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Saturday, September 13, 2014

No Agenda-The Observation

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In No Agenda news I’ve been hearing more and more pundits suggesting Hillary is not going to run for President. This gave me a creepy thought. Your No Agenda Showspotted Elizabeth Warren early in the game and predicted she would become the Democratic Party candidate, was it possible that everyone was duped?


Biggest wingspan of any candidate. Freaky!
"Hey chumps, you are this far off!"

What are the chances that the entire Elizabeth Warren gambit was planned as part of a grand strategy? You put the face of the election on Hillary. Get out the meme that the next President will be a woman. Keep Hillary in play for as long as possible. Then slip Warren in as the now well-known alternative because Hillary was never going to run. Maybe Hillary goes so far as to declare a candidacy but drops out.

Planned All Along

This possibility comes to mind after a Hot Pockets tour a couple of years back when some Secret Service folks and other insiders told Adam that Hillary will not be “allowed” to run. You and I may have been witnessing a very coy scheme to shuttle in Elizabeth Warren. She was always the candidate. Something to consider.

On another topic, it was disturbing to see Obama in prime time roll out his stop ISIL speech which seems to be the exact same speech he gave to Meet the Press and repeated again on the weekend address. But this prime time event had some odd trappings, namely making Obama look like a smart military man through set design.

Look at the picture below.


Coincidence? I think not.

Here Obama is flanked by two different flags, and framed by the blue curtains (note angle of dark blue sash) in a very unusual and military way. Lights in the background appear to be stars or military adornments on his shoulders. The microphone blends into his jacket leaving four shiny military-like decorations. None of this can be a coincidence. When is the last time Obama stood in front of a window like this? It’s a security risk, for one thing. You are witnessing a form of subtle and disturbing propaganda.

This is the sort of thing only deduced by your No Agenda Show. And is even more interesting in light of the discussion about “optics” on the Thursday show.

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