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Saturday, August 1, 2015

BB17 Update-POV players are picked

The POV competition players are now picked. Besides the HOH (James) and the two noms (Clay/Shelli), will have Becky, Vanessa, and Jackie playing in it.

James has asked Vanessa to play for the win so it doesn't get used. Vanessa is playing for the win to use it on Shelli. James should have made it clear that it she wins it and uses it then she will be the replacement.. unfortunately for James he has yet to mention this to her so Vanessa is now running her mouth to Austin and the Twins in the bathroom, stating they have to stay loyal to Clay/Shelli.  The simple truth is, THEY DON'T and if they were smart they would realize the only reason Vanessa is freaking out and wants them to stay loyal is because she is otherwise a lone player. She has nothing and nobody to back her in the case Shelli/Clay don't come off.  This move is only to help Vanessa's game and Austin and the twins need to remember that.  Becky who is also playing is in a real pickle because she is still playing both sides--showing her friendship with Jackie, yet her rat-like skills to play on Shelli's side so if she were to win the Veto--and use it to save Shelli, not only would she be making it clear what side of the house she is on, but would also have James most likely put up Vanessa as the replacement so it would backfire anyway.  Jackie is for sure playing to keep things the way they are as she is clearly with James' side of the house.   So there you have it.. 4 people playing for Shelli and her Son and only 2 people playing for the current side in power. Odds are not in James/Jackie's side here but then again when has the BB  house ever been normal when it comes to competition outcomes. Personally I am hoping they stay the same and we see Shelli walking out the door this week. I am sure Clay's game will be on fire then and we will see the Texan play like he was meant to play. At this point his head is so clouded that he is willing to give the win to his "peach" .. someone he has just met coming in to the house--throwing his own chance at half a million dollars for essentially  a complete stranger.. if this were to happen, he would be hitting the pages of wikipedia as one of the dumbest players to play the game--of course unless Shelli did actually go on to win the game and they get married and live happily ever after.... by the way, I have some acreage in the North Pole that Santa Claus gave to me that I am selling--contact me if you wish to buy it!