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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

No Agenda Newsletter

Producers all,

Today is Adam Curry’s birthday. Five-OH, the big one. 50. 


It’s a show-stopper and the No Agenda Show invites all the producers to wish Adam a joyous 50th Birthday with the special $50.33 (two magic numbers) Haoot 50th birthday Adam contribution to the show.

Yes. 50. It's 50!

This is a good time for every listener to show their appreciation for the outstanding and oftenstupendous deconstructions of news stories done by Adam for you, the No Agenda family member.

Early Excperiments in Podcasting when he was unfamiliar with Microphones.
"To all boots on the ground, ships at sea. Shut up slaves.!"

Tomorrow’s show will be spectacular as usual with more insights direct form the EU. But for today, let’s celebrate birthday boy by showing him and the show how much he is appreciated. Please contribute 50.33 as a birthday wish to Adam. And for those of you wanting to contribute a contribution you feel is more important or symbolic, you can do that by clicking here. And, as you know, the support page here is always open for business.

Happy Birthday Adam!!

On behalf of the entire No Agenda Universe.

Your co-host

PS You can send greetings and birthday cards to the PO Box, where they will be forwarded to Adam. No Agenda, Box 339, El Cerrito CA 94530
PPS Here are a few more nostalgic pictures of Adam over the years. 


Last time they were seen together. Make up your own thought bubbles.

Early failed attempts and making heart symbol
with his hands got him fired from MTV

Proto-hipster? In the early days Curry had to actually be told
that these sorts of hats were for bald guys.

Sharp dressers from around the world
try to achieve that early Adam Curry "look"

with little success.

Seldom seen Curry tattoo. Thanks Micky!

Not one to mince words or kiss butt.
You go Adam!

And Happy Birthday!