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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

No Agenda Newsletter

 No Agenda
Dear Producer,
Donations are low for tomorrow's show. The summer is officially over and two events loom. The first is the 7th anniversary on October 26th. We’re asking you for asack of 7’s donation for this show which will actually take place on a Sunday. So it will be a special show in many ways. Show 666 appears on the following Sunday. For that show we are offering double producer credit for anyone contributing to the $666before the show airs.

  Many numerologists amuse themselves with these oddly numbered shows, significant dates, and palindromes. Many people are superstitious about 666. Ronald Reagan when he bought a house in Bel-Air had an address of 666 St. Cloud Road. His wife immediately changed the address to 668 St. Cloud Rd. 

Early meeting between Reagan and Joe Biden

Understanding this (why take a chance?) superstition we are offering the samecelebratory option with the same double producer credits for show 668 as a protest.Thus there will be a new 668.00 donation and a $66.80 donation for these folks who want to contribute to these shows but cannot bring themselves to anything like 666/8. We call these contributions, the Reagan alternative.

There is a good (meaning very crack-pot-ish) page on 666 mythology here. Enjoy!

One of the producers sent in a long-winded note claiming 666 was a recent inventionanyway. Whatever the case we’d like to see more support as summer ends.


What do you pay to see a one and a half hour long movie?

Just remember that the show packs in 25-hours a month of commercial free, independent, uncorrupted by advertising, news analysis not found anywhere else, and a few laughs in-between. This is a lot of value for value. Please support these efforts.
Also, please visit the support page and if you have not picked a subscription plan, please do so.

There are some surprise topics planned for tomorrow’s show. Tune in for sure as Adam deconstructs today’s EU.

Your co-hosts,
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
PS Remember this is the best podcast in the Universe. Everyone agrees.
PPS Also remember you can always donate any amount you want by clicking here.Thursday’s show in on 9-11, if that gives you any ideas.