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Monday, August 24, 2015

Windows 10-Ransomware is out of control!

With the most recent release of Windows 10, it appear the criminals are going crazy with building malicious websites that lock up your computer, stating "YOU HAVE A VIRUS" and to call a specific number.. when you call they tell you to do a few things and then all of a sudden they are connected t your computer.. it is at that point you are screwed.. so DON'T DO IT!   

I have posted about this not too long ago yet already since that post 2 of my own clients have been hit with this.. one through a phone call and one through landing on one of these websites.. Unfortunately only one of them contacted me first and the other allowed this complete stranger access to their computer.. fortunately she pulled the plug (literally) and disconnected him on the phone as well as shut off the computer.. I was then able to connect and am currently performing numerous malware/spyware and security scans.

Do yourself a favour and STOP ALLOWING COMPLETE STRANGERS ACCESS TO YOUR COMPUTER! If you are unsure of something contact me first!