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Monday, August 31, 2015

BB17 Update--Vanessa Vanessa Vanessa--oh you mean others are playing too?

As I have said over the past few weeks (since my girl Jackie left) I have stopped watching the feeds other than a check in once or twice a day, which typically lasts less than 5 minutes each as the feeds will either be on Van (wearing that STUPID green thing) or on Liztin making out (grosssssuh--as the twins would put it). I'm just so over this season.. James and Meg make it fun and you just have to love how Meg who hasn't won anything, continues to have a smile on her face throughout the game. It isn't because she hasn't been trying either.. but for Vanessa to say and do the things she has done and for these stupid HG to continue to put up with it. Either that or they seriously don't see it (Steve?).. the fact that Vanessa goes on about "too much blood on her hands" and just how streessed she always is.. maybe if she wasn't always talking game and just relaxed.. anyway no matter who she puts up, the vote must be to remove that player as Meg must stay in order for James to still have a fighting chance in the game. It is pretty much do or die time this week in my opinion, for them to take out a twin. Vanessa, who isn't as dumb as the rest, obviously, as she is really the only one playing (other than James who has a completely different game-play approach) realizes she has to remove a twin in order for her to have a chance with the Austwin side of the house. That would be, a 1:3 chance which would be the same as Steve/JMac as the other option. She knows Meg is floating to the finals where she would be sure to win 2nd place over anyone--just because she hasn't pissed off anyone like the others have. Steve is useless, we all know that.. no social game whatsoever and that should not even get him second place. I feel if Van makes it past this following week she is sure to win 2nd for sure as the jury will have no choice since she has won so many times when it was needed most to survive. With JMac being voted out last week by everyone and then returning the same week, last week was basically a wasted week so this coming double evict that they aren't expecting could be the last big play of the season for whomever wins HOH. I'll watch, but if the outcome is pretty much the way it has been going, I'll be relying on blog posts and the brutally poor network show that has the same old editing style from season 2! And on that note.. come on CBS/Big Brother.. you seriously couldn't afford to build a memory wall big enough to handle all HG when you knew there was a chance the twins would be making in to the game? Season 17--full of twists (not) and no money for the proper sets? I'm not impressed.. as someone that has not missed a season of feeds from season 1.. I'm really looking forward to BB Canada season 4.. at least up there they have changed things up each and every season--even the house is being built each time--as part of the show's sponsors I might add! And don't get me started on the competitions--they have people that have vision of making things different--not the same old crap each and every year.Zingbot was a joke this year.. otev.. come on man!