light Crusader is an isometric fantasy action RPG that mixes elements of platforming and puzzle-solving. You’ll take on the rol

Android iCloud Google•
Migrating your iCloud photos to Google Photos has traditionally been about as painful as moving house, but Google appears to be working on a new 'Switch to Android' app that promises to make the process much easier. Last year, 9to5Google found evidence that Google was working on a dedicated iOS app with the sole purpose of moving your data from an iPhone or iPad to an Android device. And accordin

100+Wired / 10h
A government department run by savvy tech “freaks” has become a surprise defense against Russia.

Conti Ransomware Gang•
29Wired / 10h
Leaked files from cybercrime group Conti show it started building a crypto payment platform, a social network—and even had plans for a casino.

Europe EU Coal Russian•
39Wired / 10h
Europe's efforts to avoid Russian energy imports will likely trigger a short-term spike in coal, and environmentalists are concerned.

iPod Modders Apple•
100+Wired / 10h
By modifying old hardware with modern—and often more colorful—components, listeners create their dream iPods and kick their Spotify habits.

Russia Energy US Ukraine•
68Wired / 10h
Next-generation nuclear plants could be safer and more efficient, but first the US has to figure out how to fuel them up—without relying on Russia.

Gizmodo / 10h
The trial of former Theranos no. 2 Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani has been delayed over concerns that someone in the federal courtroom had been in close contact with someone who tested positive for covid-19, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal . Read more...

Amazon AWS Investment UK•
Amazon Web Services ( AWS ) is set to pump billions into the UK as it looks to make a long-term commitment in the region. The cloud computing giant has announced it will spend more than £1.8 billion over the next two years on UK-related expansion, more than double its existing total investment in the country. The funding will go towards building and operating data centres in the UK, including an

20How-To Geek / 10h
Windows 11 supports Android apps, but you’re limited to using the Amazon Appstore—or are you? With a little work, it’s possible to get the Google Play Store up and running on your Windows 11 PC. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Amazon Seattle Zero•
Engadget / 10h
Amazon has incorporated a number of new features and upgrades into its newest Fresh grocery store in Seattle in a bid to secure net-zero carbon certification from the International Living Future Institute (ILFI). One of the first upgrades shoppers will notice when they visit is the free electric vehicle charging stations in the parking lots. Inside, the changes aren't as visible. The store uses C

200+Mashable / 10h
Getting all three Spider-Men together in the same place, at the same time, while keeping as much secrecy as possible, must have been one heck of a task. According to Andrew Garfield in the Jimmy Kimmel Live! video above, though, the people in charge of Spider-Man: No Way Home had their priorities right when getting Tom Holland, Tobey Maguire, and himself together. "Me and Tobey landed on set, the

Mashable / 10h
Around 20 minutes into the first episode of Minx , we witness what can only be described as a penis montage. The staff of a '70s feminist porn magazine watches as prospective male models bare everything right to camera. What follows is an avalanche of full-frontal nudity, with an up-close and personal view of many, many penises. In the wrong hands, the montage could feel gratuitous. But in Minx ,

The post appeared first on Popular Mechanics .

Google Play Android•
Android tablets have always struggled against Apple’s iPad range, and while there are a number of reasons for that, Google might soon tackle one of the biggest factors. The company has announced on the Android Developers Blog that it’s making changes to the Google Play Store, to help surface and prioritize apps and games that are optimized for large screens when viewing the store on a large scree

Linux Log4j Arm X86•
We’re months into the disclosure of the log4j vulnerability and new attacks are still popping up. Cybersecurity researchers from Qihoo 360, a Chinese cybersecurity company, have just discovered a new Linux botnet, taking advantage of the flaw to distribute rootkits and steal sensitive data. They named the botnet B1txor20, and claim it uses the log4j vulnerability to target Linux Arm and 64-bit x8

Google 2022 May 12•
Google announced its IO 2022 keynote conference for May 11, concluding on May 12, which will mainly be an online event. While we don't have confirmation yet of what's appearing, it's likely that we'll see Android 13 appear as a preview, similar to last year's Android 12 launch at Google IO 2021 . Like last year, much of Google IO 2022 will be held online, but you can register to attend, according

35Gizmodo / 11h
Several of the nation’s largest cities rely on federal tax dollars to fund the development of software promising to predict future crime. So it’s been for nearly a decade. For the first time, however, the agency responsible for distributing those funds has acknowledged having little clue when it comes to the ways … Read more...

Netflix Password Sharing•
200+Gizmodo / 11h
Do you currently use a Netflix account paid for by someone outside of your household? Netflix would really like you to pay for that service. Read more...

NASA Artemis Moon Rocket•
71Mashable / 11h
They call it the crawler . In a long-anticipated event, NASA will haul its new moon-bound megarocket to a Kennedy Space Center launchpad on March 17. It's a dress rehearsal for the real, fiery show, perhaps this spring or summer when an uncrewed spacecraft blasts off and journeys around the moon. Out in the open Florida air for the first time, the space agency will eventually load the completed 3

Russia China US Internet•
Russia’s disconnection from the online services of the West has been as abrupt and complete as its disconnection from real-world global trade routes. Facebook has been blocked entirely by Russian authorities, while Twitter is almost completely cut off. Many more companies have voluntarily withdrawn from the Russian market—including Apple, Microsoft, TikTok, Netflix, and others. Russia is rapidly

Audi A6 Avant Tron•
37Mashable / 11h
We've seen plenty of electric sedans and SUVs, but electric wagons are still a rarity. Now, Audi is changing that with its new Audi A6 Avant e-tron concept. The car, announced at Audi's 2022 Annual Media Conference, is a luxurious electric wagon with fast charging, lots of range, and tons of space for its passengers and luggage. If you've been following Audi, the new car won't be completely unfam

Wordle TikTok Queerdle•
25Mashable / 11h
Trying to game Wordle isn't my bag, I'll admit. My ideal daily Wordle session starts with me plucking a legible five-letter combination out from my stream of consciousness and seeing where that random guess takes me. The game becomes a sort of linguistic Magic Eye at that point: If I loosen my focus and look past the initial guess to imagine all the words that might be formed from any yellow- or

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TL;DR: As of March 17, The Complete 2022 CompTIA Cyber Security & PenTest Super Bundle is on sale for $49. It's worth $1,770, so that's 97% off. It’s probably best not to go in blindly to take your CompTIA exams. The exam vouchers are pretty expensive — so not only would failing be a waste of your time, but it would also be like throwing a good chunk of change in the trash. You’ll want to be prep

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TL;DR: As of March 17, you can slash 98% off The Essential 2022 Cryptocurrency & NFT Trading Bundle — worth $1,791 — and get it for $29.99. As the executive order on digital assets announced last week signifies, cryptocurrency is the future — whether we like it or not. Crypto boosters and skeptics alike are optimistic about the order, which touches on a possible central bank digital currency, red

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TL;DR: As of March 17, you can get an Alpha Z PRO 4K + Flying Fox 4K Wide Angle Dual Camera Drones Bundle for $174.99 instead of $398, which is 56% off. Winter's almost over, which means adventure time is just around the corner. Instead of documenting your summer travel the same way everyone else does on Instagram or TikTok, take your footage to new heights with this deal that lets you grab two d

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TL;DR: This Fremont Wood Fire Pizza Oven is on sale as of March 17 for just $254, aka 30% off its regular price of $368, with the code PIZZA20. The only thing better than pizza delivered to your doorstep is fresh, wood-fired pizza made in your own backyard in just a few minutes. Enter the Fremont Wood Fired Pizza Oven. Featured on Mashable before, the Fremont is a portable pizza oven that lets yo

Celebrating our 20th year in 2022, the Mobile Industry Awards represent the gold standard of excellencein the industry. From the boardroom to the grassroots, the entrants represent the best and brightest the UK mobile industry has to offer. We are delighted to say that the Mobile Industry Awards 2022 will take place on 22nd September 2022 at the stunning Royal Lancaster London . It's the perfect

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African startups raised between $4 billion to $5 billion in 2021, according to various reports . For years, tech publications run by local digital media startups have worked hard behind the scenes in placing African startups at the faces of global investors, shaping the narrative of African tech and its build-up to an inflection point last year . However, for all their effort and importance to th

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The busy month of March continues, as today some new Samsung phones are launching. No, this isn’t another Galaxy S22 member, or the debut of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 or Z Flip 4 . No, Samsung has confirmed that it’s for members of its Galaxy A line, which is a family of Android handsets that sits around the lower-mid-range price tier. Samsung doesn’t usually make much of a song-and-dance about its new

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Kyash , a Tokyo-based mobile financial app, has raised $41.2 million (4.9 billion JPY) in Series D funding. The round comes from a number of investors, including Japan Post Investment Corporation, Block (formerly known as Square), Greyhound Capital, SMBC Nikko Securities, Altos Ventures, Goodwater Capital, StepStone Group, JAFCO Group, Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Capital and others. According to a

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Ever since their launch in mid-July 2019, Sony's WF-1000XM3 wireless earbuds have remained as one of the best in-ear wireless buds you can buy. With impressive sound quality and excellent noise cancellation, the XM3s were great value at their regular $200