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Sunday, March 20, 2022

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Ukraine Pounding

Hunter Biden is back!
Dear Producer,
As we head into another week of what looks like a poorly executed Russian military “exercise” in Ukraine, you have to wonder how long can it go. The Russians have the ability to get stuck in these quagmires as does the USA.

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Tomorrow's Show
We further analyze the Russo-Ukraine conflict and the billions of US dollars being sent to Ukraine to prolong the war as long as possible with the idea that Ukraine can win. Winning doesn’t mean winning in the sense of actually winning a war where you take over the other country. Winning means driving the Russians out of the country. By this definition, the USA has a poor track record as we are constantly "driven out." Some discussion of this is necessary.
Hunter Biden
By now most everyone has seen videos of Hunter Biden smoking crack, jerking off, and carousing with some bimbos on the various vids of himself he stupidly made. This striking video evidence and the allied emails and other docs were found on at least one laptop before the 2020 election.

In an effort to make sure the Democrat candidate Joe Biden won the election and despite a comprehensive news report in the NY Post, a genuine conspiracy commenced. The media and left leaning tech companies suppressed, under all circumstances any and all references to the story on Facebook, Twitter, Google, all the M5M outlets and during the Presidential debates.

It was quite an operation to behold. All the elements of the Hunter Biden laptop stories should have been an enormous scandal. But corporate media control prevented it.

Now the New York Times has admitted the laptop story was a real story due to the fact that more than a few investigations are underway. We have yet to hear from the various spokepersons and members of the Intelligence agencies who all told the public that the laptop stories were all part of some Russian plot. These were outright lies and they had to know it. It would be fun to hear why they did it while risking the public trust.

Your No Agenda Show was on the honest side of the story from the beginning.
2020 tweet about Hunter Biden
Biden in 2020.
Click here to see how this was being handled in 2020 before the election.
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