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Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Summer Soltice Technology News and More..

 Technology News and More...

Oman Air Middle East•
In September 2021, my favorite boutique airline revealed its desire to join the oneworld alliance. Roughly nine months later, it has now been revealed that this will happen — woot! Oman Air interested in oneworld alliance Oman Air will be joining the oneworld alliance, in a process that should be completed by 2024 (so unfortunately it’s going to be some time). This development was announced at th

EV Electric Vehicles•
100+How-To Geek / 18h
The electric vehicle market has been on a roll lately and showing no signs of slowing down. We have stunning cars and rugged electric trucks. And while most EVs are stylish, fast, powerful, and offer the latest luxury features, it’s not all good news. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Thailand and North America will soon be reconnected with nonstop flights. Air Canada on Monday announced that it will launch seasonal service on Dec. 1 between its hub at Vancouver International Airport (YVR) and Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK). The service, on a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, will operate four times weekly. The final eastbound departure from Bangkok is scheduled for April 17. The w

Apple has been making its own ARM-based processors to put inside Macs for over a year and a half, and according to a new report, the company now dominates the PC market for ARM-powered silicon. That report from analyst firm Strategy Analytics, flagged up by Tom’s Hardware , shows just how dominant Apple has become for ARM chips in PCs, with the company snagging almost 90% of the revenue from this

Engadget / 12min
Sony typically follows up its PlayStation consoles with a slim version a few years later, but that time hasn't come for the PS5 yet. While we all wait for a slimmer PS5 that would fit in small spaces better, a YouTuber called DIY Perks already built one for himself . He took apart a standard PlayStation 5 and replaced everything that needed to be replaced to get rid of the console's bulk. He subs

After extending credit to thousands of customers over mobile phones since 2015, Ghana-based fintech Fido is now in search of additional growth avenues for its expansion across Africa. Fido told TechCrunch that it is planning to add savings and payment products to its portfolio later this year, and to enter Uganda, its second market, as it prepares to expand to more regions across the continent. T

A Cloudflare outage has hit several popular services including Discord, Omegle, DoorDash, Crunchyroll, NordVPN, and Feedly. Other popular services that have confirmed they are impacted include Zerodha,, news outlet Register, Groww, Buffer, iSpirt, Upstox and Social Blade. The internet infrastructure firm said it is investigating the “wide-spread” issue. “Users may experience errors or

Colbert Triumph Capitol•
Late Show host Stephen Colbert has addressed the Capitol Police's detention of his staff last week , explaining how a normal and innocuous interaction has been wildly mischaracterised by some commentators as "[committing] insurrection." "First of all: what?" quipped an incredulous Colbert. "Second of all: huh? Third of all: They weren't in the Capitol Building!" Colbert explained that Late Show s

Founders Fund has made its first investment in the Middle East by backing UAE-based proptech startup Huspy . The $37 million Series A round, one of the largest at this stage in MENA, was led by Sequoia Capital India . The round also welcomed participation from Fifth Wall , the largest VC firm backing real estate and proptech startups. Chimera Capital invested in the company as well as existing in

Engineers are developing mobile, floating nuclear desalination plants to help solve water shortages.

Government UK Data GDPR•
Government proposals to move away from EU data-protection laws post-Brexit have had a mixed reaction.

Bybit Crypto Exchange 30%•
Singapore-based crypto exchange Bybit has joined a long list of companies that have laid off some of their employees. As the cryptocurrency market is facing tremulous times , firms are finding new ways to cut costs and stay afloat. Crypto journalist James Wu first noted the news about Bybit’s layoffs yesterday . He said that the company is cutting a whopping 30% of its 2,000 people workforce. How

TL;DR: The Coding 101 Bootcamp Beginners Bundle is on sale for £23.73, saving you 98% on list price. The perfect time to learn to code may never arise, but the need for coders will always be there. So you might as well start now — especially because this Coding 101 Bootcamp for Beginners is on sale for only £23.73. Taught by instructors at Zenva Academy, one of the leading platforms in the e-lear

Diablo Immortal China•
The release of Diablo Immortal in China has been postponed only days before its scheduled launch, and less than a week after the RPG’s official Weibo account was banned for making derisive comments about the country’s leadership. Diablo Immortal ’s delay was announced by Blizzard in a blog post . The publisher gave no specific reason why the RPG’s launch has been postponed from July 23, nor sugge

It’s been a tough few years for Omio , the Berlin-based travel search and booking platform that saw 98% of its revenues evaporate overnight when COVID-19 hit Europe back in Spring 2020. But the company kept on trucking and has found some light at the end of the tunnel: Today it’s reporting revenues which have rebounded to more than double pre-pandemic levels. It’s also announcing close of an $80M

Beyoncé Break My Soul•
Beyoncé just dropped her new anti-work house groove "BREAK MY SOUL" from her upcoming album RENAISSANCE , thrilling Twitter's theys, gays, and enemies of the capitalist cogs oiled by the blood of the proletariat. It's a decent club tune, offering more of a vibe than a banger, however the lyric video could really do with a photosensitivity warning. Followers of Queen B who also have epilepsy will

The Umbrella Academy Season 3 finally premieres this week, continuing the superpowered, time-hopping adventures of the dysfunctional Hargreeves siblings. As such, here's a quick Season 2 refresher to jog your memory and get you ready for the new episodes. If you're about to hit play on The Umbrella Academy 's new season and are itching to get started, all you really need to know is that the disas

Vahak is not only an open marketplace for truckers, but it also provides drivers with services like healthcare and discounted fuel cards. The Bangalore-based company announced today it has raised a $14 million Series A. The round was led by Nexus Partners, with participation from Foundamental, iSeed Ventures, Leo Capital, RTP Global and Tital Capital. This brings Vahak’s total raised so far to $2

Saul Klein is a busy man. As co-founder, with his father Robin, of LocalGlobe , one of the longest-running VCs in Europe, he has overseen a wide range of initiatives – among other things the pair are passionate investors and philanthropists in LocalGlobe’s HQ’d area of Somers Town, London – as well as the more conventional business of venture investing in startups. But, although the LocalGlobe br

JetBlue Spirit SA Frontier•
Will the fourth time be the charm for JetBlue? The New York-based airline on Monday made its fourth offer since March to acquire Spirit Airlines — and this time, Spirit had provided JetBlue with due diligence. Want more airline-specific news? Sign up for TPG’s free new biweekly Aviation newsletter Spirit signed a merger agreement with Frontier Airlines in February — an agreement that has been the

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We already know the third and final season of Star Trek: Picard is going to be big. For starters, the season two finale hit fans with piles and piles of looming stories. Then there’s the all-important knowledge that several members of The Next Generation cast are returning for the final season, in roles that are more… Read more...

Canada Single Use Plastics•
Canada is banning companies from producing and importing a handful of single-use plastics by the end of the year, Reuters reports. Among the items the country won’t allow the production of include plastic shopping bags, takeout containers and six-pack rings for holding cans and bottles together. We promised to ban harmful single-use plastics, and we’re keeping that promise. The ban on the making

Musk Twitter Max Q•
Hello and welcome back to Max Q. This issue is very, very, very SpaceX heavy. Depending on how you feel about the company, you’ll either love or hate it! In this issue: SpaceX employees share open letter on Elon Musk, promptly get fired Meanwhile, SpaceX clears major regulatory hurtle, first Starship launch may be next month News from Sierra Space, NASA and more Don’t forget to sign up to get the

With a little time and a lot of patience, you can learn to DIY vinyl-wrap your car, whatever color or pattern you want.

The Aston Martin will release just 150 of its Valkyrie standard Coupe models, with a price tag hovering around $3 million.

I was recently out for a walk with a friend of mine who used to be a flight attendant — we happened to be in New York at the same time. While catching up on life, the subject changed to flying and her experiences flying across the Atlantic. During her career as a flight attendant, she’d never really thought about how her aircraft crisscrossed the globe. As the conversation progressed, she become

The Corvette remains as popular as ever, but the modern version of this vehicle comes with one notable omission: you can't buy it with a manual transmission.

Delta eliminated traditional mileage upgrades in 2019, and they no longer let top tier elite members upgrade paid coach tickets to business class. Upgrades with miles can now cost as much as one million miles roundtrip. Continue reading ...

If your Fitbit Charge 5 has had flaky performance lately, you'll be glad to hear that a solution is on the horizon. 9to5Google has learned Fitbit is promising a fix for frequent disconnections between the activity tracker and its host phone. If you're affected, the Bluetooth connection will spontaneously drop and prevent your wearable from syncing fitness data, whether you're using an Android pho

Contemporary Star Wars is far from unafraid of taking concepts that worked from the Expanded Universe and loosely slotting them into its own narratives. Last week’s penultimate episode of Obi-Wan Kenobi was no exception—but in returning to the planet Jabiim for a fateful clash between the Empire and the would-be… Read more...

It's not uncommon for even the best automakers to have a dud now and then. One model year in the Toyota Tundra's impressive run didn't stand up.

While Google has long included a password manager among its account perks, accessing a native version of that tool on your Android phone or tablet hasn’t been straightforward. Before a recent Google Play Services update, you had to navigate to the “Privacy” section of Android’s Settings menu to find an option to launch the software. But as 9to5Google points out, you can now add a home screen shor

The imminent arrival of a browser -style tabbing system for the Windows 11 File Explorer may also deliver an additional fringe benefit, new reports suggest. When Microsoft first unveiled the new feature, the company emphasized the advantages from a productivity perspective, but it appears that tabs for File Explorer confer a welcome performance advantage too. As reported by Windows Latest , users

45Mashable / 10h
A video from Wire shows us just how Google Street View has circled the planet hundreds of times over the last 15 years. What was originally a 500-pound piece of machinery on top of a van is now a set of high tech cameras atop snowmobiles, backpacks and, yes, even camels. This has allowed tons of more places to be showcased on Google Street View — like tight corridors and alleyways that cars can't

oldshowbiz : 1943 - Louis Jordan and the Detroit Riots

Diablo Immortal China•
Diablo Immortal was supposed to debut in China on June 23rd, but those who have been waiting for the game in the country will need to wait longer. NetEase, which co-developed the game with Blizzard, has pushed back the release date indefinitely. It wrote in a blog post that "the development team is making a number of optimization adjustments." However, there are other factors at play. NetEase fou

HDMI modulators are an easy way to stay connected to the latest technology without changing your whole system. Home entertainment technology, especially for televisions and other visual devices, has been improving at breakneck speed for years now. Many consumers find it hard to keep up with the pace, and cost, of new technology. If you’ve ever invested in a piece of new technology, such as a rece

Amazon Warehouse has scores of products that are being sold at a heavy discount after being returned in a 30-day window.

Volkswagen EV Battery•
While electric vehicles promise a green future, the batteries that power them don't boast the same level of sustainability.

16 Apple CAPTCHA iPhone•
iOS 16 might just help you avoid the CAPTCHA anti-bot systems that stand between you and some web sign-ins. As MacRumors noticed , Apple used WWDC 2022 to detail a Private Access Token system in iOS 16, iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura that skips CAPTCHAs altogether for some apps and websites. Enable an Automatic Verification feature and supporting sites will use iCloud to verify both your Apple ID an

Kioxia, the company formerly known as Toshiba, has started to ship a new storage device based on a new form factor, XFMEXPRESS, which aims to bring the best of both SSD and microSD worlds. The XT2 is a removable PCIe attached NVMe storage device which, according to Kioxia’s marketing literature, will “enhance next-generation mobile and embedded applications”. The technology - which is three years

Enlarge / A new method helps recover gold from E-waste at a higher rate than it can be extracted from fresh ore. (credit: Reiko Matsushita/Shinta Watanabe) Gold and certain other precious metals are key ingredients in computer chips, including those used in consumer electronics such as smart phones. But it can be difficult to recover and recycle those metals from electronic waste. Japanese resear

Changing a file type basically means changing a file’s extension, and both Windows 10 and 11 offer multiple options to do this. We’ll show you which option to use and when so you can successfully change your files’ formats. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Dune Spice Wars Update•
Ever since we got our first look at Dune: Spice Wars during the 2021 Game Awards , it has looked like one of the most promising videogame adaptions of Frank Herbert’s sci-fi series in a long time. If you’ve been playing the game in Steam early access, you can now look forward to fighting over Arrakis with your friends. On Monday, developer Shiro Games announced the release of Spice Wars' multipla

Roku Walmart Commerce Ads•
Seeing ads on streaming services is nothing new, but Roku and Walmart want to take them up a notch by making it possible to shop directly on a TV.

These days when you think of big, adventurous, sci-fi scores, there’s one name at the top of the list: Michael Giacchino. In the past few months alone, the prolific, Oscar-winning composer did the scores for Spider-Man: No Way Home , The Batman , Jurassic World Dominion , as well as the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder .… Read more...

EV UK Electric Cars•
Electric vehicles are hitting the mainstream. But it's important to do your own research before making the decision to purchase one.

Windows 11 users are set for a newly spiced up search function with the latest round of updates. The new “Search Highlights” feature promises to “present notable and interesting moments of what's special about each day – like holidays, anniversaries, and other educational moments in time both globally and in your region” via clicking or tapping on the taskbar. The feature could be good news for t

The post appeared first on Popular Mechanics .

Oman Air Oneworld Alliance•
Back in September Oman Air announced its intention to join oneworld alliance and that it is working with Qatar Airways on its application as a sponsor. Now joining is official. Continue reading ...

Drones are increasingly common around the world -- except in Antarctica. Here's why you shouldn't pack your drone for a trip there.

Instagram Account•
Hackers are on the prowl, and individual Instagram accounts are often the subject of their poaching. Here's what to know to protect your account.