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Saturday, September 6, 2014

No Agenda-The Saturday Missive

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The Show
This will be Adam’s last show from Amsterdam and the show will have a lot of local color.
Some new developments this week including the possible ending of conflict in Ukraine. This means the arms deals will have to be directed elsewhere. It also means we will continue to hear complaining by the hawks of war Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain.


You sure have pretty lips.

These two suicidal maniacs are intent are getting us all killed. Luckily their insanity is too obvious to most reasonable people. How they get continually re-elected in South Carolina and Arizona is a reflection of the people of those states. Sad.

An interesting tidbit came up in the UK concerning the black box of the Malaysian airline downed over Ukraine. You discover that it is no coincidence that a ceasefire is holding in Ukraine at the same time that something weird was discovered on the black box.

In fact, your No Agenda Show had already given the producers and listeners a valid explanation for the event which you will hear again on Sunday to refresh your memory.

In news that will benefit the show, it seems that Democrat political operative, Chuck Todd, is getting the chair at Meet the Press after the departure of “Chip” Gregory. 



To make the scene at corrupted NBC more obvious his first interview on the show will be President Obama. This will probably backfire as a promotion for Todd since there is no way a maven like this will not ask the most ludicrous of scripted questions. 

Erin Burnett Tried for the Job

It’s pretty obvious that this show has hit a new low, even for NBC. That said it should provide great material for your No Agenda Show.

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