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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Smartwatches--the future of..

Doing a quick search (Google) for "the future of smartwatches" I get a number of results of course, but the first few were dated 2012 and 2013.. what gives? This is certainly not the future. You need to go down about half way on the first page to get legitimate results.. I guess this is something pretty common with SEO and SPAM that is pretty much taking over the web, but that is to be saved for another post. Dealing with what the future brings you find this page that actually compares the smartwatches but even this was before they were released, in the case of the MOTO360 for example.
Does this mean people really don't care or they just care about what Apple is doing? Apple's smartwatch will not be out until some time in 2015. My guess is not before mid-April and when it does, it will only work if you have an apple phone (note they are slowly losing the "I-" and changing this to "Apple-" lets face it Steve Jobs was all about "I-" and Apple has made it pretty clear they are taking the company in a different direction and in my opinion, certainly not the right one. They continue to fall behind companies like Samsung and now Motorola and LG, considering LG and Samsung also make appliances I think Apple is in in serious trouble so should you be waiting for their watch? I don't think so. 
It seems like most phones will have a watch to go with it so in my opinion I think you will find the future of smartwatches will actually be part and parcel with the phone, even though Android will be a leader due to the fact you will be able to use a Samsung watch with an LG phone and vica versa..just another problem Apple is going to have when they do finally release their watch.