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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

No Agenda Newsletter

 No Agenda
If we can get to October, then things pick up for the show. Now, we begin to head towardsour lucky 7th anniversary. And then comes show 666 on what appears to be Nov. 2. One producer suggested that the show may as well open a 666 club to add to the excitement. So if you contribute 666 now, you get a producers credit, plus a second producers credit in November, plus become a member of Club 666. Why not? Join in by clicking here.


The whole 666 thing in a nutshell.
Loose translation: donate!

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A producer sent the show an Adam Curry selfie template so you too can have your picture taken with Adam. John immediately added Al Sharpton into the template. More hijinx.



That guy does have a big head

The news this week is dominated by the police action in Missouri, a part of the country that has been loaded to the gills with used military gear. You can be assured a lot of Congressional hearings will be discussing the redistribution of heavy military gear to outfit Podunk police departments.

Cool government gear in Ferguson. Thanks Uncle Sam!
The No Agenda thesis is that this action is all about getting out the black vote for 2014 and indeed people have set-up voter registration tables run by the local democrats.

Meanwhile, the public-at-large seems war weary in general and will pretty much let the government do whatever it wants.  
So let's bomb ISIS!

How hard is it to adjust the x-y ratios of a photo
so they kind of look the same?

The actual monster threat out there is the distinct possibility that a second volcano will erupt in Iceland disrupting world affairsNo Agenda had a lot of discussion when Eyjafjallajokull blew up and changed travel patterns all over the EU.
You were also told that historically the Iceland volcanoes blow in pairs. A second one never erupted. But now, four years later, a genuine whopper called  Bardarbunga is shaking a bit and now on the watch list. This one would be far more disruptive than the first.

Americans must consider the possibility that if you are traveling to Europe that the only way to get back will be by steamer or by only flying East over Russia and China.

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