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Sunday, August 23, 2015

No Agenda-The Saturday Memo

Note from John C. Dvorak

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I was a little annoyed by one of the producers today. And I realized this subtle affront has happened more than once or twice. It amounted to an email challenge. If we did a certain thing on the show this listener would donate $100.

To my ears this is a violation of the principles of the show and is the sort of thing the advertiser supported media does. While the suggestion may be sincere and innocuous it can easily be interpreted as “jump though this hoop, monkey boy, and you get a banana.”
Your No Agenda support model rejects this mainstream media ideal where hosts are commonly jumping through hoops for advertisers, pressure groups, or sadistic bosses.

In the process the show lost $100. Was I wrong to think this way? You tell me.

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The many faces of MSM Donald Trump. Always a goofy look.
You should be stunned by an odd piece of anti-Trump/anti-Republican vitriol that appeared here.
One paragraph pulled out the Hitler meme, which was an eye-roller.

“Can Trump win? It seems unlikely, especially after this weekend. Of course that is what the media said about a funny-looking spewer of hate with an odd mustache who was dismissed as an awful public speaker and not a serious candidate in Germany in the 1930s. In the Reichstag elections of November 1932, held months before Hitler become Chancellor of Germany, there were 37 different political parties competing in a melee that bears some resemblance to today’s Republican primary. Given a long time to spread racist drivel to a public nervous about preserving their national identity from ‘non-Germans,’ Adolf Hitler won.
How this sort of drivel appears in the bastion of journalistic integrity,, shows that there is no integrity, anywhere. And anyone who knows any history knows that theserandom assertions are not even close to accurate including the “odd moustache” quip which described a fashionable moustache of the era. Actor, Charlie Chaplin wore it.

“Awful public speaker” really makes you wonder.

But the breakdown and nonsense of the piece adds that necessary guilt by association message with the comment that in the 1930’s “37 different political parties competing in a melee that bears some resemblance to today’s Republican primary.” This is a further effort to associate (smear) Republicans with Hitler. 37 political parties bears zero resemblance to 17 random candidates of one party.

I have never seen such freakish behavior by the media ever. Something is up. If Trump’s goal is to bring out the worst behavior in the analysts, pundits, and supposed objective reporters, he’s doing a great job.
The No Agenda Show does not succumb to any sort of media or political ploys. No Agenda does continued in-depth, non-partisan, believable, and logical analysis of today’s events. No other media outlet can do what No Agenda does because they are all beholding to some outside interest. No Agenda is beholding to YOU.

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