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Saturday, September 20, 2014

No Agenda Newsletter

Dear Producer,
This looks to be a slow weekend, probably due to weather. So we encourage needed weekend contributions to the show, please help with any amount whatsoever by clicking on the direct link for open donations. Or go to the support page here to help.

We have a tonnage of good stories and masterful deconstructions lined up for you ontomorrow’s show including the No Agenda interpretation of White House breaches as what wewitnessed Friday.


Yet, the Spiderboy Incident was under-reported

When this happens it is often done as a warning to Obama that he is not safe. It is used to keep him in line when he is straying away from some rigid policy. Your show will have an answer to what policy that might be. 

In August two toddlers caused a White House breach

Also you will get an excellent run-down of what happened in Scotland. After listening to the Scots carp about their plight for as long as I can remember they bail out when given the chance to actually do something about it. Fear, uncertainty, and self-doubt rules the day. We both have plenty of thoughts on this as I am sure you all do too.

The world-wide missing backbone phenomenon is an epidemic.

The American audience, in the meantime, is completely distracted by the NFL and its wife-beating players as if this is new.


Also, tomorrow is the “People’s Climate March” led by a slew of sellabretties like Leonardo DiCaprio. Adam has a deconstruction of the a-holes behind this and the money that funds them.

I scream for ice cream, I mean Climate Change!

You will want to listen to tomorrow’s show for sure. And help your No Agenda Show by clicking here.

Your humble co-host,

John C. Dvorak
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PPS Adam is in town for a Podshow reunion and should have some great stories for you.


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