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Saturday, August 8, 2015

BB17 Update-too many people speculating-Stop being Vanessa!

I think people/feeders are drinking the kool aid that Vanessa is serving.. Stop being so paranoid and give Becky a chance.  True she is telling Shelli she will bring her off the block if the veto is used but Vanessa would be going up in her place. No matter what Shelli does at that point--ie: vote with Austwins, Becky has the tie-break vote and will send Vanessa home.. she wouldn't back door the person only to turn around and save her in the end.  Also, by having to break the tie, she would know 1st hand, that Shelli turned around and voted with the other side of the house (against what Becky would have wanted her to do). So those ties would be severed. Regardless, Vanessa would be gone.. this was the target all along. If you want to start going down the Vanessa path then sure, Vanessa COULD win Veto and take Shelli off, then Becky would likely put up either Austin or Liz so they would once again be down in numbers. Obviously we will know more once the POV comp has taken place and then you can eat the Vanessa biscuits and drink her kool aid.  For now, how about we give Becky some credit where credit is due.. last week I was calling her a Rat and now she has come clean and has seen the light. Don't forget, they have made jury now so she is also wanting to be sure she gets Shelli's vote so it isn't a bad thing to take her off the block--so long as Shelli does vote the way Becky wants--otherwise all bets are off.