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Sunday, August 2, 2015

BB17 Update-James won POV

Part 1 is done--the Snake and her son are still on the block but part 2 is to make sure the entire house is on board to vote out Shelli. So far Vanessa is doing her best to flip Austin and the Twins to keep Shelli. That would account for 4 votes and Becky would probably be the 5th which would be enough so this is NOT a good thing. Vanessa is so sketchy, even though she is also (fairly) loyal, she did go against the original plan to b/d Austin but after all, it is her HOH at the time so she should do what is best for her game. Just as she is still trying to do.. the difference is she is not HOH even though she continues to threaten Austin and the Twins if they don't vote the way she wants. If Austin and the Twins were smart (which they aren't) they would realize Clay is better for their game--which they already know but don't seem to be pushing this on Vanessa that hard.. why? Because they are still afraid of her for some reason. Becky.. that is another story--one I hope comes out this week rather than next and Jackie/James/Meg realize she is two-timing them. Steve continues to be a non-issue other than his loyalties also appear to be with Shelli/Clay even though one is now going home I wouldn't be surprised to see Steve sucking up to the one that remains as he becomes a target next week, as will Becky I should think. Johnny Mac--he better step up to the plate and start playing the game soon instead of being the pawn that he has been so far. He too would much rather Clay stay over Shelli, I am sure so that is a good thing for the rest of the house. The problem is Becky might get in his ear on this too.