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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

No Agenda Newsletter

 No Agenda
Dear Producer,
The show enters into October and we head to both show 666 and our 7th year. Please ask yourself what you get from this show then contribute what you can to make this show better and better.

The No Agenda Show is supported directly by you and solely by you. There is nothing out there like the No Agenda Show and you are part of it. It’s revolutionary.


There are no news analysis shows that approach the depth of analysis that is routine forNo Agenda. And to top that off the show is funded solely by you, the producer, and you the listener. Nobody else does it this way.

You are part of a great experiment in both supporting actual news coverage, actual news reporting, and in-depth news analysis. You are part of what we hope is a great heritage in new media: Honest and incorruptible news and analysis unaffected by advertisers or unseen bosses. No advertising whatsoever. No underwriting. No behind-the-scenes corporate octopus that would keep many of the stories off the podcast.

And, as producers, many of you have intimate knowledge of information and trends by virtue of your position or location or experience. The show uses your boots on the ground to give perspective to news stories that no mainstream media outlet will even allow. Every No Agenda producer benefits.

Old media correspondents.

When the smoke clears, you get what you cannot get anywhere else. Hours and hours of information and analysis of important stories that nobody else even acknowledges, let alone analyzes.

Ask yourself why only the No Agenda Show played the 911 tape from Sandy Hook. You heard it. There was nothing in it that begged for a media blackout. Yet no other outlets played it. Same with the most recent supposed ISIL videos. What's going on?

This is your neighbor who does not listen to No Agenda

But our ongoing revelations are just the tip of the unseen information iceberg. Insight and facts only available on No Agenda -- and you get them.

Reality is revealed on No Agenda because the show does not rely on the corrupting influence of advertising money. We rely on you and only on you. If you think this is a valuable part of your life – as you should -- you must continue with your generous support in any way you can.

1970-1977 Mary Tyler Moore Show.
Did anyone notice what this show was telling us about the news business?

Please help us do better than we did last Sunday. Here are a few of the current ideas for you to consider.

The Seventh Anniversary donation of $77.77
The beast donation of $666.00 which includes a double producer credit.
The mini beast 66.60 donation along with the micro beast 6.66 contribution.

And there is the counter-beast donations of 668 and 66.80 for those who refuse to deal with 666 for philosophical reasons. (The Reagan alternative).
And there is always the support page here and the open-ended donation here.

Those of you who have never contributed a dime, but love the show. You will feel better if you give something. Start today.

Your co-hosts,
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
PS Address checks to No agenda Show, Box 339 El Cerrito, CA. Notes in longhand especially appreciated.

Howling for help.