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Saturday, August 1, 2015

BB17 update-Vanessa making moves?

The plan is still in action but I don not like how relaxed James is being about this--before the POV comp. He has trusted Vanessa which is a huge mistake. He should have told her if she doesn't play for Veto to win and even looks like she is throwing it, and Shelli or her son do win it then Vanessa would be the replacement.. that should put enough paranoia in to the girl to shut her trap about trying to save them. James doesn't think enough about this unfortunately and this is what I have said about all of these HG this year.. they aren't the sharpest tools in the shed. I do love every tear, whether it is fake or not, that Shelli is having--sweet justice for all the people she has had a hand in placing on the block and sent home. Karma is wonderful in the BB house. Becky--she should get hers soon enough but I don't think she should even be a thought, should it come to replacement nom and that goes for Steve.. it has to be Vanessa as the replacement. Austin is just wanting to make it to jury and spend more time with the twins so I believe he is solid in what he is telling James. With Shelli and her son now making plans for a F4 with Becky and John is laughable--the only player in the house that probably has a brain to use in the game--that really hasn't yet, would be John and you can be sure he is not going to be making a F4 deal with a power couple since the furthest he could go would be F3. Even Becky (probably) has enough brain power to figure this one out--although she seems to think being a rat is helping her game at this point. I guess we have to take the good with bad.