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Saturday, March 26, 2022

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Ketanji Brown Jackson should be approved this week for the Supreme Court with nobody swaying away from her because of her light sentencing of kiddie porn collectors nor her inability to say what a “woman is.” In fact, the toughest questioner, as usual, Ted Cruise, was excoriated by the usual suspects on TV as well as hirsute Democrat attack dog Jimmy Kimmel. At the same time they are trying to scandalize Clarence Thomas in hopes that the liberals will get another opening for the courts.
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Biden in Europe
The old moniker “Sleepy Joe” should be revived to explain President Bidens inability to enunciate. Nobody can explain what is the point of his visit to the EU except to tell them to calm down. Or maybe to show them that he is not Trump. What is most notable is the fact that he seems completely wiped out and about to fall down any second. Even the media that does cover for him cannot find many clips of him looking either healthy or seeming lucid.
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