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Saturday, June 25, 2022

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15KMashable / 22h
Trumpet the Bloodhound has been crowned Best in Show at the 2022 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show , becoming the first dog of his breed to ever be granted the title. It was already obvious that he is a very good boy, but now he has a ribbon to prove it. This year almost 3,500 canine contestants competed in the Westminster Dog Show, with the judges gradually whittling them down in the lead-up to t

Mars Express Windows 98•
Patch management for the latest versions of Windows might the concern of most of us located here on Earth, but meanwhile, the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Mars Express spacecraft has received the first update to its Window 98-based system in 19 years. The mission was first launched to discover of signs of liquid water on Mars , including a suspected 20x30km lake of salty water buried under 1.5 k

2KGizmodo / 12h
Although indicated for weeks following the unprecedent leak of Supreme Court documents in May, today’s official ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade —the landmark 1973 case that granted constitutionally protected access to reproductive healthcare—has caused an outpouring of fury. Across the… Read more...

The concept of a mouse you can use anywhere is strange; there are some cases where a touchscreen or a trackpad is more logical. But in the MX Master 3S, Logitech may have created something you do want to have with you anywhere you take a device. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

FromSoftware Miyazaki•
Elden Ring developer FromSoftware is working on multiple new projects, raising the question of what the studio could have in store for us next. Following the release of Elden Ring earlier this year, the studio has begun a new recruiting drive. “We have started recruiting staff for a wide range of occupations for multiple new projects,” it tweeted (translated using Google). “We look forward to wor

100+Mashable / 6h
While Disney+ offers lots of TV shows aimed at kids, sometimes you just want to sit down and enjoy a solid series for your grownup self...right? Thankfully, the streaming service is jam-packed with fantasy dramas, epic space adventures, and superhero hits that'll leave you just as entertained as the young ones. Here are some of the best adult shows on Disney+ that you can binge right now. 1. The


Pinterest Martinez•
Pinterest must now face a lawsuit from a former friend of one of its founders who claims she helped create the platform. Bloomberg reported that Alameda County Superior Court Judge Richard Seabolt on Thursday denied the company’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit. Christine Martinez, the plaintiff, claims she was asked by co-founder Ben Silbermann to help revive the app. The digital market strategist

Today's Wordle, number 371, is somewhat in the eye of the beholder, however sinister that may be.

Roe Wade Overturned•
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Being a teenager is hard. And Netflix is here to remind you just how hard. Whether you want to revisit your younger years or are still facing the ups and downs of high school, the streaming service has curated a collection of films that are achingly (and often hilariously) relatable. We've searched through Netflix's catalog to find some of the best teen movies out there, from films that focus on

No matter what happened on Disney+’s Obi-Wan Kenobi , there was no way it was going to match Mustafar. Back in 2005, audiences saw Obi-Wan (Ewan McGregor) and Anakin Skywalker (Hayden Christensen) fight to the near-death on the lava planet in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith . George Lucas’ visuals in the… Read more...

Juul FDA Ban Cigarettes US•
A federal appeals court froze the FDA’s ban on Juul products Friday after the company sought an emergency administrative stay. On Thursday, the U.S. regulator took sweeping action against the e-cigarette maker, effectively killing its access to the U.S. market. The temporary stay will be in place essentially to buy time until the case can properly be heard by the court, though it “should not be c

300+Futurism / 7h
As much as 20 percent of the global population could actually be better at exploration and curiosity, according to a new study published this week. A team of Cambridge scientists published research in the journal Frontiers of Psychology earlier today that raises the possibility that dyslexia, which affects an estimated one in five people worldwide, could actually help the human species adapt and

The best JBL speakers will allow you to fully enjoy your music whether you're listening to vinyl at home, or want to enjoy your favorite tunes on the go. The company has made deft moves to continually refine the designs of its speakers to meet the expectations of music lovers. We can't say the same about most companies established in the 1940s, as they're typically resistant to change until their

The corporate response to the Supreme Court’s Friday decision was more muted, and the companies that did speak out mostly talked about their health care policies.

100+Mashable / 7h
In a historic 6-3 decision on June 24, the Supreme Court voted to overturn Roe v. Wade , eliminating the constitutional right to abortion. Soon after the decision was announced, a worried call to action quickly arose online: Delete your period tracking apps. Tweet may have been deleted (opens in a new tab) It's not the first time this sentiment has bubbled up on the internet. Earlier this year, w

Former Indy Racing League competitor Sam Schmidt is continuing to break new ground for accessible driving technology . The Arrow McLaren SP team co-owner has completed the signature hill climb at this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed using head movements and his breath to steer — the first time anyone has demonstrated the feature at the UK event. Schmidt drove a McLaren 720S Spider modified by A

2022 Joburg Season 2•
It's often a little tense when new seasons of established TV shows premiere. Fans hope against hope that this season is as good (or better) than the ones that came before. The shows that succeed escape the label of a "sophomore slump." The ones that don't...well, at least Friday Night Lights came back swinging in Season 3. These are the shows that outdid themselves with their returning seasons by

NASA Artemis Moon Launch•
The testing campaign for NASA’s super big, super expensive Space Launch System is now complete, the agency declared on Friday. All that’s left now for the rocket is launch the Artemis I demonstration mission to the moon, the first in a long line of planned missions to eventually return humans to the lunar surface by the middle of the decade. The launch could occur as soon as late August, NASA off

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, io9's regular round up of the latest toy news on the internet. This week, Transformers finally makes what should’ve been the most obvious toy vehicle crossover ever, Thor: Love and Thunder comes to Hot Toys, and EXO-6's latest Star Trek figure gives us a Borg queen (no, not that one ). Plus:… Read more...

34Gizmodo / 8h
Feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of unsettling Supreme Court decisions coming down this summer? You are definitely not alone. While today, most of the nation will be focused on the court’s decision to set the clock on reproductive rights back to Leave It to Beaver hour, Roe v. Wade isn’t the only case this… Read more...

Frontier Airlines increased its offer for Spirit Airlines on Friday, less than a week before Spirit shareholders vote on whether to approve the proposed merger between low-cost carriers. The new agreement , which was detailed in an SEC filing late Friday, would see Spirit shareholders get a total of $4.13 in cash per share if the merger is completed, an increase of $2 from the previous offer. Spi

After a Food and Drug Administration ruling against the company, fans of the brand said they appreciated its simple design. “I definitely will miss the Juuls,” a leather worker in Detroit said.

Pentagon Defense Democrats•
500+Wired / 8h
Here’s what Congress, the DOD, and the VA can do to ensure troops’ access to abortion—and improve the nation’s security.

200+TechCrunch / 8h
To get a roundup of TechCrunch’s biggest and most important stories delivered to your inbox every day at 3 p.m. PDT, subscribe here . Hey, folks, and welcome to the Friday edition of Daily Crunch. As you might’ve seen, the Supreme Court issued a major decision on abortion today, effectively overturning Roe v. Wade in declaring that the Constitution doesn’t guarantee the right to abortion. While t

Enhanced Autopilot•
100+Futurism / 8h
Costly Update Tesla has brought back its Enhanced Autopilot feature, resurrected as an option for drivers who want to spend quite a bit of money, but not as much money as possible. That means there are now three options available: basic Autopilot, which comes standard in the vehicles, as well as the ever-controversial top-tier Full Self-Driving Mode , and now Enhanced Autopilot as a midpoint. Enh

Frontier Airlines increased its offer by $2 per share to acquire Spirit, and the Spirit Airlines board unanimously recommends it over JetBlue’s more lucrative – but regulatorily more risky – offer. That's still less than the closing price of Spirit Airlines stock on Friday. Continue reading ...

Sony PlayStation Bungie•
Enlarge / Just some of the game franchises represented by studios coming out in support of reproductive rights today. Last month, Insomniac Games ( Spider-Man ) CEO Ted Price reportedly told his employees that parent company Sony "will not approve ANY statements from any studio on the topic of reproductive rights." That is apparently no longer true, as Insomniac and other Sony studios have tweete

As a veteran startup worker who has been laid off during economic downturns, it’s dissonant to hear investors say this is a good time to launch a software company. They’re not wrong, however. An analogy: In California, nearly 10,000 wildfires burned more than 4 million acres two years ago, causing billions of economic damage and forcing thousands of residents to uproot their entire lives. Full Te

His work at Bell Labs in the 1960s laid the groundwork for today’s computer-generated imagery in film and on TV.

Scooter and micromobility company Bird has to fly at a slightly higher altitude — at least if it wants to keep its New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) listing. The company issued a press release on Friday noting that it had received word from the NYSE that its share price was “not in compliance” with the exchange’s requirement that Class A Common Stock for a listed company be at least $1.00 over the c

Flo, one of the most widely used period tracking apps, says it intends to launch a new "anonymous mode" in an effort to address privacy concerns in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade . “We will soon be launching an ‘Anonymous Mode’ that removes your personal identity from your Flo account, so that no one can identify you,” the company said in a statement shared on Tw

Amazon has a pair of promotions that appear to deliver a total of $30 credit in time for Prime Day, but this money comes with some major caveats.

Meta AI AR Virtual•
Meta and a group of researchers from the University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin) are working on bringing realistic audio to the metaverse. As Kristen Garuman, Research Director at Meta AI, explains , there’s more to augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR, respectively) than just visuals. Audio plays a very important role in making a world feel alive. Garuman says “audio is shaped by the envir

The news that funding for Black founders is falling was no shock to the Black community, much of which was raised with the aphorism, “when white America catches a cold, Black America gets pneumonia.” U.S. startups received VC funding of around $75 billion in Q1 and about $50 billion so far in Q2, despite investors pulling back and valuations decreasing as the markets trend downward. But as fundin

Camille Vasquez, one of Johnny Depp’s lawyers, is being called “Wonder Woman” by flight crew after assisting during a medical emergency in first class on an American Airlines Los Angeles to New York JFK flight. Continue reading ...

Kuo Apple Headset January•
Enlarge / An early augmented reality demo by Apple, using a smartphone instead of a headset. (credit: Apple ) Tech industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has offered the most specific prediction about a release date for an Apple augmented reality/virtual reality headset yet: January 2023. Kuo has often made accurate, informed predictions about Apple's plans in the past, based partly on information from so

300+Futurism / 9h
Moonstruck We may finally have found closure for the saga of the derelict rocket believed to have crashed into the Moon earlier this year. Scientists have discovered a newly-formed double crater on the far side of our natural satellite, according to a NASA press release , where they believe the defunct spacecraft smashed down. Using imagery captured by NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), a

For anyone looking to slim down their rig, one of the best mini PCs for gaming is perfect for packing lots of power in a very small space. You’d be surprised at the speed, sound, and graphics that smaller PCs can put out, at a fraction of the size of the typical PC gaming tower. Some may even qualify as being portable, with a few extra accessories and a couple of compromises. Here is our thorough

SpaceX Super Heavy•
400+Futurism / 9h
Rocketus Lift For the first time, SpaceX has managed to lift its gargantuan Super Heavy rocket booster, the world's most powerful rocket, onto the launch pad using its colossal "chopsticks"-wielding launch tower , as seen in footage shared by NASASpaceFlight . It's a truly impressive feat of engineering, and one that brings SpaceX's inaugural Starship orbital test flight ever closer. Timelapse of

After a Food and Drug Administration ruling against the company, fans of the brand said they appreciated its simple design. “I definitely will miss the Juuls,” a leather worker in Detroit said.

Could cruise giant Carnival Corporation sell one or more of its nine brands to raise cash? The top executive at the company on Friday said he wouldn’t rule it out. “We’re very pleased with our portfolio of brands,” Carnival Corporation President and CEO Arnold Donald told Wall Street analysts during a conference call to discuss quarterly earnings. “Having said that, our job is always to keep an o

The possibilites for what you can buy in the metaverse are endless, and brands are cashing in on users' desire to shop.

Jordan Peele ’s Nope is one of the most anticipated movies of the summer—and that’s something the Oscar-winning filmmaker behind the similarly buzzed-about Get Out and Us anticipated from the start. Read more...

It was one of the most talked about pieces of new tech at this year’s CES , and now home cinema fanatics can get to hear what all the fuss was all about for themselves, with LG’s ground-breaking new Dolby Atmos soundbar system now available to buy. The new S95QR sound system’s big calling card is its unique up-firing centre-channel speaker, which cleverly uses sound reflections from your ceiling

At the first VidCon since 2019, YouTube’s top earner in the U.S., MrBeast , got on stage to talk to YouTube’s director of discovery Todd Beaupré about one of the biggest questions on creators’ minds: How does the recommendation algorithm actually work? “There’s actually a bunch of monkeys in a room,” Beaupré joked, addressing an audience of hundreds of creators crammed into every open seat. Creat

There's no need to waste time writing out long commands or searching the web to figure out how to take a screenshot. Use these Windows 11 keyboard shortcutes.

Travel is more unpredictable than ever this summer. I’ve been lucky that none of my summer trips so far have been incredibly affected by delays or cancellations. But, air travel is a total nightmare right now , and staffing is still an issue for many travel providers — so it’s likely only a matter of time. Other TPG staffers have recently experienced issues. For example, TPG’s Sean Cudahy got cau

Axie Infinity Ronin•
Sky Mavis, the developer of blockchain game Axie Infinity , says it will start reimbursing the victims of a $617 million hack that took place earlier this year. The attackers took $25.5 million in USDC (a stablecoin that’s pegged to the value of the US dollar) and 173,600 ether, which was worth around $591.2 million at the time. The FBI claimed North Korean state-backed hacker groups were behind

There is an unofficial method for bringing Apple CarPlay to a Tesla vehicle, but it requires a knowledge of piddly fiddling with both software and hardware.

Blackmagic continues its line of high-powered cameras with an iteration of the Pocket Cinema Camera 6K that's $500 cheaper than its predecessor.

USB City Personal Data•
There are some very basic online security measures that everyone should take to ensure their private data is protected. Use strong, unique passwords. Don't download files from sources you don't know or trust. And…don't store the personal private data of all 465,177 residents of an entire city on a single USB flash drive. Amagasaki, Japan is currently experiencing this very security crisis after a

Electric skillets are a great option for anyone with limited kitchen space or who wants something that won’t heat up the kitchen. They’re also going to be your best bet for cooking larger meals for dinner parties — trust us when we say that creating that extra stovetop space is invaluable. With that in mind, we’ve done the research for you—sifting through reviews and testing— to round up some of

June 24 happens to be National Bring Your Dog to Work Day, but lots of people take their pooches into the office or other professional space a lot more often than once a year— usually to the delight of their colleagues. It’s great for the dogs, who don’t have to stay at home anxiously awaiting their beloved person’s… Read more...

On June 25, 1982, a strange thing happened. Two movies, now considered to be masterpieces of their genres, premiered on the very same day… and tanked. Both received middling to genuinely harsh reviews, both failed to make a significant dent in the box office, and both seemed destined to be minor footnotes in the… Read more...

Microsoft Windows W11•
Microsoft has just released previews of three new updates, which seemingly fix multiple connectivity issues plaguing some Windows versions after the last cumulative update. As reported by BleepingComputer , the company published three cumulative updates for the month, one for Windows 11 (KB5014668), one for Windows Server 2022 (KB5014665), and one for Windows 10, 1809 (KB5014669). Among the usual

Carnival Cruise Costa•
If the United States has a national cruise line, it’s Carnival . The self-described ‘fun ship’ line is the king of short, affordable, fun-focused cruises from U.S. ports to the Caribbean, Bahamas, Mexico and other nearby destinations. No matter where you live in the U.S., you’re probably within a few hours of a Carnival ship. You won’t find Carnival ships in Asia, South America or, for the most p

Frederik Mijnhardt Contributor Frederik Mijnhardt is the CEO of Secfi , an equity planning platform for startup executives and employees. More posts by this contributor Inside Secfi’s 2021 state of stock options equity report Last year was a great one for startups. It was a record year for companies going public, valuations for pre-IPO companies were skyrocketing, and fundraising also shattered r

Sometimes, advance planning just isn’t possible: you need a room in a hotel, and you need it as quickly as possible. Open up your web browser or smartphone and you’ve got a range of options for getting a place to lay your head in the next few days, without also paying over the odds to book it. Read more...

madamelesfressange : Mysterious Blooms (Robert Warner and Thomas Moore's Orchid Album) “Benjamin Samuel Williams’ obituary recollects the intentions of this magnificent work: “In 1881 he commenced his magnum opus, the Orchid Album, which was projected with the idea of supplying a demand for illustrations of Orchidaceous plants, with botanical descriptions of the plants figured and notes on their

300+Mashable / 10h
Following the Supreme Court's move to overturn Roe v. Wade — a decision from a 6-3 majority, with all three of the court's liberal justices in dissent — people are already galvanizing to protest the decision that effectively ended the constitutional right to abortion. For those who want to protest the Supreme Court's ruling, there are some ways to cut through the noise and find trustworthy inform

China Chinese Porn•
100+Futurism / 10h
Porn AIppraiser For some unlucky folks, hitting "clear history" may no longer be enough. The South China Morning Post reports that scientists in Beijing claim to have created a prototype device that monitors brain signals to detect when a man is watching porn. The purported headwear is designed to boost the productivity of professional Chinese content moderators, particularly porn-specific modera

As the cost of flights continue to go up, consumers are looking for ways to rein in the total cost of their airfare. One fee you can avoid if you play it right is paying for the honor of bringing your luggage onto their plane. Each airline has its own set of rules and definitions for baggage. What’s technically a… Read more...

Credit card benefits are constantly evolving, and it can be tough to keep track of which cards are best. In this post, I wanted to compare two of the most popular mid-range credit cards, both of which can be really worthwhile (and for many people it could even make sense to have both). Comparing the Chase Sapphire Preferred & Citi Premier The Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card ( review ) and Citi Pre

Kelsey Mellard Contributor Kelsey Mellard is the founder and CEO of Sitka . The news of Emily Weiss moving to the role of chairwoman of Glossier from her former position as CEO was riddled with gender biases in how it was covered by the media. Even the more balanced coverage still highlighted that she is currently pregnant, as if it inevitably played a factor in her decision, even though Weiss’ o

If you’re a Radisson Rewards member, it might be time for you to redeem your points. On Friday only, you can get a 25% points rebate on any stays you book for now through Aug. 23. Radisson’s RewardSaver option when booking also always saves you up to 33%, so you’ll get a double discount. If you aren’t a Radisson Rewards member yet, you can sign up for free . However, signing up now won’t help you

Another day, another trendy spot for the glitterati of Manhattan opens its doors. The Ned NoMad, backed by Soho House parent company Membership Collective Group and inside what was formerly the NoMad Hotel, was previewed for an invite-only crowd Wednesday night in New York City. Anyone who watched the documentary “White Hot: The Rise & Fall of Abercrombie & Fitch” earlier this year may have walke

Faster and more performant than just about any hard drive on the market, finding a great solid-state drive or SSD is vital if you want a highly functioning laptop or computer for gaming or editing. Whether you’re hoping to improve the speed of your computer or you just want something that’ll ensure your documents and data are as secure as possible, a solid state drive will do the trick. What to c

Amazon Autonomous Robot•
Amazon unveiled its latest fully autonomous robot, Proteus, and it’s raising questions about what it could mean for human employees. The bot is designed to autonomously work and maneuver around employees, prioritizing safe interactions between technology and people, while helping employees with tasks such as lifting and moving GoCarts. With Amazon already under fire for its mistreatment of wareho

In a terrible blow to reproductive care access and bodily autonomy for all Americans, the U.S. Supreme Court has overruled the right to abortion outlined in the historic 1973 Roe v. Wade decision. This reality, that our country's most powerful legal body will no longer protect a person's right to make their own personal health decisions, including the right to a safe abortion under federal law, i

Websites and web apps continue to grow more complex, which is why Google is constantly working on new performance improvements for the Chrome browser. Now the company is trying a new experiment that could lead to faster load times. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

NASA Psyche Mission•
Enlarge / One of two solar arrays on NASA’s Psyche spacecraft is successfully deployed in JPL’s storied High Bay 2 clean room. The twin arrays will power the spacecraft and its science instruments during a mission to the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. (credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech) On Friday, NASA held a press call to announce that its planned mission to the asteroid Psyche , planned for lau

Apple Music Canada•
Expect an Apple Music student plan to add slightly more to your college debt. As developer Michael Burkhardt and 9to5Mac have noticed, Apple has quietly raised the price of Music's student discount from $5 per month to $6 in the US and Canada, and from £5 to £6 in the UK. It's not clear exactly when or why the change occurred (we've asked Apple for comment), but it appears to have occurred within

USB-C Apple Airpods•
It's no secret that the anticipated AirPods Pro 2 Bluetooth earbuds will look almost exactly like the current version, but, according to a new leak, the same might not be said for the charging case. Not only will it get relatively subtle design updates, but some impressive new audio features. According to 52Audio , which appears to be outlining a multitude of details from what might be Apple's ow

Mobile Suit Gundam is a decades-old franchise examining the costs of war and imperialism over eons of interstellar conflict between decaying, corrupt governments. It’s also an anime show about giant robots made to sell toys, so sometimes you get the very peculiar sensation of one of the series’ most iconic characters … Read more...

Infiniti flies under the radar of many casual automotive fans, but the brand has actually released a collection of groundbreaking vehicles.

The Czinger 21C is a futuristic supercar made with a system that forms 3D print-ready parts optimized by AI according to designer specifications.

28Gizmodo / 11h
Chess , Go , and now— Minecraft . Artificial intelligence models have added a new victory to their gaming kill list. Read more...

Twitter Ios Android•
Twitter announced this week that it’s introducing a few new features for users. Most notably, the social media giant is rolling out its closed caption toggle to all users on iOS and Android. Twitter began testing the toggle in April and is now bringing it to all users on mobile. The CC button will appear in the top-right corner of a video that has captions available. You can then tap the button t

Sega Genesis Mini 2•
90Gizmodo / 11h
Earlier this month , Sega Japan announced a follow-up to its game-filled Mega Drive mini console, but apparently the company’s got more in store for the day the Mega Drive Mini 2 is officially released and today revealed it’s also reviving a classic lap-busting flight stick controller along with it. Read more...

Earlier this week, we covered Chrome 103 , and all the new features Google added to the latest version of its desktop web browser. As it turns out, the company also updated its iOS Chrome app to version 103. However, this isn’t a copy-paste scenario: Chrome 103 for iPhone introduces some unique new features to the… Read more...

Apple makes it extremely easy to find the model name and the model number of your iPhone. You can do this even when your iPhone won’t turn on. We’ll show you two different ways to find what kind of iPhone you have. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

A proposed joint venture between Delta Air Lines and LATAM Airlines has been tentatively cleared by the Department of Transportation, paving the way for the deal to proceed. Delta and LATAM announced the planned joint venture in 2019, and Delta recommitted to the deal in 2020 even as LATAM entered bankruptcy due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Want more airline-specific news? Sign up for TPG’s free new

Mars Express Windows 98•
Think the computers at your office are overdue for an update ? They probably don't compare to one of the European Space Agency's best-known spacecraft. The ESA is upgrading its Mars Express orbiter's MARSIS (Mars Advanced Radar for Subsurface and Ioniospheric Sounding) software 19 years after its June 2003 launch. For context, the original code was created using a toolset built for Windows 98 — t

HDMI Firewall Port•
A new dongle has been developed to prevent cybercriminals from using HDMI ports as means of compromising target endpoints . The so-called HDMI Firewall blocks all communication going in and out of the HDMI port that is not directly related to audio or video. Each HDMI port requires a new dongle, but one can easily be repurposed to fit different ports. The dongle was designed by one “kingkevin”, w

MacBooks are a big investment, which is why many owners consider getting a MacBook case, sleeve, or skin to keep it safe from scratches and other damage. Being an Apple device means endless accessory options, but do you even need a MacBook case? Read This Article on Review Geek ›

If we take a step back from Obi-Wan Kenobi , the series feels like a narrative waypoint. We know Kenobi’s past, we know how he ends up, so where is the movement in this series? How does Obi-Wan Kenobi push the arc of the galaxy far, far away towards its predetermined end? Read more...

centuriespast : Two Girls Reading Maurice Asselin (1882–1947) The Wilson

Flying cars at one point seemed like a pie-in-the-sky dream, but there are companies working toward making them a reality. Are flying cars on the horizon?

Airlines scrupulously avoided speaking out on abortion after the Supreme Court's ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization was leaked - despite taking positions on issues like voting reform, affirmative action, and gun control. However now that the Court's decision has been published, Alaska Airlines has become the first U.S. carrier to put out a statement. Continue reading ...

Why am I trying to earn AAdvantage status? It’s not for the domestic first-class upgrades or the business class lounges on international flights. It’s for the mileage bonuses. Am I crazy? Save your judgments for the end. Get points and miles coverage like this delivered to your inbox by signing up for TPG’s daily newsletter . American Airlines Loyalty Points have been a game changer in the world

Italian sports car brands are known for being the best in the world -- and some come with a price tag to match their unrivaled luxury.

Every time I clicked “next,” I felt a rush: The roll of the dice, the spin of the roulette wheel. What incredible, horrific array of distorted images would the internet spit out at me next? And, more importantly, would I be able to surmise the exact recipe that created such monsters? Could I, once again, beat the… Read more...

Chrome is the default browser for a huge number of Android smartphones, and mostly, that’s a good thing—it’s a solid, dependable mobile browser that might even seem a bit too simplistic on its face. But don’t let the looks deceive you: While Chrome is indeed a simple browser, it comes packed with a ton of features and… Read more...

Google Password Android•
Google Password Manager is an all-encompassing password management service for your Google Account, but actually managing your manager can be a little tricky. It doesn’t have a specific app or extension (like password managers like 1Password or Bitwarden typically do), but is deeply woven throughout Google’s products. Read more...

Apple January 2023 Kuo•
Apple's first major hardware made for augmented reality and mixed reality applications has been tipped to be revealed in a big way in the near future.

It's been a jam-packed week for the Extremely Online. Between Beyonce's new single , Drake's surprise album, Emma Chamberlain breaking her six-month YouTube hiatus, The Summer I Turned Pretty , and the new season of Love Island UK , there's a lot for the digitally minded to talk about. However, that hasn't prevented TikTokkers from concocting a slew of new trends. We have users discussing scams t

Microsoft Windows W8•
Windows 8.1 end of life will soon be upon us, with extended support for the operating system set to end in early 2023. Mainstream support for Windows 8.1 was ended on January 9, 2021, and next month Microsoft will start sending reminders to users that support will end entirely on January 10, 2023. Only a tiny minority of Windows users are still using Windows 8.1, 3.06% according to the latest sta

Apple TV Siri Remote 16•
The failure of tvOS 16 to launch at the recent Apple WWDC 2022 came as a disappointment for fans of the company’s Apple TV 4K streaming box. And while we have been able to glean potential new features from the tvOS 16 beta version currently available to developers, evidence that’s turned up of a new Siri remote is what’s really grabbing our attention. The news comes to us via MacRumors , which ci

Apple usually offers bundle deals on some of its products each summer for students and teachers, and right on schedule, this year’s promotion is now live. However, it’s not all good news for students. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

When not everyone you work with speaks the same language natively, you may need to use a translator. In Google Sheets, you can translate languages so that collaborating or reviewing spreadsheets is a bit easier. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

The Mars Express probe is best known for detecting liquid water beneath the Martian surface. But now, nearly two decades after its launch, Mars Express is gaining notoriety among nerds because of a software update. In astronaut Chris Hadfield’s words, “How do you update Windows 98 on a spaceship orbiting Mars?” Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Marshmallows have two seasons: Rice Krispies treat season, which is around the holidays, and s’mores season, which is now. Unless you’re a true ‘mallow head, you probably don’t go through that many bags of the fluffy white confection each year. In fact, you could have a half-consumed bag of marshmallows hanging out in… Read more...

500+Futurism / 12h
NFT Toys While NFT collectors are still spending appreciable amounts of money on JPEGs, others are finding creative ways to cash in on the trend in less digital ways. Take 18-year-old Ricky da Luz, for instance, who Insider reports figured out that people go absolutely hogwild over physical representations of their Bored Ape NFTs. In fact, he's already sold collectors $700,000 worth of NFT busts,

Mars Express Windows 98•
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Start Menu Talk about a blast from the past! Turns out the spacecraft that helped discover water on Mars has been running on Windows 98 this whole time. The European Space Agency published a press release Tuesday that said the Mars Advanced Radar for Subsurface and Ionospheric Sounding (MARSIS), which is an instrument on board the Mars Express orbiter, is finally getting a software upgrade. The M

Musk Berlin Austin Tesla•
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Cash and Burn All is not well at the Gigafactory, apparently. In a just-released May 30th interview with the Tesla Owners of Silicon Valley fan club, billionaire Tesla CEO Elon Musk lamented that global supply chain issues and EV battery woes are causing serious financial fallout at both of the company's newly-built, extremely large manufacturing facilities, located in Berlin and Austin. "Both Be

Summer Games Done Quick•
The 2022 edition of Summer Games Done Quick, the semi-annual speedrunning event, gets underway on June 26th. From then until July 3rd, SGDQ will host a non-stop livestream of skilled players tearing through a wide variety of games as fast as they can. Hopefully, they'll set a few world records in the process. You can watch the event live on Twitch — the stream is embedded below for your convenien

There's a new limited-time offer for The Hilton Honors American Express Business Card. In correspondence with readers this has proven especially popular. It’s a really undervalued card in a lot of ways – great value for the price, and not only because of the bonus. There are 9 reasons, I think, to consider getting this card. Continue reading ...

US Gas Pipeline Leaks•
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Leaks from the pipelines that supply gas to your home and stove are happening more often than you may think—with deadly consequences. A new report from a group of environmental nonprofits finds that, over the past decade, there were around 2,600 reported cases of methane leaks in the U.S. gas pipeline system, adding… Read more...

Paul Fifield Contributor Paul Fifield is the CEO and co-founder of Sales Impact Academy. If you’re still thinking of a four-year degree as a requirement for your revenue teams, you’re missing out on a huge talent base. The reality is that when it comes to sales, the vast majority of the skills and knowledge one needs to be successful are learned on the job. There’s no such thing as a degree in sa

Ro Cuts 18% TechCrunch•
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It’s nearly been two months since we started this accidental weekly column about layoffs happening within startups. Workforce reductions have impacted startup employees in every massive sector, from crypto to SaaS to edtech and mobility. And what felt at first like a trend that only impacted growth-stage startups that had gotten over their skis, a much wider swath of companies has begun letting e

Pig Heart Transplant•
Enlarge / Much of the heart is composed of muscle cells like the ones shown here. (credit: Ed Reschke ) Earlier this year, news broke of the first experimental xenotransplantation : A human patient with heart disease received a heart from a pig that had been genetically engineered to avoid rejection. While initially successful, the experiment ended two months later when the transplant failed, lea

tSC Supreme Court Roe•
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Millions of lives will be immeasurably changed as states now have the ability to make abortion illegal. This comes after the Dobbs v. Jackson Supreme Court ruling on Friday that overturned Roe v. Wade , eliminating the constitutional right to an abortion. People are flocking to protest the decision that shatters nearly half a century of law. "With sorrow — for this Court, but more, for the many m

Intel Alder Lake RL•
A newly leaked benchmark may have revealed that the Intel Raptor Lake Core i9-13900K could be 20% percent faster than the Alder Lake Core i9-12900K in multi-threading. This benchmark leak, which comes from Expressview and reported on by Wccftech , was revealed just after the i9-13900K was allegedly spotted in the wild with 24 cores (8+16) and 32 threads. The clock speeds are stated to be at 3.8 G

Apple Music Canada•
Apple is quietly raising the price of its Apple Music Student plan again, but this time, in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The changes were first spotted by Twitter users who noticed the price hike in the American plan, which is now $5.99 a month. Going through the Canadian and UK stores, you’ll see the same increases, which are now $5.99 and £5.99, respectively. Following tre

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Desperate drought conditions across the United States are messing with drinking water, recreational water use, and even food production . The dry period is making what used to be fertile ground for growing staple crops into parched patches of ground with lower-quality yields. The drought has especially affected corn… Read more...

No free service remains free forever. For some apps, such as Instagram, advertising pays the price of your admission—and you’ll likely see more ads the longer the service has been around. Others eventually try to get their users to pay a subscription fee. Telegram , the popular messa