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Sunday, June 12, 2022

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Jan 6th Stalinist Show Trial

The lead story is the continued attempt by the Democrats to pin the Jan. 6th protests on Donald Trump in such a way they can arrest him. Dubbing it an “insurrection” (at best), these unarmed rioters were accused of attempting to “overthrow the government.” It was the worst day in American history since Pearl Harbor, say the worst of the Democrats.

This worst day since Pearl Harbor means that the Jan 6th fiasco was worse than Sept. 11th too.

People need to be reminded of the bombing (yes, bombing) of the Pentagon and the State Department offices (yes, bombing) and the NYPD plus 23 other bombings carried out by the left-wing Weather Underground in the 1970’s.

This group, originally called the Weathermen, stemmed from the left-wing/Progressive Students for a Democratic Society, the SDS, from the 1960’s. The SDS collapsed and the Weather Underground was formed. It was started by Bill Ayers who has since become a noted professor and confidant of Barrack Obama’s along with other “former” radicals.

A concise FBI rundown is here.

This operation was a real threat and is never mentioned by the mainstream media who shamefully never add even a modicum of perspective to their laughable Jan. 6th “insurrection” narrative instead parroting the Democratic Party tub thumping about how all Republicans are bad except for Liz Chaney, Adam Kinzinger and maybe Mitt Romney. These shameless three are all Democrats who run as Republicans and shill for the Democrats

The lackluster effort of Romney when running for President against Obama, was for a reason.

So they put the Jan. 6th hearing on prime-time TV showing just how much the media is in total cahoots with the Democratic party. This was unprecedented. And of, course, no matter what you do, these hearings are always boring, and who would watch them? They showed some carefully edited movies and made a fuss with the hope that the November elections will not be a disaster for the party.

As long as Biden, the party’s hand picked candidate, remains in office, they are doomed in that regard. But a longer term strategy is to keep poisoning the Donald Trump well since two impeachments have not stopped him, they need a third impeachment, or a wooden stake.

There is not much to say about these hearings, but you can expect objective analysis from the No Agenda Show.
Unlike other news analysis shows No Agenda concludes that world events are more important that the US Mainstream media lets on. But that does not mean ignoring Joe Biden speeches which can be phenomenal. Get ready for some whopper clips. Great show tomorrow. Continue to support No Agenda, the objective news analysis show.
John C. Dvorak
& Adam C. Curry

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