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Monday, August 10, 2015

No Agenda-The Saturday Newsletter on a Monday

Note from John C. Dvorak

FOX News is nobody's friend



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Tomorrow’s show continues to be epic with news analysis and material found nowhere else. Do not miss it.

One thing the show is keeping close tabs on is the unique political campaign of Donald Trump. Tomorrow you will hear about the outrageous subliminal messaging done by Fox in conjunction with Facebook to sink the candidacy of Trump and pretty much everyone outside of Scott Walker and Jeb Bush.

Look at the series of pictures, and pay attention to the way the “F” is placed next to the candidates. You will recognize the “F” as the Facebook logo, but subliminally it says “F” as in the grade of F, which means FLUNK.
Trump is the first one introduced. Next to a huge "F" and a smaller F in the corner.
At least during the intro, the large F is not in the shot. Why? On tomorrow's show this will be deconstructed to determine the obvious preferences of Fox.
Rand Paul had both flunk logos in every shot all night.
No F in the corner nor placed anywhere except as part of the lower third with these folks. The subliminal message: They are NOT flunks like the candidates.
Can you see a subtle message here to sum up all the candidates. Yes. F.
This was done so blatantly that it defies logic that nobody, especially the TV pundits caught it and made comment. But a scan of all the pundits shows only Rush Limbaugh mentioned it and kind of in-passing. Of course you can contend that radio people are more sensitive to analysis like this because they are not visually inundated by flashing and hypnotic imagery all day.

To the No Agenda audience this is outrageous and exemplifies a lot of No Agendaassertions including the one that claims Fox is really a counter-propaganda arm of the Democrat party. This network, as will be discussed tomorrow, is definitely out to get Trump.
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