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Sunday, August 2, 2015

BB17 Update-Vanessa needs to STFU!

So here's the thing about the POV replacement--Obviously James won it and because he is HOH it is perfect because he doesn't have to change anything. However, as one commenter yesterday mentioned, it would be advantageous for James to use it on Clay. That way Clay can't continue to campaign to vote him out over his Mom-Shelli. The fact that Vanessa has been doing all the campaigning that Shelli must stay, she would be the replacement nom. It should certainly shut that girl up, not to mention Clay would be then campaigning big time to save his Mom--such a turn of events to add even more drama.. Think about it.. Van is trying to save Shelli and now they would both be OTB and all that hard work she did to vote Clay out would mean they would be voting her out instead.. Oh how I love Karma in the BB house.. now James just has to be told.. anyone got a plane to do some skywriting? It hasn't been done for year so I'm sure we could get one message through before BB sends them all inside!