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Thursday, June 23, 2022

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Slow Thursday
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Dear Producer,

It’s hard for the show to get on track after a holiday weekend, especially when the emphasized news is the pathetic Congressional Hearing over the Jan. 6th, 2020 protests and subsequent vandalism where the Liberals running Congress tell us that a guy claiming to be a shaman wearing horns on his head was, along with other goofballs, trying to literally overthrow the US Federal government. Furthermore, the claim that this is the worst thing that has happened to the country since Pearl Harbor is simply laughable. But on it goes led by the likes of creepy Adam Schiff and dingbat Liz Chaney.

What suffers? The No Agenda Show income, that’s what.

 The sad puppy is about to reappear as support for the show wanes. This is despite the quality of the show remaining higher than ever.
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You do know who is waiting in the wings, yes?
Tomorrow's Show
The public TV 1-6 hearings will be ended and now the justice department is going to have to do something insofar as rolling out some sort of indictment (despite the fact that the hearings were one-sided with nobody able to defend themselves.) While this may have just been a show trial to get votes for Democrats later this year, it may be perceived as a huge waste of time and money if something more does not come out of it. We’ll be watching on your behalf.
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The public is tiring of the Ukraine debacle and rubble-izing, especially if it has anything to do with the price of gasoline and electricity prices. Since Biden and the administration blames everything on Putin with the “Putin price hike” who will be asking the question as to why this was not stopped in the first place?

As you recall, despite predictions by pundits and the Ukrainians themselves the invasion was not going to happen in the first place. Yet for weeks beforehand the Biden administration was predicting an invasion for sure and within the week. While the timing of the invasion did not match Biden’s predictions, the administration remained cock sure it was happening. If this is true, why did they not immediately put Anthony Blinken and the State Department to work to stop it? Very little was done except carp at Putin, which,, in hindsight, seems to have goaded him into attacking.

So now they complain about “Putin’s price hike.”
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John C. Dvorak
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