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Saturday, June 18, 2022

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 Technology News and More...

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Enlarge (credit: NIH ) For billions of years after the origin of life, the only living things on Earth were tiny, primitive cells resembling today’s bacteria. But then, more than 1.5 billion years ago, something remarkable happened: One of those primitive cells, belonging to a group known as the archaea, swallowed a different one—a bacterium. Instead of being digested, the bacterium took up perma

Bitcoin $20 November•
Its fall was accelerated in recent weeks by the collapse of two major cryptocurrency projects while sowing doubts about the stability of the overall cryptocurrency market.

AMD Ryzen September•
AMD’s next-gen processors will be spearheaded by four Ryzen 7000 CPUs, going by the latest from the grapevine. The contention from one of the better-known Twitter hardware rumor pedlars out there, Greymon55, is that AMD is planning to initially launch the Ryzen 7950X, 7900X, 7800X and 7600X, with other models to follow later. 7950X7900X7800X7600X7700X is still not in the first lineup. June 17, 20

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Wired / 28min
WIRED spoke with the Environmental Protection Agency to learn more about the government’s energy efficiency program.

Wired / 28min
Hurricanes, heat, fires, smoke, drought. Is it time to stop making the hottest part of the year seem cool?

Close-up view of driver in car holding three cats during the 1911 Buffalo Reliability Run in New York State. Stamped on back: “Spooner & Wells, Inc., photographers, telephones 3472-3473 Columbus, 1931 Broadway, New York.” Handwritten on back: “Tours–Buffalo Reliability Run, 1911.” Lazarnick Collection Courtesy of the National Automotive History Collection, Detroit Public Library

The post appeared first on Popular Mechanics .

It's summertime and you know what that means: time to sit inside, hide from the sun, and read tweets online. Alright, maybe you shouldn't do that. For real, after you read this post you should go outside. Feel the sun. Go for a walk. Touch grass, as the kids say. SEE ALSO: Hey girl, drop everything and look at Ryan Gosling as a shirtless Ken doll But first, read this post. Because hey, balance is

A warming planet means a warming ocean. The seas soak up over 90 percent of the heat humanity traps on Earth. Last year, ocean warming reached a record high . These soaring marine temperatures have a multitude of problematic impacts, the likes of rising sea levels , destabilized Antarctic glaciers , and disrupted marine ecosystems . And as David Attenborough’s documentary Our Planet vividly captu

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The thing about identity is, it changes over space and time.

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Coffee can mean a hot cup of joe or something else entirely in different parts of the US.

If you’re laboring under the burden of an ISP-imposed data cap, tracking down the “bandwidth vampires” using up all your precious data will save you from overage fees and hassles. Here’s where to look. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Earlier this month, a Google engineer, Blake Lemoine, claimed his employer had inadvertently created a sentient AI chatbot system, called Language Model for Dialogue Applications —or LaMDA, for short. Lemoine had been tasked with seeing if the LaMDA’s programming showed any tendencies toward hate speech or… Read more...

If you want to run a website on AWS, you may not even need a server! AWS’s CloudFront CDN can serve static web content directly from an S3 bucket, leaving you paying only for requests and data transferred (which might even be free). Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Lawmakers Google Abortion•
A group of Democratic lawmakers led by Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) and Rep. Elissa Slotkin is urging Google to "crack down on manipulative search results" that lead people seeking abortions to anti-abortion clinics. In a letter addressed to Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai, the lawmakers reference a study conducted by US nonprofit group Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH). The organization found tha

Love it or hate it, we have a divisive opinion when faced with sweltering heat, but the components inside our computers and laptops are decidedly not as sun-loving as the folks that use them. Processors and graphics cards are especially sensitive to heat, which is why cooling them on a regular day is important – not just when the weather starts to feel like we’re ready for a BBQ. Most will come w

Wales Online has the story of how “a woman with diabetes was abandoned at a Spanish airport” by Ryanair, and “had to sleep alone overnight at Alicante airport without her medication.” That sounds terrible, and I’m sure it was all unpleasant, but which party was actually at fault for this? Let’s dig into the details… Traveler spends all her money on holiday, can’t afford to check oversized bag Tha

We've not seen a new Google Nest Wifi product since 2019, but the rumor is that Google is about to push out a substantial upgrade to its range of mesh routers – and this time the latest Wi-Fi 6 speeds and technologies are going to be supported. This is according to an anonymous source speaking to 9to5Google , which can usually be depended on for accurate information. It also sounds as though the

So, what's everyone been watching this week? Each week, the most popular streamed movies come down to a few things — sheer buzz, smart marketing and PR campaigns, star power, critical acclaim , or a slow burn, word-of-mouth phenomenon that leads uninterested people to finally watch it out of spite. Just to get a sense of what everyone's streaming, we've used data from streaming aggregator Reelgoo

Space scientists have discovered just how much they can accomplish when they work together, with incredible feats achieved this year through collaborations with commercial industry and foreign nations. Successful partnerships in 2022 have included the launch and calibration of the most powerful space telescope in the world and photographing the never-before-seen supermassive black hole at the cen

What's everybody been watching this week then? We've dug into the latest data from streaming aggregator ReelGood , which pulls viewing figures from streaming sites in the UK and the US, and broken out the top 10 most watched TV shows of the past week. This week, regular ol' boring life does factor in but it's those lucky ducks with superpowers that are topping the list this week: Stranger Things

Forecasters are predicting a busier-than-usual hurricane season — as if we don’t already have enough going on. While there’s no real way to prepare yourself for a potential natural emergency , there are ways you can put your mind at ease. Investing in first aid kits, generators, and other supplies, for instance, can help you worry a little less come hurricane season. And lucky for you, we’ve foun

TL;DR: As of June 18, the C-MAX Chrono-Max Smartwatch is on sale for a mere $39.99, which is a whopping 81% down from its regular price of $219.99. If you’ve had an Apple Watch on your wishlist for a while, but never pulled the trigger, think about the reason you want it. Do you want to track your fitness goals, sleep habits, and other health stats? Or, do you just want that cool factor that come

TL;DR: As of June 18, the HUDWAY Glass Heads-Up Navigation Display is on sale for $49.95, which is 16% off its regular price of $59.95. If you can’t afford a new car in this economy, but still want some fancy features, consider this heads-up navigation display on sale. As seen at CES (a.k.a. Consumer Electronics Show) a few years ago, the Kickstarter-funded Hudway Glass is a nifty navigation syst

TL;DR: As of June 18, you can take 42% off the VH-80, the World's First Bilateral Laser Distance Measurer with the code VH80 , and get it for $144.30 instead of $249.99. Whether you’re renovating your home, painting a mural on the side of your shed, rearranging your furniture , or just trying to find the perfect spot to hang your NFT gallery , having a proper measuring tool can make all the diffe

TL;DR: As of June 18, you can save 29% on the Pacific67 Essentials 2-Piece Knife Set and get it for $159.95 instead of $228. Whether you fancy yourself a skilled home chef or you can barely find your way around the kitchen, there are some culinary instruments that are non-negotiable must-haves. A high-quality blade is at the top of the list. Old, dull blades can lead to slips resulting in cuts. N

Xbox Summer Game Fest•
As part of Summer Game Fest , Microsoft has announced an ID@Xbox event which will see over 30 playable pre-release Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S demos made available next week. This will mark ID@Xbox’s third Summer Game Fest event and it’ll run for a week, from Tuesday, June 21 through Monday, June 27. Over that week, you’ll be able to sift through the demos and try out some games for yourself, wi

The post appeared first on Popular Mechanics .

Forgive me if I’m over here, in the corner, having vibrant flashbacks to the Commodore 64, my very first computer. Today, Pentaform launches its AbacusBasic, a computer built into a keyboard. It comes with Windows 10 and everything you need to do computer-y things. You still need a monitor, but there are a few solutions for sorting that out, including a VGA or HDMI output, so you can shanghai alm

Yeah, masturbating is cool, but have you ever tried masturbating with sex toys? We want to be clear, we say this with all the love in our heart toward using your hands. But, if you're a hand user that's interested in something else — not necessarily something more — then sex toys can be a great way to explore sensations that are physically impossible to create without some kind of tech. The world

SAVE 49%: ExpressVPN is a streaming-friendly VPN that offers strong connection speeds and powerful levels of encryption. A one-year subscription to ExpressVPN is on sale for £82.39 and includes an extra three months for free — 49% off for a limited time. Due to copyright and licensing agreements, Hulu is only available in the U.S. That's a terrible shame for streamers in the UK (and around the wo

TL;DR: The Complete NFT and Cryptocurrency Wealth Building Masterclass Bundle is on sale for £24.45, saving you 97% on list price. If you haven't hear the term "NFT" over the last year or so, where have you been? It's the buzzword everyone's talking about and no one seems to understand. But that can change with this masterclass bundle that teaches you everything you've ever wanted to know about N

Seattle Capital One•
Paige Thompson’s lawyers said she had been looking for cracks so they could be fixed. A jury found her guilty of wire fraud and hacking charges.

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Welcome back to Toy Aisle, io9's regular round-up of toy news. This week, Obi-Wan Wednesdays continue with a new Black Series figure, Hot Toys keeps reminding you that its expertise lies in creepy realism with a trip to Lightyear , and, we cannot stress this enough: Nerf has a blaste