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Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Technology News and More-Monday Evening Edition

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Wednesday Ortega Netflix•
The braids. The starched collar. The look that says "I'll clean my room in exchange for your immortal soul." Snaps for the first look at Tim Burton's Wednesday , with Netflix dropping an introduction to Scream star Jenna Ortega as our spooky teen anti-hero. Following Wednesday Addams' years as a student at Nevermore Academy, the series will involve "sleuthing [and] supernaturally infused mystery"

Sandman Netflix N. Gaiman•
Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman has finally been given a release date on Netflix – and longtime fans will be pleased to learn that Morpheus’ highly-anticipated screen debut is just around the corner. The star-studded Netflix show , which is an adaptation of Gaiman’s epic 1990s comic book series of the same name, is heading to the streaming service on August 5. The date was announced at the streamer's a

Elon Musk Twitter Deal•
Mr. Musk’s lawyers said Twitter was “actively resisting” his requests.

Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) As hacker groups working continue to hammer a former Windows zero-day that makes it unusually easy to execute malicious code on target computers, Microsoft is keeping a low profile, refusing even to say if it has plans to patch. Late last week, security firm Proofpoint said that hackers with ties to known nation-state groups were exploiting the remote code execution

Back in 2016 when lines were being drawn for their divorce, Amber Heard demanded Johnny Depp give her one car in particular. What made it so special?

In myth, the cryptocurrency is egalitarian, decentralized and all but anonymous. The reality is very different, scientists have found.

SEC Binance BNB Bloomberg•
The SEC has reportedly opened an investigation into Binance to find out whether its BNB token was an unregistered security during its 2017 initial coin offering, reported Bloomberg . BNB coins are primarily used to pay transaction fees on Binance, currently the word’s largest crypto exchange. The company is also facing another, separate SEC probe — launched in February — into alleged ties between

Disney+ is an excellent portal to high-quality Disney content, but there's no guarantee you can stream in 4K. Here are some possible reasons and solutions.

Apple 2022 MacBook Air 16•
This year's Apple WWDC didn't give us the AR/VR announcement we'd hoped for, but it was still an experience. Most of that was due to Craig Federighi's tour-de-force emceeing and a screenshot that was begging to be meme-ed. Tweet may have been deleted (opens in a new tab) But there were also some exciting moments related to the purpose of the event, including some major software upgrades and an ov

This was my first year covering Apple's WWDC, and as I typed furiously to update our readers about the latest iPad OS updates it struck me that no one was talking about what really matters: Apple Daddy Craig Federighi the fashion. The style choices were classic Apple (streamlined and simple) with the exception of a single track suit which was so delightful that I now desperately wish to call it m

Elon Musk Twitter Deal•
The billionaire accuses the company of "thwarting" his requests to learn more about spam accounts.

Apple 16 Lock Screen•
24Wired / 2h
The lock screen gets an all-new look in the iPhone's upcoming update.

Perhaps it’s the end of an era now that Sheryl Sandberg announced she will leave Meta . However, to Kelly Graziadei and Joanna Lee Shevelenko, general partners at f7 Ventures , an early-stage venture firm, they are carrying forward in their new endeavor the influence Sandberg had on them during their time at Facebook. All of f7 Ventures’ initial seven founders are long-time operators who met each

Axon Taser Ethics Board•
Nine of 12 members of an ethics board appointed by Axon to advise its technology decisions have resigned, citing the company’s plan to install Taser-equipped drones and pervasive surveillance at schools . “After several years of work, the company has fundamentally failed to embrace the values that we have tried to instill,” the departing members write. “We have lost faith in Axon’s ability to be

Our beloved vampires (and one bodyguard/familiar) might be in a rough spot after the events of What We Do in the Shadows season three , but fans of the FX show have much to rejoice about . Seasons five and six are on the way, and season four is just around the corner, debuting July 12. Read more...

The appropriately named endurance (so: running, triathlon, cycling, etc.) events marketplace Let’s Do This (a YC alumni) appeared a couple of years ago listing all kinds of endurance activities globally and attracting the backing of stars such as Usain Bolt and Serena Williams, alongside more standard venture investors such as EQT. Founded by Alex Rose and Sam Browne, both endurance runners and c

US New Covid Omicron•
Enlarge / A person holds a positive SARS-CoV-2 rapid test on February 17, 2022 in Berlin, Germany. (credit: Getty | Thomas Trutschel ) Omicron subvariant BA.2.12.1 has overtaken BA.2 as the dominant version of the pandemic coronavirus in the US, now accounting for an estimated 59 percent of cases nationwide . But BA.2.12.1's reign may end as quickly as it began, with yet another batch of omicron

Netflix Geeked Week•
Enlarge (credit: Netflix) It's Geeked Week courtesy of Netflix, which means a smorgasbord of new teasers for upcoming series. Most notably, we got some new teaser footage for The Sandman , a teaser for the third and final season of Locke & Key , and a full trailer for the Resident Evil live-action series. There were also teasers for a new series from the creators of the masterful German series Da

Apple Ventura iPhone•
20Wired / 2h
Apple has given a guided tour of macOS 13, which is nicknamed Ventura. Here's what you'll see on your Mac later this year.

One of the original DeLoreans, known as the "wreckage car", from "Back to the Future" has been restored by a father-son duo in Massachusetts.

The Polestar 2 is getting CarPlay support, though the fact that the automaker announced it on the same day as Apple's next-gen preview makes it confusing.

Seasonic AMD Radeon 7000•
Power supply manufacturer Seasonic has a nifty tool available (in open beta) on its website right now: a wattage calculator , which lets you punch in the specs for your planned PC build and receive suggestions for which PSU is best suited for your components. It’s a helpful tool for anyone building a new PC, but it may have also just leaked fresh information regarding AMD’s upcoming GPU releases.

Apple MacBook Air M2•
The Apple MacBook Air has enjoyed its time in the sun in recent years, but while its M1 model is very deserving of being one of the best laptops you can buy right now, that doesn’t mean it doesn't have any flaws. In fact, I'm a little peeved that one of its largest issues still hasn’t been addressed in its newly announced model refresh. The M2 SoC (System-on-a-chip) was finally revealed at WWDC o

As with many other PC manufacturers, LG is gradually updating its laptop lineup with the latest processors from Intel and AMD. On Monday, the same day Apple announced its new M2 MacBook Air , the company refreshed its ultraportable Gram lineup with Intel’s 12th-gen Core CPUs. LG As of today, all six models in the family, including the Gram 15 and both the 14- and 16-inch Gram 2-in-1s, come with I

Honestly, Kinda Cute Ever feel like you're being watched? ISS Cosmonaut Sergey Korsakov did during the undocking of Roscosmos spacecraft Progress MS-18, tweeting a photo of what appeared to be a pair of "stowaways" gripping to the side of the un-crewed freighter. Progress MS-18 successfully undocked and departed. But who are those stowaways watching us? #progress #iss #прогресс #мкс pic.twitter.c

India is proposing to create an appeals panel with the veto power to reverse content moderation decisions of social media firms, it said Monday evening, republishing the draft changes to the IT rules after quietly withdrawing it last week. If enacted, it would be the first time globally that a nation creates an appeals panel of this kind. New Delhi, which is currently seeking public comments on t

Most people buy Chromebooks because they're simple, but if you're not afraid to open the Terminal, there's the option of sideloading APKs and more.

Starbucks has made a fortune from its 27-million member rewards program, totaling about $1 billion since it launched.

Father's Day is right around the corner, so you might be sniffing around for the perfect gift for dear ol' dad. If he likes fiddling around the kitchen, then consider giving him a sous vide machine, which helps ensure the perfect medium-rare steak or chicken breasts that are never dry or overcooked. Sous vide machines can be pretty pricey, but thankfully the Anova Precision Cooker is on sale righ

To get a roundup of TechCrunch’s biggest and most important stories delivered to your inbox every day at 3 p.m. PDT, subscribe here . Today is Monday, June 6, 2022, and in case you didn’t know, it is also Apple’s WWDC conference, which is what Haje and our other colleagues are focused on today, so you get me solo. See all the tidbits and trappings by these excellent writers below. Also, Lucas ’s

Pan-African digital payments company MFS Africa is acquiring U.S.-based Global Technology Partners (GTP) in a cash-and-shares deal worth $34 million, FT reported today. There are very few deals of such manner; that is, an African tech company buying up a U.S.-based one. While it can be seen as bragging rights for some, MFS Africa made the deal out of a necessity for its next growth phase. MFS Afr

Elon Musk Twitter Deal•
Mr. Musk’s lawyers said Twitter was “actively resisting” his requests.

United Airlines recently inaugurated a direct flight from Newark International Airport (EWR) in the New York City area to Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel — the capital city on the largest island of the Azores. The Azores are a lush Atlantic Ocean archipelago made up of nine volcanic islands that have belonged to Portugal since the 15th century. The Azores boast a unique food culture, with several disti

We finally have our first look at iOS 16 and iPadOS 16, the latest software updates for the iPhone and iPad. There are some revolutions here, like a totally revamped Lock Screen on the iPhone, and macOS window management on iPad, in conjunction with smaller, useful changes, like the ability to edit and undo messages… Read more...

Hello and welcome back to Max Q. In this issue: New threads for astronauts Ursa Major’s latest addition to its rocket engine line-up News from Blue Origin and more Don’t forget to sign up to get the free newsletter version of Max Q delivered to your inbox. NASA turns to private industry for next-gen spacesuits Say goodbye to stuffy, hulking, 40-year-old spacesuits. Keeping step with a larger tren

SMSFactory Android•
A newly discovered mobile malware can rake up quite the phone bill for its victims, cybersecurity pros from Avast have revealed. The antivirus company recently spotted SMSFactory, a unique malware being distributed among its Brazilian customers, with mobile users in Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, and Argentina also seem to be targeted. SMSFactory deals damage by having the Android smartphone send phone

Apple 13 Ventura Mac•
Apple's WWDC 2022 keynote has finished and we saw previews of iOS 16 , watchOS 9 , and more, with public betas due to arrive in July. Yet, with iPadOS 16 finally bringing external display support and iOS 16 bringing fully customizable lock screens, macOS Ventura brought the best of both worlds in features. With this in mind, we checked to see just which Macs will work with Ventura when it launche

Sandman Netflix N. Gaiman•
Netflix dropped a trailer for its upcoming series The Sandman , which is set to debut on August 5th. The highly anticipated show is based on the popular graphic novels by Neil Gaiman from the nineties, and features the likes of Tom Sturridge, Gwendolyn Christie, Stephen Fry and Patton Oswalt. Netflix also announced today that Mark Hamill will be voicing the kingdom's resident handyman Merv Pumpki

At a developer briefing following Apple’s keynote address at its Worldwide Developer Conference this afternoon, the company went into more detail about the different types of widgets developers can now build for the iOS 16 Lock Screen. Inspired by the Apple Watch’s complications, Apple said these new widgets can help developers leverage key information from their app and display it where people c

Ken Paxton apparently loves the taste of billionaire boots. The Attorney General seems to want his new-ish constituent, Elon Musk, to like him so bad, he’ll use all the legal resources of Texas to gain favor. Read more...

Texas Twitter Musk•
As Elon Musk tries to squirm out of his commitment to buy Twitter, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is running interference for the newly minted Texan. Paxton just announced that his office is investigating how Twitter may be “misleading Texans” about the number of automated bots on its platform. “It matters not only for regular Twitter users, but also Texas businesses and advertisers who use Tw

Texas Twitter Musk•
Texas's Attorney General, Ken Paxton, has launched an investigation of Twitter over concerns of "potentially false" reports related to the number of bots and other fake accounts on the social network. In a press release Monday, Paxton claims inauthentic accounts may be helping to "inflate the value" of Twitter — thus he intends to pursue the investigation under the state's Deceptive Trade Practic

24Gizmodo / 4h
The ramifications of the historic megadrought happening in the U.S. right now are getting increasingly serious. Hydropower is faltering, farmland is too parched to produce, and millions of people are currently under water restrictions. It’s a drought so big that it has eclipsed 1,200 years of climate history.… Read more...

Apple 16 iPad Safari•
Enlarge / True external display support is coming to M1-powered iPads in iPadOS 16. (credit: Apple) CUPERTINO, Calif.—Apple formally announced the latest update to its iPad operating system, iPadOS 16 , during the keynote presentation of its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on Monday. As usual, the tablet operating system will share many of the features and app updates introduced with the n

76Gizmodo / 4h
Every year at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, the company reveals how its expanding the capabilities of its software and applications, and that often includes new features and functionality that feel eerily similar to existing apps from third-party developers and other companies. It’s a way for Apple to let… Read more...

Linux Kernel 5.19 LT•
The next big Linux update could be a big deal, according to foundation founder and head honcho Linus Torvalds. Tovalds said in the latest update on the development of the Linux 5.19 kernel that the “ARM generic kernel work (aka "multiplatform") is pretty much done after 10+ years.” He added: “StrongARM platforms remain with their separate kernels, and are expected to stay so, but compared to wher

A new "edible QR code" that aims to determine whether you're drinking counterfeit liquor bears a striking resemblance to the preferred dosing method of the world's most famous psychedelic drug. As Purdue University notes in a press release about the tech, the edible smartphone-scannable QR tag is supposed to show that high quality spirits haven't been tampered with. But to the untrained eye, the

Separate from their Oneworld alliance partnership, Alaska Airlines and American Airlines offer an even deeper integration of their elite status perks. These benefits include reciprocal upgrades, extra-legroom preferred seating and more. In addition, those who qualify for Alaska MVP Gold 75K or MVP Gold 100K status are supposed to receive confirmed upgrade certificates for international American A

Wildfires have been wreaking havoc over the past few weeks, as several fires—like the Calf Canyon/Hermits Peak Fire in New Mexico—continue to burn. Greece is currently battling another wildfire that began on Saturday in the area surrounding Athens, and it is only one of the 61 different wildfires that were active in… Read more...

Apple Ios 16 iPhone•
With a revamped lock screen, redesigned notifications and an enhanced Focus mode, iOS 16 promises to bring a lot of useful new features to Apple's iPhone later this year. But as is always the case with keynotes like WWDC , there's not enough time to cover every enhancement. And one such feature Apple didn't mention is that iOS will allow you to use Face ID even when your iPhone is oriented horizo

When a man shoplifted from a Dallas - Fort Worth airport shop, American Airlines used surveillance video to accuse a passenger of the crime. Though the passenger looked nothing like the perpetrator, arrest warrants were issued, and the man found himself in a New Mexico jail for 17 days unaware of what he'd supposedly done. It was only after strip searches, seeing other inmates punched in the face

Elon Musk and his legal team are making some waves about the Tesla CEO's potential Twitter takeover - even threatening to walk away from the deal.

Apple has announced all of the major features coming with the next versions of iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, and macOS, but when will they be released?

Apple introduced a sleek new MacBook Air with a set of features that might very well change the way you use your computer -- and your iPad, at the same time.

macOS Ventura ramps up the organization and convenience tools offered by its predecessor. Here's everything we know about Ventura so far.

Apple 9 Watch Workout•
As part of its WWDC 2022 keynote, Apple took the wraps off the next major version of watchOS, giving Apple Watch users a look at the features coming next.

The second generation of Apple Silicon is here. The M2 SOC is Apple’s consumer upgrade to the 2020’s M1 in the Mac lineup and beyond. Here’s a look at how the two chips compare—and what it means for future Macs. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

200+Gizmodo / 4h
One of the highlights of visiting the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum for Star Trek fans is seeing the original on-screen model of the USS Enterprise on display there. But all of the restoration work that went into the model six years ago can now benefit private collectors, as Tomy has created a remarkably detailed… Read more...

Tvos 16 Beta Apple•
As Apple ran through all its big software announcements at WWDC 2022 – including the launch of iOS 16 and macOS 13 , among others – we were waiting on tenterhooks for the launch of tvOS 16. In more recent years, tvOS on the Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD has felt like a bit of a forgotten cousin compared to how exciting the developments in other areas have been – and this year it seemed to have actu

Apple Watchos 9 Series 3•
Apple's WWDC 2022 keynote live stream has wrapped up and we got our first look at all the upgrades coming to our iPhones , iPads , and MacBook devices. This includes the first look at watchOS 9 and all the features available on the new operating system for the Apple Watch smartwatches. And there are some awesome new features for the new Apple Watch operating system. These include making it a bett

It’s that time of year again: when our Apple devices get a slew of new features and improvements thanks to redesigned operating systems. This year, Apple dedicated much of its virtual keynote at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference to the software improvements coming this fall for iPhones, iPads, Macs and Apple Watches. (The tech giant even unveiled some new hardware, including a new MacBoo

As the weather gets nicer, parents everywhere are looking for ways to keep their children entertained and engaged outside of the house. This is especially true for kids who are not able to go off to summer camp or those who are either too young or unable to take on a job this summer. So what can you do to have fun? Well, you can play games, of course! After all, there are lots of ball games, pool

A single, vivid red cherry on top of a sundae is an iconic visual, steeped in nostalgia. Unfortunately, it’s also the wrong move. Topping your sundae with a single cherry means you only get to eat one cherry, and I reject that notion (for me, for you, for the world). Your sundae needs multiple cherries, and those… Read more...

Axon Taser Ethics Board•
42Wired / 4h
The company has backed down on its proposal to address school shootings, but the damage was already done.

Apple’s Safari web browser has lagged behind some features in recent years, especially with background services. After years of waiting, it seems like Safari will finally support web push notifications on all platforms. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 11, launched in October 2021, but many PCs lack the hardware required to upgrade. So what can you do if your computer isn’t ready to make the jump? Is upgrading even worth the hassle? Read This Article on Review Geek ›

The future of Mexican wolves in the U.S. Southwest is partly in the hands, or paws, of 11 adorable wolf pups. In early May, the small captive-bred canines were placed into the dens of five wild wolf packs across Arizona and New Mexico. Read more...

Crypto IRA Gemini $36M•
Back in February, hackers managed to squirrel away approximately $36 million in crypto assets from users’ retirement accounts. In the aftermath of that scam, it’s become less of a “who-dun-it” and more of a “who’s-gonna-take-the-blame?” Read more...

Netflix Geeked Week•
Calling all fans of fantasy, science fiction, and horror... It's Geeked Week! For the second year in a row, Netflix is giving us a glimpse at upcoming genre projects all week long. Think Stranger Things , The Umbrella Academy , Shadow and Bone , and more. Geeked Week is streaming every day starting at 12 p.m. ET from June 6 to June 10 on Netflix's social channels. If you're unable to watch the li

Designed for the owner moreso than the chauffeur, the Bentley Continental GT S leaves a hard-won stamp on the automaker's respected catalog.

The 2022 MacBook Pro 13 may look the same outside, but inside there's a big uptick in performance from the latest Apple M2 chipset.

35Gizmodo / 5h
During its WWDC 2022 keynote, Apple previewed the new iPadOS 16, emphasizing new multitasking features. If you’ve been waiting for Apple to bring proper, resizable windows to the tablet OS, it’s just around the corner. Read more...

Guayaquil, a city in Ecuador, is a gateway to some of the most unique plant and animal species on the planet, and this fall, you could travel there for just a few hundred dollars. Guayaquil is rich in its own history and culture, and it’s one of the few places from which you can catch a flight to the Galapagos Islands. Right now, several U.S. airlines are offering round-trip flights to Guayaquil

Apple MacBook Pro M2 M.•
The Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch 2022 is official, powered by the new Apple M2 SoC, and it promises to be one of the most powerful mobile workstations for professionals around. Now that it's official, details on the new MacBook Pro 13-inch are rolling in, and we'll be updating this Apple : cut to the chase What is it? Apple's next entry-level MacBook Pro model When is it out? July 2022 What will it

Turns out the tech world jumped the gun on declaring the Touch Bar dead. Apple dropped the embattled input device from the 14- and 16-inch versions of the MacBook Pro in late-2021, after several years of attempting to keep that fire burning. But it won’t go gently into that good night just yet. The bar made a surprise reappearance during today’s WWDC keynote, showing up above the keyboard on the

Apple iPad Weather•
Hell hath frozen over, apparently. Today, Apple addressed a longtime user complaint about the iPad with news that the device will finally get its own default weather app — some 12 years after the tablet’s debut, if you can believe it. Oddly, Apple had overlooked the addition of this key app, despite acquiring weather app maker Dark Sky in 2020 and revamping the iOS Weather app with the launch of

Apple Freeform iPad•
Following on the heels of countless other tech giants and startups, Apple is developing a whiteboarding app. It’s called Freeform, and it’ll be available on iOS 16, iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura later this year. Free Form is essentially a note-taking app with collaboration features and native FaceTime integration. Users can add their own notes, doodles (with support for the Apple Pencil on iPad) an

Apple MacBook Pro M2 M.•
The speed tests and all that fun stuff are going to have to wait until we get to bring one of these bad boys home. In the meantime, it’s just kind of nice to be back in the show scrum after two years of social distancing. What you’ve got right here is a new-fangled MacBook Air . The M2 variety, as it were. This is probably the strongest design departure since the line was first introduced all the

Oukitel 21000mAh Battery•
An obscure Chinese smartphone vendor is set to enter the Guinness World Records with the world’s largest battery on a smartphone. Oukitel has announced that its WP19 rugged smartphone will pack a 21,000mAh battery, which is enough to charge an Apple iPhone 13 six times over. The huge battery could even be used as an emergency portable laptop battery charger to trickle charge laptops that have a T

300+Futurism / 5h
We Crust Object Chicago, California, Detroit, and even Ohio all have their own regional takes on the classic pizza pie — and now the International Space Station does too, apparently. In an Instagram post made over the weekend , NASA gave a glimpse of an ISS pizza party, replete with photographic evidence of what may be the grossest-looking "pizza" ever captured on camera. And that's including Chu

Apple MacBook Air M2•
If' you're an Apple fan, you're in luck. Apple's World Wide Developer Conference (typically shortened to WWDC) today was almost entirely devoted to explaining new features coming upcoming versions of iOS, iPadOS , and MacOS, but the company managed to sneak in a couple of hardware announcements, too. The most significant hardware announcement was the official unveiling of the 2022 MacBook Air, wh

Crown Car It was a big weekend for the United Kingdom's Queen Elizabeth II, who marked her astonishing 70 years on the throne — the longest of any English monarch — with an extremely British Platinum Jubilee celebration. Due to her advanced age, Her Majesty was unable to jubilate IRL amongst her adoring subjects. But in a surreal display of absolutely unmatched energy, the longtime ruler did jour

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is the best sequel in the Jurassic franchise. That doesn’t mean it’s the best movie of the bunch; in fact, it might be the opposite. But purely as a continuation of the previous film, Fallen Kingdom does what neither The Lost World nor Jurassic Park III did particularly well: continue… Read more...

If you’re looking for another way to maximize your points and miles earning, British Airways is offering triple Avios on Vrbo bookings. This is in addition to your ability to earn bonus Avios with Airbnb stays and experiences. Vrbo stands for “Vacation Rentals by Owner”, and it’s exactly what the acronym implies. If renting a “home away from home” is your travel style, let’s look at how this offe

Apple MacBook Air M2•
Enlarge / Apple's new MacBook Air. (credit: Samuel Axon) CUPERTINO, Calif.—Today, Apple unveiled the first major redesign in a long while to its most popular laptop, the MacBook Air. After a few minutes with the device, we can confirm that it feels quite different to hold compared to its predecessor. The new laptop drops the tapered design of the previous model in favor of a flat, rectangular des

Biden US Solar Tariffs•
Enlarge (credit: Getty Images ) On Monday, the Biden administration announced a suite of policy changes intended to boost the use of solar power within the US. While each individual policy change is relatively minor, combined, the changes address everything from manufacturing and importing to installation and integration with the power grid. While the administration is continuing to try to negoti

Apple 13 Ventura Mac•
Enlarge / The 2016 MacBook Pro is one of the Macs that's being left behind by macOS Ventura. (credit: Andrew Cunningham) Apple unveiled Ventura , the next major version of macOS, at its Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday. Like most macOS releases, its changes are mostly incremental, but it does include a new multitasking UI called Stage Manager, new Continuity features to help your Mac mes

Apple MacBook Pro M2 M.•
45Wired / 5h
The new lightweight laptop arrives in July and adds a 1080p webcam and the new M2 chip.

Apple Ios 16 iPhone•
As is tradition, Apple will leave some of its older devices in the dust when it starts rolling out its latest operating systems. When iOS 16 arrives this fall, it will be available for iPhone 8 and later — in other words, all the phones Apple has released since 2017. That means iPhone 6S, iPhone 7 and iPhone SE (first-generation) users won't be able to upgrade to iOS 16. When it comes to iPadOS 1

64Gizmodo / 5h
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is stepping up its guidance concerning monkeypox . While the risk of monkeypox is still thought to be low for the general public, the agency is now warning people to take more precautions while traveling. These precautions include avoiding contact with visibly sick people… Read more...

gameraboy2 : Librarian 2.0

Apple New 35W Two MA•
Frequent travelers rejoice -- you may only need one charger for your laptop and iPhone going forward. However, you'll need to check the specifics.

Apple reveals features for iPadOS 16 that make iPad devices more desktop-like than ever before, multitasking and external display support included.

California is currently in the middle of a megadrought , but droughts can happen in a variety of places and to a number of different degrees. Water conservation is something you should practice now, before a drought hits, not just once one arrives. Here’s what to do leading up to and during a drought. Read more...

Apple MacBook Air M2•
Apple's WWDC doesn't typically bring new hardware into the mix, but the company decided to do things a bit differently for 2022. Apple announced an updated MacBook Air and an updated 13-inch MacBook Pro alongside all of the new software features it debuted at today's keynote. Both will be powered by Apple's new M2 chipset, which will provide significant performance gains when compared to the prev

Apple 16 Features iPad•
Now that iPadOS 16 has been unveiled by Apple, we've got a glimpse into how iPads will look in the next few months, when the software update comes along to our tablets. Not all iPads will get this update though, because with every respective iPadOS build, Apple removes some older devices from its compatibility list. So even though your iPad got iPadOS 15, that doesn't mean it'll get the next vers

Greece is famous for its picture-perfect beaches and romantic island escapes. One of TPG’s favorite destinations to visit, Greece won last year’s TPG editor’s choice award as the top travel destination of the year in 2021, thanks to its sensible health measures , new influx of hotels, resorts, and flight routes, and its unwavering support of the cruise industry . Sign up to receive the daily TPG

Apple MacBook Air USB•
One of the MacBook Air M2's most important upgrades might sit outside the computer. As part of the announcement, Apple revealed that the 10-core GPU version of the new Air comes with a 35W adapter that includes two USB-C ports. You won't have to give up one of your laptop's connections (or plug in a separate power brick) just to charge your iPhone at the same time. Given that the portable only ha

The iPad has always been in a strange place, with some of the apps commonly found on PCs, but still missing some common desktop features. Apple is attempting to bride that gap with the upcoming iPadOS 16 update. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Gen Apple CarPlay 16•
As we all know, the infotainment systems in cars aren’t all that great, and we don’t see it getting any better with the shift to electric vehicles. Apple wants to transition its popular CarPlay system into an entire vehicle interface as a potential solution. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

We finally caught a glimpse at iOS 16 during Apple’s WWDC livestream. And by “a glimpse,” I actually mean “a rapid-fire grocery list of new features with little context.” Yeah, Apple threw everything at the wall this year, and only some of it stuck. But the good stuff is really good. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Apple Ventura iPhone Mac•
If you find today's webcams a bit clunky and underwhelming, Apple will soon let you replace them on your Mac with... your iPhone. Thanks to a new macOS Ventura feature, you'll soon be able to upgrade your video calls by clipping an iPhone to your Mac and using it a wireless webcam. The new Continuity Camera feature will take the video feed from your iPhone's rear camera, and also supports computa

Apple Ios 16 iPhone•
Apple's WWDC 2022 keynote livestream has wrapped up and we got our first look at all the upgrades coming to our iPhones , iPads , and MacBook devices. This includes the first look at iOS 16 and all the features coming to the new operating system. One of our favorites is the upgrade coming to Messages . Once iOS 16 launches you'll be able to edit messages after you've sent them and even unsend the

Apple 2022 16 iPhone•
85Wired / 5h
WWDC 2022 kicked off with a keynote address stuffed with new product news.

Each and every time Apple collects the technology press for an event, TechCrunch takes the time to track the impact of the company’s announcements on the value of its equity . The result is usually nothing at all; investors simply don’t trade Apple based on the products or services it announces. If that surprises you, welcome to the club. You might think that the substance of what Apple announces

Gen Apple CarPlay 16•
Apple said Monday that its next-generation CarPlay system will power the vehicle’s entire instrument cluster, the next move in its battle against Android Automotive OS, Google’s in-vehicle operation system, to dominate dashboards around the world. The growing size and number of screens inside vehicles gives the iPhone an opportunity to play a bigger role, regardless of the size of the screen or t

Apple 16 M1 iPad Models•
Enlarge (credit: Apple) iOS 16 drops support for a few generations of older iPhones, including most hardware that used Apple’s A9 or A10 chips. Usually, iPadOS follows suit when iOS drops older hardware, but it looks like iPadOS 16 will be more forgiving of iPads running older chips. According to Apple's press release , iPadOS 16 will run on the following models: Fifth-generation iPad and newer (

Apple just announced iOS and iPadOS 16 during its WWDC event today, Monday, June 6. The new update sports some big changes, such as a customizable Lock Screen, revamped notifications, and the ability to edit and undo messages, while bringing some macOS window management to the iPad (finally). While the software won’t… Read more...

Apple just took two hours out of everyone’s Monday afternoon to announce a whole bunch of new stuff at WWDC , but let’s be real: The only thing anyone learned is that Craig Federighi was born for this . Federighi is the senior VP of software engineering at Apple and has been one of the usual presenters in these streams for a few years now. This year, Federighi carried the whole team on his back.

Apple WWDC 16 iPad•
Apple has revealed the updates coming in iPadOS 16 and they're designed to take iPad's "versatility even further." Multitasking is a huge focus with the new operating system, with updates that will make iPad "an indispensable tool for creative professionals" and "pros," according to the announcement at Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on Monday. A few things to know: Apple is focusing

Apple MacBook Air M2•
At WWDC today , Apple not only unveiled its new M2 Silicon, but also a pair of devices that will be equipped with it — the new MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro. Though most of the Pro seems similar to older models, the Air is also getting a redesign, making it thinner and lighter than before. It also comes in four colors and sports a new, squarish look. I was able to quickly play with the new

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Fueling the new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 13 is Apple’s second-generation processor, the M2. Built on the same platform as its predecessor, the M2 boasts speeds and memory bandwidth to enable significantly faster performance—at least, according to Apple. Read more...

Google’s Pixel 6 Pro has been a hot item for Android enthusiasts — ranking as the fastest selling Pixel phone of all time — and you can get one for its lowest price ever. Drop what you’re doing and pick up a new Pixel 6 Pro for just $799 ($100 off) over at Amazon. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

We’ve been hearing rumors about a newly redesigned MacBook Air for a while now, and today at its annual WWDC developers event, Apple delivered precisely that. With a design reminiscent of the new 2021 MacBook Pro, the Air now has smaller bezels putting the screen front and center, and more power than ever before. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Marriott is offering 20% off gift cards to targeted members through June 10 at 11:59 p.m. ET. Targeted members received an email Monday morning with a one-time promo code and link to purchase an eGiftCard. For more TPG points tips and news delivered each morning to your inbox, sign up for our daily newsletter . (Screenshot from If you’re one of the targeted members, you can purchase

Apple M2 GPU M1 Mac•
As expected, Apple took to the stage at WWDC 2022 to announce the new M2 chip. Here are the upgrades the M2 offers over its predecessor.

As a child, Neil deGrasse Tyson embarked on a trip that would set him on his present course as the world's most renowned astrophysicist.

Apple 16 Lock Screen•
Apple packed a lot into its annual developer's conference keynote. On the WWDC stage, company execs touted the latest improvements coming to iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 in the fall, plus forthcoming enhancements to macOS, watchOS and others. Apple also announced new hardware at the keynote this year: a new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro powered by the new M2 processor. Here are the biggest announcement to

Apple Ios 16 iPhone•
You won't have to wait ages to try Apple's major software updates this year. Apple has confirmed that public betas of iOS 16 , iPadOS 16 , macOS Ventura and watchOS 9 will be available in July through the company's testing website . Developers already have access, but this is welcome news if you're eager to try new features on a personal device. Each update has at least one clear draw. iOS 16 off

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Don’t worry, Apple hasn’t run out of iconic California locales to name its desktop and laptop operating system after just yet. macOS 13 will officially be known as Ventura when it arrives in a few months, but as usual, it’s far more than just a name change and some new pretty wallpapers. Here’s everything Apple has… Read more...

Apple Passkey Passwords•
Apple demonstrated “passkeys” at WWDC 2022 , a new biometric sign-in standard that could finally kill off the password for good. It’s no secret that passwords are insecure, with easily guessable credentials accounting for more than 80% of all data breaches , per Verizon’s annual data breach report. Passkeys eliminate the need for passwords entirely, according to Apple, and are much less susceptib

Solid Power Ford EV•
Solid Power , a solid-state battery company, today unveiled a pilot production line for EV-sized cells that will be sent to automotive partners for testing. The move represents another step in the steady march toward solid-state lithium-ion batteries, which promise to bring unprecedented range and safety to electric vehicles. “We validated that we can use industry-standard processes on this very

Solid Power Ford EV•
Solid Power’s new pilot line is a groundbreaking moment in the march toward solid-state batteries for electric vehicles. But don’t count on a revolution in lithium-ion battery chemistry happening on the line itself. That’s by design. The new facility, unlike the company’s previous pre-pilot line, will be “highly inflexible,” said Doug Campbell, Solid Power ’s CEO. In the battery world , an inflex

Apple WWDC 2022 16•
It’s WWDC keynote time! Each year Apple kicks off its Worldwide Developer Conference with a few hours of back-to-back-to-back announcements, generally covering things from iOS to watchOS to — sometimes! — new hardware. Didn’t have time to tune in? We get it! We’ve wrapped up all of the biggest news in an easy-to-skim digest. iOS 16 Image Credits: Apple The lock screen is getting an overhaul. It’l

A good subwoofer provides the foundation for turning a good home stereo into a great one. It transforms watching a movie on the couch into a home-theater experience. Music takes on concert-quality sound, and even regular TV sounds better. You don’t need a subwoofer just to shake the building. But if you want to build a good home audio system, you need one to provide a full dynamic range of sound

Why do we lie to ourselves about healthy snacks? Buying a farmer’s market worth of fresh fruits and veggies, only to bypass them for a bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos when a craving hits? One way to ensure that you actually eat healthier is to buy healthy options that won’t leave you hankering for something salty, greasy, and overall bad for you. Here’s a selection of the best healthy snacks you’ll ac

Apple is getting more serious about gaming on Mac and iPad with the help of its M2 chips . At WWDC, the company showed off upscaling tech along the lines of NVIDIA's Deep Learning Super Sampling and AMD's FidelityFX Super Resolution. Metal 3 will include support for MetalFX Upscaling. Your Mac will render smaller frames that are less compute-intensive. MetalFX will upscale the visuals and apply t

Resident Evil Village•
WWDC 2022 announces that MacBooks can finally handle video games, starting with Resident Evil Village. Among the slew of news coming out of Apple's WWDC 2022 keynote is the new Metal 3 graphics API. In a nutshell, that means gaming is more of a thing on MacBooks. The platform has never been one that prioritizes video game performance, although the Pro models can be commandeered for the job. But n

Apple Ventura Mac New•
At WWDC 2022, Apple unveiled its new macOS, named Ventura. In the grand tradition of naming its desktop operating systems after landmarks in California, the world was introduced to a city that's perhaps best known as the HQ of Patagonia or part of the title of a classic rock song by America. SEE ALSO: iOS 16 will upgrade your lock screen and lock down your privacy But enough about the city of Ven

SAVE 19%: As of June 6, Apple's MagSafe Battery Pack is on sale for $79.99 at Amazon— $19 less than its regular price of $99. Portable chargers can be cumbersome, especially if they require a cable that then gets tangled in your bag. Not so with the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack , which simply sticks to your phone if you've got an iPhone 12 or newer. Of course, if you want to use a cable, there's a

Apple Ios 16 iPhone•
Enlarge (credit: Apple) One of the selling points of iPhones and iPads is that you'll get several years of prompt software updates, released at the same time to all devices regardless of your specific model or cellular carrier. On Monday, Apple announced iOS and iPadOS 16, and those new versions come with a new set of minimum hardware requirements. Apple's press release and preview page say that

Enlarge / MetalFX Upscaling, as visually described by Apple at WWDC 2022. (credit: Apple) CUPERTINO, Calif.—At this year's WWDC, Apple announced a surprising new system coming to its Metal 3 gaming API that may sound familiar to PC gamers: MetalFX Upscaling. The system will leverage Apple's custom silicon to reconstruct video game graphics using lower-resolution source images so that games can ru

97Gizmodo / 6h
At its WWDC 2022 keynote, Apple announced that iOS is getting a maelstrom of new features in its latest update, slated to hit everyone’s devices later this year. iOS 16 will focus on aesthetics and buttoning up the user experience from the iPhone in your hand to the Apple experience in your car. Bloomberg’s Mark… Read more...

Axon Taser Drone Ethics•
After Axon announced plans for a Taser-equipped drone that it said could prevent mass shootings, nine members of the company’s ethics board stepped down.

Apple Passkeys Keychain•
As part of the company's ongoing efforts to improve user security, at WWDC 2022 Apple announced new digital passkeys that add an extra layer of security to your passwords. Available on both iOS and macOS, Apple's passkeys are designed to replace standard passwords by providing unique digital keys that are stashed locally on your device. Apple says that by not storing passkeys in the cloud, they a

Apple just debuted watchOS 9 during the company's WWDC 2022 keynote speech , and lots of fitness features were announced as part of the reveal -- including a new triathlon-focused multisport mode. This new mode allows your Apple Watch to seamlessly switch between swimming, cycling, and running during your race or training. Apple also said in a press release: "swimmers can now track their efficien

We’re closing in on our first climate-tech conference. TC Sessions: Climate and the Extreme Tech Challenge 2022 Global Finals kicks off on June 14 in Berkeley, California. Founders, CEOs, VCs, scientists, policymakers and developers on the forefront of fighting climate change will be there. Will you? Buy your pass today and avoid the price hike at the door. Here’s just one example of the leaders

Apple’s HomeKit and the companion Home app have long felt like a neglected project. With the release of iOS 16, the Home app is getting a facelift and a new lease on life complete with a promise of Matter support. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Drop-down lists are handy tools for entering data. They give you a choice of input, so there are no misspellings, errors, or unwanted entries. Google Docs offers both preset and custom drop-down lists to fit any type of document. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

From crowded airports to busy beaches and tourist destinations across the U.S., this weekend’s numbers confirmed what we’ve expected for months: The travel surge is here to stay — for the coming few months at least, as the summer travel season begins in earnest. U.S. airports have recently seen several of their busiest days of the COVID-19 pandemic, and drivers are leaving home despite record-hig

The forthcoming MacBook Air M2 release offers faster speeds, more memory, and overall better performance. Here's everything we know so far.

TUA Netflix Season 3•
The cast and crew of The Umbrella Academy have teased more about what fans can expect from the third instalment of the hit Netflix show. Heading to the streamer on June 22, The Umbrella Academy season 3 will find the superpowered Hargreeves family going toe-to-toe with the equally fantastical Sparrow Academy, before facing up to yet another potentially apocalyptic event. We got our first proper l

It’s summertime, people, and that means heat rash, going to work even though it’s a really nice day, and grilling hot dogs! The humble frankfurter may have been invented in Germany, but it has become a distinctly American food—according to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council , in 2020, 944.3 million pounds of hot… Read more...

NASA’s Space Launch System is once again standing proud on the launch pad at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The gigantic rocket is being prepared for its inaugural launch, but the space agency must first succeed at completing a full launch rehearsal, which it has thus fair failed to do. Read more...

I was swearing under my breath when Apple got all swoony-eyed about its fancy new 1080p camera on the new MacBook Air M2 . We live in a world where 1080 is retro. 1920×1080 pixels works out to about 2 megapixels, which is just laughable. Even the lowly iPhone SE has a 7-megapixel front-facing camera , and I’m getting really bored of dumb products like Continuity Camera . In the WWDC keynote, Appl

Apple Freeform iPhone iPad•
Apple is working on a new whiteboard-style app to enable people to collaborate in real-time. Called "Freeform," the app allow groups to work together via FaceTime. Freeform will be available on iPadOS 16 "later this year," and will also be available on macOS and iOS. Freeform provides a "flexible canvas" where participants can add text, photos, drawings, PDFs and other content into a single space

Apple Continuity iPhone•
Apple is improving its webcam on the shiny new M2 MacBooks , but for those of us still chugging along on our existing MacBooks, we’ll be able to use our iPhones as webcams ( … if we don’t want to sneak a look at our phone during a Zoom meeting). Later this year, Apple will begin selling a Belkin mount that lets you clip your iPhone to the top of your MacBook. Then, while on FaceTime calls from yo

Apple 16 Features iPad•
Today at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple unveiled a slew of upgrades headed to iPad devices in iPadOS 16, the latest version of the company’s tablet-focused operating system. A redesigned multitasking interface — dubbed Stage Manager — makes it simpler to see which apps are open and switch between tasks, while new tools offer ways for users to juggle up to eight apps at once and

Apple’s iPadOS 16 is getting a big, important new feature. It’s something many iPad users have been begging for for years now. Yes, it’s finally here: The Weather app is now on iPad. It only took 15 years! Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Apple updated the 13-inch MacBook Pro with the first M1 chip back in 2020, and now a new model is on the way with an Apple M2 chip. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Apple Ventura iPhone Mac•
iPhone users are walking around with great cameras in their pockets, so why not use that with their Macs? That's the basic idea behind Continuity Camera, a new feature coming to macOS Ventura that'll let you plop an iPhone on top of your Mac, and use those mobile cameras to power video chats in FaceTime, Teams and any other conferencing app. While cool, the feature is a bit clunkier than typical

Apple 16 Features iPad•
If you're an iPad user who always wished your tablet could do more, Apple has you in mind this year. At WWDC, the company just unveiled iPadOS 16, the annual update to the company's iPad software. Naturally, many of the new iOS 16 features are coming here as well, including big updates to Mail, Safari, Messages and more. Oh, and 12 years after the first iPad was released, Apple is finally bringin

Apple Safety Check•
25Gizmodo / 6h
Apple on Monday unveiled a new feature coming to iOS 16 designed chiefly to help people sever ties with their abusive partners who may tracking their locations or secretly reading their messages. Read more...

Apple 16 Features iPad•
Apple has announced iPadOS 16 at WWDC , the latest software update to its iPad line, with new features building on what was introduced with iPadOS 15 . Users have been wanting to see Apple's tablet be more useful to their workflow, with better multitasking features and the weather app to come over from iOS. So far, part of this has been fulfilled with iPadOS 16. The update looks to be available f

Apple 16 Features iPad•
If you own a recent iPad, then iPadOS 16 is something you might want to know about: it's the next version of Apple's software that it makes for its tablets, and it's coming to most iPads later in the year. This new version of iPadOS was launched at Apple's annual WWDC 2022 conference, which is where the company shows off all its new operating systems, and iOS 16 was the biggest such upgrade shown

The Supreme Court issued a unanimous ruling against Southwest Airlines on Tuesday that is both almost self-evident in its simplicity as it will be surprising to some to see. The Court ruled 8-0, with Justice Thomas writing the opinion and Justice Barrett not participating in the case, that ramp workers loading and unloading baggage and cargo are engaging in interstate commerce. Continue reading

E ditor’s note: This is TPG’s permanent page with all currently available airline shopping portal promotions, so you can bookmark it and check back regularly for updates. Two additional airlines are offering shopping portal bonuses right now. We saw offers from Alaska Airlines and United Airlines last week, and now American Airlines and Southwest Airlines have joined them. In the case of the latt

People use weighted blankets for a variety of reasons. According to Healthline , research suggests that the therapeutic blankets weighing between 5 and 30 pounds, “may benefit people with anxiety, autism, and insomnia, among other conditions.” Using deep-pressure stimulation , the blankets relax the nervous system and… Read more...

Generation Apple CarPlay•
Apple has just given motorists an exciting early peak at the next-generation of Apple CarPlay – and it takes the car infotainment experience to a new level. Like Android Auto , CarPlay already makes it easier to access apps like Maps, Phone and Messages via your car's touchscreen dashboard. But the next version will see CarPlay integrate with your car's whole instrument cluster, including the spe

Apple Safety Check•
At WWDC 2022 on Monday, Apple announced a new feature in iOS 16 called Safety Check that centers on the privacy (and safety) of victims of domestic abuse. iPhone users can quickly review who they've shared access with and what they're sharing, such as location, calendar, and specific apps with Safety Check. Users can also quickly revoke access to others to protect their privacy. SEE ALSO: Apple w

Apple MacBook Pro MA•
Apple's got a new MacBook Air, and it's a big change from the previous one. On the outside, the new Air has been thoroughly redesigned, now resembling a more compact MacBook Pro. Yes, that means the display now has a notch on top, but it's also gotten bigger, now measuring 13.6-inch diagonally, and with thinner bezels than before. Being an Air, it's thin and light, weighing just 2.7 pounds, with

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New research suggests that kids are increasingly getting poisoned by supplements containing melatonin, an over-the-counter sleep aid. Reported pediatric poison control calls involving melatonin have skyrocketed over the past decade, as have reported hospitalizations and other serious outcomes, the study found. More… Read more...

Apple Announces Ventura•
Enlarge (credit: Apple) CUPERTINO, Calif.—As expected, Apple has used the stage at its WWDC 2022 keynote to reveal the features and changes coming to macOS in the next major software update for the platform, macOS 13 Ventura. Ventura's headlining feature is a new multitasking interface called Stage Manager. It's being billed as a way to fight window clutter on a busy desktop—enter Stage Manager m

Apple MacBook Pro M2 M.•
Enlarge / The "new" 13-inch MacBook Pro. (credit: Apple) The new MacBook Air is the most interesting laptop that Apple announced at WWDC today, but the 13-inch entry-level MacBook Pro got a less-noticeable refresh. The new laptop features better performance than the old model thanks to the presence of the M2 chip , but its design is staying exactly the same as the previous model. That means we're

Apple MacBook Air M2•
Enlarge (credit: Apple) CUPERTINO, Calif.—The MacBook Air will soon get a total design overhaul, Apple announced today. Taking the virtual stage at the company's summer developer conference, Apple representatives unveiled the new laptop, which includes the faster and more efficient M2 chip and design cues from the 24-inch iMac and the recently redesigned 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro computers. 202

Apple M2 GPU M1 MA•
Enlarge (credit: Apple) CUPERTINO, Calif.—Exactly two years after Apple first announced the M1, its direct successor has finally been revealed. Apple executives and product managers presented details about the new chip—predictably dubbed the M2—during its annual developer conference. The M2 is an improvement in many ways on the M1, but it's not meant to one-up the higher-end M1 Pro, M1 Max, or M1

Apple Watchos 9 Series 3•
Enlarge CUPERTINO, Calif.—During the keynote presentation kickoff of its annual Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple revealed the first details about the next major software update for the Apple Watch: watchOS 9. The forthcoming OS makes a big push in health and fitness, adding a bevy of new features for both. On the fitness front, Apple is expanding workout metrics to include heart rate zones,

New CarPlay Apple•
Compatible with nearly all vehicles, new versions of Apple CarPlay will be designed to "the very best of both your car and your iPhone."

Focus Mode allows you to have more control over the calls being blocked versus the calls being let through, if you set it up the right way.

Apple revealed a collection of changes that will be arriving with iOS 16 on iPhone in the near future, including one major lock screen upgrade.

If you’re booking summer travel and faced with a choice of similarly priced tickets on different airlines, it’s worth doing a little homework first. The Department of Transportation recently released its Air Travel Consumer Report , and included in its findings is data on the quality of services provided by each… Read more...

Fitness Apple Watch•
Your Apple Watch is about to get even better at fitness tracking. Apple announced a host of new features for watchOS 9 during its WWDC 2022 event, including improved running tracking, heart-rate zone tracking, and custom workout creation. Runners will be especially pleased with this update. The Apple Watch will be able to track running metrics like stride length or ground-contact time. It will al

Axon Taser Ethics Board•
Axon’s controversial and short-lived Taser Drone project is powering down…for now. Read more...

The Apple Watch is more smartwatch than fitness tracker, but Apple continues to blur that line with watchOS 9. The Workout app is getting the ability to measure your running form, heart rate zones, and new workout types to track. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Apple announced a new MacBook Air with its new M2 chip at WWDC 2022. The new MacBook Air is even lighter and faster and fixes some of the main complaints about Apple’s line of MacBooks. Here’s what’s new. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Apple started shipping Mac computers with its M1 chip in 2020, marking the start of Apple’s migration away from Intel chips. Now the company has revealed the aptly-named sequel, the Apple M2. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Apple Announces Ventura•
Ventura, the next version of Apple's Mac operating system , will make it easier for you to keep track of all your disparate apps and windows. New to macOS 13 is Stage Manager, a feature that will group all your windows to the side of your desktop, organizing them by app. Whenever you switch between programs, Ventura will move the app and its accompanying windows to the center of your screen. Thin

Apple MacBook Air Pro•
Apple didn't just introduce a new MacBook Air at WWDC — it also unveiled an overhaul of the 13-inch MacBook Pro. The new 'entry' pro laptop unsurprisingly uses an M2 chip that promises improved performance and efficiency, including a hefty 20 hours of peak battery life (during video playback) and accelerated ProRes video processing. The new model isn't a major redesign like its Air counterpart, a

Along with a number of other updates coming in iOS 16, including a revamped lock screen , Apple is rolling out a series of updates to its built-in Mail app. Most notably, it will now allow users to schedule emails to be sent ahead of time, and users will be given a moment to cancel the delivery of an email message before it reaches the recipient in the case they spot that a last-minute change is

At this point, covering the one-click checkout space feels like an exercise in horse-kicking, but we’d be remiss to skip our usual math on the Bolt situation. Bolt is one of the better-known one-click players in a cohort of startups that offers software to e-commerce retailers that is similar to Amazon’s “buy now” feature. Our own Mary Ann Azevedo dug into the space in May after erstwhile competi

Apple Ios 16 iPhone•
The company, for the first time since the pandemic started, invited technologists and press to a kickoff for its annual developer conference at its Silicon Valley campus.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with new information. Marriott Bonvoy Bold Credit Card overview The Marriott Bonvoy Bold Credit Card is Marriott’s entry-level personal cobranded credit card. This no-annual-fee card offers a way to start earning Marriott Bonvoy points and even gives cardholders a jump-start on achieving elite status. However, it has a tough time competing with Marriott’s

Apple 9 New Watch Faces•
42Gizmodo / 7h
With so many of Apple’s devices essentially being touchscreens dependent on software, the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference is when we really get to see all the new features and functionality coming to its hardware, including the Apple Watch and the new watchOS 9. Read more...

200+Gizmodo / 7h
Deadline reports that Neve Campbell, who was cast in the Scream franchise in her early twenties, will not be returning for Scream 6 . Campbell has appeared as the character Sidney Prescott in every Scream film since the first one in 1996, including 2022’s legacy-quel Scream 5 . Read more...

200+Futurism / 7h
Tonka the chimpanzee starred in the hit 90s flicks "Buddy" and "George of the Jungle" — and now he's at the center of a legal battle in which his owner allegedly faked his death. In a press release about the bizarre case , People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) claims that the 38-year-old Tonka was found alive after his former owner, Tonia Haddix, faked his death in May 2021. In an ev

Apple MacBook Pro M2 M.•
The Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch with M2 is official, so rumors of its demise have been greatly exagerated. Noticeably, it is not getting a new redesign, as opposed to the new MacBook Air 2022 . The MacBook Pro 13-inch comes with an 8-core CPU, with four performance cores and four efficiency cores, along with a 10-core GPU (two additional cores over the M1 in the Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch (2020)). I

13 Ventura Apple Download•
At WWDC 2022 , Apple announced macOS 13 Ventura, its newest update to the Mac , and the successor to macOS 12 Monterey . Alongside the M2 chip becoming official, Apple confirmed that macOS 13 Ventura is coming in late 2022, with a developer beta out from June 6, and a public beta arriving in July. The weather app moves over to macOS alongside iPadOS 16, with a redesigned System Preferences, macoS

Apple MacBook Air M. Pro•
The new Apple MacBook Air , the latest refresh of one of the best laptops ever made, was finally announced during the company's WWDC 2022 event on Monday. The MacBook Air has seen some key features redesigned and comes in various colors. It will also be powered by the Apple M2 chip and will keep the silent, fanless design of its predecessor. According to Apple, the MacBook Air is best selling lap

Apple has just announced that iOS 16 will bring a new feature for music lovers: Personalized Spatial Audio. There's a big trend in 'personalized' sound happening in headphones right now, and it's often done my giving you a kind of hearing test… but not in Apple's case. Here, Apple plans to actually scan your ears to analyze their shape, and can use that mapping data to create what Craig Federighi

Apple MacBook Air M. Pro•
At WWDC today, Apple launched a brand new MacBook Pro, including its shiny new M2 processor . It’ll clock in at $1,299 and is available later this month. The new computer includes up to 20 hours of battery time, alongside an 8-core CPU, 10-core GPU and maxes out at 24 GB of memory and 2 TB of SSD storage space. The 13-inch MacBook Pro with the M2 processor becomes the baby brother to the 14- and

Apple New M2 M1 Mac•
Apple today announced the M2, the first of its next-gen Apple Silicon Chips. Back in late 2020, Apple announced its first M1 system on a chip (SoC), which integrates the company’s customized ARM-based CPUs with its GPUs, Neural Engine for AI applications, Apple’s Secure Enclave and various signal processors and I/O controllers. The chip made its debut in the MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro and M

Looking to take your filmmaking, video-editing, or streaming talents beyond YouTube , Vimeo, TikTok , or Twitch ? A personal website filled with your best work can attract potential clients, grow an audience, and help flesh out your brand. It can even serve as an alternate source of income — think virtual classes or behind-the-scenes exclusives that are ripe for the monetizing. As far as website

Apple Maps Multi 16•
Apple announced a number of additions to Maps during its WWDC 2022 event, including planning a multi-stop trip and planning a route on your Mac and sending it to your iPhone. The company also announced it would change Maps' look in a number of cities, providing a 3D-updated view. This means if you want to go to your friend's house but need to make a pit stop at the store first, you're now able to

An Australian Court announced Monday that Google will need to pay $515,000 for refusing to remove two YouTube videos about John Barilaro, the former New South Wales state deputy premier. Despite those damages being a small drop in the bucket for Google and its owner Alphabet, it may be a canary in a coal mine for how… Read more...

Apple MacBook Air Pro•
Somehow, it's already been almost four years since Apple redesigned the MacBook Air with a Retina display. That laptop got a big performance upgrade in late 2020 as one of the first computers to ship with Apple's M1 silicon , but lately the device has started to feel long in the tooth. As expected, Apple is refreshing the MacBook Air today with the just-announced M2 chip inside and a larger, 13.6

Fitness 16 Apple Watch•
You won't need an Apple Watch to access the company's Fitness app anymore. With iOS 16, Apple is bringing the software to iPhone, the company announced during WWDC 2022 . Like its watchOS counterpart, the app will allow you to set daily activity goals, with a "Move ring" there to motivate you to stay active throughout the day. Your iPhone will use its sensors to track your steps and workouts and

Apple Watchos 9 New•
Apple is at last promising better sleep tracking for Apple Watch as part of watchOS 9 . The updated Sleep app will include a sleep stage function. It will be able to detect the REM, core and deep sleep stages and track those over time. You'll be able to view your sleep metrics alongside other data, such as heart rate and respiratory rate, in the Health app on your iPhone. Those who participate in

Agrotools , a Brazilian-based technology and intelligence company for agribusiness, raised $21 million (BRL 100 million) to value the company at around $94 million, according to the company. Investors in the round include Horácio Lafer Piva (Klabin), Pedro Paulo Campos (JP Morgan, Pátria and Arsenal), Fátima Marques (Hay Group/Korn Ferry), Paulo Hegler (Toledo), Olivier Murguet (Nissan-Renault),

Apple MacBook Air Pro•
Apple surprised WWDC keynote watchers with the release of a new, fully redesigned MacBook Air. The MacBook Air, Apple’s most popular notebook computer, last got a significant physical overhaul in 2018. The new MacBook Air borrows design cues from both Apple’s latest iMac line, as well as the new MacBook Pros that were released in late 2021. It’s also powered by the first second-generation Apple S

Apple M2 GPU M1 MA•
Almost two years since the launch of Apple's M1 chip — the first ARM-based "Apple Silicon" hardware — we finally have a successor: M2. While the M1 chip was notable for showing what Apple could accomplish with a more efficient mobile design (a dramatic departure from Intel's power-hungry x86 processors), the goal of M2 is more about refinement rather than breaking new ground. This time, it's all

Apple 9 New Watch Workout•
As expected , Apple has introduced watchOS 9 at WWDC . The new Apple Watch platform includes a big upgrade to fitness features with enhanced metrics that include distance and time intervals. You'll know when to slow down for a recovery, for instance. There are also heart rate zones (for both sleep and workouts), multi-sport workouts and personal bests that can help you improve performance over ti

Want to make your straight text curved without much hassle? If so, Adobe Photoshop has the exact feature you need. You can use it to curve your text in your specified bend level, and we’ll show you how to make use of it. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Fortnite fans can look forward to a slew of surprises in Chapter 3, including a new location to explore and Darth Vader as the final unlock.

Apple M2 GPU M1 MA•
The Apple M2 is finally here. Revealed during the tech giant’s WWDC 2022 event , the new chip is the next generation of Apple silicon that will power the latest MacBooks and iPads. The Apple M2 chip is a significant advance over the Apple M1 chip which powered the last generation of MacBook Air, along with the MacBook Pro 13-inch and Apple Mac Mini. The Apple M2 chip is an 8-core SoC, featuring a

Apple Safety Check•
Apple is expanding its personal safety features in iOS 16 with Safety Check, a new feature meant to make it easier to lock down privacy and security settings. Safety check allows users to quickly review which contacts may have access to their location or calendar info, as well as the permissions being used by individual apps. The feature is formatted into a checklist to make it easy to review and

Apple CarPlay 16 iPhone•
Apple has designs to reinvent the driving experience with a new generation of CarPlay app, one that more deeply melds the forms and functionality between your vehicle's infotainment system and your iPhone. The company is remaining tight lipped about what exactly this reimagined version of the app will be able to do — those announcements will reportedly be teased out later next year — but hinted t

Apple Watchos 9 New•
Apple is doubling down on making the Apple Watch the best health-tracking wearable out there and expanding features for its most demanding users — as well as everyone else. The next version of its watchOS will include a number of new health-related features, including the tracking of new metrics, automatic multisport tracking, improved sleep tracking and more. iOS 16 will also bring the Fitness a

Apple Safety Check•
Apple’s app and phone ecosystem make it really easy to use messages on your computer, to share your location with friends or keep an eye on where your kids are. That feature set has a shadow side, too — for phone users in abusive relationships, there’s literally and figuratively nowhere to hide; it’s unthinkable to leave your phone behind if you need to make a quick exit out of a dangerous situat

Apple Watchos 9 New•
During a keynote at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, the company debuted the latest version of watchOS, the operating system that runs on the Apple Watch. Apple claimed that it has improved the Apple Watch’s ability to detect arterial fibrillation (A-fib), an irregular heartbeat that can lead to blood clots, stroke, heart failure and other heart-related complications. With the arrival of

Apple Watchos 9 Series 3•
At WWDC 2022 , Apple announced watchOS 9, the successor to watchOS 8 for Apple Watch 7 and beyond. This is breaking news, and we are updating this page live with details as we get them. watchOS 9: Cut to the chase What is it? The latest big update for watchOS When does it come out? TBC How much does it cost? It's free The new watchOS 9 is the latest update for Apple's own wearable operating syste

Apple 16 Messages iMessage•
As part of its WWDC 2022 keynote Apple has announced changes coming to Messages on iPhone with iOS 16 that should put an end the embarrassment caused by sending texts containing typos. The three incoming features are message editing, undo, and the ability to mark a conversation as unread. The new edit feature will allow you to correct any mistakes even after you've hit send, while undo will let y

Apple is updating its set of features aimed at families with the release of iOS 16, due out later this year. The company says it will now make it easier for parents to set up Apple devices with age-appropriate parental controls and features, and it’s updating Screen Time with a handful of improvements, like the ability to respond to requests for additional time from messages, among other things.

Apple Maps Multi Ios 16•
At its Worldwide Developers Conference today, Apple announced a number of new features for Maps that will roll out with iOS 16. The company is launching new “m ultistop routing” that will let you plan up to 15 stops in advance. The app will allow users to plan multistop routes on a Mac and then send them to your iPhone when you’re ready to go. While you’re driving, you can ask Siri to add additio

Curtis Townshend Contributor Curtis Townshend is senior director of growth at OpenView . More posts by this contributor Are early-stage funding rounds out of control? Companies are valued based on metrics. Those with better metrics are valued higher, and those with worse metrics are valued lower. None of this is controversial, but it’s also not helpful for getting started — metrics alone don’t he

Apple’s iOS has already made our lives a tad bit easier by letting us copy and paste text in our photos. Now, that same live text functionality will extend to videos, as well as its translation app. If you’re watching a video, you can pause the frame and select the text, like you can currently do in a photo. But for both photos and videos, Apple is giving us more options to interact with our sele

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Netflix’s Geeked Week is here and with it a deeper look at The Sandman , the streamer’s adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s moody goth comic series published by DC. The Sandman has long been due for a screen adaptation but for one reason or another didn’t come to fruition until development for this take took root at Netflix… Read more...

Apple Edit iMessage•
200+Mashable / 7h
At WWDC 2022, Apple has announced a feature we have all been both waiting for and dreading: unsending text messages in iMessage. According to the announcement, you'll also be able to mark messages as unread and edit texts in iMessage, bringing the maximum level of chaos to your group chats. Simply long-press a message to reply, undo send, edit, and copy a message. SEE ALSO: Apple announces iOS 16

Del Toro CoC GT Netflix•
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Guillermo del Toro is unlocking quite the Cabinet of Curiosities with a new horror anthology series for Netflix . Based on his own short story of the same name, and with each episode reportedly introduced by the director himself , the series will see eight horror stories by famous filmmakers including Del Toro. The director is no stranger to anthologies of horror, with Scary Stories to Tell in th

Apple Ios 16 iPhone•
It's official, folks: iOS 16 is on its way. Apple announced the latest iPhone software update at WWDC 2022, its annual developer's conference, during the keynote event. iOS 16 is expected to release this fall alongside the debut of the iPhone 14 lineup , but the company has already showed off all the newest features we can look forward to. We break it all down below. New iMessage features In an u

Texting other iPhone users with iMessage has always felt like an instant messaging app. iOS 16 is adding a number of features to the Messages app that makes that even more apparent. Get ready to edit your mistakes. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Apple Maps started off as a poor substitute for Google Maps, but it has become increasingly better over time. Apple just announced a few major upgrades at WWDC. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Apple Maps Multi Ios 16•
During the WWDC 2022 developers conference on Monday, Apple executives announced that that its Maps app will be receiving a number of feature updates, including one long sought after by users: the ability to add multiple stops to a route. Users will be able to preload up to fifteen stops for a trip on their Mac, then send the route to their iPhone. Further stops can be added on, either tactilely

Seasoning is obviously a very important part of cooking, second only to temperature control (and that’s debatable in some instances). It doesn’t just make food taste salty, it makes food taste , period. When to season and how much to season are the two factors most people worry about, but the height from which you… Read more...

Apple Pay Later Four•
Apple today announced a major update to Apple Pay called Apple Pay Later, which will allow users to split the cost of an Apple Pay purchase into four equal payments without interest or late fees. The new financial product — which was rumored ahead of its debut at Apple’s 2022 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) — marks Apple’s move into the enormous and growing buy now, pay later (BNPL) indust

Apple Pay Later Four•
As expected, Apple is adding pay later functionality to its Apple Pay service, the company announced today during WWDC 2022. The feature will allow you to split the cost of purchases into four equal payments over six weeks with no interest and late fees. When making purchases with Apple Pay, you'll see a new interface that gives you the option to either pay for a new item or service in full or ov

Before I was a points and miles writer, I programmed robots to play soccer. While getting a Ph.D. degree at the University of Texas at Austin, my thesis project created algorithms for robot birds that could help end bird strikes on airplanes . But my secondary project was robot soccer. Each year, my lab’s robot soccer team would travel to compete in the international RoboCup competition. Travelin

Apple 16 Lock Screen•
CUPERTINO, Calif.—iOS 16 will reach iPhones later this year, and as expected, it's loaded with major changes. This includes taking cues from the Apple Watch, like offering a quick glance at information, like the weather and alarms. Apple executives and product managers took the stage at the company's Worldwide Developers Conference keynote to outline the upcoming features and changes, which inclu

Enlarge (credit: FT | Reuters | Unsplash) Amazon and Alphabet are spearheading what is shaping up to be the most intense political campaign by corporate America in recent history as part of a last-ditch attempt to stop Congress from passing laws to curb their market power. The companies are targeting a “self-preferencing” bill which would prevent large online platforms from using their dominance

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At a recent company all-hands meeting, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk discussed the current state of the organization and its recent accomplishments, in addition to showcasing its plans for two factories and the unique manner in which it plans to deploy its next-gen Starlink satellites. Read more...

Apple 16 Lock Screen•
Apple is giving the iPhone’s lock screen a big makeover in iOS 16. At Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference, the company introduced its plans for a more personalized lock screen that users can customize via a built-in editor, which offers interactive widgets, a wallpaper gallery and colorful themes. It’s also introducing a new feature called Live Activities that will allow developers to build ou

Apple iMessage 16 2022•
Apple is in the midst of showing off their latest and greatest software updates at WWDC 2022, but they’ve already debuted a few features that will make a big impact on iOS users. Software engineering SVP Craig Federighi announced new updates to its messaging capabilities Monday. The company debuted a trio of updates to iMessage that will allow users to edit their conversations after sending messa

Apple Ios 16 Messages•
Apple will soon allow you to take back messages you didn't really want to send. The upgraded Messages app in iOS 16 is getting a new "undo send" feature, as well as the ability to edit chats you've already sent and mark threads as unread. The new message-recalling and editing features will only apply to "recently sent" chats, with a 15-minute window for making changes. Apple will also allow users

Apple 16 Lock Screen•
Ahead of its official release sometime later this fall, at WWDC 2022 Apple announced a number of exciting new features heading to iOS 16. One of the most important new changes in iOS 16 is a revamped lock screen, which features a wide range of customization options and layouts. There will even be new templates that let you choose different fonts and accent colors, in addition to support for widge

Netflix Warrior Season 2•
When last we left the heroines of Warrior Nun , they were locked in battle with the evil Adriel and his wraith demons. With Season 2 coming to Netflix this winter, we can finally see how that battle ended. The teaser for Season 2 doesn't show us much of the fight itself, but we do see the aftermath, including Ava (Alba Baptista) training her Warrior Nun powers and a bunch of other general nun-rel

Apple was rumored to be working on a lock screen revamp for iOS 16 on the iPhone, and now that has just been confirmed at WWDC. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Apple Ios 16 iPhone•
At WWDC 2022 , Apple announced iOS 16, the successor to iOS 15 , as its newest update to the iPhone . The lock screen is the big focus for this release, with new fonts, colors and themes. This is breaking news, we will update as soon as we hear more details. iOS 16: Cut to the chase What is it? The latest big update for iOS When does it come out? TBC How much does it cost? It's free Features (Ima

Apple Ios 16 iPhone•
Apple has announced iOS 16 at WWDC , the latest software update to the iPhone, building on what was introduced with iOS 15 . After iOS 14 brought widgets, and iOS 15 brought some productivity features such as Focus to help with your workflow, the latest update showcases how you can better manage your content. With the iPhone 13 having recently launched in a green color , and rumors of the iPhone

Doctors working on an experimental cancer treatment were heartened when every single patient in a small trial went into remission, their cancer becoming undetectable. Published in the New England Journal of Medicine , the paper that resulted from the trial details how all 12 patients who were given the experimental rectal cancer treatment went into remission without having chemotherapy. "I believ

The Winx Saga Season 2•
Flora may not have been around for Season 1 of Fate: The Winx Saga , but she's here now. The nature fairy's late introduction comes after outrage over the show's first season, which featured an entirely new earth fairy named Terra (Eliot Salt), but no Flora. Fate 's version of Flora is played by Paulina Chávez, and she's Terra's cousin. Netflix's new clip doesn't give us too much information abou

Flanagan The Midnight Club•
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Everyone knows spooky stories are best told at midnight in an old manor with a mysterious past, right? It's the kind of thing you'd make a club out of, which is exactly what the members of The Midnight Club did in Christopher Pike's book series. And now, Mike Flanagan and Leah Fong, who brought you The Haunting of Hill House and The Haunting of Bly Manor , have crafted a TV adaptation for Netflix

Xbox Bethesda Showcase•
Not content with stopping at the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase this week, Microsoft has now revealed that a second presentation will follow on June 14. Calling this the Xbox Games Extended Showcase, you won't get any new reveals here that we're not seeing in the main event or Summer Game Fest 2022 . Outlined by Xbox Wire , this second presentation "will share new trailers, take deeper looks at the n

Popular aircraft seat manufacturer Thompson Aero has unveiled a new business class seat. It’s quite innovative and has potential, though I’m not convinced the market for it is that huge, or that there aren’t also some drawbacks. Thompson Aero’s new single aisle business class Thompson Aero has launched VantageDUO , a brand new business class seating concept. Most business class innovation is targ

Pixel Feature Drop•
I’ll be honest. Today might be the worst day for a non-Apple company to drop a raft of mobile operating system updates. But I suppose a Google Pixel feature drop waits for no one, Tim Cook and Company included — even if it means dropping a blog post the exact moment the WWDC 2022 keynote kicks off. For owners of the Pixel 4 through 6/6 Pro, however, rejoice, because you’ve got some stuff to celeb

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Netflix’s latest look at its wild take on Resident Evil lore has all the sorts of things you’d expect from, well, a wild take on Resident Evil lore: there are zombies, and they’re not exactly the shambling hordes of the earlier games. There’s plenty of weird monsters. There’s also no one learning literally anything … Read more...

Pixel Feature Drop•
You have to give Google some credit for timing its latest Pixel feature drop, which includes a collab with Teenage Engineering, to coincide with the start of Apple’s WWDC developer conference . Read more...

It’s a great time to book a fall trip to Florida . With the price of airplane tickets getting more expensive every day, the sooner you make your travel plans, the better it will be for your wallet. There’s a nice sale going on right now for flights to Tampa, Miami and Fort Lauderdale around the time the mercury begins to drop in other parts of the country. If you’re interested in enjoying some of

We could all be a little bit better drivers . Sure, every driver (hopefully) knows the written rules of the road. Traffic laws are there to ensure you use your turn signal, stop at stop signs, and— at least in some places —preserve the sanctity of the left lane as the passing lane. What I’m interested in right now are… Read more...

Pixel Feature Drop•
Google's newest Pixel feature drop is meant as much for spur-of-the-moment creativity as it is everyday conveniences. The company is rolling out a June feature update that, with a separate download, offers a free music-making tool from Teenage Engineering . The Pocket Operator for Pixel app (shown at middle) turns your videos into music and video "cut-ups" with a mix of sounds, patterns and visua

The post appeared first on Popular Mechanics .

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Apparently, Netflix still isn’t ready to give us a real look at what its live-action adaptation of One Piece , the beyond-popular fantasy-pirate manga from Eiichiro Oda, looks like in action. But this being Geeked Week, the streaming giant still feels compelled to show us something , which means a (slightly more… Read more...

Lynk & Co revealed imagery of a concept car they call "Next Day," complete with electric power, an otherworldly steering wheel, and multiple butterfly doors.

If you’ve been using up a lot of cellular data on your iPhone recently, one particular app (such as one that streams video) might be using more than others. Here’s how you can prevent an app from using cellular data at all. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Solid Power EV Ford•
Lithium-ion batteries are much more powerful and efficient than they were just five years ago. And while there’s still plenty of room for improvement, lithium-ion batteries have some physical limitations that are difficult to overcome. That’s why Ford and BMW will test advanced solid-state EV batteries later this year. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

BMW Hybrid Lmdh IMSA•
Enlarge / The M Hybrid V8 is instantly recognizable as a BMW, as it wears the brand's kidney grille. (credit: BMW) On Monday, BMW became the first carmaker to reveal its new hybrid racing prototype built to the new LMDh rule set. It's called the BMW M Hybrid V8, and it will race for the first time at next January's Rolex 24 at Daytona. Sports car racing is in the midst of a transition period as r

Cabinet of Curiosities•
The first teaser for Guillermo del Toro's latest horror project, Cabinet of Curiosities, has been released online. Debuted during the first day of Netflix Geeked Week 2022 (June 6), the teaser trailer delivers a suitably spooky first-look at the upcoming horror anthology series, as well as detailing those involved in its production. Check out the one-minute long trailer below: Unsurprisingly, the

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The four-day work week has officials converged on the United Kingdom. It’s part of a six month long pilot program, the largest of its kind. This means thousands of workers in the UK will be able to savor an extra day off with no reduction in pay. Read more...

Sachin Gupta Contributor Sachin Gupta is the CEO and co-founder of HackerEarth . He was formerly a software developer at Google and Microsoft, and now oversees HackerEarth's sales, marketing and general operations. Whatever idea you have for a platform that solves an “unaddressed market need,” it’s almost a given there’s a team somewhere working on something similar. In fact, it’s not uncommon fo

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Japan’s education ministry says that more than 20 types of amino acids were detected in samples of an asteroid that were brought to Earth in December 2020, The Japan Times reports . The detection is the first evidence that amino acids exist on asteroids in space and has implications for understanding how such vital… Read more...

Working from home has become the norm across the world, and online censorship, internet surveillance, and cybercrime is on the rise. It's no surprise that in the past couple of years many internet users have opted for one of the best VPN services to protect their online anonymity. Short for virtual private network, a VPN is a software that masks your real IP address whilst securing your data in t


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Elon Musk Twitter Deal•
Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | NurPhoto) Elon Musk today threatened to pull out of his $44 billion deal to buy Twitter in a letter that claimed the company violated the merger agreement by refusing to provide the data behind its spam estimates. Musk needs the data to obtain financing and prepare for the ownership transition, according to the letter sent to Twitter Chief Legal Officer Vijaya Gadd

Choice Privileges has today launched its next major promotion, and it should look familiar. While probably not a reason to switch any stays to Choice, it’s worth taking advantage of if you were planning such a stay already. Choice Privileges summer 2022 promotion Choice Privileges is offering up to 8,000 points after every two stays between June 6 and August 1, 2022 . Here are the basic terms to

Google showed off the Pixel 6a, Pixel 7, and Pixel 7 Pro for the first time last month at Google I/O. Even though the phones are still months away, people are already selling them. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

It seems that there’s a leak in Google’s manufacturing process. Just last week, a Pixel 7 prototype appeared on eBay, and another prototype passed off as a “Pixel 6 Pro” in a Facebook Marketplace sale. Now, someone is trying (or was trying) to sell a Pixel 6a on Facebook. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Google Illinois Photos•
Facebook isn't the only one compensating Illinois residents over alleged privacy violations. The Verge notes Google has agreed to pay $100 million to settle a class action lawsuit accusing the company of violating Illinois' Biometric Information Protection Act (BIPA) through Photos' "Face Grouping" feature. The settlement will let you claim between $200 and $400 if you appeared in a picture on Ph

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The attempted autonomous vehicle takeover has reached the high seas. Read more...

Four Hotel Danieli•
It has just been formally announced that Hotel Danieli, a Marriott Luxury Collection property in Venice, will become a Four Seasons. This was first rumored at the beginning of the year, then there were were reports suggesting that this wouldn’t happen, and now it’s official. Details of the upcoming Four Seasons Venice Four Seasons, regarded as one of the world’s best hotel groups , will be pickin

Microsoft Teams ZDNet•
Microsoft is readying an update for Teams that should prevent bad-faith actors from abusing the collaboration platform . As per a new entry in the company’s product roadmap, Microsoft Teams will soon allow administrators to disable chat access for unauthenticated users, thereby shielding against unwelcome disruptions. “IT admins can now disable chat write access at the policy level for non-federa

IBM Acquires Randori•
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IBM has announced that it’s acquiring Randori, a Boston-based offensive security startup that combines attack surface management (ASM) with continuous automated red teaming (CART) to help organizations bolster their cyber defenses. The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, but Crunchbase data shows that Randori has a valuation in the range of $50 million to $100 million . The hacker-led

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In typical Addams Family style (darkly humorous, delightfully poised), Jenna Ortega steps into the spotlight as everyone’s favorite macabre teenage goth, Wednesday Addams. Tim Burton helms the spinoff series that features the goth girl who had some absolutely devastating lines in the films. This is our first look at… Read more...

Dogs are lifelong learners. Training your pup helps build their confidence, strengthens your bond, and keeps them mentally stimulated. It also turns out that positive reinforcement goes a long way in helping your dog stay healthy and happy for the long run, according to the findings of some studies . Keep those treats handy for letting them know they’ve done a good job. To teach your dog, Cabela’

Everyone knows how to use a vacuum, even if we don’t use it as often as we should. You can be one of those vacuum ninjas who uses every single attachment for its intended purpose and shifts settings like they’re driving a stick-shift sports car in a police chase, or you could be someone who just presses the ON button… Read more...

fruehrotschein : Ishibashi Kazunori: Lady Reading Poetry (1906)

Apple Wwdc 2022 16•
It’s that time once again. Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference kicks off today . As ever, the proceedings will commence with a keynote that will contain the majority of the biggest news. Apple has invited a small number of guests to attend the keynote at Apple Park, though most folks will need to tune in virtually. The event starts at 1PM ET and you can watch it below. You'll get your first p

Apple MacBook Air 2022•
According to a new report that surfaced just a day before Apple’s WWDC 2022 event, we might have a locked-in number of shipments for the highly-anticipated MacBook Air 2022 refresh. Ming-Chi Kuo , a well known and accurate analyst on Twitter, stated in a new status update that the MacBook Air 2022 should be seeing a shipment amount of “6-7mn units if Quanta's Shanghai capacity can be back to pre-

If have an old Android device you don't use anymore, you might be looking for a way to upcycle. Here's a simple way to turn that device into a security cam.

The holy grail of cellular plans is unlimited data. Everyone wants to be able to stream and download without worrying about going over limits. Do you actually need unlimited data, though? Here are some things to consider. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

A roundup of the most important stories of the day. I keep you up to date on the most interesting writings I find on other sites – the latest news and tips. Continue reading ...

One of the biggest reasons I hear for people not participating in the points and miles hobby is that they don’t spend enough money to earn the big bonuses offered by the most popular credit cards. And let’s be honest: Some of our favorite cards definitely require a lot of spending — several thousand dollars in some cases — to earn the huge welcome offers they extend. Are they worth it? Definitely

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The lengths to which Shane Wighton will go to avoid having to practice to get better at basketball are staggering. The engineer has created yet another high-tech basketball hoop that tracks the motion of the ball and, this time, travels at 100MPH across a room to to ensure it always goes through the hoop. Read more...

Saints Row Boss Factory•
The Saints Row reboot is coming later this summer but you can create your character now, according to a new leak. Rumors are flying around like murder hornets ahead of Summer Game Fest . The showcase is set to be stuffed full of news, reveals, and announcements and Saints Row Boss Factory is reportedly one of them. Tom Henderson, reputed leaker and writer for eXputer , says that the game is basic

Between park tickets, hotel rooms, food, souvenirs and skip-the-line access, planning a Disney World vacation can be quite the budget-busting endeavor. There are plenty of secrets to saving money at Disney World , but one popular way that can cut a lot of costs off the trip in a hurry is staying not quite on Disney property — but also not quite not on Disney property. More specifically, we are re

Axon Taser Ethics Board•
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Axon has paused work on a project to build drones equipped with its Tasers . A majority of its artificial intelligence ethics board quit after the plan was announced last week. Nine of the 12 members said in a resignation letter that, just a few weeks ago, the board voted 8-4 to recommend that Axon shouldn't move forward with a pilot study for a Taser-equipped drone concept. "In that limited conc

Popular SEO tools company Ahrefs has splashed out on $60 million worth of data centers for a new search engine that could directly compete with the likes of Google, Bing and Yandex . Once launched, Ahrefs’ search engine will be available in all countries and in most languages as the company equips itself with a large amount of processing power to serve the vast quantity of data set to be produced

Microsoft W. Autopatch•
Let's face it - no one enjoys dealing with Windows updates. We've all had the frustration of booting up or laptop or PC to be faced with "Your device is installing updates", a process that always seems to either take seconds, or hours. Fortunately, Microsoft is close to launching a new service that it says will help users keep a closer handle on their Windows updates to ensure this process is as

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Strange World , a new animated feature from Disney , has just crash-landed on a fantastical , alien planet outside of time and space. Helmed by Don Hall (Oscar-winning director of Big Hero 6 and Raya and the Last Dragon ) and Qui Nguyen (co-writer on Raya and the Last Dragon ), the trailer shows a family of explorers,… Read more...

As you dip back into lakes, chlorinated pools, and ocean saltwater, you may be wondering how often do you really need to wash your bathing suits? (Quick answer: Likely, more often than you think.) To save time—and because you don’t want it to languish at the bottom of your hamper— you may be tempted to simply hang… Read more...

LastPass Password Vault•
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Just because you use a password manager doesn't mean you want to enter passwords every time you check that manager... and now, you don't have to. LastPass has launched an option to access your vault using a passwordless sign-in — it's the first password manager with this feature, the company claims. Grant permission through the LastPass Authenticator mobile app and you can update account info on

Intel Arc GPU 2022•
From June 3 to 5, the DreamHack gaming expo ran in Dallas, Texas, playing host to the Intel Extreme Masters, Intel’s esports league. Past all the cosplay competitions, esports showdowns, and merch stores, Intel was running a stand dedicated to its new Arc GPUs, and it brought our first real-world sighting of the Arc Alchemist external GPU. Although the physical graphics card design had been revea

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Remember the male lactation consultant on The Office who looked at the camera hours after Pam gave birth, smiled, and said, "Got milk?" That was Jenna Fischer's actual husband. On the latest episode of Stitcher's Office Ladies podcast , co-hosts Fischer and Angela Kinsey chatted all about the Season 6 episode, "The Delivery" and welcomed two very special guests. First, Fischer's sister, Emily sha

More than 10,000 people will flock to San Francisco on October 18-20 to attend TechCrunch Disrupt 2022 and honestly, we can’t wait to see every one of them in person. And, if you can’t be there IRL, we’ll also be thrilled to see you for the Disrupt online edition on October 21. One of the big reasons folks consistently attend Disrupt year after year is to hear from our high-caliber speakers and g

The Station is a weekly newsletter dedicated to all things transportation. Sign up here — just click The Station — to receive it every weekend in your inbox . Welcome back to The Station, your central hub for all past, present and future means of moving people and packages from Point A to Point B. Shall we jump right on in? Yes, let’s. Before we get in too deep, I wanted to point out some interes

Keighley Summer Game Fest•
With just a few days until Summer Game Fest, presenter Geoff Keighley has urged viewers to “manage your expectations.” Taking over E3's spot, Summer Game Fest 2022 marks the next big gaming showcase on June 9. Speaking in a Twitter Spaces audio session last weekend (transcribed by VGC ), Keighley advised this showcase is “primarily focused” on announced games. As such, he downplayed any “megaton

Alfa 8C Competizione entered the market in 2007, and the automaker only built 500 units for the world. Why was this beautiful machine banned from U.S. shores?

Not a car, nor a bike, but the Polaris Slingshot could be more entertaining than both. Just get ready to answer lots of questions about this wild three-wheeler.

Bose wireless headphones are considered among the best personal listening devices on the market, but that’s nothing new. Decades of research and experience bringing to life innovative designs have earned the brand its lofty spot as a top dog in the audio world. With their latest lineup of headphones, Bose has made choosing the right model a difficult proposition. With top models spanning in-ear,

For millions of people, coffee is an essential part of the day. Whether you’re into instant coffee or have a barista-style machine in your house, your coffee is only really as good as the tools you use to make it. If you’re looking to level up your coffee game, or just want to change up your routine, these accessories can jump start your morning jolt. Bean & Bean Downtown Blend Key Selling Point:

Enlarge / Artist's impression of the Spektr-RG spacecraft carrying the German ‘extended ROentgen Survey with an Imaging Telescope Array’ (eROSITA) X-ray telescope and its Russian ART-XC partner instrument. (credit: German Aerospace Center) Launched in 2019 on a Proton rocket, the Spektrum-Röntgen-Gamma telescope is arguably the most significant space science mission built and flown by Russia sinc


SAVE $35.80: The Sonos Roam portable speaker is on sale for $143.20 at Amazon , Walmart , Best Buy , and Target , and on , as of June 6. That's 20% off its $179 MSRP, which is its biggest discount to date. The Mashable's Choice Award-winning Sonos Roam is finally seeing a worthwhile discount, and all it took were 14 months and the release of a newer model. As of June 6, the brand's webs

Disney Strange World•
Welcome to Disney's Strange World, a place full of tentacle monsters, walking cliffsides, and sentient jelly-like blobs. The intriguing new environment at the heart of Disney's upcoming animation film looks like something out of a Jules Verne novel: a sci-fi wonderland just waiting to be explored. The teaser — which opens like a tribute to mid-20th century adventure movies — introduces us to a cr

Got some industry news, made a new appointment or signed a new partnership? Then we want to hear from you - get in touch ! (Image credit: BT) BT and MTN form strategic alliance in Africa BT and MTN Business are working together to enhance communications services in Africa. The partnership will see BT’s services and technologies delivered to MTN’s enterprise customers on the continent. (Image cred

If you’ve been paying attention to ADHD TikTok, you may have heard of the term “body doubling,” which is a productivity tool that is often used to stay focused and on-task. Body doubling is when another person works simultaneously with you , either in the same room or virtually. Sometimes called an accountability… Read more...

If you and your team use versions of Excel in different languages, check out the Functions Translator. This Microsoft add-in can translate entire formulas or help you find the function you want in the language you need. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Both Microsoft and its customers want more from the Windows 11 Start Menu. That’s why Microsoft is working on tidy little Start Menu app folders, which give you quick access to groups of apps. But oddly enough, this feature could extend to Windows 11’s desktop. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

A great mouse is an underrated addition to your desk setup, regardless of whether you typically game or work at your desk. A regular old desk mouse isn’t customizable or attractive and often makes your wrist uncomfortable. The SteelSeries Aerox 5 mouse solves all the problems standard mice present, and I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with it. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Honestly, there are a lot more than five great reasons, but you’re all busy, so we’re going to cut to the proverbial chase. And these five should be enough to make just about anyone eager to attend TC Sessions: Climate & The Extreme Tech Challenge 2022 Global Finals on June 14 — that’s next week! — at UC Berkeley’s Zellerbach Hall. Pro Tip: Buy your pass now and save $100 (prices go up at the doo

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If you’re a Hunger Games fan, chances are you’ve been waiting on pins and needles for the first teaser to the prequel movie, The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes , to arrive online, especially if you learned a teaser had been released a month ago at CinemaCon. That trailer has now been released for the larger world to… Read more...

Unicorn traffic jam meet unicorn glut. Private-market tech companies worth $1 billion or more have long been an indicator of investor enthusiasm. The number of so-called unicorns minted in a particular period was a workable indicator of how hot the venture capital market was at the time. For example, the pace at which new unicorns were born grew sharply in 2020, per CB Insights data , rising from

US Voice VoNR India•
T-Mobile has launched Voice over 5G (VoNR) in the US, allowing customers to make and receive voice calls over a 5G connection. The service is only available in two cities – Portland, Oregon and Salt Lake City, Utah – but wider deployment of the technology will enhance the effectiveness of next-generation networks and reduce reliance on 4G. If voice traffic can be carried on a standalone 5G (5G SA

4D Vayyar Imaging $108M•
Vayyar , a company developing radar-imaging sensor technologies, today announced that it raised $108 million in a Series E round led by Koch Disruptive Technologies, with participation from GLy Capital Management, Atreides Management LP, KDT, Battery Ventures, Bessemer Ventures, More VC, Regal Four and Claltech. The round brings Vayyar’s total raised to over $300 million, which CEO Raviv Melamed

Teradata 2022 Data•
Third-party cookies might be going the way of the dinosaur , but organizations will still need data about their customers’ online behaviors to deliver the personalized experiences they expect. This means a shift in data strategy to focus on multiple types of first-party data, collected with customer consent. First-party data is data that customers agree to share with brands, including their prefe

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Billionaire poop-thrower Elon Musk is getting ever closer to pushing the big red button on his Twitter buyout deal thanks to his incessant demands that Twitter prove its users are real, fleshy human beings rather than cold-hearted spam bots. Read more...

Apple Ios 16 iPhone•
If you've heard the news that an Apple event is happening in a few hours, and are excited to hear about the new iPhone 14 , then we've got some bad news for you. This event is WWDC 2022 , not the iPhone launch - we're still expecting that to happen in September. WWDC is Apple's annual developer conference, and the focus is on software like iOS 16 , iPadOS 16, macOS 13 and so on. These are updates

House Senate Privacy•
The US government may actually have made a proper online privacy bill following reports that new data privacy legislation is close to being established, one with bipartisan support, as well as support from consumer rights advocates. It’s still not signed into law, but if it does succeed, users will be allowed to opt out of targeted advertisement, and sue companies selling their data unlawfully. T

Emirates offers one of my favorite first class products in the world. I consider Emirates’ new 777 first class to be the world’s best first class product , while I love Emirates’ A380 first class for the shower suite and onboard bar . Fortunately you don’t have to spend $10,000+ per ticket to fly Emirates first class, as it’s possible to redeem rewards points for travel in these luxurious cabins.

If you’ve made missteps with your credit in the past, all isn’t lost. Though you typically won’t be able to receive approval for credit cards that offer the most rewards and the best benefits, you can still start taking steps toward re-building your credit by applying for a credit card geared toward people with bad… Read more...

Apple Headset Hollywood•
The company has enlisted Hollywood directors like Jon Favreau to help its effort to create products that blend the physical and virtual worlds.

Gaming and audio favorite Creative has unveiled its latest pair of noise-cancelling wireless headphones, the Creative Zen Hybrid – and they don’t look half bad. Supposedly capable of blocking "up to 95% of ambient noise" with their Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology, Creative’s newest cans boast two 40mm full-range Neodymium drivers – the same size found in the Apple AirPods Max –

Elon Musk Twitter Deal•
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Elon Musk still isn't happy with Twitter's stance on bots and other fake accounts . As Bloomberg reports , Musk has amended an SEC filing to claim Twitter is committing a "material breach" of merger terms by allegedly refusing to disclose enough information about bot spam and fake account data. The social network's offer to provide additional info on its testing methods for bogus accounts is both

One thing I missed the most over the last two years is dining out at my favorite restaurants and catching up with friends. But as we close in on summer, I can’t wait to return to my favorite restaurants — and (of course) earn bonus rewards when it’s time to pay. And if you’re an existing American Express cardmember and want to earn even more on these purchases, you have just a couple of days left

Scream 6 adds Dermot Mulroney in its latest casting news. Beavis and Butthead enter the Multiversal bandwagon in a new clip from Beavis and Butthead Do the Universe . Bandai wants Iron Fist ’s M. Raven Metzner to bring Tiger and Bunny to live action. Plus, another delightful tease for the return of What We Do in the … Read more...

LG has unveiled its next OLED TV model, which includes its second 42-inch OLED TV option, and it is a welcome departure from the company's usual minimalist approach to its sets. The LG Posé series, also known as the LG LX1, features a thicker, fabric-covered design with a built in stand, and is designed to be more of a centerpiece to a room than just some piece of tech stored on the wall, or angl

Xbox Bethesda June•
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This weekend's Xbox and Bethesda showcase won't include all the news that's fit to stream. Like it did last June , Microsoft will run a second event, which will include more trailers, discussions with developers and in-depth looks at some of the games featured in the main Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase. Xbox Games Showcase Extended will take place on June 14th at 1PM ET. It will run for around

I was debating the best travel movies the other day and tried to build my own list. It's going to weigh heavily towards planes and airports but I've also given some thought to being in an unfamiliar place and growing as a person because of the places you've been. I think each of these films is a classic for a reason, and I try to offer a brief take why. That even holds for some of the ones on the

Swimming is a fantastic form of exercise: It’s a low-impact, full-body workout that builds cardiovascular endurance . Not only that, it’s a classic summertime activity for kids and adults alike, making it great for your health and your mood. However, swimming isn’t so great for the hair . Saltwater and chlorine will… Read more...

TL;DR: Save 15% or more with Getaway Deals on stays through Sept. 30. Travel is back, baby. But, like many things right now, we’re looking at travel a little differently – from the reasons we’re hitting the road to what kind of experiences we want to have when we’re away. We’ve started by searching for ways to explore more meaningfully, from mindfulness to inclusivity to sustainabilit

Apple will be kicking off its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) today and it's pretty fair to say that a great deal of hype has been building around what could be announced. Some predictions carry over from anticipated releases that didn't make an appearance in previous Apple events , such as the M2 system-on-a-chip, the next generation of Apple silicon after the incredible success of

A major Atlassian Confluence vulnerability recently discovered in almost all versions of the collaboration tool published over the last decade, is now being actively exploited by threat actors, the company confirmed. The vulnerability allows threat actors to mount unauthenticated remote code execution attacks against target endpoints . A day after its discovery, the company released patches for v

Apps like Duolingo and Babbel make language learning easier than ever. If you’re trying to decide which of these two industry-leading apps to use, here’s a quick guide to help you figure out which one will best help you accomplish your goals. Read more...

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Five years after it was torn offline, the resurrected dark web marketplace is clawing its way back to the top of the online underworld.

Yamaha has been busily proclaiming that it wants to protect our hearing health with volume-conscious tech baked in to headphones since 2020. Now, the successors to the company's October 2021 TW-E3B earbuds are here, and it's the same story: Listening Care promises to future-proof our hearing via a "4-band parametric equalizer (PEQ) to apply precise settings at each level in order to produce the b

Intel’s top dog laptop graphics card, the A770M, is in a high-end gaming laptop just announced by Clevo, paired with an Intel Alder Lake mobile CPU. Clevo makes laptops that other manufacturers customize and then sell under their own brands (for example, Eurocom and XMG use Clevo designs), and the company just revealed the Clevo X270 on YouTube (as spotted by well-known hardware leaker HXL on Twi

Solid Power EV Ford•
Enlarge / A solid-state lithium cell is pressed together by Solid Power's new automated EV cell pilot line. Solid Power, a Colorado-based battery developer, moved one step closer to producing solid-state batteries for electric vehicles on Monday. The company has completed an automated "EV cell pilot line" with the capacity to make around 15,000 cells per year, which will be used first by Solid Po

The Marriott Bonvoy Bold® Credit Card ( review ) and the Marriott Bonvoy Boundless® Credit Card ( review ) are both co-branded personal credit cards issued by Marriott and Chase , and they’re both offering improved bonuses at the moment. While I recommend checking out my full reviews if you’re interested in applying for one of these cards, in this post I wanted to directly compare the two cards,

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It's hard to be a new parent even during the most idyllic times. So what can you do to help? How about gifting a new dad something to make their lives a bit easier. Maybe they just need a breather from the hellstorm of diapers and sleep training. Or perhaps they want a better way to distract their screaming spawn. Here are a few options to consider. 10.2-inch iPad Apple Apple's entry-level iPad i

Elon Musk Twitter Deal•
In a fresh SEC filing this morning, Twitter shared a letter it received from Elon Musk’s legal team indicating displeasure with the company’s offered information regarding the level of “spam and fake accounts” on its service. This is the same concern that the technology entrepreneur has posted about extensively since his deal to buy the social media platform was settled earlier in the year. Per t

Go1 Raises $100M•
Online education continues to get a lot of attention in the wake of COVID-19 and the shift it brought to how people can learn. And to underscore that fact, Go1 — one of the rising stars in the world of enterprise learning, providing education and training to businesses in turn to offer to its employees or users — is announcing a significant round of $100 million, at over a $2 billion valuation, t

There’s a godawful number of pitch deck templates out there, and there’s one thing that most of them get wrong: They forget to mention that the template is (meant to be) flexible. For some companies, using the template as-is works, but for others, it gives you a story that doesn’t flow, at best, or doesn’t work, at worst. In my teardown for Encore’s pitch deck this week, for example (TechCrunch+

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We grilled, smoked, baked, and cleaned, then did it all over again and again to find an option for every home.

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Known online as MKBHD, the tech reviewer spoke with WIRED about how to navigate YouTube as a creator and the importance of diverse perspectives.

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In Ukraine, civilians are valiantly assisting the army via apps—and challenging a tenet of international law in the process.

BAYC Yuga Labs Discord•
A manager of the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) had his Discord account compromised and then used to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of non-fungible tokens (NFT) and Ethereum’s native currency, ether, reports have claimed. According to CoinDesk , the account of Boris Vagner, BAYCs community manager, was breached, with the hackers behind the attack then using the stolen identity to post

Car mechanic message boards are loaded with stories of customers who screw up their cars in hilarious ways. Maybe they’ve been using the emergency donut spare for a year , taking their car to an unscrupulous mechanic who only pretended to change the oil, or driving around with no tire. Read more...

Apple Wwdc Keynote Live•
Happy first Monday in June. It’s time to sit back and let some ecosystem updates wash over you for the next few hours. This morning at 10AM PT, Apple is kicking off day one of WWDC with its customary keynote. You can watch the whole thing live right here . We’ll be following along, as well, via our liveblog. Matthew and Brian will be heading things up, this time out, bringing you the latest updat

Insilico Medicine, a Hong Kong-based company that has been using artificial intelligence to discover new drugs since 2014, has completed a fresh round of funding. It’s a sign that certain investors are continuing to bet on emerging biotechnologies — which often take longer to prove profitability compared to other verticals — at a time venture funding is cooling . Insilico raised $60 million from

It’s the belief of some analysts that the market for robotic process automation, which leverages AI to automate certain software tasks, is headed toward consolidation. A recent Forrester Research report predicts that the segment will start to flatten as soon as 2023 as companies shift to broader automation solutions. There’s evidence to support this. UiPath , one of the largest RPA vendors, saw i

Despite not seeing any long-haul flights, New York’s LaGuardia Airport (LGA) still offers an array of lounges for its New York City travelers. The new Terminal B alone is home to an American Airlines Admirals Club, a United Club, an Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge, an American Express Centurion Lounge and multiple Priority Pass options. Considering the terminal is new, it makes sense that all of the

When it comes to speakers, the wires or cables you use are important. They may not affect the sound quality overall, but if you want everything to work properly, make sure you’re using the right tool for the job. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

This week is a good one for Netflix fans. Not only dos a hit series return for another season, but an anticipated adaptation also hits streaming. Read This Article on LifeSavvy ›

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While we know the Google Pixel 7 is on the horizon, that knowledge isn't going to help you if you're in need of a new smartphone immediately. But Amazon has a new sale on the Pixel 6 Pro 5G that may be just what you're looking for. You can pick up the flagship smartphone from the online retailer for $799 right now, or $100 off its normal price. That's the cheapest we've seen the smartphone, makin

Apple Store Ahead Wwdc•
Happy WWDC day. Today kicks off Apple’s annual developer’s conference, with the traditional keynote starting at 10:00 a.m. PST ( watch it right here ). Generally, WWDC focuses on software features and developer tools, and not consumer hardware. But for WWDC 2022, Apple might reveal new consumer hardware that will be available for purchase after the keynote — that’s what the rumors say, at least.

Apple Store Ahead Wwdc•
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Apple is hours away from revealing a bunch of iOS news at the company's WWDC 2022 keynote later today, and the Apple Store has drawn a curtain on its homepage. As has become tradition ahead of major Apple news dump events, the company's online store has a mysteriously empty homepage ahead of Monday's Worldwide Developer Conference while updates are being made. Currently, the store simply shows th

EV Battery India Years•
This is today’s edition of The Download , our weekday newsletter that provides a daily dose of what’s going on in the world of technology. This startup wants to pack more energy into electric vehicle batteries Fully charged: Electric vehicles are becoming more popular, but they’re still constrained by how far they’re able to travel on a single charge—a Tesla Model 3 can go for about 350 miles bef

Etsy Purchase Protection•
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Online marketplace Etsy has unveiled a new purchase protection program designed to safeguard both buyers and sellers. Right now, you have limited options if something else goes wrong with a purchase — usually, Etsy will send you back to the seller and let you work out problems with them. Starting August 1st, though, buyers will get full refunds on purchases if they "don't match the item descripti

Etsy Purchase Protection•
Online marketplace Etsy is launching a new Purchase Protection program for buyers and sellers on its platform, the company announced on Monday. Starting August 1, buyers on Etsy will be eligible to receive a full refund for purchases that don’t match the item description, arrive damaged