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Sunday, June 19, 2022

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Three Day Weekend Request
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Mercenaries Caught!

Juneteenth vs Dad
Dear Producer,

Tomorrow is Father’s Day and also Juneteenth. Father’s Day has been an established dud for the show until Covid. And now Juneteenth, for some inexplicable reason (George Floyd), is a Federal Holiday making this a three-day weekend. These are never good for the show either. Thus you are urged to help out to pick up the inevitable slack.

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Tomorrow's Show
Juneteenth, which was proclaimed a Federal holiday by the Biden administration last year has got to be the silliest holiday ever because it’s not about the end the slavery but is a tribute to the last dummies to actually find out about it – in Texas. It’s something of a mockery and it will be a topic on tomorrow’s show. The fact that it steps all over Father’s Day is no coincidence.
Mercenaries in Ukraine
At least two former US Military vets have been captured in Ukraine fighting the Russians. According to the Geneva Convention, the people do not have to be treated as captured enemy combatants and can be summarily executed. Of course, they will be held hostage and traded for who-know-who in the near future. The USA probably has a backlog of Russian spies and agents who need to be traded for someone else.
DeSantis vs Newsom 2024
Things begin early in national politics and the knives are out for Biden in 2024 and the party will not allow him to run again and Kamala Harris does not have the political chops to make a move. Welcome Gavin Newsom, the slick gravel-voiced Treat Williams-looking used car salesman Governor from California who has been groomed to be President since before he was mayor of SF. Despite the talk of how Biden would kick Trump’s ass again in 2024, both Trump and Biden are too damn old to run in 2024.
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