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Monday, August 3, 2015

BB17 Update-Shelli/Clay's final plea to James

At 9:45pm tonight Shelli and her Son made a trip upstairs to have "the chat" with James, and fortunately Meg as well... Shelli begins by realizing they screwed up but is quick to say how it is better for James to keep them until jury--so that he can have 2 votes ?  Not sure she understands the reason he is splitting them up now, before jury is for that exact reason. As much as she tried to reverse it to being 2 votes in James' favor, when in fact it would 2 votes that would never vote for him in jury, or 2 votes that would be a heck of a lot harder to convince, over only 1 vote.

Clay's turn.. his first question is, "what do you need from us to get you to use the veto and take one of us down?". Now THAT, in my opinion is how you probably should have started this.  Shelli is quick to interrupt and say how 'that would be 2 votes for you'... I'm sorry, didn't we have 8 people last week that were with us to get rid of Austin? Now you are saying you will give us two votes? Fool me once... next question please... 

Silence... then James.. he as up until 7:30am thinking about it.. everything you say is true but .. going in to this decision, it was going to be a big play.. I didn't want to do it but it was the only decision I had that the house would be best suited.  This is what ended my decision, if it is going this way this week, what would it be like in future weeks?  I'm not saying you did this intentionally but I was left out in the dark for a reason--Meg was left out of the dark for a reason. In my opinion there was a line drawn and we were on opposite sides...having the votes for a back door was a huge reason why I did what I did.  I knew with one of y'all going home I would have to deal with that... My question is now, if I keep both of you all in this game,I have to look back on what I could have done.. I could have taken the 5 grand.. my daughter could have used that.. I gave up on a lot to get that veto.  If I am going to change anything--it would have to be a huge thing for me to do.. I put a lot of effort.. you did to in the HOH comp.. made some decisions.. passed up on some stuff.. I would have to see some strong efforts between now and tomorrow why I should keep all y'all... I need to feel safe enough to keep both of you.  

Clay pipes in.. we know that is a concern and you gave up 5 grand.. that's a huge thing.. I can tell you though.. keeping us both in the game will keep you in the game longer.. I can look you in the eye--man to man--and.. I have not gone against my word so far (ummm yeah you did bozo).. we are closer to each other--yeah but other then that we have nobody.. so we can work together.  .. it's a game, we get it and we realize the mistakes we made, if we could go back and take it back we would (umm yeah obviously because now you are on the block--idiot).. if it means us fighting together, fighting to last longer.. we have no ill feelings.. if it means sending home another target, if that helps the game.. blah-blah-blah..

 oh Mom speaks.. it is so great that you took the veto over anything else,because it gives you the power to do exactly what you wanted.. we would not go back on our word, we would be indebted to you. We would  not put you up.. it's kind of like a no-brainer.. we are giving you are word (a little too late dumb B!)  Clay chimes in.. we are  here to help.. you can't play next week.. Shelli pipes in.. you can't play next week.. we can protect you.. 

Ok enough.. I have heard enough.. has James? No,  he still listens.. Meg speaks.. "I think it is scary in the house.".. when Vanessa puts up Jason and says "we have the majority of the house".. which tells me you two.. Shelli tries to say those two aren't the entire house.. Shelli denies she is a beast in the game.. 

Is Meg actually coming up to play the game now? It is yet to be seen once they leave the room and discuss things... this could go on for a while.. more to come!

[update already]  Shelli uses last week as "her promise to save Becky".. ? huh? Becky was up against?? It was supposed to be Austin so Becky would have been safe.. so why use her? If anything you are giving James and Meg reasons to question Becky now.. lets hope!