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Thursday, August 20, 2015

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The severely compromised corporate media surges


Dear Producer,

Ask yourself what alternative news analysis would you listen to if there was no longer a No Agenda ShowAt any corporate news outlet, Adam and John both would have been fired long ago for even discussing many of the topics commonly analyzed by No Agenda. The show is only being produced because you are supporting it and paying for its production.

If you do not think the above assertion is true read this chilling article about the disappearance of free speech on the modern American college campus here.
The thinking and thought processes outlined are everywhere and stem from the self-esteem movement as well as onerous agendas set by the Department of Education and academia itself. These policies have resulted in the inability to even discuss elsewhere any of the sanity producing analysis commonly discussed on No Agenda
As media gets bigger and more powerful it gets more cowardly because it now has more to lose. If ABC makes a misstep and says something only slightly offensive, it can trigger large and small boycotts that can affect ABC, Disney theme parks, ESPN, Walt Disney Publishing, merchandising, Disney movie attendance. Millions of dollars can be easily lost for one mere misstep.

So why take a chance? Gloss over everything with a veneer.
The same holds true for the other three major networks as well as the major Newspapers. Why does Disney (or the other big TV networks, for that matter) even have a news operation? To actually serve your needs for news and analysis?  No way! It’s too risky to do that as pointed out above. The sole reason is to protect its other interests from prying eyes.

It follows the nuclear bomb strategy which resulted in a theory of mutually assured destruction. You bomb me, I bomb you. Disney gets to protect all its interests from attack by the media in any sort of investigation. It’s a miracle if a death at a Disney park is ever reported. General Electric still holds a major interest in NBC for that same reason.
This is why No Agenda is so important to you. The show is not a “network” of shows or businesses that needs protecting. No sketchy sponsor is paying to access the audience. No company owns No Agenda. You do.

The show is completely dependent on your support. It’s that simple. And that is why the topics are wide-ranging and many are verboten elsewhere. Continue your support with a generous contribution of any amount by clicking here. Tell a friend.
Your co-hosts,
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry

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