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Saturday, August 9, 2014

No Agenda-The Saturday


As we swipe though the middle of summer with our continued analysis of news events you need to be reminded that we do have the mark of the beast anniversarycoming up and you’ll get double producer credit for any “beast” donation up until show 666. Click here.


Nobody expects this. The anti-Christ is a grand-mom. Look out!

With that in mind this week you can get a moment of glory with a second mini-beastdonation contest. When the mailing goes out a time code is generated. The first 3donations of 66.60 after the time code get a special call out. Click here.


So that's the anti-Christ? Kind of makes sense.

And yes, this is a summertime gimmick with no real value, but something fun too. And it helps the show.


ISIS: "We are out-standing in our field! Huzzah!"

In the meantime, of course, all hell is breaking loose as the ISIS operation gets bombed and strafed by US Military jets protecting a Christian enclave we never heard much about until now. The political pundits do not know what to say. The mostvociferous are the conservatives saying, “It’s about time!” Others do not even seem to care, it’s just money.


Gentlemen, we have a report from Mr. Curry.
Well, on tomorrow’s show, Adam reveals a tidbit about the air attack that no one else is reporting. A gem. Only on your No Agenda Show.


You hold him down, I'll see if there is any money in his wallet.
And let’s not forget Ebola. You may want to read the latest reporting from the New York Times on how the recent outbreak can be traced to a 2-year-old who somehow contracted the disease out-of-the-blue. Very strange analysis with implied threats.

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OK, this is ridiculous