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Saturday, June 11, 2022

Technology News and More-Friday Edition

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Biden US Covid Testing•
Travelers to the U.S. will no longer have to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test in order to enter the country. The testing mandate will end effective midnight on Sunday, June 12. Assistant White House press secretary Kevin Munoz confirmed that the Biden Administration will end the requirement. CNN first reported Friday morning that the announcement was imminent. The mandate was first impos

500+TechCrunch / 10h
Apple’s M1 chips have an “unpatchable” hardware vulnerability that could allow attackers to break through its last line of security defenses, MIT researchers have discovered. The vulnerability lies in a hardware-level security mechanism utilized in Apple M1 chips called pointer authentication codes, or PAC. This feature makes it much harder for an attacker to inject malicious code into a device’s

HTC seems to be teasing a brand new Android smartphone with a focus on what it calls the Viveverse, asking users to create their metaverse life in the process.


Buying a laptop for a kid isn’t easy. Review sites (even this one) tend to focus on flagship devices and those with unique features rather than basic budget products. That’s partly due to reader interest, but also because vendors don’t like sending us cheapo, low-margin devices they don’t put much effort into. I’ve… Read more...

(credit: CDC | UK Health Security Agency ) The US has now identified 45 monkeypox cases scattered across 15 states and the District of Columbia, while the multinational outbreak has reached more than 1,300 confirmed cases from at least 31 countries. No deaths have been reported. In a press briefing Friday, US health officials provided updates on efforts to halt the spread of the virus and dispel

Futurism / 12min
Before War SpaceX is giving Ukrainian soldiers warding off invading Russian forces a big leg up with its Starlink satellite internet service, Politico reports , providing stable internet connectivity free from Russian interference. The Starlink terminals, powered by mobile generators, are helping artillery gunners accurately hit Russian targets, while also allowing them to send their families mes

Futurism / 12min
It's widely understood that inhaled cigarette smoke, whether you smoke yourself or breathe it in secondhand, is bad for your health, skin included. But the effects nicotine can have on our skin might be even worse than we thought. According to a team of biologists at UC Riverside, the carcinogenic substance doesn't have to make it into your lungs, or even in present use, to cause injury. Their re

56Futurism / 12min
Sad Sriracha If you're out of Sriracha, you might soon be out of luck — because the manufacturers of the classic rooster sauce say their already "severe" shortage might last through the summer, CBS reports . While Huy Fong Foods, the makers of Sriracha, warned us back in April that issues with the supply of chili peppers may result in a summer-long Sriracha shortage, the internet collectively did

Meta Quest VR headsets will have access to Horizon Home, a social presence system that'll allow users to experience apps and media together in virtual space.

300+The Points Guy / 17min
One of the questions I’m asked most often is, “How much is a point or mile worth?” The true answer varies from point to point and person to person and depends on your travel goals and how well you can maximize a particular loyalty currency. Still, some rewards are clearly worth more than others — my goal is to give you a sense of how they stack up. Historically, TPG has valued points and miles ba

The Apple M1 chip has been a wildly successful release for the Cupertino tech giant, but new research from MIT says that the chip powering everything from the Apple MacBook Pro to the latest iPad Air has a major security flaw that by its nature cannot be fixed in a security update. The flaw was exposed in a new paper from MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) researc

Hilton's CEO wants guests to reuse their towels. He doesn't think hotels should have to provide things better than what people have at home. He's playing to owners, chasing fees, but diluting his brand - which will limit the ability to collect fees over time. Continue reading ...

Gizmodo / 30min
Jack Dorsey announced a new crypto project—“Web5: The Decentralized Web Platform”—Friday on Twitter and in-person during a Web3 festival. Read more...

An unexpected visitor is a real double-edged sword. On the one hand, how nice! Company! On the other, what if they think you’re a slob because you didn’t have time to clean before their arrival? But even if you only have 10 minutes to prep before a guest arrives, you can still make a big difference in how the place … Read more...

Gizmodo / 47min
It’s June, Pride celebrations are in full swing, and while there’s never a bad time of year to watch your favorite queer horror movies—why not make it a point to stream a few right now? We’ve got a list of 10 cult classics and newer releases (plus a few bonus viewing suggestions, too!) to get you started. Read more...

Amazon Web Services ( AWS ) is launching a new service to help businesses deploy their mainframes in fully managed cloud-based runtime environments. Dubbed the AWS Mainframe Modernization service, the cloud hosting giant said the new service gives businesses tools and resources to help plan implement migration and modernization. The service come as mainframes hosted on on-premises servers remain

Cloud storage has made flash drives all but obsolete for their original intended purpose -- fortunately, there are plenty of alternative uses.

Final Fantasy FF7 FFV•
Fans have been waiting more than two years for new details about the sequel to "Final Fantasy 7 Remake" and we may finally get them soon.

Gizmodo / 54min
Hundreds of millions of people visit U.S. national parks every single year. They take photos, they hike, they soak in the sights… and they leave behind single-use plastic items. Read more...


Meta Sandberg Use Years•
Meta’s lawyers are investigating outgoing COO Sheryl Sandberg amid claims she misused company resources, The Wall Street Journal reports. The paper says the investigation goes back “several years” and is scrutinizing Meta employees’ work on Sandberg’s personal projects. When Sandberg first announced her departure from the company, The Wall Street Journal reported the company was examining whether

Facebook is facing serious troubles in the near future, courtesy of its fairly large ties to what's quickly becoming a fading and failing industry.

From fjords to Vikings to iconic art, the Norwegian capital of Oslo has much to offer visitors. This fall, you can experience all of Oslo’s charm firsthand with this limited-time deal on Air France . The best prices for this deal are from New York City ‘s John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK). Round-trip flights with a short layover cost about $230 — 71% less than the usual $800 tickets. Yo

Scientists Antarctic Snow•
Seriously? Microplastics have officially reached some of the most remote parts of Antarctica, the world's least populated continent. University of Canterbury researchers were shocked to discover that every single sample of fresh Antarctic snow they gathered from 19 locations around the South Pole back in 2019 was littered with tiny pieces of plastic. "It's incredibly sad, but finding microplastic

When thinking about Pixar’s latest film, Lightyear , you have two choices. You can just look at it as a cool sci-fi adventure and enjoy the ride, or you can melt your freaking brain . To do the latter, you’ll have to embrace and dig into the meta-nature of the film, which is that it’s the movie Andy—the human kid from … Read more...

Kids these days are rediscovering hit songs from the 80s, and I’m not complaining. More specially: Netflix’s Stranger Things has sent Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God)” back to the top charts nearly 30 years after its initial release. For modern viewers who didn’t already know the iconic ballad, but… Read more...

Twitter is known as the internet’s online swamp for a reason, a reputation most users can attest to, although the company desperately wants that to change. To help speed things along, the social media network has launched a new “symptoms-first” reporting process to help users report bad behavior. Read more...

In 1682 a royal ship carrying the heir to the English throne ran aground and sank off the Norfolk Coast. The wreck was discovered by two brothers in 2007 and has remained a closely kept secret until now. At 5:30 am on May 6, 1682, a ship called the Gloucester ran aground on a sandbank off the coast of Norfolk and sank within the hour. Among the passengers was James Stuart, Duke of York and future

Lightyear 0 Solar Months•
EV startup Lightyear debuted its first solar-powered vehicle this week, a sleek sedan called the Lightyear 0. The company gave us a peek at a production prototype of Lightyear 0 in 2019, and at first glance, not much has changed. The car is essentially an unconventional hybrid equipped with both a conventional 60-kilowatt-hour EV battery pack and solar panels on its roof, hood and hatch. The sola

The Biden administration this week announced its intent to designate a new marine sanctuary about 100 miles (160 kilometers) southeast of New York City. The Hudson Canyon is a large underwater canyon more than 2 miles (3.2 kilometers) beneath the surface of the Atlantic Ocean. It’s home to a variety of species,… Read more...

Artificial intelligence is making art again. A tiny tool called Dall-E mini is just the latest in a line of text input machine learning art generation tools.

If the film Jaws is any indication, the best way to fight a shark is to shove a pressurized scuba tank in its mouth, climb into your ship’s crow’s nest, and shoot the tank from a distance, making the shark explode into a million pieces. If you’re like me and don’t swim in the ocean with an air tank, gun, or lust for… Read more...

After a teaser arrived in March , there’s a new update on Netflix’s anime series Tekken: Bloodline , based on the popular Bandai Namco fighting game franchise—and it comes straight from creator Katsuhiro Harada, along with some new brand-new glimpses of the show. Read more...

Tapping into nostalgia for gamers of all eras is possible with the influx of retro game consoles. If your formative years were in the late ‘80s to late ‘90s, the mere mention of “Friday nights'' inspires unmatched levels of nostalgia. ABC’s TGIF lineup was pretty solid, Pizza Hut’s Bigfoot pie could feed a family for a weekend, and visiting Blockbuster Video was a rush of excitement. But none of

200+Futurism / 2h
Fast Astronomers have discovered yet another mysterious, uber-powerful, repeating radio burst — which could get them one step closer to unlocking the secrets behind the strange phenomenon. A new paper by an international consortium of astrophysicists, which was published in the journal Nature this week, details the new discovery and describes how it mysteriously releases weaker signals between it

Home Sweet Home After being trapped in Tesla's Giga Shanghai factory for months due to COVID-19 lockdown measures, the carmaker is finally letting workers go back home today, Bloomberg reports . Workers have been sleeping in makeshift accommodations, but will finally able to leave as they clock out of their Friday shifts, according to the report, marking the end of months of less-than-ideal worki

Pussy Riot Texas NFT•
You know a state is probably in a heap of trouble if they end up on Pussy Riot’s shit list. Read more...

You may be decent at snapping photos on your smartphone, but a good edit can really bring it to life. These are the best Android photo editing apps.

Telegram, a popular messaging app, has been planning a premium option since at least 2020 to support development costs. Now we have our first details about the upcoming subscription, called Telegram Premium. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Elon Musk Twitter Weeks•
44Wired / 2h
Twitter has reportedly given the billionaire access to its full stream of tweets and related user data. Is your privacy in jeopardy?

HTC once owned a sizable portion of the global smartphone market share, but it could never keep up with Samsung, and in 2017, the company sold most of its phone IP to Google . After staying in the shadows for several years, HTC is now planning its return to smartphones, though fans of its previous HTC One devices… Read more...

AMD Zen 4 5 3 2024•
Enlarge / AMD has revealed more high-level details about Zen 4, along with a few other announcements. (credit: AMD) CPUs based on AMD's new Zen 4 architecture won't arrive until this fall, but the company is already dropping hints about what comes next. As reported by AnandTech , AMD is planning a new Zen 5 architecture, which is scheduled to come to desktop and laptop PCs in 2024. The company is

If you rent your living space , sure, you don’t technically own it—but you do pay for it, and it’s your private sanctuary. However, your landlord may want to (or need to) enter your private domicile for some reason, at some point. While you do have a legal right to privacy, there are some instances in which you won’t… Read more...

Apple introduced a new “Focus” mode with iOS 15, combining Do Not Disturb with a few more options to better manage distractions on your iPhone or iPad. If you’ve been digging around in the Settings and Messages app, you may have noticed the “Share Focus Status” toggle. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

American Express Abra•
Credit card companies are trying to sweeten the perks they offer their customers, and American Express is doing just that through a new partnership with crypto wealth management platform and wallet provider Abra. The companies’ CEOs announced the launch of the Abra Crypto Card on the Amex network today at Coindesk’s Consensus conference in Austin, Texas. The card will allow users transacting in U

CHARM Therapeutics•
The world of AI-powered drug discovery keeps expanding as the capabilities of machine learning grow. One approach that seemed unthinkable just a few years ago is simulating the complicated interplays of two interlocking molecules — but that’s exactly what drug designers need to know about, and exactly what Charm Therapeutics aims to do with its DragonFold platform. Proteins do just about everythi

37Gizmodo / 2h
“Wait, those are paintings?” It’s a phrase I hear often when discussing the work of painter Ashton Gallagher. The Illinois-based artist can take any subjec t and make a painting so lifelike, so dynamic, that you’d swear it was a photo . And, at times, people do think they’re photos. But, we assure you they’re not. Read more...

Jan. 6 Trump Capitol•
82Wired / 2h
The House committee's televised hearings interrogate the Capitol attack with damning new evidence. Whether it's enough to prevent another one is uncertain.

The TCL Stylus 5G puts a lot of emphasis on its stylus -- and that turns out to be a good thing. Our reviewer found the phone productive.

Biden US Covid Testing•
In a huge blow to the testing industry, a negative Covid-19 test will no longer be required to fly to the U.S. for departures starting Sunday at midnight. The rule made little sense, and contributed little, but created hassle and uncertainty for travelers. Continue reading ...

According to Crunchbase, more than 17,000 tech workers have lost jobs since the start of this year. That’s painful, but for perspective: TechCrunch tracked more than 100,000 tech layoffs between August and December 2008. In my experience, founders and investors usually come out unscathed on the other side of events like these. For below-the-line employees, however, unexpected layoffs can be life-

Meta Horizon Home Quest•
Starting next week, Meta will add a more social-oriented home space to Quest 2. Horizon Home, which the company announced at Oculus Connect last year , will appear when users slip on the virtual reality headset. They can invite friends to come over and hang out, watch videos and play games together. It's part of Meta's vision of the metaverse , a shared virtual space where folks can do all kinds

Coast Guard Oil Spill•
On Thursday afternoon, an oil spill into the St. Mary’s River at the Ontario, Canada-Michigan border halted boat traffic between Lake Superior and Lake Huron for about three hours. This spill is small, relative to the massive incidents that usually make the news. Spills of this scale rarely make headlines, and that’s… Read more...

In lieu of Valve not having its own dock for the Steam Deck yet, one Redditor 3D printed their own customized cradle for the system, and it looks as good as anything Valve might come up with. The Reddit user in question, Hannover2k , built the dock by converting a Dock-Teck DD0003 USB-C hub attachment. They also added in several other ports including two USB 3.0 slots, an SD/MicroSD slot, an HDMI

While Meta wants to be a maverick in the tech space with its whole metaverse concept, the company seems to want its most prominent social media platform to be a lot more like other existing apps. Read more...

3D Printer Fire Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba is being sued by the parents of a young man who reportedly died during a fire caused by a 3D printer sold by the company. In their lawsuit , the parents of the late Calvin Yu are suing Alibaba and Tronxy, the Chinese company that made the defective 3D printer, for putting the faulty goods up for sale and failing to warn consumers about the dangers

US Longer Covid Test•
22Gizmodo / 3h
The Biden Administration has decidedly concurred that, ‘it’s summertime, baby!’ and lifted the last remaining travel restriction related to covid-19. On Friday, the White House announced that travelers entering the U.S. will no longer be required to present a negative covid test, CNN first reported . Read more...

TC Sessions: Climate , in partnership with the Extreme Tech Challenge 2022 Global Finals , is our first event dedicated to the climate crisis. And our agenda is complete ! Leading scientists, entrepreneurs, VCs and more will gather in person on June 14 at UC Berkeley (and online on June 16) to examine the role of tech and startups in mitigating and adapting to the existential threat you know and

“I've watched a lot of horror. I mean, a lot of horror,” The Quarry’s creative director Will Byles says. “Probably way too much, and I have done since I was a kid. My sister used to make me watch horror films with her [laughs].” The Quarry is the latest big-budget horror game from Supermassive Games, the team behind Until Dawn and The Dark Pictures anthology, two games that found huge audiences,

How can Dell improve on its already excellent XPS 15 ? By adding the latest hardware from Intel, whose new hybrid chips promise far better multitasking performance than before. We loved the XPS 15's updated design when it debuted two years ago, and last year, Dell added an OLED screen option, which led us to call it “practically perfect” in our review. At this point, we're running out of superlat

I've cleaned out my wallet and I'm not carrying nearly as many credit cards on a daily basis any longer. Still, my wallet is a great window in the spending choices I make every day. What gets a wallet slot, and what cards I have but keep in a drawer, go a long way towards illustrating how I put my mileage and spending strategies into practice. Sharing this also adds a bit to my transparency as I

Japanese domestic market cars range from the weird to the economical to the downright powerful -- and many are now available for import to the US.

The iPad Pro is already a big device, but it could get even bigger next year - and it may bring a Mini LED display to the table as well.


Macros can save minutes or even hours of your time, whether you’re casually using the computer or playing your favorite games. Let’s take a look at some of the most convenient macros you should use. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Trump Air Force One•
The Biden administration has decided not to move forward with paint design changes on Air Force One planned by former President Donald Trump, Politico reported. Citing an administration source, the outlet reported the Biden administration has scrapped plans to feature a new red, white and dark blue paint design on the Boeing planes currently in production — which will one day fly as the new Air F

You'll have to sign up for Netflix if you want to play the award-nominated Spiritfarer on your phone. The streaming service has announced that the death management game will be available on mobile through its platform sometime "soon." It's not clear what (if anything) will change in this version, although it's safe to presume you'll find touch-optimized controls. Spiritfarer revolves around Stell

200+Gizmodo / 3h
The thing about Castlevania regardless of medium is, well, two things: firstly, you can’t stop Dracula no matter how many times you deal with him. Secondly, there’s always going to be a Belmont around to do said dealing with. Read more...


Netflix Shadow Bone•
At its annual Geeked Week event, Netflix announced a slew of new titles coming to its gaming service this year. A few of the new games are tied to some of Netflix’s most popular TV shows, including “The Queen’s Gambit,” “Shadow and Bone,” and “Too Hot To Handle.” The streaming service currently has 22 games available and plans to have 50 titles by the end of this year, some of which it announced

Mario Strikers BL League•
Enlarge / Mario doing his best "sport anime" impression. When it comes to sports video games, I'm of the opinion that the wackier they are, the better. If I want a game that captures every detail of a real sport accurately and authentically, I'll just go outside and play that sport myself, or maybe watch some professionals do the same. In a virtual version, I want to see the sport enhanced with f

Since our last column, another smattering of tech startups has laid off employees. We get it. Layoffs happen. But as we conduct yet another week of analysis into a depressing time in tech, we’re thinking about how these difficult conversations could be a bit less awful if we learned to prioritize care for workers over increasing profit margins. We know that the startup ecosystem is volatile, but

Wendy Wu Tours Japan•
Japan has been one of the world’s last COVID-19 travel ban holdouts — it has been closed to all tourists since 2020. However, after launching a series of very restrictive “test tours” last month, the country is finally cracking open. On June 10, it will begin its latest reopening phase, which will allow foreign visitors to enter Japan on group tours (and only group tours) and travel throughout th

Poinpy Three Netflix•
300+Engadget / 3h
Netflix users can check out yet another mobile game as part of their subscription starting today . Poinpy is the latest title from Ojiro Fumoto, the creator of indie classic Downwell . It's another vertical scrolling game, but this time around, you're moving up instead of descending into a well. Fumoto and Team Poinpy have eschewed the pixelated look of Downwell for an art style that's much more

So, you want to play retro video games? Excellent. Whether you’re exploring old favorites or digging for new treasures, there’s a huge library of titles out there waiting for you. Some retro enthusiasts (like your dear author) will fall down the rabbit hole of era-appropriate hardware— original consoles, game paks,… Read more...

Game Netflix Mobile•
You'll need a streaming subscription if you want to try ustwo's upcoming Desta: The Memories Between . The Monument Valley developer has announced that its turn-based, sports-influenced roguelike will be a Netflix exclusive on mobile when it debuts sometime later this year. The game is coming to other platforms, but Netflix is promising that there will be no in-app purchases or "extra fees" in it

Lucky Luna Netflix•
As part of its Geeked Week event, Netflix is spending the day announcing a bunch of titles that are coming to its games service. One of those is the latest effort from Snowman , the studio behind Alto’s Odyssey and Alto’s Adventure . Lucky Luna will be available to Netflix subscribers on mobile devices this summer. It's a vertical scrolling platformer in which you'll explore temples and dungeons

Dragon Age Netflix•
The next Dragon Age game is still a long ways off, but that isn't stopping BioWare from expanding the fantasy RPG's reach. Netflix has unveiled a six-episode anime series, Dragon Age: Absolution , premiering sometime in December. The teaser trailer (below) doesn't reveal much, but you can expect a "new saga" in Tevinter that appears to center on a special ring — and, of course, plenty of magic an

62Gizmodo / 4h
Apple’s blisteringly fast and remarkably efficient M1 chips have been the catalysts behind a recent MacBook resurgence, but MIT security researchers have found a crack in their armor. Read more...

Meta Quest Horizon Home•
100+TechCrunch / 4h
Meta founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced today that Horizon Home will roll out as part of a new update to the Quest 2 headset. Despite Meta’s insistence that virtual reality is the future of social networking, the Quest 2 hasn’t supported a straight-forward way to socialize so far. You could join a party with friends and galavant across Horizon Worlds, its social platform , or you could pla

I like doing outdoor things—fishing, hunting, laying on the beach—but I’m not a big camper. (I only camp because elk don’t tend to hang out around hotels.) When it comes to s’mores (a famous camping snack), I prefer to make them indoors. Broiler s’mores come out perfect every time—the marshmallow gets browned, not… Read more...

100+Gizmodo / 4h
Netflix has revealed a new collaboration with iconic RPG studio Bioware will see the world of grim fantasy series Dragon Age come to animated life on the streamer with Dragon Age: Absolution , a new series produced by Red Dog Culture House. Read more...

Microsoft Windows Devices•
Microsoft has just introduced a new security feature that’s bound to make life a lot easier for IT pros handling a remote workforce. The Redmond software giant has now enabled Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (MDE) to “contain” unmanaged, and compromised Windows devices on the network. In other words, if a Windows device on the network gets deemed unsafe, or compromised, for whatever reason, other

Japan Earth Asteroid•
500+Futurism / 4h
Space Rock of Life After analyzing asteroid dust collected by Japan's Hayabusa2 spacecraft, scientists found something incredible: the presence of 23 different amino acids. And why's it incredible? It supports the theory that space rocks just like it brought life to Earth during the early days of the Solar System. In their new paper , the scientists from Okayama University in Japan claim they fou

On Linux computers, system resources are shared amongst the users. Try to use more than your fair share and you’ll hit an upper limit. You might also bottleneck other users or processes. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Lightyear 0 Solar Months•
Several years ago, a Dutch electric vehicle startup announced the Lightyear One, a solar-powered EV. Today, at an online premiere event, the company confirmed it’ll call its first vehicle the Lightyear 0, and it’ll supposedly start production this fall. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Microsoft is finally adding tabs to the Windows 11 File Explorer. These tabs allow you to navigate files and folders within one instance of File Explorer—it’s a serious time-saver, and it should keep your desktop from getting cluttered. Unfortunately, the feature is currently exclusive to Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25136. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Medicine comes in all shapes and sizes—from mundane pills to less-pleasant intravenous infusions. But one form of drug delivery that doesn’t get its proper due is gel. We’re talking about the kind of gooey, semi-solid, and viscous material that can get smeared onto our skin or injected into our bodies. To remedy this… Read more...

Homeworld 3 Delayed•
Homeworld 3 won't be coming out this year after all. Gearbox Publishing and developer Blackbird Interactive have delayed the sci-fi real-time strategy sequel until the first half of 2023, meaning it will arrive 20 years after Homeworld 2 . "Delivering Homeworld 3 at the highest quality is the top priority for Gearbox Publishing and Blackbird Interactive because we recognize the special place this

TechCrunch is more than just a site with words. We’re also building a growing stable of podcasts focused on the most critical topics relating to the startup and venture capital worlds. To help you find the right show for your interests, we’ve compiled our audio output from the week. Embedded below is the latest from Chain Reaction , our new and stellar crypto-focused podcast hosted by Lucas and A

Windows users believe their OS has a superior file management system to macOS’ Finder. While that assertion is up for debate, one file management feature Mac users can hold above Windows is Finder tabs: These tabs allow you to quickly switch between file windows as you would sites in a web browser, a convenient and… Read more...

Apple Ventura Rosetta•
Apple has introduced an interesting change with the incoming macOS 13 Ventura in terms of better Linux support, giving fresh powers to those running a Linux distro in a virtual machine (VM) on a Mac with Apple silicon, allowing such users to run x86 software in that VM. As The Register reports, this ability comes courtesy of Rosetta 2, which is Apple’s translation tech originally introduced with

Meta Facebook Portal•
Meta has revealed that it will no longer be selling its troubled Portal video devices to consumers, and is moving instead to focus on business customers. A report from The Information revealed that the devices, which first launched in 2018 as part of a push to widen the Facebook parent company's hardware portfolio, will now pivot to focus on enterprise use cases such as video conferencing . Porta

Free messaging app Telegram is getting into the subscription game. Founder Pavel Durov confirmed today a paid offering is coming later this month which will go above and beyond the current free experience — so a premium offer — without, per the post on his Telegram channel , any negative changes to existing features for (non-paying) users. Indeed, the claim is that users who don’t pay for Telegra

If you have a unique startup perspective you want to present at TechCrunch Disrupt — on October 18-20 in San Francisco — your time to be considered runs out tonight. Imagine what that kind of exposure could do for your business and personal brand. But there’s no time to waste. Submit your application here before 11:59 pm (PT) tonight . Early action = big savings: Buy your passes now and save up t

A reader brought a story to my attention about a traveler with a disability who was denied boarding on a Virgin Atlantic flight. While I can only imagine how frustrating this must have been, was this a case of discrimination, or just inconsistent enforcement of published policies? Virgin Atlantic denies traveler boarding over mobility This incident involves a woman who was intending to fly on Wed

Insteon Customers•
Enlarge (credit: Insteon ) As suddenly as it disappeared, Insteon has returned. The smart home company's services started coming back to life this week, and on Thursday, Insteon announced that a group of customers had purchased and are resurrecting the business. In April, Insteon made news when it abruptly shut down its cloud servers without telling customers, bricking their smart home devices in

Add “Happy Pride!” to your foreign language phrasebook — LGBTQ-friendly destinations around the world are back with gusto this summer, hoping to make up for two years of canceled events. Nearly all Pride festivities around the world are set to return in person this year, bolder and brighter than ever. We’re going beyond the seasoned Pride celebrations ( New York City , Amsterdam and Puerto Vallar

Mattel, the toymaker behind plastic classics like Barbie and Hot Wheels announced it’s partnering with the NFT platform “Cryptoys” to create playable, customizable NFTs. If you, for some reason, happen to be on the fence about luring kids into the metaverse with their favorite toy brands, this story’s probably not for… Read more...

200+Gizmodo / 5h
When racism shows up in fandom , it becomes an issue that everyone has to deal with, but the burden falls hardest on fans of color. While social media support is great, and videos addressing racism are even better, it’s simply not enough. Something’s got to change. Read more...

A face identification app could allow smartphone users to help owners find their missing animals.

Content Instagram•
Instagram has a new setting that allows users to filter content that some users may deem upsetting or offensive. The feature is an expansion of Instagram's "Sensitive Content Control," a product launched last fall that lets users choose how much sensitive content shows up on their Explore page. This new setting extends that control to recommended content in your feed including Reels, searches, su

NHTSA Tesla Autopilot•
500+Futurism / 5h
DOT Worry About It The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is significantly widening its investigation into Tesla Autopilot crashes to include almost every car the company has sold in the United States — and it may ultimately result in a major safety recall. Since August 2021, the agency has been investigating Tesla crashes involving the driving-assistance software, and is awar

Google Chrome ML AI•
The age of being bombarded with annoying pop-up notifications and alerts in your browser could soon be at an end thanks to a new Google Chrome update. The company has revealed how it is making Chrome "a more helpful browser " using machine learning tools running within the software that can shut down pop-ups before the user even realizes. The change, set to appear in Chrome 102 later this year, m

the1920sinpictures : 1917 c. Portrait of a pretty lady taken by Gainesville, Georgia photographer Nathan C. White. Colorized by Robin Clark. From America in the 1920′s, FB.

Picture it: You’ve planned your upcoming cruise for months. You chose the perfect ship and itinerary, rounded out your vacation wardrobe and weeded through endless lists of dining options and spa treatments. Then you board the ship and head to the excursions desk only to discover there’s no more room on that once-in-a-lifetime adventure that was to be the crowning moment of your voyage. Don’t let

One of the side effects of modern capitalism is the incessant drive for growth. Every business has to get bigger every year or it’s a disaster. You see this echoed in the consumer markets—there always has to be a new product, a new category, a new way to encourage folks to spend their money. So it’s not a total… Read more...

The International Finance Corporation (IFC), the private sector arm of the World Bank, plans to make an equity investment of up to €25 million ($26.43) into the Partech Africa Fund II (PAF II) by the Paris-based VC firm Partech. The IFC said in the disclosures that it’s eyeing a stake not exceeding 20%. The agency said it will commit a further €15 million ($15.9 million) for future co-investment

Hotels have tried to lock in the savings of not cleaning rooms during stays, even as guests have returned. So we've seen many hotels move away from daily housekeeping on a permanent basis, though some still let guests request housekeeping during their stay. I checked in with the major hotel chains on their housekeeping policies. While there's sometimes a gap between the policies and pronouncement

If you attempt to import a Mini Cooper of a certain age, you'll be met by the long arm of the law. If you have a very old Mini Cooper, you're probably safe.

The iPhone keyboard has some notorious quirks, but there’s one little “feature” you may have noticed. Every time you type “omw” it is automatically expanded to “On my way!” This can be pretty annoying, so let’s turn it off. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Insteon products mysteriously came back to life on June 6th, prompting users to ask if the company had been purchased by some nasty corporation (or even a malicious group). Now, former SmartLabs VP and General Manager Ken Fairbanks says he acquired the company with a “small group of passionate users.” Read This Article on Review Geek ›

This week we learned that the popular live TV streaming service fuboTV could lose all of its Univision-owned channels by the end of June. In an ongoing contract pricing dispute, fuboTV has confirmed that the company could stop carrying Univision, UniMas, Galavision, and TUDN if the two can’t agree to new terms. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

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The three-part adaptation of Frank Herbert's novel doesn't quite hold up, but it's still fascinating to watch.

Gas-powered cars are horrible for the environment and our lungs, but new research shows that particles released by rubber tires are a major contributor to air pollution, too. Read more...

Mike Tong Contributor Mike Tong has over a decade of experience leading GTM strategy and operations for tech and data companies as part of McKinsey TMT, AtSpoke, Splunk and the VC firm B Capital . In 2019, I led the sales team and growth strategy for a venture-backed AI company called atSpoke. The company, which Okta ultimately acquired, used AI to augment traditional IT services management and i

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If you're still looking for the perfect Father's Day gift , you have a bunch of options that you can get for less right now. A rare sale on the Sonos Roam and Move speakers discounts them both by 20 percent, while a number of Apple devices are on sale, too. The Google Pixel 6 Pro smartphone is still $100 off, plus Solo Stove's fire pits are up to 43 percent off. Here are the best tech deals from

Data Encrypted for Impact (Enterprise T1486)•
Ransomware Roblox Game
If you thought ransomware forcing people to do good deeds was bizarre - wait until you hear about WannaFriendMe. To get the decryptor for this newly discovered ransomware strain, victims need to buy a game pass on the Roblox Game Pass store. Roblox is a gaming platform where users get to build and play games. Game builders can monetize their creations by requiring game passes before playing. Thes

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Hundreds of prospective employees have been left adrift, including some who were counting on the position for their visas.

Boys Season 4 Amazon•
It's official: The Boys season 4 is a-go after Amazon Studios renewed its hit superhero series for a fourth season. Announced in a press release on June 10, Amazon confirmed that the R-rated Prime Video show would return for another installment. The announcement comes one week after The Boys season 3 began airing on Amazon's streaming platform; the series seeing a 17% increase in its worldwide au

Hold on to your hats, gamers. AMD’s massive new hardware roadmap has been released on the company’s Finanical Analyst Day, with CEO Lisa Su revealing a range of upcoming hardware for both consumer and business purposes. Buried among the announcements of Zen 5 CPUs and details on RDNA 3 lies a neat paragraph detailing AMD’s planned release of new ‘Phoenix Point’ and ‘Strix Point’ Ryzen APUs for th

Ragnarok November 2022•
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God of War: Ragnarok might make its 2022 launch window after all. Bloomberg sources say the marquee PS4 and PS5 game will be released in November despite recent claims it might be delayed to 2023. Sony's Santa Monica Studio is poised to announce the release date later in June, the tipsters said. The debut had supposedly been pushed back from September, but there don't appear to be further worries

A recent Twitter dustup called into question the whole point of the Bechdel test, a set of criteria to help gauge the representation of women in popular entertainment first put forth by Dykes to Watch Out For cartoonist Alison Bechdel in 1985 and inspired, in part, essay from Virginia Wolf. By way of reminder, the… Read more...

US the United States•
This is going to make a lot of people planning international travel very happy. US ending testing requirement as of June 12, 2022 It’s being reported that the Biden administration plans to end its testing requirement for inbound international travelers to the United States as of midnight on Sunday, June 12, 2022. Under the current rules, travelers bound for the United States (regardless of vaccin

At The Points Guy, we have long been critical of IHG’s loyalty program for lacking the necessary benefits to compete with other chains. But with the rollout of IHG One Rewards this year, that all changed. Top-tier Diamond Elite members get free breakfast at full-service hotels, and there are suite upgrades and awards for hitting a certain number of nights. These changes make IHG a true competitor

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It’s time for the conclusion of io9's Jurassic Rewatch . Over the past few weeks, we’ve been going through each film in the Jurassic Park / Jurassic World series and viewing it with a set of fresh eyes. Along the way, we made some interesting discoveries and found a new appreciation for a few films in the series. Read more...

SAVE $350 : Add the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ to your gadget arsenal for $499. The 12.4-inch, 128GB, WiFi model is usually $849, so you'll save about 41%. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 lineup launched earlier this year, which means the still-very-powerful S7 lineup has started to get a little more affordable. If you held off on buying a new Samsung tablet for that very reason, your patience has been rew

Space Centaur If you've ever eyed a Moon rover and thought, "that thing should look more like a four-legged humanoid spider crab," you're in luck. A new lunar robot prototype, created by Japanese robotics maker GITAI in collaboration with the country's space agency JAXA, is just that type of nightmare creation. Called R1, the claw-handed Moon Centaur was revealed in an equally endearing and bone-

A laptop computer is an essential tool for students and workers to get their work done, but figuring out the best place to get one can feel daunting. Every electronics retailer offers an entire slate of laptops, so it can be difficult to assess whether you're getting a good deal or choosing the right model. If you're stuck trying to figure which machine to get, Futurism has dedicated buyer's guid

I love trying new skincare products. For the most part, I’m not really a 20-step routine kind of person. I just cleanse, put on a serum, and moisturize, and then I’m good to head out the door. Sometimes, though, it’s fun to experiment, especially as innovations in tech become applied to skincare — for example, we started using LED lights in electrical equipment in the 1960s, and they became integ

Ink Bot The New York Times invented a fun new word this week, accidentally calling crypto miners "crytpo" miners. It's unclear whether the new phrase should be pronounced "krit-po" or "crite-po," but social media users are having a blast cracking wise at the Gray Lady . "When your copyeditor is just an NFT of a copyeditor," quipped one netizen . Clever Code The proof is in the pudding, or in this

Windows File Explorer•
Microsoft has kicked off the rollout of a highly-anticipated new feature for Windows 11 that should make browsing through files and folders simpler. In the latest Windows 11 preview build (25136) - now available to members of the early-access program - Microsoft has introduced a new tabbing system to File Explorer, similar to those found in web browsers . Instead of opening an additional File Exp

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McDonald’s has been rebranded in Russia and the new restaurant’s logo has been revealed. Last month, the fast food chain announced its intention to leave the country due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Read more...

Shares of DocuSign are off 25% in pre-market trading today after it reported earnings last night, pushing the value of shares in the e-signature company under pre-COVID levels. Given that the market is valuing DocuSign at a cheaper price than it did in early 2020, you might think that it is struggling. Hardly. Coming off a huge period of pandemic-fueled growth, DocuSign posted 25% in top-line exp

It’s been a whirlwind week for developers using Apple’s hardware and software suites to code for work (and play). WWDC 2022 was held online for the most part, though there was a bit of an in-person component for a select few, including our very own Phillip Tracy, who went hands-on with the new MacBook Air . Read more...

If you’re looking forward to features like Stage Manager and a more powerful Spotlight search coming to your Mac with macOS 13, you’ll need to make sure the release is compatible with your machine. Here’s which Mac devices can expect to receive the Ventura update. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

I’m not entirely sure why the trucker was so offended by my zipper merge— which is the proper way to merge , thank you very much—but he very clearly didn’t like it and his horn let me know it. I was driving a minivan full of kids ages 6 to 8 to school, and traffic was unusually heavy on this particular morning. A few… Read more...

Cupra Terramar Tavascan•
Volkswagen's Spanish automaking subsidiary Cupra is aiming to release three new "electrified vehicles" called UrbanRebel, Tavascan, and Terramar by 2025.

Disney Chapek Rice•
This week, the Walt Disney Company continues to gain ground in the global streaming market as it launches Disney+ in 16 markets across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). This follows the launch of Disney+ in South Africa last month. The company is inching toward its plan to more than double the number of countries where Disney+ is available, having said it aims to have the service in over 1

In March, Peacock began testing a new and exclusive movie benefits program that would reward Premium and Premium Plus subscribers with either a free movie ticket via Fandango or an on-demand movie rental through Vudu every month. The NBCU-owned streaming service is rolling it out to additional subscribers as part of a “Summer Test.” “We are always exploring new ways to deliver even more value to

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The insurrection hearings are this generation's Watergate—but who's watching?

John Kuolt hates the term “incubator” — at least when describing UP.Labs, a new venture that launched this week with inaugural partner Porsche. “It has a connotation that we aren’t,” the CEO and founder of UP.Labs told TechCrunch. So what is UP.Labs beyond the “building transformative companies” tagline on its website ? Look closely and some trace DNA from the GP/LP venture capital world might be

Microsoft planned to add tabs to the File Explorer back in the Windows 10 days, but it never happened. At long last, tabs have arrived in Windows 11 Insider Preview builds. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Youth pop culture has its peaks and valleys, and this week is a definite valley. Maybe it’s because so many school-aged people are studying for finals, or maybe everyone is glued to the Jan. 6 congressional hearings, but not much seems to be happening out there in young people culture. Come on, Youth of America,… Read more...

If you’re traveling to Europe this summer for a long-overdue holiday, you need to be aware of potential industrial action that might affect your travel. Something of a regular occurrence over the Atlantic (you can bet Parisians have seen some sort of strike or protest for every lock placed on the Pont des Arts) it’s rarely a trip-killer but it can have knock-on effects for your adventures. For mo

Felix Williams is the founder and managing director of Lagomaj Capital . Since starting the St. Louis, Missouri-based venture capital firm soon after completing high school, 23-year-old Williams has backed dozens of companies — with a special interest in agtech and biotech and including a couple of very large tech companies that he’s not at liberty to mention. While younger than the typical inves

iPhone Apple Ios 16•
They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But when it comes to Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android offering the same features, it’s a tale of two platforms attempting to keep up with one another. While Apple and Google may have similar abilities within their respective operating systems, there’s always a bit… Read more...

IKEA Swedish House Mafia•
Ikea is all set to join the vinyl revival. The flat-pack furniture maker just launched a new record player as part of a collaboration with electronic music stars Swedish House Mafia. Unveiled at 2022 Milan Design Week, the turntable forms part of a new collection called OBEGRÄNSAD that also includes a desk for music production plus an armchair, with all three products sharing a sleek black aesthe

Apple Spectre Meltdown•
A class-action lawsuit against Apple for allegedly misleading customers regarding the notoious Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities has been dismissed. Reuters reported U.S. District Judge Edward Davila, in San Jose, California, ruled that the plaintiffs did not prove Apple knew about the vulnerabilities and kept quiet, selling their products at inflated prices, as a result. They also failed to p

Samsung Galaxy 4 3•
We’re just two months away from the likely launch of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 , but it almost seems like Samsung doesn’t want you to buy that phone, as it’s just launched a very tempting offer on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 . Right now, you can get up to $1,100 trade-in credit when you trade another handset in towards the price of a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. That’s up from a standard maximum of

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Singular Focus There's now a map of the Moon's surface more detailed than any that came before it. Published in the journal Science Bulletin , researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the country's Institute of Geochemistry, and other organizations compiled known information about the Moon's surface in a recent study that includes this wildly-detailed map of the lunar terrain. As the stu

The post appeared first on Popular Mechanics .

Women in VC have caught the entrepreneurial bug. Over the past year, numerous notable women investors have left their roles at established firms to launch funds of their own. From Katie Haun spinning out of Andreessen Horowitz to Sydney Thomas leaving Precursor Ventures to, most recently, Sarah Guo moving on from Greylock, we are amid a wave of new emerging women managers. There isn’t one specifi

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Statista reports there were 521,705 missing persons cases files in 2021, the lowest number in the United States since 1990. It’s certainly uncommon for someone to go missing, but when it happens, it’s just as certain to be traumatic for their friends and family. If you were to go missing, you’d probably want the… Read more...

Like clockwork, another slew of huge new movies and TV shows has arrived on streaming services to clog up your already stacked watchlist for 2022. This weekend is a particularly unique case, mind you, since the headline series – Peaky Blinders season 6 – has already aired in certain parts of the world. The final outing for the BBC-produced show began streaming in the UK way back in February, but

The Muppets Mayhem expands its cast. To the surprise of no one, more of The Boys is on the way. Get a look at the Paper Girls TV show. Plus, what’s coming on Evil , and an old enemy returns as Thawne makes his way back to The Flash . To me, my spoilers! Read more...

Addressing one of the real frictions, or barriers to tipping, we're also seeing tipping via QR code paired with a clever psychological trick thanks to Holiday Inn. Continue reading ...

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So, you need a vacation. Who doesn’t? The trick is finding a place that has everything you want without all the crowds. The whole point of taking a vacation in the first place is to get away from it all, right? You may not be able to point out where Sun Valley, Idaho, is on the map — but that’s exactly the reason you might want to check it out. Sun Valley has all the rugged outdoorsy stuff that y

Whether you want to enhance your productivity or get an immersive gaming experience, ultrawide monitors can help. They offer ample screen space for multitasking or gorging on the game visuals. Here are our picks of the best ultrawide monitors. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

First impressions are important, and I was very impressed by the Tribit Stormbox Pro when I pulled it out of its box. This portable Bluetooth speaker has a fun bassy sound, beams audio in all directions, and has the perfect form factor for outdoor activities. Unfortunately, I can’t base my review of the Tribit Stormbox Pro on first impressions. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

To get the most value from your travel rewards, the firm rule is to use them for their intended purpose — in other words, use airline miles for free flights and use hotel points for free hotels. However, there’s an exception to every rule. Enter Marriott Bonvoy Moments , a program that allows you to spend your Marriott points for much more than just travel. You can book culinary experiences, spor

Hello and welcome back to Equity , TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast, where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines. The show is largely off this week, which means that we don’t have our usual deluge of new startup news covered for you. But, we didn’t want to leave you with nothing at all on this lovely Friday, so we went to the time machine to see what we could find. The episode in

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Little more than a week after Shanghai, China crawled out of one of the most severe and taxing covid lockdowns anywhere in the world, the city is once again on notice for covid spread while millions are being told to hole up and prepare for mass testing. Read more...

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On Thursday, the NASA Office of Inspector General issued a fiery report concerning a mobile launch tower in development for the agency’s Artemis Moon missions that’s now more than twice over budget and running years behind schedule. Read more...

The post Alien species are moving across oceans faster: climate change will accelerate this appeared first on Popular Mechanics .

SpearUAV Ninox 103 UAS•
97Gizmodo / 7h
The advantage to hiding a giant ship underwater is that it can sneak up on targets undetected. The disadvantage is that’s it’s hard to keep tabs on what’s going on above the water line: a problem a company called SpearUAV has potentially solved with a quadcopter that can be launched from a sub while it’s still… Read more...

There are hundreds of vulnerabilities plaguing routers of all shapes and sizes, and most of them have not been patched, new analysis from Kaspersky has warned. The company’s report says that in 2021, there had been a total of 506 new vulnerabilities discovered, out of which 87 were deemed as critical. Of those, a third (almost 30) have not been addressed by their respective vendors, whatsoever, w

Microsoft Windows 11•
We saw yesterday that Microsoft accidentally piped Windows 11 to some PCs which do not meet the system requirements, and the software giant has now clarified that this was a mistake, and that any testers errantly offered an upgrade shouldn’t install the new OS on unsupported hardware. We say testers (known as Windows Insiders), because this pertained to the preview version of Windows 11 for this


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If you didn’t think there were enough ways for people to know your location, then best find something soft to bite down on to keep yourself from screaming. Read more...

UK CMA Apple Google•
The U.K.’s competition watchdog has published its final report on a comprehensive, year-long mobile ecosystem market study — cementing its view that there are substantial concerns about the market power of Apple and Google which require regulatory intervention. Back in December , its preliminary report on the market study also identified concerns and discussed potential remedies for tackling lock

Boulder Care Telehealth•
Boulder Care , a Portland, Oregon–based telehealth provider focused on medical treatment and support for people overcoming substance use disorders, raised $36 million in Series B funding. Founded in 2017 by Stephanie Strong, the company has a mission to address national overdose rates, particularly with opioid and alcohol use disorders. Analysis from the White House in 2017 shows the cost of the

I’m not entirely sure why I waited until my 40th year on Earth to visit an all-inclusive resort . I still feel like a kid on summer break when I walk into a hotel room, I love the beach and eating is one of my favorite extracurricular activities. I suppose it sounded too good to be true. Surely the price didn’t actually include all of my food, drinks, activities and hotel room, right? There had t

No matter how many productivity hacks you’ve tried, the one thing that is hard to shake is the overwhelming to-do list. When faced with a daunting task (or many daunting tasks), the first steps are always the most challenging. If this is the case for you, one approach is to make sure those first steps are as small as… Read more...

AMD EPYC Genoa 4 Siena•
AMD has published an updated roadmap for its line of EPYC server processors, extending until the end of 2024. During a presentation for investors, the company revealed that its fourth-generation EYPC chips are on track to launch in 2023. The range will also benefit from two new additions: Genoa-X, equipped with 3D V-Cache and optimized for technical computing workloads, and Siena, targeted at edg

Everwild is the brand new game from Sea of Thieves developer Rare which promises to give us our fix of magic and nature. But the Xbox exclusive hasn't had the smoothest of development journies. Revealed during XO19, Everwild's announcement trailer painted a picture of the magical and nature-rich world inhabited by a world of enchanting (and peculiar) looking creatures while a second trailer at th

In July 2021, Hilton began offering Gold and Diamond elite members staying at U.S. properties a daily food and beverage credit in lieu of the complimentary continental breakfast. While there are pros and cons to this change, the beauty is that it ensures consistency. The credit is valid at all luxury, full-service, lifestyle and Hilton Garden Inn properties in the U.S., and you always know how mu

Developed by Copperstone Technologies, the HELIX robots are designed to offer assistance in hazardous site investigations. The robots are equipped with screw-like pontoons that allow them to float on water and traverse a variety of tricky terrains.

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There's something idyllic about hot dogs in the summertime. It's the simplest food and it always works, whether it's from the grill, on the boardwalk, or at a ballgame. Don't ask me how or why, but hot dogs simply hit differently in the summer. They're meant to be enjoyed when the weather is nice. But here's a little secret: You don't need to fire up the grill to have a delicious hot dog this sum

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Plus: Time travel on the blockchain, an update on apocalyptic horsemen, and '90s-era squabbles over internet regulation.

PwC Hedge Funds Crypto•
The crypto hedge fund market is evolving as traditional players want to get a slice of the digital asset pool. What seemed like a rare sector is now gaining popularity as the number of specialized crypto hedge funds has grown to over 300 globally, according to PwC’s Global Crypto Hedge Fund report . The total assets under management across crypto hedge funds — not traditional hedge funds — rose 8

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Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference, better known as WWDC , is in full swing. But the major announcements were already revealed during the keynote presentation earlier this week. Read more...

UK CMA Apple Google•
The UK's Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has concluded that Google and Apple "hold all the cards" when it comes to mobile phones a year after taking a closer look at their "duopoly." It's now consulting on the launch of a market investigation into the tech giants' market power in mobile browsers, as well as into Apple's cloud gaming restrictions. In addition, the CMA has launched a separa

You were going for parent of the decade and saved enough in a 529 plan to fund your child’s private college education. Imagine your surprise when the little bugger decides not to go to college at all (or enrolls in a much less expensive school). Now there’s a bunch of money tied up in an investment vehicle with… Read more...

Alaska Army Arctic•
The post appeared first on Popular Mechanics .

If you missed the previous sale in April, you have another chance to pick up the Beats Fit Pro wireless earbuds for less right now. Amazon has them for $180, which is 10 percent off and one of the best prices we've seen. We saw the buds drop to around $153 in January of this year, but it was only for a brief period of time and that sale price hasn't returned since. That makes the current sale eve

Everyone loves a great flight deal — and while TPG offers deal alerts , it’s good to know how to search for flight deals yourself so that you can get the best price on the trip you want to take. Google Flights is one of our favorite tools for finding deals on flights. It’s an amazingly powerful flight search engine and very easy to use once you get the hang of it. For those who aren’t quite sure

Enlarge / Dell UltraSharp U2723QE 4K USB-C monitor. (credit: Scharon Harding) Specs at a glance: Dell UltraSharp U2723QE Panel size 27 inches Resolution 3840×2160 Refresh rate 60 Hz Panel type and backlight IPS Black, LED Ports 2x USB-C upstream, 1x USB-C downstream, 1x HDMI 2.0, 1x DisplayPort 1.4, 1x DisplayPort 1.4 out, 5x USB-A, 1x RJ45, 1x 3.5 mm jack Size 24.07×7.28×15.16-21.07 inches with

This week, Cherlynn and guest co-host Sam dive into all the announcements from WWDC 2022 , as well as what it was like to cover the event both remotely and in-person. How did we (and our audience) feel about things that we did and didn’t see at the show? Plus, Sam tells us more about Microsoft’s new Surface Laptop Go 2 , plus news on regulations around USB-C and our right to repair our devices .

The latest roadmap for AMD’s products has been shown, revealing a whole host of planned hardware releases ranging from Zen 4 CPUs launching later this year to new APUs for datacenter use. Perhaps most exciting, though, is the news of new hardware slated for launch further down the line: RDNA 4 graphics cards and Zen 5 processors, both due for release in 2024. RDNA 4 will (shockingly enough) follo

Portrait of Wilma Hofacker of Kalamazoo, Michigan, winner of Miss Michigan in 1929. Label on back: “John A. Wiederhold, 3861 Rohns Ave., Detroit, Mich. Miss Wilma Hofacker, 18, 428 W. Water St., Kalamazoo, Mich., who won the title of Miss Michigan in a beauty contest held at Arcadia Ballroom, Detroit, 5/31/1929. She was also Miss Kalamazoo, and will go to Galveston, Texas to participate in the In

AMD has confirmed that a next-gen CDNA 4 multi-chip and multi-IP Instinct accelerator is currently in development and scheduled to launch by 2023, known as the Instinct MI300 GPU. Technically speaking, this is actually an APU that will combine the next-generation of CDNA 3 cores with the next-generation Zen 4 CPU cores. That's right - this chip combines CPU and GPU cores onto a single package for

This is today’s edition of The Download , our weekday newsletter that provides a daily dose of what’s going on in the world of technology. How China’s biggest online influencers fell from their thrones No one had foreseen just how fast three of China’s most powerful influencers would fall. On June 3, Austin Li, a 30-year-old live-streamer with over 60 million followers, abruptly cut off a live st

The future of the Airbus A380 looked bleak at British Airways in mid-2020. Like much of the airline’s fleet, the superjumbo — a favorite of AvGeeks and passengers alike — was parked during the initial phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was entirely possible the plane would never return to service. The writing seemed to be on the wall when, in July 2020, the airline announced it would retire its e

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with new information. Anytime you book a Southwest Airlines flight (especially when there’s a big sale, such as the current offer of 40% off eligible fares ), there’s a strategy you should keep in your back pocket. No, we’re not talking about how to book your tickets. We’re talking about what to do after you book them. Confused? Read on. For more TPG news

The largest and most populous of all the Canary Islands , Tenerife has no shortage of beautiful beaches, charming villages, epic hiking spots and family-friendly activities. And if you think it’s simply too far-flung and getting there would take forever, United’s new service starting Thursday, June 9, 2022, is changing that with a brand-new nonstop flight between Newark (EWR) and Tenerife South (

Wizz Air Boss Fatigue•
The CEO of Wizz Air, one of Europe’s fastest growing ultra low cost carriers, made some very controversial comments this week… Wizz Air CEO’s comments on pilot fatigue Wizz Air CEO József Váradi is making headlines for his comments on pilot fatigue. Váradi takes issue with how many Wizz Air pilots have been calling in sick due to fatigue, and is saying a business can’t be run this way. He even we

It’s not just that the coach seats are smaller and more constraining. It turns out that flying coach is bad for the male sex drive, and the specific problems are ameliorated by premium cabin travel. That’s because the stress of coach travel, confined spaces and long lines, lead to the release of chemicals in the brain that drive down male testosterone. This retards libido and can harm sexual func

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WIRED’s spiritual advice columnist on the virtues of sharing a streaming profile and screwing with algorithms.

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It's the company's first in this product category, and it's one of the best we've tested.

Your Apple Watch is about to get even smarter with the new watchOS 9 update due out in September alongside iOS 16 and iPadOS 16. Here’s a run-down of the features you can look forward to seeing. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

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In Gizmodo’s third release of documents from the Facebook Papers , we learned how decisions at Facebook over whether to improve a product can depend on how many conservatives in the press are likely to get pissed. We also learned that when Facebook claimed it wasn’t doing something, it was doing exactly that. Here’s a… Read more...

Bluetooth Smartphones•
Security experts have found a way to track people using the Bluetooth chips integrated into their mobile devices, and laptops, but it’s a lot harder than it sounds (and not quite effective, yet). Researchers at the University of California, San Diego, have discovered that each individual Bluetooth chip has a tiny imperfection, created during the manufacturing process. In a sense, despite the fact

After Netflix unveiled a sparkly look at many of its biggest upcoming projects during Geeked Week , the week will sadly end with news of another likely cancellation. At the start of the week, news broke that Midnight Gospel, a critically-acclaimed animated adventure, would not be returning for a second season. The show's axing comes as part of a growing trend for the streamer, which is slashing i

IKEA has partnered with electronic music giants Swedish House Mafia to release the new OBEGRÄNSAD ("unlimited" in Swedish) collection themed around music and creativity. The highlight so far is a surprisingly slick record player, which has Bluetooth speaker support and a minimalist design. IKEA has form for intriguing tech-homeware collaborations, having already launched music and lighting produc

AMD Rdna 3 GPU 50% 2•
AMD has just shared some details on its incoming RDNA 3 graphics cards (likely to be the RX 7000 series), including the lowdown on how they’ll push forward in a big way with energy efficiency, and confirmation of the use of multiple on-board chips. Wccftech spotted that as part of AMD’s Financial Analyst Day 2022, its Senior VP of Engineering for Radeon Technologies Group, David Wang, spilled the

Microsoft Xbox Australia•
Xbox Design Lab, Microsoft's official custom controller creation service, has finally reopened. The site's relaunch brings with it a swathe of new color options, including that awesome Pride livery, and availability in 11 more countries. The Xbox Design Lab lets players create, customize and order their own Xbox Series X |S controller. Options include a variety of color schemes that can be applie

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The video game combines couch co-op bonding with the joy of watching horror films with friends.

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It took 29 years, six movies, and a flock of VFX artists and puppeteers, but the franchise finally bows to paleontologists in creating feathered dinosaurs.

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We asked Internet for the People author Ben Tarnoff about why antitrust isn't enough, and whether profit motive is the root of all of Big Tech's problems.

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NASA engineers are trying to keep the Mars helicopter running as it endures longer, colder nights and the chance of more frequent dust storms.

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Impressions can either be cringey or impressive, but Jay Pharoah's impressions on The Tonight Show — specifically the 11 he manages to rattle through in a single minute — fall comfortably into the latter category. The comedian starts things off with a pitch perfect Denzel Washington before transitioning seamlessly into Pete Davidson and Barack Obama, and then rounding things off with a passionate

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Facebook 's parent company Meta seems to be scaling back hardware efforts. Hot on the heels of the news that Meta has reportedly given up on producing a camera-equipped smartwatch comes a new report, by Variety and The Information , that the company is about to kill off its video-calling device Portal . According to Variety, Meta will continue to sell its current inventory of Portal and will cont

45 years after the Apple II personal computer launched, the tech industry has arguably moved away from a few of the core principals that launched Apple and the personal computer into the mainstream. We spoke with industry luminaries Tim Sweeney, John Romero, and Steve Wozniak about what the Apple II did right—and what we can still learn from it today. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

When Steve Wozniak designed the Apple II—released in June 1977—he kick-started a wave of appliance-like home computers for average people. For the 45th anniversary of this monumentally important machine, we talked to Wozniak about its impact—and he had a lot to say. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Halo Infinite updates have been coming thick and fast since the launch of Halo Infinite Season 2, and we're eager to see what kind of changes 343 will roll out for its sci-fi shooter. Halo Infinite Season 1 debuted as a beta build on November 15 last year, and since then we have seen Microsoft release Halo Infinite update after Halo Infinite update. Although the first season ran for longer than e

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We’ve finally been given a better look at HBO’s highly-anticipated The Last of Us TV series. Speaking at Summer Game Fest 2022 , the show’s co-creator and executive producer, Neil Druckmann, shared a new image featuring stars Pedro Pascal ( The Mandalorian ) and Bella Ramsey ( Game of Thrones ) in action as lead characters Joel and Ellie. The photo marks only the second official The Last of Us TV

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Meta has reportedly cancelled the development of its long-rumored Apple Watch rival: a smartwatch that would have been outfitted with two cameras. According to Bloomberg, Meta has decided to shift its focus away from the smartwatch and toward other wrist-based devices. Most likely this is yet another move by Meta to consolidate its efforts towards creating a metaverse , while also trying to cut a

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Nintendo has been boosting its Switch Online retro library at a fast pace, recently adding Congo's Caper , Rival Turf and Kirby 64 . Now with version 3.3.0, it's adding three more Kirby titles, all special SP versions with secret modes unlocked: Kirby Super Star , Kirby's Dream Land 3 and Kirby's Dream Course . Kirby Super Star originally launched on Super NES with eight side-scrolling platform g

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The frenetic mob-fighting action of Hotline Miami and the kick-tastic shooting of Deathloop look to combine in upcoming indie FPS Anger Foot. Revealed in the Devolver Digital Summer Showcase 2022 after last night's Summer Game Fest opener, Anger Foot is exactly the game its name suggests – a violent, colorful shooter that plunges feet-first into frenetic gunfights. Described as a “lightning-fast

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You read that right - Windows 11 is indeed bringing CD playback to Windows Media Player , while Notepad is able to run better on ARM PCs such as the Surface Pro 4. In an update that's rolling out to Windows Insider Build users, which allows some to look at features that may or may not come to Windows 11, Notepad and Media Player are seeing some features due to user feedback. Notepad is able to ru

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Last night, almost every major TV network devoted three hours to a congressional hearing by the January 6th Committee, which is investigating the attempted coup by Donald Trump and his supporters after the former president lost the election in 2020. But if you missed the broadcast, there’s only one video you need to… Read more...

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The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has fantastic cameras. In fact, they’re good enough that this handset sits in the number two spot on our list of the best camera phones , but it sounds like its cameras are about to get even better. That’s because a new software update is rolling out for the phone, and it’s packed full of camera improvements. Oddly, the changelog doesn’t mention these, but in a post o

No one had foreseen just how fast three of China’s most powerful influencers would fall. On June 3, Austin Li, a 30-year-old livestreamer with over 60 million followers on the Alibaba-owned e-commerce platform Taobao, abruptly cut off a stream after a tank-shaped ice cream dessert appeared on the screen. While he later posted that it was due to “technical difficulties,” most people understand it

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Whenever many of us hear news that one of our favorite shows has been canceled, there is always that brief flicker of hope that some other network will pick it up, but the examples of it happening are rather rare. Sometimes it does happen. When Fox canceled Brooklyn Nine-Nine back in 2018, the next day it found a new home and three further seasons on NBC and Hulu , while Netflix picked up both Lu

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Marvel Studios is reportedly developing a movie based on its Thunderbolts IP. Deadline has claimed that the upcoming Marvel movie , which is said to be a "top-secret" project, has tapped Jake Schreier (Paper Towns, Brand New Cherry Flavor) to helm the superhero film . Eric Pearson, who penned the script for Marvel's Black Widow flick, has apparently joined as lead writer, while Marvel Studios pre

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Stephen Colbert really wants his guests to be known with the Colbert Questionert, a series of rapid-fire questions that range from which is the best sandwich to the most used app on your phone to the one song you'd like to listen to for the rest of your life. Keanu Reeves has done it. Jennifer Lawrence too. Bradley Cooper , Jon Stewart , Sandra Bullock . They're all now known. And now, it's Gramm

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has deepened (PDF) its investigation into a series of Tesla crashes involving first responders to an engineering analysis. As The Washington Post explains, that's the last stage of an investigation, and the agency typically decides within a year if a vehicle should be recalled or if the probe should be closed. In addition to upgrading the

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"It's like Stranger Things : We met the monster years ago, and we're pretty sure the Russians are involved. And like the cast of Stranger Things , I have noticeably aged." That was Stephen Colbert 's introduction to day one of the Jan. 6 committee hearings on Thursday, as he took to the stage for a live Late Show monologue reflecting on the findings of the congressional committee investigating th

If you're planning on watching Jurassic World: Dominion this weekend in order to get your dinosaur fix, I'm here to tell you that there's another, better way. That better way is none other than Apple TV +'s Prehistoric Planet. Narrated by Sir David Attenborough himself, Prehistoric Planet is a nature documentary about the lives of prehistoric creatures, with each episode exploring how they co-exi

TL;DR: As of June 10, you can get the OMNIA Q5 5-in-1 Wireless Charging Station on sale for 41%, so it'll cost you $69.99 instead of $120. Decluttering your desk, nightstand, and countertop space can really be a game-changer for your productivity. But with all of the devices in your life, keeping things tidy is harder than it seems. That’s where a wireless charging station can really come in hand

TL;DR: As of June 10, you can get a refurbished Lenovo Chromebook N22-20 11.6" Laptop Celeron 1.6GHz 4GB RAM 16GB SSD for just $60 instead of $100 (that's 40% off). Kids are destructive. While they may want a brand-new MacBook Pro or fancy PC gaming laptop , you know better than to give them something expensive. For the young ones in your life, you’re better off snagging a refurbished Chromebook

TL;DR: As of June 10, the course Complete ASL: First 500+ Basic Signs of American Sign Language — worth $900 — is on sale for just $19, which is 90% off. Behind English and Spanish, American Sign Language is said to be the most commonly used language in the U.S. Learning it can open new doors in your career and in your everyday life, giving you the opportunity to communicate with a wider range of

TL;DR: As of June 10, you can get a pair of first-gen Apple Airpods Pro for $229.99, which is $20 lower than its usual $249 price tag. If you’ve been saving up your money for a pair of AirPods Pro , you’ll be happy to know you can snag ‘em for a discount for a limited time. Usually $249, you can slash the cost down to just $229.99. It’s certainly not the lowest price they’ve ever been, but it's s

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With Apple's latest iOS 16 announcement at WWDC 2022, all our thoughts are now redirecting to the device that will likely launch alongside it: the yet-to-be-unveiled iPhone 14. Every year, Apple analysts and enthusiasts alike dissect every bit of new, semi-reliable information on the iPhone to try and forecast the future. From patents to supply chain leaks, there are plenty of ways to create new

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Buying shoes can be a hard and frustrating thing to do. When you have a fat pinky toe like I do, it dictates how I can dress my feet, which determines the rest of my outfit. While they can usually fit into a size eight, fitting and being comfortable are two very different things. That’s why I can’t for the life of me… Read more...

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Last December, Twitter ran a limited test in the U.S. for a new Report Tweet flow — designed to improve the process of flagging offensive or dangerous content on site by adding more options for explaining whatever the issue happened to be. The test worked: the number of actionable reports increased by 50%, leading to Twitter removing more bad stuff. Now, Twitter’s using that learning to update th

Former England striker Michael Owen is rebuked by the Advertising Standards Authority over tweets about a non-fungible token project.