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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

BB17 Updates-The Veto Wasn't Used-It is now the Vanessa show

The veto ceremony was held earlier today and James did NOT use it, which is what I expected--since he refused a trip to Ireland and 5 thousand dollars to ensure he has the POV so changing his noms at this point would seem rather wasteful.  Of course now that it wasn't used, Vanessa (and Austin) can breath easy knowing they were not the back door plan, but now Vanessa is in overdrive trying to make sure Shelli stays and Clay goes home.  It appears Clay has been doing his own silent campaigning using reverse psychology on people.. still wanting to save his maiden and throw himself on the sword. I"m pretty sure his parents back home would have serious issues with this at his young age-to give up on a half million dollar prize for someone he just met in the house--someone that doesn't have a clue of what is happening and is clinging to him for her life at this point.  Of course Shelli is selfish and is taking advantage of this guy, there is no doubt about it at this point. With Vanessa going around telling people what Clay is saying and doing, etc, etc.. making sure Shelli is golden.  The fact is production has a lot to say at this point, calling each HG in to the D/R and throwing them bones with the way they word questions asked to each HG, making their head spin a little as they walk out of the D/R.  An example would be how Liz and Austin are talking and are quite upset about Shelli and want her to go.  About an hour later, and a D/R session by Liz, she is now bad mouthing Clay.  I must admit this is what got me interested in the game from season 1, the fact that you have these Human experiments that BB D/R will say and do things to enhance or change the way these HG perceive things within the house. It is wonderful, however over the years, it has become more of a tactic to gain drama for nothing more than ratings.. I get it.. but sometimes a game should be just a game and things should transpire naturally... as in the demise of Clay and Shelli's game.  Let them self destruct and let the other HG see just how much campaigning Vanessa is doing to save Shelli.  

Vanessa is a strange character.. very hard to read and most likely why she did so well on the poker circuit.  at 11pm tonight she is sitting on the Hammock with Austin/Liz making it sound like  Shelli is the devil.  I have to think this is her reverse psychology on getting a feel for where each HG opinion at this hour between Clay and Shelli.  All I can say is Shelli needs to be the one that leaves this week. In doing so, Clay may be able to salvage his game. Unlike McCrae that basically gave up and moped around afterwards.  With Shelli leaving before jury, it should give Clay enough incentive to get back in to the game and make a serious run for the money. If Shelli is the one that stays (and I can be sure Production want's this--even though Clay is more eye candy for the ladies) Shelli will have her game face on and will be, much like Amanda was, going balls to the wall for the other side, specifically James and Jackie.  Between now and Thursday's eviction, you can expect the odd burst of game play but most likely it will be pretty slow.