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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

No Agenda Newsletter

 No Agenda
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One thesis used by the show says that the entire ISIS operation is American controlled is some way or other and might even be a honey pot for extremists. Or it could be just another means to frighten the American public. There is a lot that is suspiciousabout this operation. Look at the picture taken from RT below of supposed ISIS extremists supplicating themselves as if to pray.


Here is a group of ISIS men with banners standing in the street
for no apparent reason except to pose for photo op.


Out of the blue they decide to pray to Allah but for some
unknown reason they pray in different directions.

Why are they forming a semi-circle to do this when they are all supposed to be praying in the direction of Mecca? This exhibition makes no sense unless it is staged. One group is pointing in the direction of the camera as if to show tribute to the cameraman or the camera itself. Like an actor might do.

The Unknown Magician. How to Remove a head with a Sharpie!

Now we have news that the Brit who was sawing away at Foley’s neck in the supposed beheading (that was edited for some unknown reason) has mysteriously been identified by the experts in British intelligence. Really? This should be fun.

Wrong McCain
And as this is written the media parrots are blowing out the sketchy story about Douglas McAuthor McCain. The three names are typical of six-week cycle incidents and the misspelled “McAuthor” as in "Author" is odd. He also went by the name Duale when fighting. This story has fakery written all over it. To top it off. He was 33 years old, the code number!

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