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Saturday, August 16, 2014

No Agenda-The Saturday Missive

Dear Producer,
The Show is headed towards show 666, there are now three “beast” donations that everyone can afford, and I’d like to personally invite you to contribute to the SundayShow with some sort of beast donation so we can round out this week for you.


Stooges, beasts, advertising.
Whatever you want to call it.

First, there is the Beast donation of $666 for the beast in you. With this you get a double executive producers credit. One for the Sunday Show and one for show 666. Click here for that.

Then you have the mini beast affordable contribution of $66.60. Click here for that.


And finally, the micro beast, a simple but helpful contribution of $6.66 which everyone who listens to the show can easily affordPlease click here.

Janet, you may stand. Oh! Never mind. 

And you can always contribute whatever you want by clicking here.

Adam will be in New York at his family reunion with interesting anecdotes from the field.

What would be cool is Adam going to the UN and asking what Samantha Power meant by this tweet:

Click to see thread she generated.

Is she trying to stir up trouble for no reason. These neo-cons (along with John McCain and Lindsey Graham) are war mongers of the worst sort.

All that and more on tomorrow’s No Agenda ShowLive from New York and California.

Thanks for all your help.
Your co-host,

John C. Dvorak
PS. Many of you enjoy sending checks. Please continue. You can always find the mailing address on the support page here.

 Rock on with No Agenda.