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Wednesday, March 9, 2022

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gas prices are high
Not the worst.
Tomorrow’s Show
Hopefully the Russian-Ukraine conflagration wraps sooner than later leaving us with a neutral Ukraine missing part of its eastern flank. Both sides of this event can go back to the drawing board and reevaluate their readiness.

It’s apparent that Russian command and control is a mess as its operation is seen as sloppy. The USA, it turns out, was not really any part of the event. Either the EU or NATO was calling almost all the shots with Biden either agreeing or wondering what was going on. None of this reality was presented to the public as Biden was somehow shown by our media as the mover-and-shaker. In fact, at this point, the USA has become the “dumb money” -- an investment moniker used to describe rich idiots who can be persuaded to part with their money for any random project.
dumb Steven King Tweet
Compelling Headlines.
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Hilarious Memes, Pics, and Cartoons.
Funny gags have been accumulating for a few weeks and now would be a good time to unleash a portion of the best ones.
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Elmo with maask
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Inflation meme
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Global leader?
No Surprise
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