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Sunday, August 16, 2015

No Agenda-The Saturday Memo

Note from John C. Dvorak

Bay Area for Bernie has already set up shop



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Your No Agenda show knows that the Donald Trump candidacy is mostly a diversion from other more important news. The election is well over a year away. It’s in November 2016.You are not even at November 2015!

And talk about ahead of the game. If you visited the farmers market in El Cerrito, California today you would have found this booth on the sidewalk perfectly placed between the farmers market and a Trader Joe’s.

No other campaign is this aggressive.It was a moment to grab some Feel the Bern buttons and get on the mailing list.

Unlike the Obama campaigners of old,they did not try to gouge supporters by charging for the buttons, bumper stickers, and signage.
On the next show you can expect some deep digging into some of the EU shenanigans not discussed elsewhere. Also everyone has questions about the Middle East. If every leader of ISIS has the same name, al-Baghdadi, in much the same way as the Dali Lama. How is anyone to really know if he is ever killed and exactly how many have actually been killed? Who dreamed idea this up?
Alpha-PVP is back in the news. Otherwise known as Flakka, it’s one of the few drugs that makes you seriously ask why anyone would experiment or take this product, ever. Yet it is an epidemic in Florida. Is the public reacting to being repressed and suppressed to such an extreme that they want to go berserk?

It’s one of the many topics explored by your No Agenda show. Topics mostly missed or ignored by the mainstream media.
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Tomorrow’s show promises to be exciting.

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