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Saturday, August 30, 2014

No Agenda Reminder

Dear Producers,
Has anyone asked the question that immediately comes to mind when a New York Times headline blares: ISIS Displays Sophisticated Command of Varied Media?Who within the ISIS organization has any of these “skills” and where did they get them. It’s not natural for radical Muslims who are Sharia-loving fundamentalists to have anything to do with social media. But for some unknown reason these folks are better at it then General Motors. How does that happen?


Yes, an actual show

This is the sort of thing that is openly discussed on your No Agenda Show and this is why your show needs continued support to bring you insights that actually make sense. So click here and contribute anything you can to the Sunday Show.

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The Show
There are still a number of silly issues that do not want to go away. The water and ice challenge is now a dirt challenge where people protesting the Israeli bombing of Gaza dump rubble on their heads. Matt Damon dumped toilet water on his head. What is wrong with these people? I can only imagine what historians will think of all this 100 years from now.


Not a contestant on AGT
While the mainstream media is all-in on anything that distracts the public from actually understanding world affairs, this is not the case with the No Agenda Show. The supporters and producers of the No Agenda Show believe that the more you know, the healthier you will be. You want the real stories behind the story. 

The ludicrous. We all know kittens prefer Remingtons

You prefer to recognize the ludicrous and call it what it is. You get this from the No Agenda Show because no advertiser is in the way, telling the show what to say and how to say it. Everyone with “sponsors” is subject to this interference. No Agenda is not. You must support this effort for you own good and your own peace of mind. This is serious.

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