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Tuesday, March 15, 2022

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Pierre Zakrzewski was killed outside of Kyiv, in the same incident that injured a Fox News correspondent, Benjamin Hall, who remains hospitalized.

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The first full-length trailer for Ms. Marvel is here and it’s as adorable, fun, and exciting as the comics. Full of absolutely excellent directorial decisions and featuring Iman Vellani as Ms. Marvel, the new series looks like a tone-perfect mashup of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and Sky High . Read more...

Microsoft Windows FE•
Windows 11 is now showing adverts in File Explorer, which is an alarming development – though it’s nothing we haven’t seen before (more on that later) – albeit this is still in limited testing currently. Bleeping Computer reported on the presence of an advert in the most recent preview build of Windows 11, as spotted by Microsoft MVP Florian and posted on Twitter. Some people will go mad if Micro

Upcoming Xbox Series X exclusive Perfect Dark has seen an exodus of developers leave its core development team across the past year including multiple senior designers, raising questions about the current and future state of the game. As spotted by VGC , around 34 people working on the Perfect Dark reboot at development studio The Initiative have left within the past year, according to its analys

GTA 5 on PS5 and Xbox Series X has plenty of trophies and achievements to unlock, which means you’ll need to spend a considerable amount of time causing chaos and destruction in the city of Los Santos and in GTA Online. In this GTA 5 Enhanced Edition trophy guide, we’ve put together a complete list of all the trophies and achievements available in the game, including any hidden trophies which you

Global spending on private 4G and 5G infrastructure will surge from $1.7 billion in 2021 to $8.3 billion by 2026 – an annual growth rate of 35.7%. A study by IDC says that growing awareness and emerging use cases for private cellular networks is driving the uptake, with 5G starting to become a factor in a market that is still driven by the LTE standard. A private 4G or 5G network provides dedicat

Creating localized experiences across multiple geographies can be difficult for multinational technology companies. Take HP Inc., for example. As a global manufacturer of personal computers and print devices, HP Inc. tackles challenges to provide localized products and services to cities around the world. HP’s Asia-Pacific division alone plays host to over 3,000 employees from more than 35 countr

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Xbox Game Pass is getting a fresh bunch of titles, and indie fans will find plenty to love. However it's almost time to say goodbye to some popular games.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is pretty good at keeping Classified information away from falling into the wrong hands, but it’s not that good at labeling all of the right data as Classified. This becomes a major problem because it puts many projects and information in jeopardy from insider attacks, says the latest report on the organization's state of cybersecurity, pub

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Tencent has added yet another studio to its stable of game developers. On Tuesday, the company announced it recently acquired a majority stake in Tequila Works, the Madrid-based studio best known for its work on Rime . Financial terms of the deal weren’t disclosed, but Tequila Works said the investment would help take its games “to the next level.” The studio is currently working with Riot Games

casadabiqueira : Detroit Harry Callahan, 1943

Two of the world’s biggest cruise lines have pulled the plug on many of their Baltic cruises for the year — a sign that demand for the trips has dropped in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Norwegian Cruise Line on Monday notified travel agents it had canceled all Baltic departures scheduled to take place from June 14 to Oct. 9 on the 3,963-passenger Norwegian Getaway. Norwegian also canc

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Editor’s note: This is The Points Guy’s permanent page about the Chase Freedom and Chase Freedom Flex’s latest quarterly bonus categories. A new quarter is about to arrive, which means reshuffling which credit cards to use to maximize all of your purchases. As of today, March 15, those with the Chase Freedom (no longer open to new applicants) or the Chase Freedom Flex can activate the new 5% cash

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The German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) warned organizations against using Kaspersky antivirus software over fears it could be exploited for cyber-espionage or launching cyberattacks amid Russia’s ongoing war in Ukraine. While the office is not explicitly banning the use of Kaspersky software, the security agency is urging German organizations to replace products made by the Mosc

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If these iPhone rumors are true, fewer consumers may be interested in upgrading to the latest device.

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AMD has revealed a whole bunch of new processors to launch throughout April headed up by the long-awaited Ryzen 7 5800X3D, which comes alongside fresh models in the 5000 series and some from the 4000 range too. The 5800X3D is the first processor to employ AMD’s 3D V-cache tech – hence the ‘3D’ in the model name – and it’s the big hitter going up against Intel’s Alder Lake flagship, launching on A

Mashable / 16min
SAVE 46%: Cooling pillows can help you avoid the dreaded mid-sleep pillow flip. As of March 15, this queen-size gel set by Beckham Luxury Linens is on sale at Amazon for $27.19, which is 46% down from its regular price of $49.99. It includes two pillows. Whether you prefer sleeping in a toasty room or a chilly one with lots of blankets, it's a universal truth that pillows should be cool and dry.

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General Motors is drumming up the drama ahead of the release of the revived Hummer electric "supertruck." On Tuesday, a trailer for an hour-long documentary about the conception and production of the massive EV was released. Titled, "Revolution: GMC Hummer EV," it will air March 27 at 11 a.m. ET on A+E Network's History Channel. In the trailer we see the electric truck off-roading in Moab, Utah,

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Google Assistant has many features that are perfect for families, especially those with smart speakers and displays. “Family Bell” allows you to schedule announcements to keep your house running smoothly. We’ll show you what it can do. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

TechCrunch / 19min
Kris Holt Contributor Kris Holt is a contributing writer at Engadget . More posts by this contributor Volvo is testing wireless EV charging tech in Sweden Twitch will ban streamers who frequently share misinformation Intel has confirmed plans to build a semiconductor plant in Germany as part of an investment of up to €80 billion ($88 billion) in Europe over the next decade. The initial outlay for

TechCrunch / 19min
All Raise , a nonprofit that focuses on increasing diversity within venture capital deals and decision makers, has named Mandela Schumacher-Hodge Dixon as the new chief executive of the company. The appointment comes five months after Pam Kostka resigned as the helm of the nonprofit to rejoin the startup world. Dixon has spent more than 10 years working to increase representation in the startup w

TechCrunch / 19min
Tel Aviv-based Run:ai , a startup that makes it easier for developers and operations teams to manage and optimize their AI infrastructure, today announced that it has raised a $75 million Series C funding round led by Tiger Global Management and Insight partners, which also led the company’s $30 million Series B round in 2021. Previous investors TLV Partners and S Capital VC also participated in

21TechCrunch / 19min
Seven months after publicly launching its company, Rutter is back with a new capital injection, this time $27 million in a Series A financing round led by Andreessen Horowitz. We first met founders Eric Yu and Peter Zhou last year when the company raised $1.5 million . They started off building a universal e-commerce API for reading and writing data so that tech customers can integrate with comme

Lifehacker / 23min
If you’re laid off or fired, you can feel like your world is ending. To be sure, a not-insignificant part of your life did just come to its conclusion, and that is terrifying. You can grapple with concerns over your finances—which then extend to concerns over your housing, food, healthcare, education, and leisure… Read more...

Spider Man Way Home•
VFX Supervisor Scott Edelstein tells the BBC how they made one of the film's key sequences.

Cybersecurity is making headlines, but it’s not always large, multinational corporations in the news. Small-medium businesses (SMBs) are often more vulnerable to cyberattacks, due in large part to limited IT resources in the face of ongoing risks. As your company grows, you'll need more than just antivirus and firewall software to keep customer and employee data safe. If you aren’t sure where to

Gizmodo / 36min
West Virginia Governor Jim Justice said that God will “give us time” to fix climate change—“if” it exists, he emphasized—if the U.S. acts now to increase fossil fuel production to respond to the burgeoning energy crisis thanks to the invasion of Ukraine. I can’t believe I just typed that sentence, but here we are! Read more...

Futurism / 41min
The return of Bowers & Wilkins’ Zeppelin speaker is a welcome development for every music listener who cares about audio quality, but has transitioned away from physical media like CDs and vinyl to music streaming. The speaker, which is on sale for $100 at $699, manages to combine the hardware and performance of a traditional home audio system, which typically features a standalone amplifier and

Musk Putin Russian•
200+Futurism / 41min
Fighting Spirit SpaceX CEO Elon Musk managed to claw his way back into the discourse yet again after challenging Russian President Vladimir Putin to “single combat” — and now, he’s threatening to bring a Boring Company flamethrower to the Thunderdome . The billionaire took to Twitter to reply to a post from Russian space chief and biggest smack talker Dmitry Rogozin that seemed to criticize Musk’

TechCrunch / 41min
Moonshot Brands today announced it secured $30 million in equity and $150M in a credit facility that will be used, in part, to purchase assets from other e-commerce aggregators. Co-founder CJ Isakow said this was just the beginning of what he thought would be further consolidation in the crowded sector. “A lot of funding announcements came out last year, and people were buying at the peak of COVI

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SAVE $200: As of March 15, Amazon has the base models of last year's MacBook Pros on sale for all-time low prices. 2021 Apple MacBook Pro (14-inch, Apple M1 Pro chip with 8‑core CPU and 14‑core GPU, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD) — $1,799 $1,999 (save 10%) 2021 Apple MacBook Pro (16-inch, Apple M1 Pro chip with 10‑core CPU and 16‑core GPU, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD) — $2,299 $2,499 (save 8%) It's no secret that

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It’s the time of year when increasingly sweaty Americans dig through desk drawers and couch cushions in search of receipts, struggle with convoluted math, and check to see when their local post office is closing. That’s right: It’s tax season, the least wonderful time of the year. Read more...

QNAP has warned users of a high severity vulnerability in the majority of its Network Attached Storage ( NAS ) devices. First uncovered affecting Linux devices, the Dirty Pipe vulnerability grants low-privileged users, with local access, root privileges to the affected drives . That allows them to inject, or overwrite data, even in read-only files. The flaw was discovered in the Linux Kernel from

Tesla Raises Prices•
How-To Geek / 54min
For the second time in less than a week, Tesla has raised the price of its vehicles. Only this time, we see a significant hike across the entire lineup. The Model 3, its most affordable EV, cost around $42k at the end of 2021 but now starts at $47,000. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

TechCrunch / 56min
2022 is not looking any easier to many Chinese tech companies. The slew of new cyberspace regulations introduced over the past year or so, from anti-competition rules to restrictions on the use of algorithms , has prompted internet outfits of all sizes to reshape their business models and monetization strategies, dampening investor confidence. New challenges that emerged at the beginning of 2022

Marvel Kamala Khan•
Engadget / 58min
Ms. Marvel, one of several Marvel Cinematic Universe shows coming to Disney+ this year, will premiere on June 8th. Disney also revealed a trailer for the series. It centers around Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani), a Pakistani-American whose idol is Captain Marvel. It's not too much of a spoiler to say that Kamala gains cosmic powers of her own, such as super strength and a shapeshifting ability, seemin

Norse NAA London Gatwick•
Oil prices are obviously having a negative impact on airlines, and are increasing operating costs (and in turn ticket prices, as much as the market will allow). However, in one case higher fuel prices are causing an airline startup to delay its launch altogether. Norse Atlantic now aims for June 2022 launch Norse Atlantic Airways is an airline startup that plans to offer low cost transatlantic fl

Language is a living thing. There’s a reason “thee, thou, and thy” aren’t your pronouns, or why you probably didn’t compliment anyone by telling them they were “the bee’s knees” at any point in the last century. The way we use words evolves, and if the common usage has shifted, then it’s time to adapt and evolve with… Read more...

With Apple announcing its Mac Studio , the iPhone SE 3 , the Studio Display , and more at its March 2022 event, the release for iOS 15.4 has followed a week after, available for your iPhone SE, iPhone 6S, and above. iOS 15 was released in September 2021, and it brought SharePlay, widgets to iPadOS, Focus modes, and more, all focusing on a theme of productivity. But Apple has been full steam ahead

Looking for a cheap, light electric bike? Last week, Estonian bike-builder Ampler unveiled two brand new featherweight e-bikes, the Juna and the Axel, and now it's updated three of its most popular existing models as well. The Ampler Curt , Stout, and Stellar have all received a redesign for 2022, and now feature integrated GPS, allowing you to easily find where you locked them and unlock them re

Carnival Cruise 50•
200+The Points Guy / 1h
If the United States has a national cruise line, it is Carnival . The self-described “fun ship” line is the king of short, affordable, fun-focused cruises from U.S. ports to the Caribbean, Bahamas, Mexico and other nearby destinations. No matter where you live in the U.S., you’re probably within a few hours of a Carnival ship. Where you won’t find Carnival ships is in Asia, South America or, for

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Now might be a good moment to buy an Echo Show 5 as a smart alarm clock. Amazon is once more selling the second-gen Echo Show 5 for a record-low $45 , or a large 47 percent below the official price. You can also buy the Kids edition for $55 (42 percent off) if the colorful shell and year-long Kids+ subscription prove appealing. Buy Echo Show 5 at Amazon - $45 Buy Echo Show 5 Kids at Amazon - $55

Shares of Chinese technology companies are selling off at home and abroad this week as the nation’s ties to Russia add to investor uncertainty at the expense of China’s tech industry. China is also enduring a COVID-19 outbreak, leading to mass lockdowns in technology hubs , and some of its leading technology concerns are looking to bring their listings back to domestic shores due to regulatory pr

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No modern smartphone is completely carbon neutral. Even the most eco-conscious phones are only partially made out of recyclable materials. But you can help cut back on plastic usage by at least purchasing an eco-friendly case to protect your phone from dings and scratches. There are plenty of them, from those that are completely compostable to ones made from ocean-based plastic. Best of all, eco-

Buying all the parts to assemble a custom mechanical keyboard is a costly endeavor. So, why even build one yourself? NZXT now offers a Function mechanical keyboard and Lift mouse, which you can customize with different colors, form-factors, keycaps, and switches before ordering. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

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We’ve been shipping things across the oceans for centuries, and the world’s supply chains increasingly rely on diesel-powered megaships big enough to block entire channels by themselves. How do you decarbonize this monolithic industry? FleetZero thinks it can with electric vessels making short hops all the way around the Pacific, while relying on smaller ports and a clever battery-sharing scheme.

ConsenSys MetaMask•
Crypto developer ConsenSys, which owns the popular Ethereum-based MetaMask wallet, announced a $450 million Series D round today that values the company at $7 billion, nearly double in worth since its last fundraise in November 2021. ParaFi Capital led the raise alongside other existing investors Third Point, Marshall Wace, True Capital Management and UTA VC, United Talent Agency’s venture fund.

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NASA is poised to take a major step forward this week as it readies the Space Launch System for its inaugural launch and the official start of the Artemis era. Read more...

Enlarge / Microsoft says it sees two clear peaks at the ends of a wire, with a nice energy separation between those and any other energy states. (credit: Microsoft ) So far, two primary quantum computing technologies have been commercialized. One type of hardware, called a transmon, involves superconducting wire loops linked to a resonator; it is used by companies like Google, IBM, and Rigetti. C

Intel Europe Germany•
Intel has announced plans to invest tens of billions of dollars into semiconductor manufacturing projects across Europe. During a webcast attended by TechRadar Pro , company CEO Pat Gelsinger revealed plans to invest €80 billion ($88 billion) over the next decade in an attempt to cultivate a “next-generation chip ecosystem” in Europe. Although Intel will work on a litany of projects across a numb

Samsung Galaxy 3 Flip 4•
If you’re after a new foldable phone this year then the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 might be the one to get – assuming your pockets are deep enough, as a leak suggests this could sport some significant changes, while the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 might not. According to leaker @dohyun854 on Twitter, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 will have a slot for the S Pen stylus (which will presumably also come with

Underlining seems like a simple enough task in Microsoft Word, but many times there’s more involved. You can underline words, spaces, words with spaces, and words without spaces. We’ll show you several ways to use underline in Word. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D•
Engadget / 1h
It took a while, but AMD's first desktop processor with 3D V-Cache is finally on the horizon. AMD will release the eight-core Ryzen 7 5800X3D on April 20th for $449. That's the same price as the older 5800X cost when new, but the company is clearly betting that the much larger combined cache (100MB versus 36MB) will help justify the outlay. AMD claimed in January that the 5800 X3D could outperfor

Gizmodo / 1h
Companies like Michelin , Bridgestone , and even Hankook have been demonstrating and promising puncture-proof airless tires for almost two decades now, but their actual rollout has been limited at best. If you’re tired of waiting, maybe it’s time to just build your own like these brave Brits did using a bunch of PVC… Read more...

Google Sheets Cell•
A new era of gargantuan Google Sheets could be coming thanks to a new change made by the company. In a Google Workspace update blog, the company revealed that it was increasing the cell limit in its spreadsheet software from up to five million cells to up to ten million cells. The new limit isn't just for newly-created files either, with Google noting that it will also be available for existing a

Apple has now added their top-of-the-line Apple silicon M1 chip for the 13-inch MacBook Air into the $599 entry-level iPad Air, which begs the question: Now that the iPad Air has the same chip as the 11-inch iPad Pro, and there are so many other similarities, is it really worth spending the extra $200 on the iPad Pro? Read more...

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Enlarge (credit: NurPhoto | Getty Images) Big banks fear that Swift faces a growing threat of Russian cyberattacks after seven of the country’s lenders were kicked off the global payments messaging system over the weekend. VTB, Russia’s second-biggest bank, and Promsvyazbank, which finances Russia’s war machine, were among the lenders removed on Saturday from Swift as part of the West’s sanctions

Marvel Kamala Khan•
Mashable / 1h
"It's not really the brown girls from Jersey City who save the world," Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani) says in the trailer for Ms. Marvel — and she's dead wrong. Kamala might be obsessed with gaming, fan fiction, and Captain Marvel, but haven't we learned that the geeks inherit the Earth? High school is not kind to her, but everything changes when Kamala acquires superpowers and the chance to live out

Intel Europe Germany•
Engadget / 1h
Intel has confirmed plans to build a semiconductor plant in Germany as part of an investment of up to €80 billion ($88 billion) in Europe over the next decade. The initial outlay for the facility in Magdeburg, the capital of Saxony-Anhalt, is €17 billion ($19 billion). The so-called "mega-site" will actually comprise two factories. Planning will start right away with construction expected to get

Every time someone moves to the East Coast, they invariably complain about the Mexican food. Understandably. It is, in a word, lacking. For me, however, it’s the strawberries. I’m from California, went to school in the central valley and since I moved to New York City, I haven’t found a good one. Heck, I’ve spoken with East Coast natives who swear strawberries are a trash fruit. Clearly the words

Marvel Kamala Khan•
Ms Marvel has finally received a release date – and it's coming to Disney Plus on June 8, 2022 . Revealed alongside the superhero show's first trailer, the Marvel Phase 4 project follows in the footsteps of other recent MCU TV shows, including Loki , in releasing on a Wednesday. Ms Marvel will mark the fan favorite character's live-action debut in the MCU, and comes just nine years after she brok

Games Showcase TFGSSS•
The Future Games Show: Spring Showcase, an upcoming preview stream that will show off a slate of new releases coming later in the year, will be hosted by Horizon Forbidden West stars Ashly Burch and John Macmillan. Burch - who portrays Aloy in the game, as well as Tiny Tina in the upcoming Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands - and Macmillan, who plays Varl, will present the preview stream, which is scheduled

Yesterday I made my best Delta SkyMiles redemption in quite a while… for champagne, natch! 13,000 SkyMiles for a bottle of Dom Perignon Yesterday evening we flew from Boston to Tampa on Delta, and we had a bit of time to kill in the SkyClub. In addition to Delta’s standard complimentary alcoholic drinks, the airline also has an impressive selection of premium alcoholic drinks available for purcha

29TechCrunch / 2h
Facebook’s audacious attempt at creating a crypto payments network met an unceremonious end earlier this year when Silvergate Capital acquired the Diem technology assets for $182 million . The deal showcased how Facebook, now Meta, is left with few regulator-blessed paths forward to become a central player in the blockchain ecosystem, a realization which has also cost the company plenty of talent

Pinterest Lets Creators•
26TechCrunch / 2h
In an effort to help Pinterest creators better reach their wider audience across social media, the company today is launching a new feature for its Idea Pins — its video-first new Pin format introduced last year as an attempt to catch up with the social media industry’s shift from static images to video. Now, Pinterest says its creators will be able to download and share their Idea Pins across so

Bobbie Infant U.S.•
20TechCrunch / 2h
Organic infant formula company Bobbie is taking a hint from its staggering revenue results in 2021 to get out in front of its product pipeline. Laura Modi, co-founder and CEO of Bobbie, told me she had expected $4 million in revenue for 2021, but closed the year with $18 million. “It was pretty extraordinary,” she told TechCrunch. “We had been heads down on growth and innovation, and what is clea

American Airlines frontline and line maintenance employees work off of Apple iPhone and iPad devices . These are costly - so they've notified flight attendants just what happens if they lose their phone either by accident or if their phone is stolen. The bottom-line is that cabin crew face discipline up to termination for misplacing or damaging their iPhones. And the airline will presume any clai

Gizmodo / 2h
Lenovo just refreshed several of its more budget-friendly ThinkPad models, and one, in particular, is worth keeping a close eye on. Read more...

Gizmodo / 2h
At least one familiar face won’t return for Hocus Pocus 2 . The Puss in Boots sequel has one hell of a stacked cast. What If could return for season 2 much sooner than you’d think. Plus, what’s next on The Walking Dead and Riverdale , and new looks at Jurassic World: Dominion and Nope. Spoilers, away! Read more...

Squats are one of the very best lower body exercises out there , and if you’ve ever worked out at all, you’ve certainly done them. But too many of us have never broadened our horizons beyond the humble air squat and barbell back squat—and if that’s you, you’re missing out. Read more...

As consumer trends evolve, so, too, do the perks on your credit card. For years, many premium credit cards have offered concierge services that could lock down dinner reservations, secure sought-after event tickets and much, much more. But as technology platforms become more fully self-service, the personalized one-to-one assistance that cardholders may have once taken advantage of is changing —

GMC Hummer EV Documentary•
Engadget / 2h
If you ever wondered how General Motors, one of the biggest automakers on the planet, went from 0 to EV so quickly while managing to reinvent its iconic Hummer SUV, former-poster child of automotive excess, as a future-facing electric vehicle, the History Channel has a show for you. Revolution: GMC Hummer EV will take a behind-the-scenes look at the development of the all-electric supertruck when

Amazon Alexa Fossil•
Engadget / 2h
You don't have to use Google Assistant if you're wearing a Fossil Gen 6 smartwatch. As promised in January , Gen 6 smartwatches now officially support the new Alexa watch app. Set it up and you can launch Amazon's assistant either from the screen (including through a tile) or by configuring one of the pushers. This will be helpful if your smart home revolves around Alexa, of course, but it also p

GTA 5 Rockstar Xbox Series•
I may have misjudged GTA 5 on PS5 and Xbox Series X, as it turns out Rockstar’s second console remaster of its 2013 open-world epic might be the best way to experience Michael, Franklin, and Trevor’s disturbingly violent and intertwining stories to date. I wasn’t expecting to be impressed by GTA 5’s graphics – especially when I’ve also played the game on PC and enjoyed running over pedestrians an

Barack Obama Netflix•
100+Mashable / 2h
Watch out, David Attenborough. You've got some new competition. On Tuesday, Netflix dropped its trailer for Our Great National Parks , a five-part nature documentary series about the wildlife found in national parks across the globe. The narrator? Former President Barack Obama himself, who can be spotted strolling along a sunny beach while talking enthusiastically to the camera about good ol' nat

AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D•
Enlarge / The 5800X3D is Zen 3 with extra cache. (credit: AMD) AMD will release its latest experiment in CPU packaging to the general public next month. The Ryzen 7 5800X3D , announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in January , is an eight-core Zen 3 processor that uses unique memory-stacking technology to triple the amount of L3 cache in the standard Ryzen 7 5800X—96MB of L3 cache instead of

Engadget / 2h
You're probably used to sorting your garbage into bins: green for paper or blue for plastic and glass. But when it comes to electronics, we're still used to selling those off or tossing them into the trash heap. Unfortunately, our gadget addiction has real consequences for the planet, making it imperative that we dispose of everything responsibly. Sure, you can try parting with your stuff for cas

Not-for-profit search engine Ecosia has started funnelling a portion of the profits it generates from serving ads against users’ searches into startups in the renewable energy space. This is in addition to the €350M WorldFund which Ecosia recently incubated and launched last year to back climate-focused startups. To be clear, Ecosia is also continuing to fund tree-planting with search ads profits

Microsoft DirectStorage•
Microsoft’s DirectStorage tech that speeds up SSD loading times (and more besides) has already been seen on the Xbox , but has now officially arrived for PC gamers. In a blog post, Microsoft announced the launch of the public SDK (software development kit), and that from today, Windows games can ship with DirectStorage. However, note that developers will of course have to build this technology in

Microsoft is working on a whole host of updates for virtualization service Windows 365 . As revealed in a series of new entries in the Microsoft product roadmap, Windows 365 customers will soon benefit from a range of new options, from additional recovery and provisioning tools to support for single sign-on (SSO) and more. The release timelines vary from feature to feature, with some due to land

Engadget / 2h
In early 2021, a group of retail investors realized that GameStop shares had been recklessly over-shorted by major investors. Big funds, certain that the retailer was about to collapse, had shorted 140 percent of the company’s entire public shareholding. Individuals, who co-ordinated their efforts via a subreddit called r/WallStreetBets, knew that they could exploit this vulnerability. They bough

Jealousy and envy aren’t quite the same thing, though both are negative feelings that relate to how we feel when somebody else seems to be getting something we want. Are you jealous or envious of your friend’s flawless hair, your co-worker’s promotion, or your spouse’s new friendship with someone who is just a little… Read more...

28Mashable / 2h
A new survey from dog walking app Wag! has revealed some uncomfortable truths about our household loyalties. In a wide-ranging survey of people's feelings about being away from the dogs they acquired during the pandemic, Wag! also pitted dogs against children, and it looks like dogs won. Sixty percent of participants switching to an in-office or hybrid work environment are also parents. When aske

Xiaomi 12 Series 50MP•
Mashable / 2h
Xiaomi made a name for itself by selling affordable phones that match far more expensive flagships on key features. Now, having solidified its place as the third largest smartphone maker in the world, the company is in a different position: its flagships have gotten pricy, and are expected to compete with top phones from the likes of Samsung and Apple. Xiaomi's latest flagship phone, the Xiaomi 1

A getaway to a warm beach destination such as Puerto Rico may be on your mind. JetBlue Airways is offering flights from major U.S. cities to San Juan for under $200 round trip. For more TPG news delivered each morning to your inbox, sign up for our daily newsletter . Calle San Justo in Puerto Rico. (Photo by David Madison/Getty Images) SecretFlying first reported this deal, which can be booked fo

Engadget / 2h
If you're lucky enough to have gotten your hands on a PS5, you may be looking for a drive with which to expand your console's storage. We have a whole guide that explains how to do that and which SSDs are our favorites, and one of those drives is down to a new record low right now. Samsung's 980 Pro SSD in 2TB is on sale for $250, which is 42 percent off and $30 cheaper than its previous best pri

Tesla Prices China•
20TechCrunch / 3h
Mariella Moon Contributor Mariella Moon is an associate editor at Engadget . More posts by this contributor Elon Musk challenges UAW to hold a union vote at Tesla’s California factory SpaceX loses 40 Starlink satellites to a geomagnetic storm Tesla has raised the prices of its electric vehicles for the second time within the month. After adding $1,000 to some long-range models last week, the auto

Intel Europe Germany•
The Silicon Valley company said it would build factories in Magdeburg, mirroring a plan announced in late January to begin manufacturing in Ohio.

With the exception of salt and canning, nothing has changed the food preservation game quite like the refrigerator. Lowering a food’s temperature can prolong freshness and stave off bacterial growth—but in some cases, it can also change its texture and flavor for the worse. Read more...

Samsung One UI 4.1•
Engadget / 3h
You won't need a Galaxy S22 to use some of Samsung's latest software tricks. Samsung is promising to bring One UI 4.1 to many of its Galaxy phones and tablets from recent years, including its more advanced camera features. You'll have access to the Expert RAW editing app, more advanced object removal and simpler photo sharing. You can expect Google Duo live sharing and a Grammarly-equipped keyboa

AMD Ryzen 5000 X370•
Enlarge / A Ryzen 1800X CPU in an X370 motherboard. This could now be replaced by a top-end Zen 3 model, if your motherboard maker releases a BIOS update. (credit: Sebastian Anthony) AMD will officially add support for newer Zen 3-based Ryzen processors to old 2017-era motherboards that use its X370, B350, and A320-series chipsets, the company announced today. These motherboards all use the same

AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D•
Enlarge (credit: AMD) When AMD introduced its first Ryzen 5000-series chips and the Zen 3 architecture in late 2020, the lineup notably did not include any new CPUs below $300. If you wanted cheaper chips, your best bet was to go with previous-generation chips like the Ryzen 3600, 3300X, and 3100. But those processors have been difficult to impossible to find for months, and renewed competition f

Lenovo ThinkPad X13•
Enlarge / Lenovo ThinkPad X13 Yoga Gen 3. (credit: Lenovo) Lenovo announced the third generations of its ThinkPad X13, ThinkPad X13 Yoga, ThinkPad L13, L13 Yoga, ThinkPad L14, and ThinkPad L15 today with options for the latest mobile CPUs from Intel and AMD. The vendor will offer all of the laptops announced today with up to a Core i7 Intel 12th-Gen mobile CPU . However, the ThinkPad X13 Gen 3 wi

Volvo Starbucks EV•
Enlarge / Volvos will charge for free at new charging stations that will be installed at some Starbucks locations on the route between Denver and Seattle. (credit: Volvo) Driving an electric vehicle between Seattle and Denver should be a bit easier by the end of this year. Coffee chain Starbucks is partnering with Volvo Cars and ChargePoint to install new DC fast chargers along the 1,350-mile (2,

This is today’s edition of The Download , our weekday newsletter that provides a daily dose of what’s going on in the world of technology. The news: China reported 5,370 new covid cases today, the biggest one-day increase since the pandemic began, and more than double the number reported yesterday. It’s a tiny proportion of China’s population of 1.4 billion people, but it has prompted the governm

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Collaborative playlists are a great way to built mixes with other users on Spotify , but until now you didn't have a ton of control over who could contribute to and see your work. Today, the streaming service is adding new levels of control for those playlists, allowing users to keep closer tabs on who has access to them — including the ability to share collaborative mixes with large public group

Lenovo ThinkPad X13•
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After kicking off the year with a bunch of new laptops back at CES 2022 followed by more recent updates at MWC , Lenovo is finally capping off its refresh cycle this spring with improved components for the ThinkPad X13 and L-series lines. The focus of Lenovo's latest updates is to provide faster performance featuring new processors (both Intel and AMD, depending on the specific model), improved v

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Last June, Reebok collaborated with Hasbro for a collection of five limited edition sneakers that took their inspiration from the heroic costumes worn by the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in the original live-action series. Reebok went so far as to even theme the shoeboxes, with all five assembling to form an image of… Read more...

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Lenovo is back with updated versions of its ThinkPad X and L laptops, ones that combine environmentally friendly materials and powerful hardware.

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The Xiaomi 12 Pro has arrived packing high-end hardware and a substantial price tag to match. We recently tested the model to see whether it's worth the cost.

Volvo Starbucks EV•
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Caffeine may be the long-distance driver's top-up of choice, but a new Volvo and Starbucks pilot is aiming to give EVs a jolt with a fast charger collaboration.

Adobe Healthcare AI•
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Experience Cloud is Adobe’s umbrella brand for its digital experience solutions. These include, among other things, its data and analytics services, content management tools, a commerce platform and, with the 2020 acquisition of Workfront , a full marketing workflow management service, too. The Experience Cloud brand made its debut at the company’s 2017 Digital Marketing Summit . This event is no

Volvo Starbucks EV•
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Your Frappuccino will soon come with an extra shot...of electricity. Volvo is partnering with charging network ChargePoint and Starbucks coffee locations to offer up fast charging for all electric vehicle drivers at the coffee chain. This summer, Volvo-branded charging stations will be installed at up to 15 Starbucks locations along the 1,350-mile route between Denver and Seattle. The 60 charge p

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TikTok offers an endless stream of fun and informative videos that can have you scrolling for hours on end — as well as losing irresponsible amounts of sleep. With so much interesting content, it's easy to lose clips you might want to revisit later even after you've favorited them. Fortunately, TikTok allows you to sort your favorite videos into collections, adding some order to your obsessions s

3 Games 2022 Switch•
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Tim Morten, cofounder of Frost Giant Games and formerly production director on StarCraft II, doesn't see the same dollar signs some studios do.

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Conditions such as Hashimoto’s disease often require ongoing treatment and lifestyle modifications. But apps can empower patients to improve their health.

Hilton Honors offers several cobranded American Express cards . The Hilton Honors American Express Surpass® Card is a solid midlevel card, but I believe the Hilton Honors American Express Aspire Card is one of the most undervalued hotel credit cards . The information for the Hilton Aspire card has been collected independently by The Points Guy. The card details on this page have not been reviewed

The Messages app on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac utilizes a special instant messaging service called iMessage, which is different from the SMS texting service supported by cell carriers. Here’s a look at what’s special about iMessage. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Is your laptop starting to look or feel dirty? Most of us spend hours every day on our laptops and even bring them with us on the go. Your laptop has probably been collecting dust, grime, and crumbs. A dirty laptop is not a good look. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Adobe today announced a number of new features for Customer Journey Analytics , its tool for tracking customers across platforms that is part of the company’s Experience Cloud portfolio. As the pandemic sped up the move to online shopping for a lot of brands and their customers, the need for being able to manage and personalize the user experience across channels (think web, mobile, in-store, etc

Halo Paramount Plus•
The wait is over – the hugely anticipated Paramount+ original series Halo will launch exclusively in the Middle East on OSN+ on the 25th of March, the same day as it debuts in the US on Paramount+. The Halo TV series tells the story of the Human-Covenant War in the 26th Century, in which Master Chief (Pablo Schreiber) and his AI partner Cortana (Jen Taylor) attempt to stop the alien threat known

It seems like Stranger Things , The Crown and Money Heist have been around since the beginning of time, but every one of those top-tier Netflix shows had to start somewhere. With that in mind, we thought we’d take a look forward to the pilot projects currently in development for the streaming service in 2022 – from the next Shonda Rhimes production (after Bridgerton and Inventing Anna ) to a set

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If you missed the sale a few weeks ago , you have another chance to upgrade your gaming rig with a Samsung monitor for less. A handful of Odyssey gaming monitors are on sale right now, including the 49-inch Odyssey Neo G9 mini-LED curved monitor, which is $500 off and down to a record low of $2,000. Another display that's down to an all-time low is the 34-inch Odyssey G5 ultra-wide curved gaming

Sabrent has released a range of Thunderbolt 3 docking devices, the top-end model of which comes with a staggering 16TB of storage. The DS-SKRT-D16TB Thunderbolt 3 Dual NVMe SSD Docking Station , as it's officially known, is the real deal: 16TB of NVMe SSD storage, capable of 1.5GB/second transfer speeds alongside two Thunderbolt 3 ports (up to 40GB bandwidth), two USB-A 3.2 and two USB-C 3.2 port

For the longest time, Pixar has delivered some of the best animated movies in film history. It perfectly combines incredible animation with a profound story that always makes its audiences tear up, whether they’re kids or adults. Check out the latest movies to stream on Netflix this month Over the years, their flawless storytelling has touched upon different aspects of human behavior, perfectly s

Polk M. Mini Dolby Atmos•
Polk Audio has launched a new soundbar in its MagniFi range of home cinema systems - and it could be a great alternative to the popular Sonos Arc if you're short on space. The new Polk MagniFi Mini AX is a compact soundbar and subwoofer combo, which looks set to deliver Dolby Atmos immersive audio without taking up lots of space. At just 37cm wide, the soundbar itself is kitted out with a five-dr

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Mammals with a nearly exclusive preference for meat are relatively common today, but new research uncovers one of the very first: a bobcat-sized carnivore that lived near what is now San Diego. Read more...

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If you’ve ever heard anyone mention the morning star(s) and the evening star(s) and didn’t know what they meant, here’s what’s really going on up there in the heavens. First off, the names are misleading. “Morning star” and “evening star” both originally referred to the same celestial object, and it’s not a star at… Read more...

UK Mobile Apple iPR•
Industry body Mobile UK, which represents operators including EE, Three, Virgin Media O2, and Vodafone, wants competition regulators to investigate the impact of Apple Private Relay , a tool in iOS that allows users to hide browsing activity from third parties. The Virtual Private Network ( VPN ) like feature hopes to appeal to privacy-conscious consumers eager to limit their exposure to advertis

Emirates Tel Aviv Israel•
After a major delay, Emirates has finally announced a new launch date for its flight to Israel. The service should launch this summer, and tickets are now on sale. Details of Emirates’ new route to Tel Aviv, Israel Emirates will launch a new route between Dubai (DXB) and Tel Aviv (TLV) as of June 23, 2022. The airline will operate the route daily with the following schedule: EK931 Dubai to Tel Av

Heathrow British Airways•
London’s Heathrow Airport (LHR), British Airways and Virgin Atlantic have joined forces to ditch masks in terminals and on flights, it was reported Tuesday. From Wednesday, travelers will be free to pass through Britain’s largest airport completely bare-faced and mask-free, while the country’s two biggest long-haul carriers said passengers will be allowed to “make a personal choice” regarding mas

Twitter Tweets Timeline•
In record time, Twitter has rolled back a feature that would force you to either look at two timelines or only view the 'Top Tweets' timeline, to the scorn of users. For almost a week, users would have to switch between two timelines as they would scroll to see what new tweets were there from their brands and friends - myself included. But it got to the point where I would be scrolling for five m

1000 UK Arm Nvidia•
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Up 1,000 ARM employees in the US and the UK will be laid off, according The Telegraph and Bloomberg . Chief Executive Officer Rene Haas reportedly told staff in a memo that the Softbank-owned chipmaker is cutting between 12 to 15 percent of its workforce, with 1,000 being the high end of that range, as part of its efforts to curb spending. The company said in a statement: "Like any business, ARM

Polk M. Mini Dolby Atmos•
Multi-speaker home theatre systems can get clunky and quickly take over your living room. If you’re looking for something minimal that delivers the same immersive surround sound then Polk Audio’s latest soundbar system might just do the trick. Equipped with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, the MagniFi Mini AX uses a 5-speaker array and comes with a wireless down-firing subwoofer that can be placed 6.7m awa

From our stacks: Illustration “King Solomon.” From the story, “The Fisherman,” from The Arabian Nights’ Entertainments . Altemus’ Young People’s Library. With one hundred and ten illustrations. Philadelphia: Henry Altemus Company, 1899.

Mozilla Firefox Search•
Mozilla has removed Russian search engine providers from its Firefox browser , following claims they favor state-sponsored content over other media. The news was revealed in the release of Firefox 98.0.1. where the patch details note "Yandex and have been removed as optional search providers in the drop-down search menu in Firefox." Besides being removed as optional search providers, all

1000 UK Arm Nvidia•
Semiconductor company Arm is preparing to dismiss as many as 1,000 workers in the aftermath of Nvidia’s failed acquisition attempt . In a letter to Arm employees acquired by the Daily Telegraph , CEO Rene Haas announced the coming redundancies and set out the rationale for the decision. “To be successful in the opportunities we have ahead of us, we need to be more disciplined about our costs and

Strategically buying miles & points can represent a great deal, especially for luxury travel. United Airlines MileagePlus has just launched its latest sale on purchased miles , which is valid for a limited time. Promotion on purchased United MileagePlus miles Through 11:59PM CT on Monday, March 21, 2022, United MileagePlus is offering a sale on purchased miles . Different accounts may be eligible

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I thought I was happy with my inexpensive studio microphone until I found this one.

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The industry’s obsession with accumulating IP has led to a huge uptick in employee inventors—and some outlandish patents.

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Scientists think the diminutive planet’s surface could be covered with space gems, thanks to an abundance of carbon and pressure from colliding asteroids.

Russian Pilot Ukraine•
A Captain for Russian government-owned low cost carrier Pobeda, a subsidiary of Aeroflot, demonstrated real bravery by announcing to his flight that his government's invasion of Ukraine is a crime and must be stopped. Caveating that he was speaking for himself and not the airline that had brought passengers to Antalya, Turkey, he asked passengers to do everything they could to bring the war to an

There’s no shortage of great options if you’re looking for free cloud storage. Plenty of companies will let you store several gigabytes in the cloud, and all you need to do is create an account. We’ve put together our five favorites. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

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A giant, human-sized bubble, a person, and a camera capable of filming at 50,000 frames per second. If that's not a recipe for some enjoyable YouTube content, we don't know what is. In the clip above Gav and Dan from The Slow Mo Guys team up for their latest slow motion venture, with Dan perching on a saucepan while Gav creates a bubble around him by lifting up a giant, homemade hoop coated in so

PR Evan Wood Manson•
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"Violence in the home is the root of so many issues, in this country, in the world. It bleeds into almost every area of society and we don't even realise it," said Evan Rachel Wood on Monday. "Violence begets violence. It is a cycle. And there are people that can stop the cycle." Wood appeared on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah , speaking about her upcoming HBO documentary, Rising Phoenix , which

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Downton fans, rejoice! There's now an official Downton Abbey podcast. The podcast features interviews with the cast and filmmakers behind the beloved show, including Hugh Bonneville (Earl of Grantham), Michelle Dockery (Lady Mary), Laura Carmichael (Lady Edith), Elizabeth McGovern (Lady Cora), as well as Downton Abbey: A New Era star Dominic West and director Simon Curtis. The podcast launches ah

3 DJI Mini Drone•
The DJI Mini 2 and Mini SE drones may have been around for a while now, but that doesn't mean they can't learn some new tricks – and thanks to the arrival of the popular Litchi app on iOS, they're now much more versatile than their entry-level billing. DJI opened up its Mobile SDK (Software Development Kit) to third-party developers in January, and Litchi is already available for the Mini 2 and M

Xbox Game Pass March•
The next slate of games coming to Xbox Game Pass have seemingly been leaked and racing fans will no doubt be pleased about the potential lineup. According to Dealabs user billbil kun (via VGC ), Xbox Game Pass subscribers can expect F1 2021, The Dungeon Of Naheulbeuk, Tainted Grail: Conquest, Weird West, Shredders, Zero Escape: The Nonary Games and Norco to join the Game Pass library before the e

Rockstar GTA Xbox Series•
GTA 5 and its standalone multiplayer component GTA Online have launched for PS5 and Xbox Series X . While many PS4 and Xbox One players will be looking to transfer their story mode and Online progression to next-gen consoles, PC players won’t have so much luck. In the run-up to GTA 5’s next-gen launch, Rockstar confirmed that players would be able to transfer their current GTA Online characters t

Microsoft DirectStorage•
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"Windows games can ship with DirectStorage" starting today, Microsoft has announced . DirectStorage is the tech giant's fast game-loading technology that was introduced with the Xbox Series X and S consoles. In September 2020, Microsoft revealed that it will also make the DirectStorage API available on Windows, allowing games for PCs to take advantage of the technology. DirectStorage leverages th

Intel Arc Alchemist GPU•
Intel’s Arc Alchemist graphics cards have been greatly anticipated in light of the ongoing GPU shortage, and we finally have an official launch date. The first wave of GPUs released will be for laptops, and are set to be unveiled at an official Intel Arc event on March 20 at 8 am PST / 11 am EST / 3 pm UK. The Intel website has been updated with a dedicated page for the event, that teases 'A New

Casio has unveiled a fresh take on the classic G-Shock MT-G watch, and it's thinner and lighter than ever. The new G-Shock MTG-B3000 has a totally redesigned case, plus a new carbon Core Guard structure to protect the internal components from drops and knocks. Much like the new Garmin Fenix 7 series, the MTG-B3000 features a tough plastic case with a metal exterior. However, while Garmin has opte

Buying miles & points strategically can represent a great value , especially for first & business class travel. The Avianca LifeMiles program has just launched its latest promotion on purchased miles, and there’s an exclusive value proposition for OMAAT readers who register . Promotion on purchased LifeMiles Through Wednesday, March 30, 2022, the Avianca LifeMiles program is offering a bonus on p

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We’re approaching spring-cleaning season, and tech sometimes needs a refresh, too. True wireless earbuds — and most wearable devices — can accumulate a worrying amount of dirt, oils and, well, detritus. So how do you clean them without breaking, damaging or scratching them? We made a guide for that, synthesizing official guidance from Apple, Samsung, Sony and the rest with real-world tips and cle

India Zomato Blinkit•
Food delivery firm Zomato and instant delivery service Blinkit have reached an agreement for a merger, a source familiar with the matter told TechCrunch. The all-stock deal values Blinkit between $700 million and $750 million, the source said, requesting anonymity as the matter is private. The merger — or technically, an acquisition — comes at a time when Blinkit has been struggling to raise fund

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Gas prices are up, commutes are back, and Russian oil is under sanction. Too bad the electric vehicle industry isn’t ready to seize the moment.

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As the war in Ukraine continues, the growing debris in low Earth orbit is a matter of national security.

Devolver DeepWell Digital•
30TechCrunch / 5h
Media and games helped many of us maintain our mental health during the last couple years of dread, but it isn’t just pure escapism: studies suggest games in particular provide unique therapeutic benefits. DeepWell is a new startup from games and medical industry veterans that aims to study and formalize these effects, so in addition to medication and therapy, you might be prescribed a nightly St

Cowbell Cyber $100M•
26TechCrunch / 5h
Cybercrime is on the rise, and today an insurance startup that’s built an artificial intelligence-based platform to help manage the risks from that is announcing a big round of funding to meet the opportunity. Cowbell Cyber, a full-stack insurance company that provides cyber insurance to SMEs, has closed a Series B of $100 million, which it will be using to continue investing in its data science

The astute TechCrunch reader will quickly note that we’ve been covering Intuition Robotics for five years now, dating back to the eldercare robotics’ crowdfunding campaign way back in February 2017. Most of the coverage since then has found the Israeli company raising even more money across various rounds , without actually answering the most important question: when? Specifically, when is the El

HIMYM Season 1 Finale•
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When How I Met Your Father premiered in January 2022, critics were largely unimpressed. Many quickly doubted that the sequel series, created by Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger, could ever live up to its predecessor — but love it or hate it, there was no denying that the cast had chemistry. As Robin from How I Met Your Mother once said, "You got chemistry, you only need one other thing: Timing.

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If you're in need of inspiration on how to make a difference, there are plenty of women role models to turn to. No matter what you're interested in, whether that's gun control, girls' education, or racial justice, it's important to acknowledge and celebrate the women who've come before you, so you can better understand how to follow in their footsteps. Here are 17 quotes from female activists, po

Russian Editor War•
200+Mashable / 5h
On Monday evening, an editor at Russian state-controlled TV group, Channel One, staged an unprecedented anti-war protest during a live broadcast. As the nightly news was read, Marina Ovsyannikova held up a sign reading, "No war, stop the war, don't believe the propaganda, they are lying to you here." She simultaneously spoke in protest of Russia's war in Ukraine , while the news anchor attempted

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We have no idea how much fun The Lost City is to watch, but it certainly looked like fun to make. During her appearance on The Late Show on Monday, star Sandra Bullock brought an exclusive blooper reel filled with messed up lines, spluttered laughter, and an awkwardly-framed scene with co-star Channing Tatum that Bullock discusses in detail during the interview itself. The main takeaway, though?

EU Parliament Bitcoin•
The European Parliament has voted 30-23 against proposals to ban "proof of work" (PoW) cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, as part of a broader debate on the draft Markets in Crypto Assets regulations. The ban on PoW models, which essentially require that anyone obtaining cryptocurrencies through mining uses ever-increasing amounts of computing power to break the cryptographic codes, was added as

Google YouTube Vanced•
A popular third-party app of YouTube has been taken down by Google, due to a legal challenge by the company, which allowed users to block ads without a Premium subscription. YouTube Vanced was able to block any ads that would play before, during, and after a video you had planned on watching. As it was available on Android, the app could be used on Amazon Fire TV devices, handhelds running Google

Windows the Wi-Fi Network•
You may be suspicious that a neighbor is using your Wi-Fi without permission. Maybe you gave out the password once, or your internet connection seems slower than normal. Here’s an ironclad way to tell if someone is stealing your Wi-Fi. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

The post appeared first on Popular Mechanics .

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Everybody loves the Encanto soundtrack , but is it possible that they might have grown to love it a little too much? In the Jimmy Kimmel Live! skit above, Lin-Manuel Miranda presents a cure for anyone fed up of hearing "We Don't Talk About Bruno" for the 25th time that day — and it's in your head again, sorry. "Have the songs of Encanto brought your life to a joy-filled, yet grinding halt?" asks

Halo Paramount Plus•
Given our passion for gaming here at TechRadar, we’ve been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Paramount Plus ' Halo TV show – and the initial critical reactions are in. Suffice to say, the first bona fide small screen adaptation of the beloved Xbox franchise hasn’t set the world alight. Among a smattering of praise for the show’s action sequences, most outlets have suggested that a pre-existing know

Israeli Government DDoS•
A number of Israeli government agencies were hit by a major Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack earlier this week, government sources confirmed. “In the last few hours, a denial of service [DDoS] attack has been identified on a communications provider which, as a result, has for a short time prevented access to a number of sites, including government sites,” Israel’s National Cyber Direct

Tesla Raises Prices•
Engadget / 6h
Tesla has raised the prices of its electric vehicles for the second time within the month. After adding $1,000 to some long-range models last week, the automaker has now implemented a much larger price increase across its lineup. As Electrek reports, its prices now start at $46,990 for the base Model 3, $2,000 higher than before. The Model 3 Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive is now $2,500 more expensive

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Utility companies have a problem: Their “smart grids” were created to solve billing problems from a decade ago, not the needs and expectations from 2022 consumers with electric cars, solar panels and an obsession with real-time data. Copper Labs just raised $5.5 million to help them solve that problem, with an elegant little hardware device that serves as a bridge between the low-resolution smart

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Brian Cox may be a serious actor known for playing one of the most intimidatingly unpleasant characters we've seen in recent years, but that doesn't mean he's not up for having some fun now and again too. Fun in the case of the Jimmy Kimmel Live! clip above means a mashup between his Succession character, Logan Roy, and an iconic scene from Euphoria Season 2 , which sees Cassie (Sydney Sweeney) g

Oscar Isaac Moon Knight•
The first reviews for Marvel Studios' Moon Knight have landed online – and the critical response to the series has been largely positive. Moon Knight isn't releasing until March 30 on Disney Plus . But, with the social media embargo lifting ahead of its launch date, critics have taken to Twitter to offer their initial impressions of the Marvel Phase 4 project. So, how does it stack up? Collider's

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OpenAI’s new tool can autocomplete lines of programming or conjure software from a simple prompt. It could also riddle the internet with even more bugs.

Doctolib Valuation•
48TechCrunch / 6h
French startup Doctolib has announced that is has raised a new funding round. With this round, the company has reached a valuation of €5.8 billion, or $6.4 billion at today’s exchange rate. That makes Doctolib the highest valued French startup. The startup says it has raised $549 million (€500 million) in both equity and debt. Eurazeo is leading the round, with Bpifrance and General Atlantic also

100+Gizmodo / 6h
China reported 5,370 new covid-19 cases on Tuesday, according to the country’s National Health Commission , the biggest one-day increase of the entire pandemic. The high case count comes as the province of Jilin and its 24 million people were placed into lockdown on Monday, with millions more in China under harsh… Read more...

35TechCrunch / 6h
The Covid-19 pandemic, with its by-product of social distancing to help reduce the spread of infection, led to many organizations working in a far more distributed way than they had in the past, and that put a big spotlight on how well companies collaborated and communicated — not just under the circumstances, but as part of their deeper culture. Today, one of the startups building communications

Mashable / 6h
Today's internet is a battle to show how little you care. Instead of curating your Instagram with perfectly staged photos, you post photo dumps that show off a more haphazard aesthetic . In the modern digital landscape there is pressure to do everything at a distance, ironically . If you're sincere, you face the ultimate internet insult of being labeled cringe . The insistence to be calculatingly

Shah Rukh Khan Ott•
In a quick turn of events, Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan today announced the launch of what looks like his OTT platform . " Kuch kuch hone wala hai, OTT ki duniya mein (sic)." This was the terse Tweet from Sharukh Khan, which uses catch-words from his 1998 blockbuster Kuch Kuch Hota Hai , to drop the news that an OTT venture is set to kick-off that will have his association in some manner. G

Do you work within the mobile industry within a retail store or contact centre? Do you have what it takes to be our Shop Idol 2022 ? We are delighted to announce that for 2022 we are launching a brand new competition with two categories: Mobile Salesperson of the Year - Retail Mobile Salesperson of the Year - Contact Centres We want to find the two people who not only have the product knowledge b

It’s time to ditch the movie theater for good. Home projectors offer the big-screen experience in your living room without the need to buy a $20 ticket or a $10 bag of popcorn. And Epson’s latest projector, the Home Cinema LS11000 4K, will make your local movie theater look like chopped liver. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Polk M. Mini Dolby Atmos•
Engadget / 7h
When it comes to getting Dolby Atmos in a soundbar that doesn't take up a ton of room in front of your television, and won't put a huge dent in your wallet, the Sonos Beam isn't the only option. Today, Polk Audio is adding another alternative to the fray with the MagniFi Mini AX . The compact home entertainment speaker measures just 14.5 inches wide (37 cm) but is still capable of handling Atmos

A growing number of new products allow anyone to apply artificial intelligence without having to write a line of computer code. Proponents believe the “no-code” movement will change the world.

Spotify helped pave the way for a new model for consumers to listen to music: pay a monthly fee to stream whatever you want, with no need to own any physical or digital versions of it. Now, a startup called Perlego , which has been applying that concept to academic textbooks, has picked up $50 million to expand its business after seeing its platform boom through Covid-19. The London startup curre

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The Dutch oven is a kitchen staple. These durable pots are workhorses in the kitchen and are most commonly used for soups , stews, braises, and baking bread . The heavy construction and tight fitting lids of a Dutch oven make for excellent heat and moisture retention, which is ideal for tender roast chicken, crispy golden loaves of bread, and anything slow-cooked to perfection. Whether you're sho

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TL;DR: The Complete 2022 PenTest & Ethical Hacking Bundle is, as of March 15, on sale for $49. It's ordinarily worth $1,770, so that's 97% off. New threats are constantly popping up online — from creative scams to unprecedented hacks . And while there’s no real way to predict future disasters, a great way to prepare for these emerging threats is by learning ethical hacking. Whether you want to ev

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TL;DR: Worth $2,000, the 2022 Premium Learn to Design Certification Bundle is on sale as of March 15 for just $30 — that's savings of 98%. Even if you have no intention of pursuing a graphic design career, having some graphic design skills in your toolbox is not a bad idea. These skills can come in handy if you’re a business owner, content creator , educator, app designer, artist, coder, marketer

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TL;DR: The Smoke Boards 7-Piece Smoked Cocktail Kit is 15% off as of March 15 — get it for $84.99 instead of $100. If you like smoked meats, you’ll probably enjoy a smoked cocktail. Plus, if you enjoy entertaining and showing off your mixologist skills , smoking a cocktail is definitely a way to get the party started. The Smoke Boards 7-Piece Smoked Cocktail Kit makes it easier than it sounds — a

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TL;DR: As of March 15, a lifetime subscription to eLearnOffice Microsoft Office eLearning is just $29. It's regularly $199, so you're getting a discount of 85%. Microsoft Office has been the major power player in businesses for years now, and it doesn't look like it's going away any time soon. No matter what type of company you work for, chances are the staff would be lost without Microsoft Excel

ChannelEngine Raises•
Marketplaces are the order of the day when it comes to selling online, providing a one-stop shop for shoppers, and for retailers looking to target as many would-be buyers as possible, while also creating more economies of scale in areas fulfillment and delivery. Amazon has become the name synonymous with marketplace selling, but it’s far from the only player in town. Today, a startup called Chann

GoTo Indonesia Stock•
Indonesia’s tech firm GoTo Group, which was formed last year via a merger between ride-hailing giant Gojek and marketplace Tokopedia, plans to raise at least $1.1 billion (15.2 trillion rupiah) from an Indonesia initial public offering (IPO) scheduled for 4 April. GoTo says it aims to sell up to 52 billion new Series A shares at between 316 rupiah and 346 rupiah apiece, raising $28.8 billion at t

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Women-founded companies in the U.S. raised more money from venture capitalists in 2021 than ever. Reports indicate they secured 83% more funding than the previous year, primarily attributed to the record-setting $329 billion U.S. startups raked last year. But according to data from PitchBook, less than 2% of VC funding went to all-women-founded teams in 2021. It’s identical to what’s happening in

Xiaomi 12 Series 50MP•
Today’s the day: the Xiaomi 12 series is set to debut today, at an online launch event hosted by Chinese tech giant Xiaomi. We saw these handsets debut in China in December, but Xiaomi likes to host a second launch event for its smartphones when they’re available outside the country. Well, that’s today, kicking off at 5am ET / 8am PT / midday GMT / 8pm ACT. You can watch along with the event on Y

Meta Facebook WhatsApp•
Meta is facing prosecution in South Africa, after the country’s competition regulator, the Competition Commission, found as uncompetitive its intention to block the government’s startup GovChat and #LetsTalk from using its WhatsApp Business API. The watchdog, which has been investigating claims of unfair conduct against the startup since March 2021, referred Meta (formerly Facebook) for prosecuti

A new state agency has a $10 million budget to regulate Google, Facebook and others. But first it needs to be created.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro•
If you don’t like spoilers, look away now: a large outpouring of information has occurred around the forthcoming iPhone 14 line-up. 9to5Mac is reporting (and the site has a pretty good track record with Apple insights, given it predicted the Mac Studio with a high degree of accuracy ) that its sources within Apple have confirmed a number of things about the forthcoming phones, such as the iPhone

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When Forerunner Ventures was founded in 2012, traditional brands still reigned supreme, and most of us shopped in physical spaces. Firm founder Kirsten Green, who was earlier an equity research analyst at Banc of America Securities, was maybe more aware than most that this picture was about to dramatically change; over the years, Forerunner invested in a company that delivered cheap razors to peo

India Licious Raises•
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Licious, a Bengaluru-based startup that sells fresh meat, seafood and other fresh animal protein online and which became the nation’s first direct-to-consumer brand to become a unicorn last year , said on Tuesday it has raised an additional $150 million from a set of late-stage investors in a move that appears to be a precursor to startup’s initial public offering. The round was led by Singapore

Microsoft has backed a proposal to bring optional and erasable type syntax to JavaScript in an effort to make its TypeScript language both faster and easier to use. In a new blog post , the software giant provided further insight on the proposal and what it aims to do. Essentially, the proposal is calling for type annotations to be added to JavaScript code that can be checked by external type che

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TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to Restflix is on sale for £75.84, saving you 83% on list price. The smallest changes to routines can screw up sleep patterns. So, moving the clock an hour ahead definitely can be a shock to the system. Fortunately, Restflix is designed to aid rest, sleep, stress, and anxiety. Restflix is a streaming service like Netflix or Hulu, but its content is created with a si

Bazaar T. Global Pakistan•
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Dragoneer Investment Group and Tiger Global are backing Bazaar, a startup that is attempting to digitize Pakistan’s retail with e-commerce, fintech and last-mile supply chain solutions , they said today, joining a growing list of high-profile investors making large bets in the South Asian market. The two investors are leading Bazaar’s $70 million Series B funding. Existing backers including Indus

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Meet Motto , a new French startup that plans to offer electric bikes in Paris. Instead of buying those bikes, Motto customers will be able to rent them for a fixed price of €75 per month (around $82 at today’s exchange rate). Customers get Motto-branded electric bikes with a motor in the rear wheel that helps you pedal up to a speed of 25km/h. It has integrated lights, a GPS tracker and an anti-t

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TL;DR: Get three months of access to codeSpark Academy for £7.65, saving you 66% on list price. Parents know that a tablet can help almost any parenting situation, whether it's a stressful dining experience, a too-long road trip, or taking an important work call. But if you're like most parents, you probably worry about what all the screen time is doing to your child in the long run. Instead of h

Amazon Future Reliance•
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Amazon’s two-year effort to halt a $3.4 billion deal between its estranged partner Future Group and Reliance Retail took a new turn on Tuesday as tens of millions of Indians woke up to find the American e-commerce giant airing its grievances in several newspapers. Amazon has accused Future Group (which runs the nation’s second largest retail chain), and Reliance Industries (India’s most valuable

Despite the fact that most users have moved onto Microsoft Teams , the software giant has released a new preview version of Skype which is now available to download for Skype Insiders. Skype Insider build 8.82 includes a number of bug fixes and stability improvements as well as support for Google Play Store in-app billing to purchase credit, subscriptions and Skype numbers. In addition to these p

Apple Ted Lasso CCA•
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The Apple TV+ sports comedy featuring everyone's favorite football coach, Ted Lasso , became the most-awarded series at the 2022 Critics Choice Awards , taking home four honors. The show swept top comedy categories for the second consecutive year with awards for Best Comedy Series, Best Actor in a Comedy Series for Jason Sudeikis , Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for Hannah Waddingham,

Google Cloud October•
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Renting cloud infrastructure typically gets cheaper over time, but Google Cloud is bucking this trend today with significant price increases across a number of core services. These increases, which Google announced under the guise of wanting to provide “more flexible pri