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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

No Agenda Newsletter

No Agenda
Dear Producer,
The amount of news dropped on the world since our last show has been outrageous and it seems like an impossible task for the mainstream media to look at any of it. So, as usual, they don’t. Your No Agenda Show does and the only reason it does is because the show does not take advertising and, instead, relies on your generous support.Please continue the support for tomorrow’s showClick here and help.

The unfortunate death of Robin Williams has absorbed the mainstream media to an extreme. The follow-up death of actress Lauren Bacall filled in the gaps for old-timers.

Not one news outlet has explored the Minneapolis clinic that Williams visited to be treated for alcohol abuse and depression. No Agenda listeners would immediately consider connecting the dots with anti-depressants that “increase thoughts of suicide” with the Williams death. Apparently nobody else but No Agenda thinkers (you) can add 2+2.

If you’ve already thought of that, it’s because your No Agenda Show is the best medicine to combat the corrupting and mind-numbing influence of the corporate media.Its job it is to cover up news more than report it. And it makes people crazy. Read this article about how today’s uncritical and scary news coverage is making people nuts.
A great example is the news shutdown over the race riots in Ferguson, Missouri where all hell has broken loose in a vague reflection of the 1917 St. Louis race riots from almost 100 years ago. 
(tweets collected by Business Insider)
These race riots have specific triggers and come about from a buildup of hostilities within what amounts to a police state. What can happen from this is the Detroit syndrome of a dead metropolis surrounded by zombie suburbs. In this case, St. Louis is the metropolis and Ferguson appears to be heading in the direction of Flint, Michigan.

Common street corner in Detroit area

These are not places that attract businesses or tourists and they devolve into an alien environment. You have to wonder what other US cities are headed in this direction.

Then there is this. Ask yourself why no media outlet has ever even noticed that Snowden's glasses have always been missing one nose-pad.

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Your Co-Hosts,
John C. Dvorak and Adam Curry

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