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Saturday, August 2, 2014

No Agenda-Sunday Show Plea

Dear producers,

Our donations are down for today’s show. The summer is upon us and people are falling behind. This is apparently noticed by the Congress as they rush off to vacation. Who will notice?

The President will be luxuriating on Martha’s Vineyard the long established hideaway for Democratic Presidents and elites. A good rundown on the place is here.

So long, suckers!

Your No Agenda Show will NOT be taking time off during this period of apparent hiatus by the government. Ebola, the new Caliphate, the Gaza-Israeli conflict will not be taking a vacation either. We march towards an anniversary, show 700 and the mark of the beast show 666.
In fact we are offering new contribution levels of $66.60 (mark of the mini-beast) and$666.00 (mark of the big beast). Any 666 donations will gain double executive producer credits as we have offered before. You get  credit for the time you make the contribution and again on show 666.

Why are these people smiling?
Because they do not have to wear Google Glass!

Most of you can afford the $66.60 contribution and the first three people who jump on this contribution (based on PayPal time codes) will get special recognition. This newsletter gets shipped out at the same time around the world, so anyone can win.

Tomorrow’s show will begin to look into subtexts of major news events, as usual, knowing that the US Congress is leaving. This gives your hosts the opportunity to mine for gems from more obscure hearings that are archived by the House and Senate, many of which do not even appear on CSPAN.

Also what’s going on with the two Ebola patients shipped to Atlanta? Listen to your No Agenda Show for some insight.

This will include an exclusive look at a last minute Presidential Executive Order regarding Ebola. Nobody else will cover this! Another reason to help the show by clicking here.

Your Co-host,

John C. Dvorak
PS Check out the support page here when you can.


Hunting down Ebola! Coming through!