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Monday, August 3, 2015

BB17 Update-James just figured out the Alliance!

It's 4:15am and Austin finally leaves the back yard and James/Meg are finally alone. James figures out the 6th Sense alliance by stating the obvious--Austin, Vanessa, the Twins are all paranoid.. asking Clay/Shelli to give him something concrete to put on my lap so that I can put that up as a replacement. But the fact they don't give any names, it gave James enough evidence that something is up.  The fact that Austin just stayed in the back yard all these hours, not leaving James' side reassures James that Austin is wanting to make sure there is no serious back door situation.  Both Austin and Vanessa have continually been asking James about a back door when James would continue to say they are safe, yet it makes James wonder why they have been so paranoid.  This is what I have been waiting for all night. Even though James had made it pretty clear that he would not be using the veto because he didn't take the $5K during the competition (which would be a nice gift to his daughter) so he wants to be sure one of these two go home. Now it sounds like this is going to happen.