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Monday, June 27, 2022

Early Monday Technology News and More...

 Technology News and More...

3KWired / 18h
Observations of faraway worlds have forced a near-total rewrite of the story of our solar system.

500+Mashable / 11h
In a story originally reported by The Times of Israel , a software engineer in New York has created and developed an AI that scans through hundreds of thousands of photos to help identify victims and survivors of the Holocaust. From Number to Names (N2N) , is an artificially intelligent facial recognition platform that can scan through photos from prewar Europe and the Holocaust (e.g. 1914–1945),

Samsung Galaxy Ultra•
The rumors around the Samsung Galaxy S23 are starting to pick up pace, and the latest to come to our attention concerns the selfie camera: it sounds as though Samsung isn't going to move to an under-display camera on the front of the phone just yet. This comes from supply chain sources in South Korea (via Wccftech ), and it means the Galaxy S23 phones will still have punch hole notches in the dis

LG Electronics EV•
LG Electronics has acquired AppleMango, a South Korean electric vehicle battery charger developer, as the race to produce everything related to EVs ramps up globally. The acquisition, which was made jointly with GS Energy, an EV charging station operator, and GS Neotek, an IT provider, will allow LG to take advantage of future business opportunities, the company said . “The EV charging market is

Lizzo Damn Time ADT•
The BET Awards are on tonight, and so is force of nature Lizzo. Dressed in a shiny '70s jumpsuit reminiscent of a golden disco ball, the singer put her classical flute training to good use in a dazzling performance of her hit "About Damn Time." She also performed part of the song's viral TikTok dance, once again highlighting creator Jaeden Gomez's popular choreography . Gomez's "About Damn Time"

Wordle Answer Today•
It's Monday, but the news isn't all bad: There's a new Wordle for you to solve. While it's always the most fun to nail it down yourself, sometime you just get stuck — and that's where we come in. The answer to the June 27 Wordle can be found at the end of this article, with the spoiler clearly signposted, or you can make your way down in a more leisurely fashion for a few tips, gentle hints, and

When Westworld the TV series set foot outside of Westworld the park for season three , it was a necessary step, albeit an extremely unsteady one. It’s not surprising, given the show had to transition from its distinct setting and questions about the sentience and rights of Hosts compared to its human guests and… Read more...

A new Apple Watch and HomePod are expected to launch later this year, but a new leak claims they may not include some of the big changes fans are hoping for.

AWS’s billing is notoriously complicated, and misconfigurations in your network can lead to excess data or resource use that can pile up unnoticed. AWS provides many solutions for debugging your bill before it hits your wallet. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

While Google already teased the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro back in May, the phones won’t arrive until later this year. Still, that hasn’t stopped a slew of leaks and rumors from emerging. Now, the latest leak suggests the Pixel series will finally have a much brighter display. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Logistics in much of Southeast Asia is not only complicated, but also expensive. Deliveree wants to solve that problem with a platform that not only lets clients book trucks, but also uses algorithms to determine the best route based on location, trucking loads and even the weather. The company announced today that it has raised a $70 million Series C led by Gobi Partners and SPIL Ventures, with

Fast Pair Wear Android•
The Pixel Watch won't arrive until later in 2022, but Google has already rolled out a new feature for it, one that'll make it easier to pair its earbuds.

Though EVs will save you a bunch in fuel costs, the price to replace their batteries may eat into those savings, particularly if you have an e-Golf.

You've probably heard about two-factor authentication, but did you know the iPhone has this feature built-in? It's simple to set up and even easier to use.

Soaring petrol prices could speed up the transition to electric much faster than expected.

Backstage Capital has downsized its staff from 12 to three people, managing partner and founder Arlan Hamilton said during her “Your First Million” podcast that was published Sunday. The layoff comes nearly three months after Backstage Capital narrowed its investment strategy to only participate in follow-on rounds of existing portfolios. This workforce reduction further underscores that the vent

Buying a bunch of LED bulbs to update your home's lighting may sound expensive, but doing so will likely save you a bunch of money in the long run.

DJ software powers most of the best dance parties, whether they are 100,000-person festivals rocking the grandest sound systems in the world or pool parties using splash-proof Bluetooth speakers . Even when you see DJs playing from hardware decks without a laptop, those decks run DJ software with touchscreens. Software has long since taken over the DJing world for good reasons. First of all, it’s

No one really knows where the iconic Chevrolet "bowtie" emblem came from, but there are myriad theories, each interesting on its own.

It’s been more than 80 years since the last time passenger airships regularly plied the skies. A sight to behold wherever they made their appearance, those hovering giants may soon stage a comeback if plans by Spanish airline Air Nostrum come to fruition. On June 15, Valencia-based Air Nostrum, which operates mostly regional routes in Spain on behalf of Iberia , announced plans to become the laun

Editor’s note: This is a recurring post, regularly updated with new information. If you frequently fly on Alaska Airlines , access to one of the carrier’s airport lounges can significantly improve your preflight experience. Luckily, getting inside isn’t too difficult. Today, we’ll look at the different ways to gain access to Alaska lounges. Get the latest points, miles and travel news by signing

Apple Mixed Reality M2•
The latest version of Apple’s long-rumored mixed reality headset features the company’s recently announced M2 system-on-a-chip and 16GB of RAM, according to Mark Gurman. The Bloomberg reporter shared the tidbit of information in his latest Power On newsletter – along with details on a “deluge” of devices Apple plans to release over the next year, including a new HomePod speaker . As The Verge poi

Flying cars are no longer a fantasy and you may soon have the chance to own one. That doesn't mean they'll be anywhere close to affordable, however.

Photosynthesis Food•
500+Futurism / 9h
Friends in Dark Places Some things that could make the world more efficient simply feel impossible to achieve — not like having to eat and sleep or not suffering through inflated grocery store prices . Earlier this week, though, scientists at UC Riverside and the University of Delaware say they found a way to cross one of those seemingly impossible barriers when they convinced plants to grow in t

500+Futurism / 9h
Looking Out How do police put surveillance on the future? Easy — just put cameras everywhere and pick out the folks you think will cause trouble. That strategy is a daily reality in China, and whether or not the 1.4 billion people living there actually pose a threat or are comfortable being surveilled all the time doesn't seem to matter, the New York Times reported yesterday. Authorities collect

A Nest is meant to provide users peace of mind, but when it is hacked, it can feel like a major invasion of privacy.

Are you thinking about spending your hard-earned money on a couple of NFTs? Before you give in to the hype, there are a few things you should know.

American Airlines shares with me that through July 14 there are elevated offers for Citibank American Airlines credit cards. Continue reading ...

Google Spyware Android•
Google is warning of a sophisticated new spyware campaign that has seen malicious actors steal sensitive data from Android and iOS users in Italy and Kazakhstan. On Thursday, the company’s Threat Analysis Group (TAG) shared its findings on RCS Labs, a commercial spyware vendor based out of Italy. On June 16th, security researchers at Lookout linked the firm to Hermit, a spyware program believed t

Dimmer Switch L.•
In the journey towards total home smartness, the search for the best smart switches can be a challenging (or even overlooked) endeavor… but it shouldn’t be. While they might not be the sexiest of smart home devices, smart switches can add a lot of personalization and convenience to your life, which is sort of the whole point of smart home tech. Smart switches bring big bonuses to the mix, both wh

Emirates Dubai Mexico•
Citing growing demand for international travel, Emirates is beefing up its service to North America by adding more seats on a route that takes travelers from its Dubai headquarters through Barcelona en route to Mexico City. Service on the existing route will go from six days a week to seven. For more TPG news delivered each morning to your inbox, sign up for our daily newsletter . The expansion,

Smart homes are known for being convenient, but they also have the potential to save you money by reducing how much electricity your appliances use.

Mac Gurman Apple M2 Pro•
73Mashable / 10h
Alert Apple aficionados: the company has reportedly hinted at new products and updated OG's to be released over the next year. According to Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, the tech giant has a few more surprises up its 2022 sleeves than what was unveiled at the WWDC conference , which announced the new iOS 16 and macOS Ventura , including anticipated updates to iPhones, Apple Watches, and more. T

Bacteria Caribbean•
1KFuturism / 11h
Size Matters A single bacterium at least two orders of magnitude larger than the theoretical limit scientists thought possible has been found swimming around in the French Caribbean archipelago of Guadeloupe. It's the biggest ever discovered. "It’s 5,000 times bigger than most bacteria," Jean-Marie Volland, a scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, said in a statement . "To put it int

The insanely powerful James Webb Space Telescope will look back through the distant parts of the universe, helping astronomers study its secrets.

US Disney Travel Roe•
92Mashable / 11h
A year of attacks against reproductive rights culminated in the overturning of Roe v. Wade on June 24, with communities around the nation responding in protest . The decision also reinvigorated a growing business response to abortion access, with dozens of employers pledging to cover their employees' costs for abortion travel or care. These employers are attempting to join an already deeply estab

Despite all the controversy surrounding the crypto world, one obvious bright spot of blockchain technology has been its ability to support creators and artists in monetizing their work. Rapper and visual artist Latashá , our guest on the latest episode of the Chain Reaction podcast, is a living embodiment of web3’s potential to support independent artists. She minted and successfully sold her fir

The CW’s had plenty of time letting Riverdale do consistently weird shit for nearly a decade, but it’s all set to come to an end with a final, surely bonkers season later this year. But lest you think that would be the end of the TV universe based on the Archie Comics universe, you’d be mistaken, because there’s… Read more...

The Ford GT is something of a collectors item, but actor and wrestler John Cena was quick to sell his off, prompting a lawsuit.

PS Atlanta Airport•
The world’s busiest airport is about to become the newest home to one of the more luxurious options out there for travelers waiting to catch a flight. Remember that semi-secret lounge away from the main terminal at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) ? Well, the same concept is now coming to Atlanta. PS, formerly known as The Private Suite , offers an exclusive lounge and chauffeur service at

MSC Cruises may be the biggest cruise line you’ve never heard of — assuming you’re an American. While the Switzerland-based company is the third biggest cruise line in the world, it has far less name recognition among Americans than big U.S.-based lines such as Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruise Line . For more cruise guides, news and tips, sign up for TPG’s cruise newsletter. That’s because, un

Google makes it super easy to add your Gmail account to your iPhone. This way, you can access your Gmail emails in your iPhone’s Mail app as well as the Gmail app. We’ll show you how to perform this integration on your device. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

The crypto crash resulted in a flood of used graphics cards on the market, but gamers should think twice before buying one of them to try and save money.

Airlines lost billions of dollars during the pandemic. But their leaders shed costs, in many cases by downsizing staff and brought in government subsidies (designed to keep them from shedding staff). It was a test of leadership, and CEOs were rewarded handsomely for the task. It’s a wet hot American summer of flying through delays, cancellations, and long lines at airports. It may be a comfort to

100+Gizmodo / 12h
There’s plenty of things that have folks excited for Thor: Love & Thunder , be it the debut of Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster or the film’s purported groundbreaking queerness. (For an MCU film , I mean.) Depending on who you are, though, another reason to get excited is seeing Chris Hemsworth’s titular hero get his… Read more...

Mozilla Firefox makes it easy to import bookmarks from other web browsers. If you’re switching from Google Chrome to Firefox, this guide will show you how to get all your Chrome bookmarks moved to your Firefox browser. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

It seems that Overwatch 2 is more than just a flashy sequel. Instead, it’s a full on replacement for the seven-year-old Overwatch, which will stop working when Overwatch 2 arrives on October 4th. Given previous news, this isn’t much of a surprise. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Apple Gurman HomePod S8•
Apple plans to release a “deluge” of new products this fall and in the first half of 2023, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. And while many of the devices the company is reportedly working on won’t come won’t come as much of a surprise, one is interesting. In his