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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Feedly's new 'slider' view makes it easier to read your RSS feed

It's one thing to promote new features but not when they simply aren't true.  I am a pro user of feedly and although they have a beta channel that I utilize all the time, where you would think they would first roll out any new features for trial in the beta channel. This was not the case with this latest "slider" feature.  I'm really not sure how they can say it makes it easier when it means clicking on the X to close the window, causing one more mouse click. There is no point in this feature when the previous version, when you clicked on a story, would open a larger expanded view but still would not provide you with the entire story. For that you would still have to click on VIEW WEBSITE but if you didn't you could choose to just scroll further and you would bring up the next story in the feed channel.  Now with the "slider" window it would pop open and you would be presented with the same sized window enlarged with a little more content but still require to 'view website' for the complete story. Unfortunately if you choose not to do this, in order to move to the next story you now have to click on the X to close.  The feedback Google+ feed is blowing up over this issue with many pro users outraged they simply released this build to the general public without any trial.  The feedly people note you can not disable this completely but from the preferences you can choose to have it only on Card View. I personally like the Magazine view so this no longer poses a problem for me.

Feedly’s new ‘slider’ view makes it easier to read your RSS feed