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Thursday, August 6, 2015

BB17 update-Becky is the new target?

As I suspected,the later it gets this Wednesday, the drama will start building. Thanks to Vanessa--if you are a fan of hers then you would have enjoyed the last few days of her playing the game to the max--for no real reason. It is nice to see the 'rat' Becky is being targeted by Vanessa. It was expected Becky would get caught up with playing both sides, but she did make it pretty clear to James' side, what she did was strictly because Shelli/Clay saved them but she now realizes she doesn't owe them anything anymore.  Not sure if that was what she said to keep that side of the house in check or if that is what she really felt. Personally at 4:30am this morning, she seemed pretty legit with James during their kitchen chat.

I think it still stands that the players will make their own choice on who they send out Thursday. James and his side would rather that be Shelli and to us feeders and anybody that knows the game, that would be the most sensible game move as Shelli is the stronger of the two players. But these HG aren't the sharpest tools in the shed and seem to think keeping a more powerful player in the game allows them to hide behind them and use them as a shield and make the target someone other than themselves for one more week. This sort of strategy will only get you so far and I think that time has come. Jury is not far away-most likely one more eviction and then the next one will be the first jury member so if that is what happens the double eviction should also be happening.  Tonight should be the best night of the week for any drama as Shelli and her Son will have to start campaigning against each other big time.